Invincible Super Man Zambot 3

Invincible Super Man Zambot 3
(Muteki Chōjin Zanbotto 3)
Genre Mecha, Tragedy
Anime television series
Directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino
Written by Sōji Yoshikawa
Music by Takeo Watanabe
Studio Nippon Sunrise
Network NBN
Original run 8 October 1977 25 March 1978
Episodes 23

Super Machine Zambot 3 (無敵超人ザンボット3 Muteki Chōjin Zanbotto 3, lit. Invincible Super Man Zambot 3) is a Super Robot anime series created by Yoshiyuki Tomino and Yoshitake Suzuki, featuring character design by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko and produced by Sunrise. It was first broadcast on Japanese TV in 1977. The series lasted for 23 episodes.


There once existed a planet named Beal, until it was wiped out by the mysterious entity known as Gaizok. The few remaining survivors escaped to Earth and split into three families, named Jin, Kamie, and Kamikita respectively. While attempting to start a new life, the collectively known "Jin Family" prepared for the inevitable Gaizok invasion on Earth and its giant mechanical beasts known as "Mecha Boosts". In order to defend their new home, they have built three vehicles which when combined form the mighty Zambot 3. The Jin Family must not only defend against Gaizok attacks, but also harsh criticisms from the very people they protect, who blame the Jin Family for the invasion in the first place.

The show begins as a typical Super Robot anime, but effort to putting realistic explanation to the "strangeness" seen in the precedent anime like "why young children are chosen for the pilots" etc., trial to depict civilians' sufferings under the invasion of aliens, and also with the cruel Human Bomb episodes middle of the show and the tragic end that most protagonists are killed, this work is regarded as the most important forerunner to the Real Robot anime.

Director Yoshiyuki Tomino's nickname, "Kill 'Em All Tomino" originates from this work.

Zambot 3 Crew

Kappei Jin is the main character of Zambot 3 and pilot of the Zambird/Zambo Ace as well as controlling the primary functions of the titular robot. At 12 years old, Kappei is always eager to get into dangerous, high-risk situations, be it in battle against one of Gaizok's Mecha Boosts or against his rival Kōzuki. While Kappei is generally willing to go into battle, he will at times run into an emotional dilemma, generally stemming from civilian backlash against the Beal-Seijin. Kappei is also very athletic and a skilled martial artist. His best friends are his pet dog, Chonishiki and the girls Aki and Michi. Out of the entire team, Kappei is the only member to survive the final battle, as Uchūta and Keiko perish in a successful suicide attack, Chonishiki is killed when the Zambo Ace's right lower leg (which houses his cockpit) is destroyed, and the rest of the Jin Family dies when their ship burns up while they are giving Kappei time to escape.

Chonishiki is Kappei's pet dog akita inu and his faithful friend, who "copilots" Zambird alongside Kappei. Yoshinori Kanada of Studio Z misunderstood him as a robot dog, so there are some scenes which implicate his robotic nature.

Uchūta Kamie is 15 years old and pilot of the Zambull. While Uchūta is more mature than Kappei, he is about as eager to jump into battle, to the point that early on in the series Kappei and Uchūta would argue over who should be doing most of the fighting. Uchūta has to deal with a family that is not as devoted to the fight against Gaizok as himself. In the final battle, he and Keiko perish in a successful suicide attack.

Keiko Kamikita is 14 years old and pilot of the Zambase. On the Kamikita's ranch, Keiko's hobbies are archery and horseback riding. While not as overtly aggressive as her male teammates, Keiko is if anything more willing to fight Gaizok, even at times attempting to pilot despite bodily injury. While Keiko has the strongest convictions of the team, she is also perhaps the most emotionally vulnerable. One of Keiko's most famous lines is, "Please transform, and don't make a girl say 'please!'" In the final battle, she and Uchūta perish in a successful suicide attack.

Other Jin Family members

Heizaemon Kamikita is Keiko's grandfather and commander of the King Beal.

Gengoroh Jin is Kappei's father.

Ichitaroh Jin is Kappei's older brother.


Shingo Kōzuki is 13 years old and the leader of a local gang of kids. Shingo (most frequently referred to as Kōzuki in the series) is essentially Kappei's rival, as both have tendencies to play in the most dangerous ways possible, e.g. fighting each other with anchors. Like Kappei, Shingo is a skilled martial artist. Shingo is a civilian and does not pilot any anti-Gaizok vehicles, but he is nevertheless thrust into the middle of the conflict due to both circumstances beyond his control and through his own actions. Shingo has a mother and a sister, Kaoru, of whom he is very protective.

Kaoru Kōzuki is Shingo's little sister. Unlike most others, Kaoru sees the Jin Family and particularly Kappei as good people.

Aki is 12 years old and can be seen as Kappei's "love interest." Along with her best friend, Michi, Kappei frequently takes them along on his adventures, both in and out of Zambird. Aki is very sensible and confident, and will give Kappei a few harsh words if need be. At the same time, she is rather impressed by Kappei and the Zambird. The Zambot Archives book refers to Aki and Michi as the "Kappei Fan Club."

Michi is 12 years old and best friends with Aki. Michi, like Aki, tends to follow Kappei for one reason or another. Shyer and more reserved than Aki, Michi is usually worried about what will happen to them whenever Kappei does anything dangerous/stupid. The Zambot Archives book refers to Aki and Michi as the "Kappei Fan Club."


Gaizok is the mysterious entity responsible for the destruction of the planet Beal. He seeks to do the same to Earth as he did to Beal, and perhaps other planets as well. No one knows Gaizok's true motives or even his true identity, including his subordinate, Killer the Butcher. In the last episodes, Gaizok is revealed to be an extremely evolved artificial intelligence, that was once created by an ancient, super-advanced civilization, with the task of destroying anyone that would display aggressive feelings. But, having turned mad with old age, Gaizok has come to the conclusion that every feelings are dangerous and must be suppressed, meaning the destruction of all sentient beings.

Killer the Butcher is the most prominent villain in Zambot 3. Butcher is responsible for sending out Mecha Boosts to attack the Earth, particularly Japan. Butcher is a rather eccentric villain, and is seen constantly indulging in luxuries, be it eating endless amounts of meat, trying on jewelry, or attempting to sun bathe despite being inside of the Bandok. However, this extravagance does not make him any less ruthless. Butcher was sent to kill the humans, and that's exactly what he plans to do. Butcher's headquarters is the powerful mobile fortress, Bandok.

Gizzar is Butcher's right-hand man and field commander coming up with diabolical plots. Unlike Butcher he takes his job very seriously and is very thin, but he is still just as ruthless. Gizzar is often Butcher's whipping boy whenever something goes wrong.

Barettar is a field commander nearly identical to Gizzar except for muscular and has scars all over his face.

Zubutar is the Bandok's chief designer of the Mecha-Boosts.

Snai-Sworders are small snail-like reconnaissance robots used by Butcher to observe battles. They possess no offensive capabilities.

Bandok is the four-legged robot space fortress commanded by Butcher. For the first nine episodes it serves as only a headquarters near Earth's orbit where Mecha-Boosts are produced. In episode ten it comes to Earth and releases a series of Beltar Tanks to defend itself. After Mecha-Boost Tracid is destroyed, Zambot 3 attempts to attack only for a barrier to knock it away. In the next episode it is forced to flee back into space after being destroyed internally by Zambo Ace. Returns to Earth in episode 18 as the primary facility for converting humans into living bombs, keeping itself underwater at well over twelve hundred meters below the surface until Zambot 3 discovers its location. The head detaches itself and starts firing extremely large torpedoes at Zambot 3 from its mouth as well as stops the Moon Attack with an energy barrier. It retreats to space again in episode 19 after large quantities of damage and the energy barrier being destroyed by Zambot 3's Moon Attack and destruction of Mecha-Boost Gaidar. In episode 21 the Bandok uses well over two thousand space mines and homing missiles with eyeballs for nose cones called Gaizok Missiles to attack the King Beal as the Jin family approaches for the final battle. When King Beal is close enough, each arm of the Bandok fires a Bandok Cannon presumably just as powerful as the Ion Cannon. After 2nd Beal rams into its underside the main body is ultimately destroyed with the head being all that is left. In its final battle in episode 22 the head piloted by Butcher fires Bandok Missiles and eye lasers only for it to be finished off by the Ion Cannon.

Red Knight Deathcain and Blue Knight Heldyne are the two knights of Gaizok sealed within the Bandok as its guardians. Both appearing in episode 22 after most of the Bandok was destroyed, Butcher is forced into battle by Gaizok with both of these death personified knights as a last resort. Both appear as European knights on horses. Each one is armed with a small round shield that fires lightning bolts that can be combined for an extremely bright flash that launches swords and maces, although Deathcain possesses a sword while Heldyne possesses a double sided lance.


Mechanical Weapons and Vehicles

Bealian Machines

Zambot 3

Zambot 3, along with the King Beal, are the primary defenses against the Gaizok invasion. Zambot 3 is formed when the Zambird, Zambull and Zambase combine by a sequence called Zambot Combination. There is a separate cockpit for each pilot. In the final battle, the Zambull and Zambase are destroyed in Uchūta and Keiko's successful suicide attack, and the Zambo Ace is damaged beyond repair.

Height: 60 meters
Weight: 500 tons
Output: 350,000 horsepower (260 MW)
Energy source: Ion energy
Main weapons

Weaknesses: Zambot 3 has very few glaring design flaws, but the most prominent one is that its armor begins to fail when in waters deeper than 7000 meters.

Zambird/Zambo Ace

Pilot: Kappei Jin

Zambird is a high-speed aerial vehicle which is able to go faster than Japan Self-Defense Force fighter jets. Zambird can transform into the humanoid Zambo Ace. Zambo Ace's primary armament is its Zambo Magnum. Zambird forms primarily the head and the inner torso of Zambot 3 and has two cockpits, with Kappei in the left and Chūnishiki in the right (which ultimately leads to the latter's demise).

Main Weapons


'Zambo Ace'


Pilot: Uchūta Kamie

Zambull is a tank-like vehicle that has the most hitting power out of the three parts of Zambot 3. Zambull forms the outer torso and arms of Zambot 3, as evidenced by the large fists that sit on top of Zambull.

Main Weapons


Pilot: Keiko Kamikita

Zambase functions as both an attack and support vehicle. In addition to possessing its own weapons for offense, Zambase also carries spare ammunition and Zambo Magnums for Zambo Ace, as well as remote cameras for reconnaissance. Zambase forms primarily the legs of Zambot 3, and is also responsible for overseeing balance and power distribution throughout the entire robot.

Main Weapons

Video games

Zambot 3 has made an appearance in several Super Robot Wars titles.

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