Power Rangers in Space

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Power Rangers in Space
Created by Haim Saban
Toei Company
Directed by Jonathan Tzachor
Isaac Florentine
Blair Treu
Worth Keeter
Koichi Sakamoto
Judd Lynn
Tony Randel
Starring Tracy Lynn Cruz
Patricia Ja Lee
Christopher Khayman Lee
Justin Nimmo
Roger Velasco
Selwyn Ward
Melody Perkins
Paul Schrier
Jason Narvy
Composer(s) Shuki Levy
Kussa Mahchi
Kenneth Burgomaster
Jim Cushinery
Paul Gordon
Glenn Scott Lacey
Jeremy Sweet
Ron Wasserman
Inon Zur
Lior Rosner
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 43 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Haim Saban
Shuki Levy
Producer(s) Jonathan Tzachor
Location(s) Santa Clarita and
Los Angeles, California
Running time 20 minutes
Production company(s) Saban Entertainment
Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment
Toei Company, Ltd.
MMPR Productions, Inc.
Distributor Saban Brands
MarVista Entertainment
Saban International (previously)
Original network FOX (Fox Kids)
Original release February 6 (1998-02-06) – November 21, 1998 (1998-11-21)
Preceded by Power Rangers Turbo
Followed by Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Power Rangers in Space is an American television series and the sixth season of the Power Rangers franchise, based on the Super Sentai series Denji Sentai Megaranger.[1]

As with all Power Rangers programs, in Space is based on one of the entries of the Super Sentai series. However, due to miscommunication between the United States and Japan as to the contents of the Sentai series, much of the space footage is original to the American adaptation. In Space was a turning point for the Power Rangers franchise, as the season brought closure to six seasons of plot, and it ended the practice of having regular cast members act in consecutive seasons. The theme of the series bears little similarity to its Sentai counterpart and its successor, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

Though its initial tone was similar to that of Mighty Morphin, Zeo and Turbo, Power Rangers in Space eventually took a darker, more emotional turn.


Picking up where Power Rangers Turbo left off, Dark Specter has captured Zordon and is beginning to completely drain his powers. An assortment of old and new villains praises his victory, but an unexpected figure uncovers his plan: the Red Space Ranger, Andros. Dark Specter orders the new Princess of Evil, Astronema, to eliminate Andros so he can't jeopardize her plans.[2]

Meanwhile, four of the former Turbo Rangers (T.J., Cassie, Carlos and Ashley) and Alpha 6 are traveling in a NASADA space shuttle with the intent to save Zordon. They are pulled aboard the Astro Megaship and later encounter Andros. Though initially suspicious and dismissive of the four former Rangers, Andros realizes he'll need their help to save Zordon and gives them each an Astro Morpher. Additionally, modifications allow the NASADA space shuttle and the Astro Megaship to combine into the powerful Astro Megazord. The new Space Ranger team then returns to Earth for repairs and supplies, but are followed by Astronema.

The Space Rangers alternate between searching for Zordon and protecting Earth. From the Dark Fortress, Astronema seeks to eliminate them via Ecliptor (who raised her), Quantrons and a variety of monsters. (Elgar has also been added to her team, but he remains a comedic bungler.) Over time, allies (such as Phantom Ranger, Justin Stewart and Adam Park) offer the Rangers invaluable aid, with Zhane (the Silver Space Ranger) emerging from cryo-sleep and joining the team. New Zords are also introduced. Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull become assistants to eccentric Professor Phenomenus and join him in searching for aliens.

While dedicated to finding Zordon, Andros has another quest: finding his sister, Karone, who was kidnapped when they were children. Over time, Andros discovers his sister was kidnapped by Darkonda, an old rival of Ecliptor's with multiple lives. Much to Andros' surprise, it turns out that Karone is actually Astronema, who was raised by Ecliptor to be evil. Andros is able to convince Astronema of the truth and she defects with Ecliptor's help. Unfortunately, just as quickly, she (along with Ecliptor) is recaptured and reprogrammed to follow Dark Specter.

Astronema becomes more evil than ever, as she not only wants to destroy the Space Rangers, but also Dark Specter. To that end, she unleashes the Psycho Rangers. The five robotic (and borderline insane) villains possess great power, which secretly comes from Dark Specter. Every time they fight, Dark Specter is drained of power and grows weaker. Only through a great deal of effort are the six Space Rangers able to overcome the Psycho Rangers. Soon afterward, the Rangers suffer setbacks that see two Megazords destroyed, which are The Mega Voyager and Delta Megazord.

Everything culminates in the two-part finale, "Countdown to Destruction", where Zordon is nearly completely drained and Dark Specter orders the villains under his command to attack the entire universe. Across the universe, the Alien Rangers, Phantom Ranger, Blue Senturion, the Gold Zeo Ranger and KO-35 rebels are defeated and captured. The Space Rangers struggle to defend Earth, but are overwhelmed and forced to retreat. Even Zhane and his Zord, the Mega Winger, are no match. Darkonda and Dark Specter destroy each other, leaving Astronema in command as the "Queen of Evil." While Andros boards the Dark Fortress to appeal to his sister, the remaining five Space Rangers engage in one last fight for Earth and are even joined by the citizens of Angel Grove (with Bulk and Skull leading the charge).

On the Dark Fortress, Andros finds Zordon, who requests his energy tube be shattered. Doing so will release good energy that will destroy the forces of evil and save the universe, but also kill him. Following battles with Astronema and Ecliptor, Andros has no choice but to comply. The many monsters are subsequently turned to dust by the energy wave, while Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Divatox and Astronema are changed into normal, non-evil humans. With the universe now safe, T.J., Cassie, Carlos, Ashley and Alpha 6 intend to settle down on Earth. Though initially intending to remain on KO-35 with their people, Andros, Zhane and Karone decide to join their friends on Earth.


The original pre-bible for in Space, drafted before the start of Power Rangers Turbo second half, was placed online in June 2011. The first half includes synopses of Megaranger episodes, with a mix of Japanese names and intended US names, and a breakdown of how much sentai footage was "useable"; there is a list of weaponry and Zords introduced, how often they appear, and the monsters and how they are destroyed. It then goes on to set out the plans for the in Space adaptation.[3]

Both Astronema and Andros was originally absent, with the Phantom Ranger finding out about Dark Specter's plan instead, and Justin was going to remain in the team. Instead of losing their powers and base at the end of Turbo, the Rangers would be given their space powers by Dimitria (the Turbo mentor) so they could head into space and save Zordon. Their spacecraft would have had a limited power supply and could only be recharged by the Power Chamber on Earth, forcing them to keep returning; otherwise, they would hop from planet to planet, encountering new and returning villains, and picking up clues for Zordon's whereabouts. Divatox was still going to be the main recurring villain, with Ecliptor as her new second-in-command. Bulk and Skull formed a volunteer Citizen Force Group to try and protect Angel Grove while the Rangers were away. The Silver Ranger was the subject of debate, as Saban were unsure if they wanted to use him.[3]

In Space would have seen Carranger villain Exhaus used as Dark Specter - he would instead be the monster Goldgoyle for the end of Turbo. The Rangers were going to have a base in Earth orbit called the new Power Dome: it was to be realized by "a giant pyramid made of silky material... the walls of silk will change constantly with special effects lights creating the different moods". The "Space Station" (Astro Megaship) interior was going to recycle the Power Chamber set; footage would be shot for the villain's "Evil Platform" set ahead of time and used as recurring stock footage.[3]

This would be the last full season to feature the character of Skull (Jason Narvy). Narvy chose to leave the show to continue his college education. He would return briefly in the first episode of the following season, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, so that his character could be written off of the show. He would also return (along with Paul Schrier) for the Power Rangers Wild Force episode "Forever Red".

In Space was originally written as the final season for the series.[4] In Space however, would end up being an unexpected success and with fan interest returning to the show and the continuation of the series.[2]


Space Rangers


Alpha 6
After his voice chip was damaged during the destruction of the Power Chamber, he received a new voice chip, but does not sound the same and has a different personality; Alpha no longer speaks like a New Yorker and now uses his predecessor's catchphrase. Voiced by Wendee Lee (uncredited).
The onboard computer aboard the Megaship, D.E.C.A. responds to voice commands and is able to articulate in 3000 known languages. The ship is constantly monitored by her through cameras located in every room on the ship. She can also perform retinal scans. Voiced by Julie Maddalena.
Adelle Ferguson
Owner of the Surf Spot, the Rangers' new hangout; from observation, she appears to have bought Youth Center from Jerome Stone and converted it. Portrayed by Aloma Wright.
Farkus "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Returning once again from Turbo, overweight and egotistical, but a good-natured goof, he and Skull decide to seek out renowned alien expert Professor Phenomenus when they catch a glimpse of a UFO in the sky. Portrayed by Paul Schrier.
Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Bulk's best friend, and his opposite in appearance and mentality; Skull is thin and a tad more stupid than Bulk, to the point that he has to be told what to be thinking of. Skull is best known for his high-pitched laughter. Portrayed by Jason A. Narvy.
Professor Phenomenus
An eccentric yet brilliant scientist who is constantly on the search for aliens on Earth. Bulk and Skull sought him out when they caught a glimpse of a UFO in the sky. The trio's misadventures and antics would often have them crossing paths with the Rangers. Portrayed by Jack Banning.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Turtles were summoned and brainwashed by Astronema to fight the Rangers. Her control over them is later broken, and they team up with the Rangers to battle Astronema's forces. Before returning to New York the Turtles have one request: space surfing on the Galaxy Gliders.
Aquitian Rangers
The Power Rangers from the water planet Aquitar. They have been allies to the Power Rangers of Earth, since Zordon called upon them when Master Vile reversed Earth's time.
Justin Stewart
T.J., Cassie, Ashley, and Carlos' former teammate. After the destruction of the Power Chamber extinguished the Turbo powers, Justin elected to remain on Earth to be with his father. Storm Blaster tracked him down and gave Justin a new Turbo morpher, to help the Space Rangers. Portrayed by Blake Foster.
Andros' sister and the main anti-hero/villain of the series, She was kidnapped as a child by Darkonda and handed over to Dark Specter. She was raised by Ecliptor, who became a father figure to her. Told that her parents were killed by the Power Rangers, she would come to be known as "Astronema", princess of evil. She would eventually discover the truth and defect to the Rangers' side for a time, before being captured and brainwashed to be completely loyal to Dark Specter when she went to the Dark Fortress in order to reprogram an asteroid that Dark Specter had sent on a collision course with Earth. She was eventually reverted to herself by Zordon's energy wave in the finale. Portrayed by Melody Perkins.
Trey of Triforia (Gold Zeo Ranger)
Wielder of the Golden Power Staff, who temporarily passed his powers onto Jason in Zeo, while he healed after being split into three distinct personalities. (uncredited)
Blue Senturion
An intergalactic police officer from 2000; he originally was sent back int time to warn Dimitria of the United Alliance of Evil's plot, but now helps enforce the law and defeat villains. He also assisted the Turbo rangers, before departing to Eltar with Dimitria to help Zordon. Voiced by David Walsh (uncredited).
Phantom Ranger
A Ranger of unknown origins. He had helped the second Turbo Rangers fight Divatox. He and Cassie share a bond. Though his fate is left unknown, he helped the rangers gain access to a new megazord.
Silvy Larson
The young daughter of Carlos' high school teacher who finds out Carlos and Andros are Power Rangers. Portrayed by Juliet Naulin.
Founder and leader of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, and original Turbo Rangers. Zordon returned to his home planet of Eltar, only to be captured; Dark Specter proceeded to continually drain Zordon of his powers while filling his container with lava, ensuring all rangers would lose hope. With Dark Specter's destruction, Zordon regained his powers, only to sacrifice himself to unleash an energy wave that wiped out the United Alliance of Evil. Voiced by Robert L. Manahan (uncredited).
Adam Park
Carlos' predecessor and Zack's successor, Adam was the 2nd Black Ranger, Zeo Ranger IV and the 1st Green Turbo Ranger. When Carlos began doubting himself, Adam helped him through it. Adam also held onto his morpher when Rito destroyed his team's powers; he succeeding in morphing into the Black Ranger once more, though it nearly killed him. Portrayed by Johnny Yong Bosch.
Childhood friend of Andros and Karone. After Karone's kidnapping, he joins Andros in becoming a Power Ranger, serving as the Silver Ranger alongside him. He was badly wounded during one battle, and was put into cryogenic stasis by Andros for some time before being discovered by the Rangers from Earth. After being revived, he suffered issues with his morpher power failing, but he was eventually able to recharge it; he also became romantically interested in Astronema. Zhane left the team for a time to help a group of surviving rebels from KO-35, but later returned with his new Mega Winger Zord. He would continue to fight alongside the other Rangers off-and-on throughout the conflict, including the battles with the Psycho Rangers where he briefly impersonated a "Psycho Silver." He also took part during the final battles for Earth, during which the Mega Winger was badly damaged, and he joined the other Rangers and Angel Grove's citizens in fighting an army of Quantrons. He and the other Rangers, joined by the redeemed Karone, then departed the reclaimed KO-35 aboard the Astro Megaship. Portrayed by Justin Nimmo.


Dark Specter
The "Grand Monarch of Evil", who all other villains fear, Dark Specter appears as a gigantic lava-monster. He is the leader of the United Alliance of Evil. He was shown to have the ability to shape shift. Dark Specter was responsible for the fall of Eltar, he managed to capture Zordon and proceeded to slowly drain his powers throughout the season. He nearly met his end with the creation of the Psycho Rangers, who drew their energy from the evil monarch every time they fought. He was killed in the finale by Darkonda, who had stolen a Velocifighter armed with an experimental laser. With his dying breath, he devoured Darkonda whole before exploding. Voiced by Christopher Grey.[7]
The "Princess of Evil", Astronema is a sinister and ruthless villainess who was groomed as a child in the ways of evil. It is later discovered that she is in fact Karone, sister of Red Ranger Andros. She defected to the Rangers' side for a time, before being captured, brainwashed and given cybernetic implants which overwrote her emotions. As a result of this, her demeanor became cold, and even more ruthless and evil than before. She would later create the Psycho Rangers and link their powers directly to Dark Specter in an attempt to do away with the monarch and take power for herself. When Dark Specter is killed in the finale, she becomes the "Queen of Evil", she is seemingly killed accidentally during a confrontation with Andros, but is revived by Andros' tears. Portrayed by Melody Perkins.
Astronema's guardian and surrogate father. He raised Astronema to be evil, caring for her like his own daughter. After Astronema learns her true identity, Ecliptor is given additional cybernetics that suppress his better nature and make him purely evil. Upon seeing Astronema seemingly slain by her brother, Ecliptor broke free of his programming to get revenge. Despite his fatherly affection for Astronema, Ecliptor was not spared by Zordon's energy wave and was actually the first villain to be hit by it. Voiced by Lex Lang (credited as Walter Lang).
Divatox's idiotic, illiterate nephew. He was assigned to the Dark Fortress by Dark Spector, mostly to allow Divatox to move Zordon around the universe without his bumbling threatening to ruin things. Portrayed by Kenny Graceson and voiced by Derek Stephen Prince (credited as David Umansky).
A Bounty hunter who was responsible for kidnapping Karone as a child. Sadistic and treacherous, Darkonda was a rival of sorts to Ecliptor. He was given as many lives as a cat is said to have, but managed to lose all but one though bungling or being defeated. He planned to kill Dark Specter with the missile intended for Earth's destruction, but was swallowed by the evil monarch before he perished. Voiced by Steve Kramer.
Astronema's footsoliders. Appearing as silver robots with blades as their primary weapons. Like the Cogs before them, they pilot vehicles for attacks.
Foot soldiers from the Astro Megaship simudeck's training program. A lightning bolt once hit the megaship while T.J. And Ashley were doing a session, causing them to become real and hide amongst the people in Angel Grove by disguising themselves as humans. After fighting the Rangers, They then merged into a congolomate version of themselves. After being defeated by the Astro Megazord, they were once again part of the simudeck program.
Divatox's foot soldiers from Power Rangers Turbo.
Psycho Rangers

Other villains

Villains from previous series also appeared, as members of the United Alliance of Evil. Information about these recurring villains can be found in the following articles:

Lord Zedd
He took the news of the (Turbo) Power Rangers' defeat well, only being afraid of Rita's reaction. Portrayed by Edwin Neal (credited as Ed Neil) and voiced by Robert Axelrod.
Rita Repulsa
An old aquantaince of Divatox. Rita was left shocked by the news that Divatox had defeated the Power Rangers. Portrayed by Carla Perez and voiced by Barbara Goodson.
Voiced by Kerrigan Mahan.
Voiced by Robert Axelrod (uncredited).
King Mondo
Voiced by David Stenstrom (uncredited).
Queen Machina
Voiced by Alex Borstein (uncredited).
Prince Sprocket
Voiced by Barbara Goodson (uncredited).
Voiced by Barbara Goodson (uncredited).
Voiced by Oliver Page (uncredited).
Portrayed by Hilary Shepard Turner.
Voiced by Lex Lang.
Voiced by Scott Page-Pagter (uncredited).
General Havoc
Voiced by Tom Wyner (uncredited).



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