Radio Dinner

Radio Dinner
Studio album by National Lampoon
Released July 1972
Genre Comedy, parody, rock, folk rock
Label Blue Thumb, MCA
Producer Tony Hendra, Michael O'Donoghue, Bob Tischler
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Radio Dinner
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National Lampoon Radio Dinner is a comedy album from National Lampoon that was first released in 1972. The humor on the album was very much steeped in the pop culture of the era and includes such subjects as game shows ("Catch It and You Keep It"), the 1972 presidential election ("Profiles in Chrome" - where the Democrats nominate a Pontiac GTO to run for office while then-president Richard Nixon counters by transforming into a car himself) and popular music parodies such as "Deteriorata" (a parody of Les Crane's "Desiderata"), - and "Pull the Tregros", a parody of Joan Baez.

The latter subject also includes several references and sketches about the solo careers of the former members of The Beatles. These include "Teenyrap" (two teenagers discussing George Harrison's Concert For Bangladesh), references to Paul McCartney's single "Give Ireland Back To The Irish" (where an Irish tenor begins to sing the song and is repeatedly shot), the "Paul is Dead" hoax, "Magical Misery Tour (Bootleg Record)" - a John Lennon parody of the personal songwriting found on the John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band album (the lyrics were lifted from his famous 1970 Rolling Stone interview). Melissa Manchester made a brief speaking appearance as "Yoko Ono" on the track.

The album was originally set to be released on RCA Records, but the company balked at a track called "David and Julie", a highly off-color bit about David and Julie Eisenhower. National Lampoon refused to cut the piece and took the album to Blue Thumb instead, but were met with the same objection. Lampoon relented and the album was released without the offending bit.[3]

Track listing

Side One

  1. Deteriorata
  2. Phono Phunnies
  3. Teenyrap
  4. It's Obvious
  5. Catch It and You Keep It
  6. 'Quinas 'n' 'Rasmus
  7. All Kidding Aside (PSA)
  8. Phono Phunnies
  9. Teenyrap
  10. Magical Misery Tour (Bootleg Record)

Side Thirteen (Side Two)

  1. Those Fabulous Sixties
  2. Profiles in Chrome
  3. Teenyrap
  4. Phono Phunnies
  5. Pigeons
  6. Support Your Locol Polece (PSA)
  7. Pull the Tregros
  8. Head Bands
  9. Phono Phunnies, Performed by Christopher Guest and Naomi R. Page
  10. Concert in Bangla Desh


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