The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird

The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird

Cover from the first box of the DVD release of The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird
(Taiyō no Yūsha Faibādo)
Genre Adventure, Mecha
Anime television series
Directed by Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Music by Toshiyuki Watanabe
Studio Sunrise
Network Nagoya TV
Original run February 2, 1991 February 1, 1992
Episodes 48

The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird (太陽の勇者ファイバード Taiyō no Yūsha Faibādo), sometimes simply Fighbird or translated as Fire Bird, is a 1991 Japanese anime television series, created by Sunrise under the direction of Katsuyoshi Yatabe. It is the second animation work in the long running "Brave series", also known as "Yūsha", funded by Takara and produced by Sunrise.


In 2010, an evil energy being called Draias comes flying to the earth. It co-operates with Jango, a wicked scientist, in secret to bring ruin to the world. Upon its arrival, the Space Police Force (宇宙警備隊 Uchuu Keibi Tai) put their spirits into special android machines built by Doctor Amano that have transformable bodies. Fighbird enters one such android and lives as the human Yutaro Katori. He transforms into the super robot Fighbird when the enemy attacks.


Space Police


Guard Team (ガードチーム Gaado Chiimu)

Baron Team (バロンチーム Baron Chiimu)

Draias Forces

Death Team

Mecha Beasts

Mecha Beasts serve as the monsters of the week of the series. These mechanical entities are designed by Dr. Jango in his underwater base in the Pacific Ocean while being powered by Draias' minus energy. These giant monsters are often piloted by Zol, Shura, or both, although Jango has piloted a few himself. Mecha Beasts usually disguise themselves as objects to prevent them from being noticed right away.

Video Games

A vertical rail shooter based on the series was released on the Famicom in 1991 with a Game Boy version of the game released the next year. The game featured primarily enemy tanks, VTOLs, submarines, and sea monsters with a few mecha monsters from the show serving as bosses under different names. The game was mistranslated in English as Fire Bird. Draias in his normal form appears as the final boss under the title Dark Fire Bird. In the Game Boy version, Draias can divide himself into the Death Team.

Fighbird later returns in the Brave Saga games with Sodom, Gomorrah, and Draias serving as the only villainous entities in the series to appear and are used in several levels instead of just the final battle; the Death Team, Draias Jet, and Organic Draias do not appear. It is also noted that Fighbird is the only series other than Brave Command Dagwon not to have any storyline or villains in Brave Saga 2. Fighbird also stars in the Harobots games alongside many other anime robots including the Brave series.

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