Power Rangers: Super Legends

Power Rangers: Super Legends
Developer(s) A2M, Handheld Games
Publisher(s) Disney Interactive Studios
Designer(s) Nintendo DS Designers: Christopher A. Smith,
Seth Rosenfeld,
Robert Kehoe,
Nick Forrest
Series Power Rangers
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
PlayStation 2
Microsoft Windows
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Action-adventure game
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

Power Rangers: Super Legends is an action-adventure video game based on the television franchise Power Rangers. It was released on October 23, 2007 for the Nintendo DS and on November 6, 2007 for the PlayStation 2 and for Microsoft Windows[4]


PlayStation 2, PC

Long thought to have been purified by Zordon's energy wave at the end of Power Rangers in Space, the dastardly Lord Zedd has reappeared in his old form. Concealed in a hidden dimension, he is interfering with the time stream, trying to alter the course of history to destroy every Power Ranger throughout time! Operating from the Hall of Legends, the new/Future Omega Ranger (confused with the original one and himself) must gather a force of Power Rangers and artifacts from across time to break through into Zedd's hidden dimension and restore the timeline! [5]

Nintendo DS

Emperor Gruumm has set his sights upon the myth of the Hall of Legends, the resting place of the collected energies of Power Rangers across time. In his twisted mind he envisioned a world where his enemy's power is not only stolen, but used against them and to make him a living god over all creation. The Omega Ranger, aware of all timelines from within the Hall of Legends, discovers his plan and warns the Power Rangers to stand against it. For should the Hall of Legends fall into Gruumm's hands, all would be lost.[6]

Playable/Non-playable and Ranger Forms characters

Power Ranger Title Series Playable-Non-Playable and Ranger Forms In
Jason Lee Scott Red Power Ranger Mighty Morphin Power Rangers All Versions
Kimberly Hart Pink Power Ranger All Versions
Trini Kwan Yellow Power Ranger PS2/PC
Billy Cranston Blue Power Ranger PS2/PC
Tommy Oliver Green Power Ranger DS Only
Aurico Red Alien/Aquitian Ranger Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers DS Only
Tommy Oliver Red Zeo Ranger Power Rangers Zeo PS2/DS Only
T. J. Johnson Red Turbo Ranger Power Rangers Turbo PS2/DS Only
Andros Red Space Ranger Power Rangers in Space PS2/DS Only
Leo Corbett Red Galaxy Ranger Power Rangers Lost Galaxy All Versions
Damon Henderson Green Galaxy Ranger All Versions
Kai Chen Blue Galaxy Ranger All Versions
Mike Corbett Magna Defender DS Only
Carter Grayson Red Lightspeed Ranger Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue PS2/DS Only
Wes Collins Red Time Force Ranger Power Rangers Time Force PS2/DS Only
Lucas Kendall Blue Time Force Ranger DS Only
Trip Green Time Force Ranger DS Only
Eric Myers Quantum Ranger DS Only
Cole Evans Red Wild Force/Lion Ranger Power Rangers Wild Force PS2/PC
Merrick Baliton Lunar Wild Force/Wolf Ranger PS2/PC
Max Cooper Blue Wild Force/Shark Ranger DS Only
Danny Delgado Black Wild Force/Bison Ranger DS Only
Alyssa Enrilé White Wild Force/Tiger Ranger DS Only
Hunter Bradley Crimson Thunder Ranger Power Rangers Ninja Storm PS2/PC
Blake Bradley Navy Thunder Ranger PS2/PC
Tori Hanson Blue Wind Ranger PS2/PC
Cameron Watanabe Green Samurai Ranger All Versions
Shane Clarke Red Wind Ranger DS Only
Dustin Brooks Yellow Wind Ranger DS Only
Anubis "Doggie" Cruger SPD Shadow Ranger Power Rangers S.P.D. PS2/PC
Sam SPD Omega Ranger All Versions
Elizabeth Delgado SPD Yellow Ranger PS2/PC
Jack Landors SPD Red Ranger/SPD Red Ranger Swat Mode All Versions
Sky Tate SPD Blue Ranger/SPD Blue Ranger Swat Mode DS Only
Boom SPD Orange Ranger Swat Mode DS Only
Will Aston Black Overdrive Ranger Power Rangers Operation Overdrive All Versions
Mack Hartford Red Overdrive Ranger All Versions
Dax Lo Blue Overdrive Ranger PS2/PC
Tyzonn Mercury Ranger DS Only
Future Omega Ranger Guardian of the Hall of Legends None PS2/PC
Guardian Custodian of the Hall of Legends None DS Only

Cast (PlayStation 2 version)

Game features

The game marks an anniversary gathering of selectable Power Rangers from fifteen seasons of the series, from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, from Rangers to Megazords (only the Dino Thunder and Mystic Force seasons are not represented). There are 16 playable characters on the Nintendo DS and 21 on the PlayStation 2 and PC.

The game has been described as a blend of puzzle, action, and mission-based adventures ranging from one to two players.

Screencaps of the DS version revealed appearances by Zedd, and Gluto, as well as featuring locations such as Angel Grove and an "Ancient Ranger" temple.

A Nintendo Gamecube version of the game, which would be the same as the PS2/PC versions, was planned, but abandoned.

The Mercury Ranger, Magna Defender, Green Samurai Ranger, Green Power Ranger, and the spirits of Forever Red (Red Power Ranger, Red Alien/Aquitian Ranger, Red Zeo Ranger, Red Turbo Ranger, Red Space Ranger, Red Galaxy Ranger, Red Lightspeed Ranger, Red Time Force Ranger, Quantum Ranger, and Red Wild Force Ranger) appear as non-player helper characters from the DS Version.


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