Greatest Hits of the National Lampoon

Greatest Hits of the National Lampoon
Studio album by National Lampoon
Released 1978
Genre Comedy, Parody
National Lampoon chronology
Goodbye Pop 1952–1976 '''Greatest Hits of the National Lampoon''' National Lampoon White Album

Greatest Hits of the National Lampoon is an American comedy album of songs and spoken word that was first released as a vinyl record in 1978. It was a spin-off of National Lampoon magazine and was a "best-of" compilation that included tracks from Radio Dinner, Lemmings, The Missing White House Tapes, Gold Turkey, Goodbye Pop, and That's Not Funny, That's Sick.

The composers and performers included John Belushi, Bill Murray, Sean Kelly, Tony Hendra, Henry Beard, Christopher Cerf, Paul Jacobs, Michael O'Donoghue, Gilda Radner, and Christopher Guest.

Subsequently the album was released as a CD, and the songs are available as MP3s.

List of tracks and main performer

  1. "Deteriorata", Norman Rose
  2. "Save the Whales", Tony Hendra
  3. "Colorado", Chevy Chase
  4. "I'm a woman", Gilda Radner
  5. "Well-Intentioned Blues", Christopher Guest
  6. "'Mission: Impeachable", Chevy Chase
  7. "Kung Fu Christmas", Christopher Guest
  8. "Mister Roberts", Bill Murray
  9. "Gymnasty", Rhonda Coullet
  10. "Pizza Man", Alice Playten
  11. "The Immigrants", John Belushi
  12. "Those Fabulous Sixties", Christopher Guest
  13. "Magical Misery Tour", Tony Hendra


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