Future GPX Cyber Formula SIN

Future GPX Cyber Formula SIN
Original video animation
Directed by Mitsuo Fukuda
Produced by Eiji Sashida
Manabu Tamura
Naotake Furusato
Umeo Ito
Written by Chiaki Morosawa
Music by Toshihiko Sahashi
Studio Sunrise
Released December 21, 1998 March 17, 2000
Episodes 5

Future GPX Cyber Formula SIN (新世紀GPXサイバーフォーミュラSIN) is a 1998 Japanese original video animation (OVA) series. It is the last OVA of the Future GPX Cyber Formula series. The story focuses on Bleed Kaga as he struggles to settle the score with Hayato Kazami.


Hayato Kazami and his exclusive race machine, Asurada, finished the Cyber Formula World Grand Prix XVI in 2021 successfully by defending his champion title. After the end of the Grand Prix, Kazami's racing team, Sugo Grand Prix, announces the contract of sponsorship with GIO Motors Inc., thus becoming Sugo GIO Grand Prix.

Meanwhile, Aoi ZIP Formula prepares its return to the Grand Prix after a year of a disgraceful super license suspension. However, Kyoko Aoi, the re-instated owner of Aoi ZIP Formula, receives a grim news from the executive officers of Aoi Motors that they would allow the team to join the Grand Prix with the outdated machine, Ex-Superion Z/A 10, and that the team will disband after the 2022 season unless a champion title is secured, as the officers fear that the rival group GIO's success in CF would greatly damage the already ruined reputation of the company. Bleed Kaga, not knowing this desperate situation coming towards him, returns to Japan to prepare for a test run and waited for the moment to challenge his arch-rival, Hayato Kazami.

After the end of the Grand Prix, Kaga retired from CF and sent his farewell messages to both Nagumo, who congratulated him for winning the race and thanking him on behalf of his brother and Kyoko, who resigned the ownership of the team and hopes to find the great driver who can replace him, respectively. Along with Grey and Phill, Kaga left Japan and headed back to the United States, he discarded his name of Bleed and assumed his real name, Jotaro.

The New Ending

Notable details of the new ending:

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