Film poster
Directed by Frank Longo
Produced by Werner Koenig
Warren Zide
Douglas Curtis
Written by Stuart Gibbs
Russ Ryan
Starring Ali Landry
James Roday
Desmond Askew
Eugene Levy
Music by Teddy Castellucci
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release dates
  • August 6, 2002 (2002-08-06)
Running time
95 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Repli-Kate is a 2002 sex comedy film from National Lampoon, directed by Frank Longo and starring Ali Landry, James Roday, Desmond Askew and Eugene Levy.


Max Fleming is a graduate student who has developed a powerful cloning machine for the egotistical Dr. Jonas. Jonas steals all the credit and leaves Max to toil in obscurity. One day, Max meets Kate Carson, a young and attractive magazine reporter preparing a story on the cloning research at the university. During the interview, Kate accidentally cuts herself, and a few drops of her blood mingle with one of the cloning samples. Later that night, Max runs a test of the machine, and to his surprise he ends up with a replicant of Kate, which he names Repli-Kate.

Repli-Kate is fully adult, but she has no knowledge. Max and his roommate Henry thus set out to educate her, but with a male perspective. They want to turn her into the perfect woman: the beer-drinking, sport-loving, sexually aggressive girl of their dreams. However, when Max contemplates the resulting woman, he realizes that the girl of his dreams was Kate all along, not Repli-Kate.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jonas learns of the existence of Repli-Kate. He captures both her and the original Kate. He then decides to present the results of the human cloning in front of scientists from all over the world, with the aim of advertising "his" cloning machine. Fortunately, Max and Henry learn of Jonas's plan, and they formulate a rescue mission. Using a newly created Repli-Jonas, the pair are able to create enough confusion to save Kate and Repli-Kate.

Jonas and Repli-Jonas are sent to a cloning research lab as test subjects. Max inherits the university's cloning lab, and his cloning chamber brings him great fame and money. Max and Kate fall in love, as do Henry and Repli-Kate. Unfortunately, Repli-Jonas manages to escape, and when Felix asks Max about what to do, he replies that Repli-Jonas is too dumb to go anywhere. The last image is Repli-Jonas, who is the new president. His discourse is just the word 'penis'.

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