Disco Beaver from Outer Space

Disco Beaver from Outer Space
Directed by Joshua White
Produced by Tony Hendra
Matty Simmons
Written by Peter Elbling
Jeff Greenfield
Starring Lynn Redgrave
Rodger Bumpass
Peter Elbling
Music by Alice Playten
Walter E. Sear
Edited by Lenny Davidowitz
Release dates
Running time
51 min
Country USA
Language English

Disco Beaver from Outer Space is an early production by National Lampoon, made for TV (specifically, HBO) in 1978.

The short film is a collection of comedy sketches, contained within the main story which is centered on two characters: the protagonist, an extraterrestrial in the form of a human sized (and bi-pedal) beaver; and the antagonist, a gay vampire called "Dragula" instead of "Dracula." Among the various side gags (which arise as the "viewer" channel-surfs) is a short concert by a stereotyped band of Irish singers called "The Spud Brothers" (potato-shaped puppets).

Tagline: National Lampoon's mockery of everything that is wrong with cable TV.


The film is essentially a shaggy dog story, leading up to a single play-on-words joke based on "beaver" also being a euphemism for female genitals. At the film's climax, the vampire is frightened by the Beaver; in his delirium, he begins seeing double, thus seeing two images of the Beaver. He cries, "Split beaver!" and disintegrates.


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