Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
Created by Haim Saban
Shuki Levy
Directed by Vickie Bronaugh
Larry Litton
Paul Schrier
Robert Radler
Isaac Florentine
Starring Julia Jordan
Matthew Sakimoto
Michael J. O'Laskey II
Michael R. Gotto
David Yost
Justin Timsit
Rajia Baroudi
David Bacon
Jim Gray
Karim Prince
Alan Palmer
Opening theme "Go Go Alien Rangers"
Composer(s) Shuki Levy
Kussa Mahchi
Ron Wasserman
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 10 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Haim Saban
Shuki Levy
Producer(s) Ronnie Hadar
Jonathan Tzachor
Location(s) Santa Clarita and
Los Angeles, California
Running time 20 minutes
Production company(s) Saban Entertainment
Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment
Toei Company, Ltd.
MMPR Productions, Inc.
Distributor Saban Brands
MarVista Entertainment
Saban International (previously)
Original network FOX (Fox Kids)
Original release February 5 (1996-02-05) – February 17, 1996 (1996-02-17)
Preceded by Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Followed by Power Rangers Zeo

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers is a Power Rangers series set at the end of the third season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. As with the rest of the third season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, this series adapted footage and costumes from the eighteenth Super Sentai series, Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.

During fight scenes (and during opening of the show) an alternate version of the MMPR theme song was played, saying "Go Go Alien Rangers" instead of "Go Go Power Rangers".


The five Alien Rangers

Picking up where Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3 left off, Master Vile has used the Orb of Doom to reverse the ages of everyone on Earth, including the Power Rangers, reducing them to children. However, unlike the last time, the rangers retain their memories of the proper time thanks to the Ninja Power Coins. Unfortunately, the rangers are unable to morph and fight; Zordon recruits the Alien Rangers of Aquitar for help. These Rangers are humanoid, partially aquatic aliens and though Earth's environment is ultimately inhospitable to them, they agree to help. Master Vile's plans are foiled, and he leaves in annoyance, but Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa remain and intend to conquer Earth.

Hoping to restore everyone's proper ages, Billy Cranston builds a Regenerator powered by the Ninja Power Coins. However, only Billy is restored to normal before the device is stolen by Goldar and Rito Revolto. The Power Coins are then destroyed by Rita and Zedd. With the human Rangers' powers destroyed, only the Aquitian Rangers stand between Earth and the forces of evil, and they can't stay on Earth forever. Ultimately, Zordon realizes that only one thing can restore everything to normal: the Zeo Crystal, which the human Rangers had split into five sub-crystals and scattered throughout time to keep it from Master Vile.

The five young Rangers are each sent back to a different point in time to find a sub-crystal. Upon success, they are returned to the present. All the while, the Aquitian Rangers, Billy, Zordon, and Alpha 5 fend off the forces of Lord Zedd and Rita. The villains also plot to destroy the Command Center and steal the completed Zeo Crystal.

Ultimately, Zedd and Rita succeed in summoning the Aquitian Rangers' arch-foe, Hydro-Hog, to destroy them. After a great deal of difficulty, the Aquitian Rangers destroy him. Meanwhile, Aisha Campbell acquires the final sub-crystal in Africa. However, she chooses to remain in exchange for the sub-crystal and new friend Tanya Sloan goes in her place. Once the Zeo Crystal is recombined in a machine devised by Billy, Earth is restored to normal. The teenaged Rangers bid thanks and farewell to their Aquitian counterparts, who return to Aquitar. However, Goldar and Rito Revolto steal the Zeo Crystal out of the Command Center and their bomb goes off soon afterwards. The Rangers are teleported to safety just before the Command Center is destroyed.


The series sets up the transition from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers Zeo. The two-part premiere of the latter resolved the cliffhanger ending and established the Rangers' new powers (as well as new foes, the Machine Empire).

The Aquitian Rangers are later seen or referenced in further seasons. Cestro returns unmorphed in "Graduation Blues", seeking Billy's help against the Hydro-Contaminators. Cestro later briefly appears with Delphine in "Revelations of Gold". The Aquitian and Zeo Rangers team-up in the "Rangers of Two Worlds" two-parter, the first instance on the series of two full teams appearing together. The two-parter also centered around Billy rapidly aging because of his use of the regenerator. In "Countdown to Destruction" in Power Rangers in Space, the Aquitian Rangers battle and are overwhelmed by Divatox's forces. Aurico later appears morphed in the Power Rangers Wild Force episode, "Forever Red", which saw every previous Red Ranger (save Rocky, as Jason returned to his previous role as Red Ranger, for which Rocky originally replaced him) united to stop the remnants of the Machine Empire.


Aquitian Rangers

Main article: Aquitian Rangers





Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
Country of origin  United States
No. of episodes 10
Original network Fox Kids
Original release February 5 – February 17, 1996
No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1461"Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part I"Vickie BronaughShuki Levy & Shell DanielsonFebruary 5, 1996 (1996-02-05)
Lord Zedd and his gang land on Earth to turn Angel Grove into a frenzy, but Master Vile puts a stop to it. Meanwhile, our heroes are trapped as their younger selves. But, danger is just ahead when the enemy's minions show up. Then, confusion ensues when the police arrive. At the Command Center Zordon is unable to communicate with Ninjor. So he and Alpha must contact Aquatar and seek the Alien Ranger's assistance.
1472"Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part II"Vickie BronaughShuki Levy & Shell DanielsonFebruary 6, 1996 (1996-02-06)
Alpha manages to defuse the bomb which Rito and Goldar set up to blow up the Command Center. The young Rangers greet their Alien Ranger allies before they do battle against an army of monsters. After being defeated, Master Vile throws a tantrum and flees to Gamma Vile, much to Zedd's joy.
1483"Climb Every Fountain"Larry LittonDouglas SloanFebruary 7, 1996 (1996-02-07)
Young Billy and the Alien Rangers work together. Meanwhile, Zedd and Rita develop a plot to defeat the Rangers. Then, Rito decides to take a bus in an attempt to take their Ninja Power Coins away. Then, suddenly, the Alien Rangers start feeling under the weather.
1494"The Alien Trap"Larry LittonStewart St. JohnFebruary 8, 1996 (1996-02-08)
The kids work on a new device that will help the Alien Rangers. Suddenly, Rito and Goldar appear and the Alien Rangers defend their young friends.
1505"Attack of the 60' Bulk"Paul SchrierGilles WheelerFebruary 10, 1996 (1996-02-10)
Our young heroes receive good news about the Alien Rangers. Meanwhile, at the evil palace, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa are ecstatic. Then, they devise a plan to turn one bad boy, Bulk, into a monster. Soon, they grow annoyed of the monster still acting like a boy and change him back. Rito and Goldar are sent to the underground part of the Command Center.
1516"Water You Thinking?"Paul SchrierJackie MarchandFebruary 12, 1996 (1996-02-12)
The Rangers begin their quest to find the shattered pieces of the Zeo Crystal, but at the start of their journey, Cestro begins to dehydrate. Rita and Zedd conspire to keep the Alien Rangers dry, as well as keeping them from summoning their Battle Borgs. Meanwhile, Rocky searches for a Zeo Crystal shard within a volcano in historic Mexico. Rito and Goldar find themselves lost in the underground level of the Command Center and separate, but the results are what you expect.
1527"Along Came a Spider"Robert RadlerBuzz Alden & Charlotte FullertonFebruary 13, 1996 (1996-02-13)
While Billy searches for some spare parts to be used with the Zeo Crystal, Young Adam arrives in historic Korea to begin his quest. Meanwhile, Rita and Lord Zedd have big plans for one pesky spider, in an attempt to slow down the Rangers' progress.
1538"Sowing the Seas of Evil"Robert RadlerStewart St. JohnFebruary 14, 1996 (1996-02-14)
While Young Tommy and Young Katherine begin their quests, Billy and the Aquitian Rangers learn about Rita and Zedd's plan to bring a new danger to Earth: the Hydro Hog. To prevent Hydro Hog's arrival to Earth, Billy works with Alpha to create a device to prevent Zedd from succeeding. Rito and Goldar are still lost and argue over who has to hold the implosion device that Zedd gave them to place inside.
1549"Hogday Afternoon, Part I"Isaac FlorentineShuki Levy & Shell DanielsonFebruary 15, 1996 (1996-02-15)
Aisha's quest begins in Africa. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd seeks the Zeo Crystal for himself. Also, he summons the evil Hydro Hog. His assignment: get the Rangers. Rito and Goldar finally find the underground base, but they accidentally activate the device. (Note: This episode is the first appearance of Tanya.)
15510"Hogday Afternoon, Part II"Isaac FlorentineShuki Levy & Shell DanielsonFebruary 17, 1996 (1996-02-17)
Aisha's quest ends, but she wants to stay in Africa to help the sick animals. She sends a young girl called Tanya back in her place with the final piece of the Zeo Crystal. The Alien Rangers defeat the Hydro Hog, Earth is rotated forwards in time and all the damage caused by Master Vile's Orb of Doom is erased. The planet is now back where it belongs in time, and all the Power Rangers are restored to their original ages... and Tanya has also grown into a beautiful young teenager. As to Aisha, she herself is now a teenager again and is living in Africa, but then Rito and Goldar steal the now complete Zeo Crystal, and the Command Center blows up. (Note: This episode is the last appearance of Aisha.)

Home Media

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Complete Series boxset from Shout! Factory released on July 11, 2012 (through San Diego Comic-Con),[1] August 13, 2012 (through Time Life),[2] and November 20, 2012 (at wide retail). All 10 episodes of Alien Rangers are featured on the fifth disc included in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3 DVD case of said boxset, marking the series as season 3.5.[3] The boxset will re-release on October 18, 2016 (at wide retail) with new cover art packaging for the set, but is otherwise identical to the previous 2012 releases.[4]

On September 24, 2013, the complete Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers series was released individually onto DVD.[5]

The series was also later included in the 20 season limited edition Power Rangers: Legacy boxset released on January 2, 2014.[6]

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