Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement
Yurtsever Devrimci Gençlik Hareketi (YDG-H)
Tevgera Ciwanen Welatparêz Yên Şoreşger
Country Turkey
Foundation 2013
Dates of operation 2013 (2013)–present (present)
Active region(s) Northern Kurdistan (Turkey)
Ideology Kurdish autonomy
Democratic Confederalism
Size 5,000+

The Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement (Kurdish: Tevgera Ciwanen Welatparêz Yên Şoreşger, Turkish: Yurtsever Devrimci Gençlik Hareket, YDG-H) is an organization founded by youth who sympathize with the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). The movement began to emerge in early 2013, in many Kurdish majority cities and towns, and rapidly spread after the failure of the solution process.[1]

The YDG-H has a large presence in Cizre, Şırnak Province, where most of their support lies. Fighting between government forces and the YDG-H are common in the area, which include operations by Turkish police to arrest members of the YDG-H. The group is in favor of regional autonomy or a separate state for the Kurdish people in Northern Kurdistan. Other objectives of the YDG-H include stopping all activities related to drugs and prostitution, and other similar crimes in the region.

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