Mighty Morphin Power Rangers World Tour Live on Stage

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers World Tour Live on Stage
Tour by Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers World Tour Live on Stage was a live stage show featuring the second season team of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Tommy Oliver as the White Ranger, Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, Aisha Campbell, Billy Cranston, and Kimberly Hart).[1] It tells how the Power Rangers defeat Lord Zedd's plans to take over the Earth while trying to defeat Lumintor, The Fire Lion. Unlike the Sentai stage shows that feature the actual actors from the series, this show incorporates stage actors in the Power Ranger suits playing out with pre-recorded audio. None of the actual actors are seen on stage aside from video footage played on a screen. A recording of a performance was released as a direct to video exclusive, and this was then included as an extra in the German DVD boxset of the complete second season of MMPR. It was also later included as an extra on one of the two bonus discs that came exclusively with the MMPR Complete Series boxset released in the United States. Cities where performances took place include San Jose, San Diego, California, Baltimore, MD, Toronto, Ontario, Albany, New York, Denver, Colorado, Indianapolis, Indiana, Cincinnati, Ohio, Austin, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada, Philadelphia New Haven, Connecticut, Chicago, Illinois, and New York City at Radio City Music Hall.[2][3][4]


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