List of Power Rangers planets

The fictional universe of the Power Rangers franchise features multiple planets and moons.

List of planets

The following list names planets from the TV show, films, or canon media that were settings or otherwise prominent:

Planet First appearance Year Media Fictional description Ref.
Andresia Silver Lining, Part II 2014 TV Home planet of Orion. Conquered by the Armada.
Aquitar Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part I 1996 TV Home planet of the Aquitians and the Alien Rangers.
Bookala The Great Bookala Escape 1994 TV Homeworld of the Bookala species.
Brokaya TJ's Identity Crisis 1998 TV A planet used by the Space Rangers to track Zordon via satellite.
Canine IV Switching Places 1993 TV Planet where Rita found the magic lamp containing an evil Genie.
Centaur B Zhane's Destiny 1998 TV Hiding place of the KO-35 rebels.
Cimmerian Planet From Out of Nowhere, Part I 1998 TV Gathering site of the United Alliance of Evil.
Deserted Planet The Power Transfer, Part I, 1994 TV Location of the Sword of Light. Destroyed by Lord Zedd's warzord Serpentera.
Dramak V Power Ranger Punks 1993 TV Planet of the Singing Squash.
Earth Day of the Dumpster 1993 TV Home planet of Humans and Power Rangers. [1]
Edenoi A Friend in Need, Part I 1995 TV Home planet of the Edenoites and the Masked Rider. Conquered by Count Dregon.
Eltar Shift into Turbo, Part II 1997 TV Home planet of Zordon. Invaded by Dark Specter.
Forza A Line in the Sand 1998 TV A desert planet.
Ganymede The Rangers' Mega Voyage 1998 TV Zordon's secret base that houses the Mega Voyager.
Gratha Countdown to Destruction 1998 TV Planet conquered by Divatox.
Gwinnet Protect the Quasar Saber 1999 TV Location of Kendrix's Quasar Saber after her death.
Hercuron The Delta Discovery 1998 TV Dark Specter's holding place for Zordon.
Horath King for a Day, Part II 1996 TV Home planet of Tritor where Bulk and Skull were honored as heroes. (Mentioned, never seen)
Inquiris Shift into Turbo, Part III 1997 TV Home planet of Dimitria. (Mentioned, never seen)
Kadix Survival of the Silver 1998 TV a planet the Space Rangers traveled to and were attacked by scavengers.
Kalderon Satellite Search 1998 TV Planet where a NASADA satellite crashed.
KO-35 The Barillian Sting 1998 TV Human settlement. Home world of Andros, Zhane, and Karone. Invaded by Dark Specter. .
Liaria Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie 1997 Film Home planet of the Liarians and the wizard Lerigot.
Luna Day of the Dumpster 1993 TV Moon of the Earth, base of operations for various villain factions.
Mercuria Man of Mercury, Part II 2007 TV Home planet of the Mercurians.
Mirinoi Quasar Quest, Part I 1999 TV Home planet of Maya and the Quasar Sabers. Eventual colony site of Terra Venture.
Nemesis Day of the Dumpster 1993 TV Location of Rit's dumpster. Also known as Rita's Planetoid
Onyx Flashes of Darkonda 1998 TV Location of the Onyx Tavern, a gathering place of villains.
Phaedos Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie 1995 Film Location of the Ninjetti Temple and Dulcea.
Phantom Ranger’s Home Planet Countdown to Destruction 1998 TV Unnamed home planet of the Phantom Ranger.
Rashon The Power of Pink 1999 TV Location of the Savage Sword and the place of death for Kendrix.
Rigel II I, Eye Guy 1993 TV A planet where Rita used Eye Guy to capture the smartest children of that world.
Sirius Idol 2005 TV Home planet of Anubis Cruger. Conquered/destroyed by Emperor Grumm. [2]
Sorcery VII Power Ranger Punks 1993 TV A planet devastated from the attacks of the Terror Toad.
Tarnac III Happy Birthday Zack 1993 TV A planet where the Nasty Knight defeated one of Zordon's warriors.
Tirna Andros and the Stowaway 1998 TV Home planet of Seymour & Jakarak’s species.
Triforia Good as Gold 1996 TV Home planet of the Triforians and Lord Trey, the Gold Ranger. (First Mentioned in Revelations of Gold)
Unnamed M-51 planet Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part III 1995 TV A deserted planet located in the M-51 galaxy, where Master Vile hid the Ninja Megazord, Shogun Megazord, Falconzord, and the Zeo Crystal from the Power Rangers.
Unnamed M-94 planet The Enemy Within 1998 TV Planet in the Messier 94 galaxy used by the Psycho Rangers to store the captured Mega Voyager.
Unnamed Vica Galaxy planet Countdown to Destruction 1998 TV A planet conquered by Lord Zedd and Rita.
Xybria N/A 2001 TV Home planet of the Xybrians and Trip the Green Time Force Ranger.
Yotoba The Rangers' Leap of Faith 1998 TV Planet controlled by Dark Specter used as a trap for the Space Rangers.
Zordina Changing of the Zords, Part I 1995 TV Hidden location of the Shogun zords.


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