The Missing White House Tapes

The Missing White House Tapes
Studio album by National Lampoon
Released 1974
Genre Comedy, Parody
Label Blue Thumb Records
National Lampoon chronology
Lemmings The Missing White House Tapes Official National Lampoon Stereo Test and Demonstration Record

The Missing White House Tapes was a sketch comedy voice recording which was a satiric commentary on the Watergate scandal. It was a spin-off from National Lampoon magazine. The recording was produced by Irving Kirsch and Vic Dinnerstein. It was released as a single on Blue Thumb Records in 1973. In 1974 it was expanded into an album, which was subsequently nominated for a Grammy Award as Best Comedy Recording of the year.

The single consisted of a doctored speech, in which Richard Nixon confesses culpability in the Watergate break-in. Side One of the album contains additional doctored recordings of Nixon's speeches and press conferences. Side Two contains sketches performed by John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Rhonda Coullet, and Tony Scheuten.



  1. Checkers
  2. Calendar
  3. Oval Office
  4. President's Qualities
  5. The New VP
  6. Inspiration
  7. Energy Crisis
  8. Hearings
  9. Send Money
  10. Admission Speech (from the single)
  11. Wrap Up


  1. Introduction and Impeachment Parade
  2. Pennsylvania Avenue
  3. News
  4. Plumber Commercial
  5. Impeachment Day Parade Continued
  6. The Constitution Game
  7. News
  8. Senate Hearings
  9. Impeachment Day Parade Continued
  10. Tooth Commercial
  11. Mission Impeachable
  12. News
  13. The FBI
  14. Impeachment, Swearing Out
  15. The Gerry Ford Show
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