Banner of the Stars

Banner of the Stars

Cover of Seikai no Senki I featuring main heroine Lafiel
(Seikai no Senki)
Genre Space opera, Military science fiction
Written by Hiroyuki Morioka
Illustrated by Toshihiro Ono (first two volumes)
Published by Hayakawa Publishing
Original run December 1996 – present
Volumes 5
Anime television series
Directed by Yasuchika Nagaoka
Music by Katsuhisa Hattori
Studio Sunrise
Licensed by

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Network WOWOW
English network

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Original run April 14, 2000 July 14, 2000
Episodes 13
Anime film
Banner of the Stars - Special Edition
Directed by Yasuchika Nagaoka
Produced by Korefumi Seki
Masaki Kaifu
Mikihiro Iwata
Riku Matsukawa
Music by Katsuhisa Hattori
Studio Bandai Visual
Released July 7, 2001
Runtime 120 minutes
Anime television series
Banner of the Stars II
Directed by Yasuchika Nagaoka
Music by Katsuhisa Hattori
Studio Sunrise
Licensed by

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Network WOWOW
Original run July 11, 2001 September 26, 2001
Episodes 10
Original video animation
Banner of the Stars III
Directed by Yasuchika Nagaoka
Studio Sunrise
Released August 26, 2005 September 23, 2005
Runtime 30 minutes
Episodes 2

Banner of the Stars (星界の戦旗 Seikai no Senki, lit. Battle Flag of the Stars) is a series of science fiction novels written by Hiroyuki Morioka, which serve as sequels to Crest of the Stars. The series is ongoing. Three novels in the series have been made into anime.


Banner of the Stars Volume one "No Turning Back" region 1 DVD.

Main characters:

The crew of the attack ship Basrogrh (Basroil) with Jinto and Lafiel:

Lodaïrhs (Abh officers) introduced in this series:



As of the present, there are five novels in the Seikai no Senki. These are:

Jinto Lynn and princess Lafiel join the imperial fleet and take part in an arduous defense of Aptic Gate (where their attack ship Basrogrh (Basroil) is destroyed after the whole crew have escaped).

Lafiel and Jinto are appointed ambassadors and given a mission to form a government on a newly conquered planet, which turns out to be a detention planet full of prisoners. Jinto is kidnapped during a rebellion and Lafiel is forced to withdraw due to the military actions of the enemy, leaving Jinto behind. Weeks later she returns to rescue him.

The main characters go to the Hyde star system (Jinto's home world and recently recovered imperial territory). On the way, Jinto encounters his friend Dorin Ku and is informed that a military war game will be held in the Hyde star system. Martine, the system's capital, refuses to surrender to the Abh Empire. Count Jinto negotiates with the Martinese government and seeks terms to surrender. At last, at the cost of the planet's autonomy and exile of the Count, Martine joins the Empire.

The main characters have returned to the Imperial fleet and Lafiel is now captain of a new ship, the assault frigate Flicaubh. Lafiel's younger brother Duhiel enlists in the navy and is dispatched to a battleship. The so far neutral Hania Federation unexpectedly offers to join the Abh Empire and Empress Ramaj accepts. While Jinto and Lafiel are returning to the Imperial capital, Lakfakalle, the Hania Federation fleet suddenly attack the Abh Empire and advances towards the capital.

The three enemy nations launch a surprise attack on Lakfakalle from Hania territory with help from sympathetic elements within the Hania military. Unable to recall the fleets in time to mount a defense, the empire prepares to abandon its capital for the first time in its history. The empress leads the small fleet available to meet the enemy in a desperate attempt to buy time for the civilians and crucial production structures to be evacuated. Meanwhile, Lafiel and Jinto are assigned to an old cruiser and tasked with transporting the Memorial Stones, markers etched with the name of every person who has ever died for the empire and important cultural artifacts. At the same time Duhiel is trapped behind enemy lines, and his superiors must get him back to Imperial territory.


Among fans, Banner of the Stars is a title used to describe all anime except Crest of the Stars (which Hiroyuki Morioka has said was not intended as the main idea of the story, but just an introduction to how Jinto and Lafiel met). Currently two TV series and an OVA have been released adapting the first three books:

Banner of the Stars

EP# Title Original airdate
1 "Reunion"  April 14, 2000
Three years have past since Crest of the Stars. Now, Lafiel is the commander of her own crew, and Jinto is part of it. A new war is about to begin, but are Lafiel and her crew ready?! 
2 "Operation Phantom Flame"  April 21, 2000
The Ahb Empire is planning out their next attack, and Lafiel and Jinto are naturally a part of it. Will this war be the worst yet? 
3 "Assault Ship Basroil"  April 28, 2000
Lafiel and Jinto are shocked when Atosuryua, the younger sister of the Baron whom Lafiel killed three years ago, becomes the commander of their battalion. However, this is only the least of their worries, as the battle is about to begin. 
4 "The First Campaign"  May 5, 2000
Lafiel and Jinto are thrown right into the middle of a battle. Events trigger memories of the past that are best left forgotten. Will Lafiel and Jinto survive the first battle? 
5 "Spectacular Insanity"  May 12, 2000
The Basroil is in “spacedock” being repaired after the battle, and the crew are stocking up on supplies. Dusanyu, with the new information he has received, decides that the main battle will be held in the area surrounding the Aptic Gate. He appoints Admiral Bebaus' fleet in charge of defending the region. However, the Bebaus brothers come from a family known for "Spectacular Insanity." Everyone wonders if this will cause their doom. Meanwhile, as Jinto and Ekuryua are having a rather personal discussion, Lafiel comes into the room at precisely the wrong time and sees something that makes her very angry. Will Jinto be able to save face? And, what are the Bebaus brothers planning? 
6 "Remembrance Dinner"  May 19, 2000
At Atosuryua's request, Jinto and Lafiel join her for a dinner in honor of her late brother, Klowal. In a break from the wartime activity, Jinto and Lafiel don formal attire and fly off to the ritzy dinner Atosuryua has arranged. Indeed, this is the closest they've had to a date, but it is going to be a strange one. The dinner begins with a rocky start, as Lafiel is responsible for Klowal's death. Even worse, she doesn't really regret it. Will Atosuryua and Lafiel come to a reconciliation? 
7 "Escape in the Dark"  May 26, 2000
While on patrol, the Basroil and another assault ship, the Seigroil, are hit by enemy mines. They wind up adrift, stranded in “Plane Space”. They have no sensors and systems begin failing throughout both ships. They soon come up with a plan to transfer all the crew and usable materials from the Seigroil to the Basroil, but once they do, the Basroil crew learns that the Seigroil bridge crew is trapped and cannot escape. Now, alone in the dark, the Basroil can see some unidentified ships coming toward them. But, are they friend or foe? 
8 "The Eve of the Decisive Battle"  June 2, 2000
It's the night before the big battle and everyone is doing what they need to do. Admiral Bebaus plans his defense but is distressed to learn he cannot pillage a local planet for supplies. He says that it's just too much of a bother. Meanwhile, Samson decides he needs to get really drunk. To his surprise, Sobaash joins him. They have a heart-to-heart talk. Elsewhere, Jinto and Ekuryua also have a heart-to-heart talk as well as a conversation about Diaho. Everyone is on edge as the battle draws near... 
9 "The Basroil's Battle"  June 9, 2000
As they wait for the enemy fleet to arrive, Jinto and Lafiel discuss their lives and how they got to where they are today. Jinto confesses to being scared, and to his surprise, Lafiel admits that she is as well. They talk about their plans for the future. Will Jinto ever go back to his home planet, Martine? Will Lafiel become an admiral? What awaits the two in the upcoming battle? Lafiel says she has plans to go through all of life's three stages: officer, merchant, and parent. Jinto is surprised she has thought so far ahead. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the enemy fleet and the beginning of the battle! 
10 "Shooting Star"  June 16, 2000
The Abh fleet command tries to determine the true nature of the enemy's new weapon. Unfortunately, it has taken a heavy toll on their forces and victory is no longer assured. Meanwhile, Admiral Spoor is en route to join the main fleet at Aptic for the battle. And, the Basroil enters its first true battle, but is the crew prepared for what they will see? 
11 "The Flaming Battlefield"  June 23, 2000
Lafiel is upset that they've been ordered to withdraw from the battle. She isn't used to losing or giving up. Her unit commander chastises her for questioning the chain of command. Later, Fleet Commander Dusanyu arrives in the Aptic Region intending to check in on Lafiel and Jinto. Meanwhile, on the Basroil, they are going into battle against enemy assault vessels. They seem to be doing well at first, as they manage to destroy a couple of enemy vessels. However, the Basroil is soon targeted. Will they survive? 
12 "The Battle for Aptic Gate"  June 30, 2000
As the battle for Aptic boils around them, the damaged Basroil is given permission to withdraw from the field of battle. Unfortunately, the damage is worse than originally estimated. Frustrated and angry, Lafiel gives the order for all hands to abandon ship. Meanwhile, on the main battlefield it appears that the enemy is trying to escape without engaging in further hostilities. Seeing this, Fleet Commander Dusanyu orders an attack. Admiral Spoor proceeds with her plan to cut a wide path through the enemy, demoralizing them in the process. Back on the Basroil, everyone has reached the escape vessels, except for Jinto. Lafiel goes to look for him. She eventually finds him, but before they can return to the others, there's an explosion! 
13 "The Shape of Bonds"  July 14, 2000
Jinto and Lafiel float through space in an emergency escape pod, waiting for rescue. Elsewhere, the main fleet continues the battle, with Spoor's brutal advance confusing and disrupting the enemy forces. After the battle ends, Jinto and Lafiel are together aboard the naval base. As they make their way to see the new Basroil, they discuss the fate of Diaho, Jinto's cat. The new Basroil turns out to be exactly the same as the previous one. Unfortunately, since they have a new ship, they won't be going back into battle right away. With the crew back on board and ready to go, the new Basroil launches! 

Banner of the Stars II

EP# Title Original airdate
1 "Operation Hunter"  July 11, 2001
Lafiel and Jinto are given their roles as Territorial Ambassador and Territorial Deputy Ambassador and... they aren't exactly happy about it! 
2 "Planet of Exile"  July 18, 2001
The Basroil is contacted by all four ambassadors of Lobnas II: Geol Meideen, Yuuri Dokufu, Lala Shangal, and Mikay Angusson. Jinto is escorted down to Lobnas II after determining that Meideen should be the Territorial Representative. Meanwhile, Lafiel reminisces about the last conversation she had with Jinto before his departure. 
3 "Emigration Plan"  July 25, 2001
Plans for emigration are made. Some plans include whether or not the Territorial Ambassador should bring in more ships or if the Darksis (the ship transporting the inhabitants) should make more trips back and forth. Meanwhile, the women's sector is rallying for emigration rights so they won't be used as "cattle" 
4 "The Hunters"  August 1, 2001
All the ships in the surrounding area around Lobnas II have to retreat because of an enemy sighting. Elsewhere, Jinto is having problems reassuring Meideen and the rest of the evacuees so that they can return in order to continue emigrating those with permission off the planet. After the fact, while enjoying a sunset and thinking of Lafiel, Jinto receives a message that a rebellion has broken out! 
5 "Rebellion"  August 8, 2001
As the rebellion, started by Angusson and Dokufu, continues, Dokufu's section is able to take control of the administration section. Meideen, meanwhile, authorizes an immediate evacuation of the Western section (the women's section). Jinto decides to stay on the planet to ensure that all the Western section inhabitants are safely evacuated. However, while traveling to the Western section, Meideen and Jinto's vehicle is hijacked! 
6 "Abh Hell"  August 15, 2001
After refusing to cancel the emigration order, Meideen is shot in the head and killed! Meanwhile, Angusson is threatened to be put in Abh Hell for threatening a fellow Abh's life (Jinto). Against Lafiel's heart's wishes, being an Abriel, Lafiel is forced to abandon Jinto on Lobnas II for the time being... 
7 "The Flag of Gasarus"  August 29, 2001
Angusson refuses to release Jinto because of his pride since he never backs down from a challenge. Dokufu, meanwhile, is killed because he doesn't want to suffer Abh Hell for Angusson's stupidity. Lafiel soon requests help from Spoor in order to carry out the emigration plan. Spoor rejects the offer at first but then agrees. Lafiel heads down to Lobnas II to assist in the emigration crisis. 
8 "Things to Protect"  September 12, 2001
Spoor tries to buy more time before having to go into battle. As the last of the women evacuees are boarding the transport ship, Spoor's fleet heads into battle with the enemy squadron. Meanwhile, Jinto awakens and heads outside seeing a ship preparing an emergency launch. He tries to flag it down, but he isn't noticed. Elsewhere, Angusson drowns as a tidal wave crashes into him from the force of the emergency launch. 
9 "To Lay Down the Bow"  September 19, 2001
Due to Spoor's assistance, the evacuation of Lobnas II is successfully completed! Unfortunately, out of Spoor's fleet of thirty-three ships, twenty-six were destroyed. Elsewhere, the crew of the Basroil reminisce about experiences they shared with Jinto, assuming the worst about him. Fighting to stay in order to see Lafiel again, Jinto thinks back to all the adventures he had with Lafiel from the time when they first met to the theme park chase on Sufugnoff... 
10 "An Abriel's Tears"  September 26, 2001
Lafiel is still searching for Jinto on Lobnas II. While she is patiently waiting for Jinto to be found, Samson is preparing a meal for him. Jinto is found in a cave and Lafiel rushes to his side. She uses her endearing pet name for him, "Fool", and he calls her his "Precious little Princess." Lafiel and Jinto are then shown on a hill by a tree presumably on Jinto's home planet, Martine. 

Banner of the Stars III

EP# Title Original airdate
1 "Reunion of the Stars"  August 26, 2005
Using his Navy Pension and with financial support from the King Jinto has chartered a ship to return to the Hyde system and his home world Martine and establish his Earldom via construction of an anti matter fuel supply chain. His mission is complicated by the fact Martine rebelled at the start of the war and despite the system being retaken the planet has not surrendered. Accompanied by Lafiel he sets about recruiting retainers from friends and acquaintances but a reunion with his school friend demonstrates racial prejudice and the realisation that he may not be able to reconcile his adopted Abh race with his Lander heritage. Meanwhile a squadron of a new class of Assault Frigates is being commissioned and the Hyde system has been chosen for a wargaming exercise. 
2 "Family Dining"  September 23, 2005
The ship Jinto chartered was fired upon by the planet Martine, now accompanying the new Assault Frigate squadron back to the system he fears the exercise may be a cover story for a military assault. His attempts to ascertain the true purpose of the exercise and prevent a military retaliation are frustrated by no longer having military clearance. During the exercise the planet fired on the fleet and its planetary defences were destroyed however they gave warning to evacuate the facility first. Meeting the Prime Minister of the planet (Jinto's surrogate parents) to sign the surrender is a bittersweet experience, while offering family warmth they refuse to believe that he is not a hostage and plead with him to seek asylum. Jinto is forced to make a choice between surrendering his Abh identity and returning to the planet (with the belief his replacement as ruler may not be as compassionate) or retaining his title and living in permanent exile. 


Manga adaptations of the Banner of the Stars and Banner of the Stars II anime series have been released. These volumes were referred as the second and third parts of the Seikai Trilogy. This was because at the time of publishing, only three anime series were adapted from Hiroyuki Morioka's works, and Banner of the Stars III was yet to be made. Crest of the Stars consisted of the first part of the trilogy. The manga were released in English by Tokyopop in 2004.

Video game

The Banner of the Stars series was used as a background for a video game adaptation in Japanese only. Named after the series, Gainax released Seikai no Senki in September 2003. It is a member of the wargame genre, featuring interactions with some characters from the novel in-between the battles.

Unlike its predecessor, the Seikai no Senki game was initially released for PC/Windows only. An adaptation for the PlayStation 2 console was released in April 2005.[3]


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