That's Not Funny, That's Sick

This article is about the 1977 National Lampoon album of sketch comedy. For the 2013 book on the history of National Lampoon magazine, see That's Not Funny, That's Sick (book).

That's Not Funny, That's Sick
Studio album by National Lampoon
Released 1977
Genre Comedy, Parody
Label US: Label 21(original release)Uproar (2003 CD reissue)
UK: Radar
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Robert ChristgauB[1]

That's Not Funny, That's Sick is an American album of sketch comedy that was first released as a vinyl record in 1977. It was a spin-off from National Lampoon magazine. The album is a collection of sketches from the National Lampoon Radio Hour, a radio show that was broadcast on 600 radio stations and ran from November 17, 1973 to December 28, 1974.

The sketches on That's Not Funny, That's Sick star John Belushi, Brian Doyle-Murray, Bill Murray, and Christopher Guest, and feature, among others, Richard Belzer.

List of tracks

  1. The Squalor Show
  2. Confession
  3. Dick Ballantine Phone Show #1
  4. Disco Hotline
  5. Dick Ballantine Phone Show #2
  6. Love Birds / Flashanova
  7. Listener Sponsored Radio #1
  8. For $25,000
  9. Gymnasty
  10. Dick Ballantine Phone Show #3
  11. Yiddishco
  12. Listener Sponsored Radio #2
  13. Pulp
  14. For $15,000
  15. Rapeline
  16. Mr. Roberts #1
  17. Stereos and Such
  18. Listener Sponsored Radio #3
  19. Height Report Disco
  20. Mr. Roberts #2
  21. Dial-A-Curse
  22. Humpback Whales
  23. Listener Sponsored Radio #4
  24. 2,015 Year Old Man
  25. Fasten Your Seatbelts
  26. Listener Sponsored Radio #5
  27. Monolithic Oil


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