The Brave Express Might Gaine

The Brave Express Might Gaine

Cover art from box 1 of the DVD release
(Yūsha Tokkyū Maitogain)
Genre Mecha
Anime television series
Directed by Shinji Takamatsu
Music by Takashi Kudo
Studio Sunrise
Network TV Asahi
Original run January 30, 1993 January 22, 1994
Episodes 47

The Brave Express Might Gaine (勇者特急マイトガイン Yūsha Tokkyū Maitogain) is an anime television series begun in 1993, created by Sunrise' under the direction of Shinji Takamatsu, and was the fourth in the Yūsha metaseries funded by Takara and produced by Sunrise.


Might Senpuuji is a billionaire crime fighting teenager, taking up his father's company and assets at the age of only 15. Taking control of the Might Gaine team of robots that his late father created, Senpuuji and his free thinking robot teams take on the crime lords that plague Nouvelle Tokyo City.



Might Senpuuji (旋風寺 舞人 Senpūji Maito)
Voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama
A 15-year-old billionaire and leader of the Brave Express team (勇者特急隊 Yuusha Tokkyuu Tai). He pilots the Might Wing, Might Kaiser, and both Might Gaine and Great Might Gaine both with the assistance of Gaine. Whenever villains cause trouble, he is the one who stops their plans. His parents died three years ago in a traffic accident.
Mitsuhiko Hamada (浜田 満彦 Hamada Mitsuhiko)
Voiced by Masami Kikuchi
A friend of Maito and chief mechanic, he is the one who helped design the Bombers.
Sally Yoshinaga (吉永 サリー Yoshinaga Sarī)
Voiced by Akiko Yajima
A girl who studies in a high school. She tends to get involved in the crimes committed by the villains with no reason, but Might always comes to rescue her. They get to know each other because of that. She becomes the girlfriend of Maito during the course of the series.
Aoki Keiichiro (青木桂一郎 Keiichiro Aoki)
Voiced by Kazuhiko Kishino
Might's butler and father figure throughout the series.
Izumi Matsubara (松原いずみ Matsubara Izumi)
Voiced by Yuri Amano
Might's secretary and sister figure throughout the series.


Wolfgang (ウォルフガング Worufugangu)
Voiced by Masaharu Satō
A German professor of robot technology, he holds the ambition that makes the strongest robot in the world. Hiryu and Goryu are his products.
Hoi Kow Lou (ホイ・コウ・ロウ húi gūo ròu)
Voiced by Yū Shimaka
A don of the Asian Mafia from China, Lou is easily recognizable due to his large, bump-covered nose and a loud green bird perched on his shoulder. He sells various robots to the highest bidder in order to commit crimes. After losing control over the Mafia due to Purple's intervention, he ends up selling ramen.
Catherine Vuitton (カトリーヌ・ヴィトン Katoriinu Viton)
Voiced by Shōko Kanoki
A French woman, a boss of "Pink Cat" the confederacy of thieves. To keep her beauty, she often steals the jewel and the adornment for her desire.
Shogun Mifune (ショーグン・ミフネ Shoogun Mifune)
Voiced by Kiyoyuki Yanada
An American who is dressed in Samurai style. He plots to reconquer all of Japan, to regain an old-fashioned, traditional Japanese culture.
Joe Rival (雷張 ジョー Raibaru Jō)
Voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa
The rival of Maito, also well known as "Joe the Ace". He used to be an ace pilot in the army. Wolfgang gives him Hiryu (飛龍 Hiryū, Flying Dragon) and Goryu (轟龍 Gōryū, Thundering Dragon) in order to defeat Might Gaine.
Voiced by Masashi Sugawara

Brave Express Team

Might Gaine

Bombers (ボンバーズ Bonbaazu)

The Bombers are a group of artificially intelligent robots, each capable of transforming into a robot, a train, an animal they are designed after, and an alternate armored version of a train. The first three or all four of the Bombers, in their armored train forms, are known as the Animal Express (アニマル特急 Animaru Tokkyū) when linked together. The typical order is Lio Bomber > Dino Bomber > Bird Bomber (> Horn Bomber).

Divers (ダイバーズ Daibaazu)

The Divers are a group of artificially intelligent robots designed for rescue purposes.

Brave Express (勇者特急 Yūsha Tokkyū)

The entire team can link into a single train. The order of the Brave Express is Drill Express (carrying Kaisers 1-5) > Locomorizer (carrying Gaine and Might Wing) > Bullet Express > Animal Express(all four) > Rescue Express. At full speed, the trains can perform the Joint Dragon Fire attack, which engulfs the whole train in fire while rushing at full speed.

Underworld Mecha

The various mecha that have been used by the crime Underworld to fight Might Gaine and the other members of the Brave Express throughout the series.

Black Noir's Forces


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