Nickelodeon Toys

This is a list of toys created by the popular children's television network Nickelodeon.


A number of molding substances for children's play were created and sold by the American children's television channel Nickelodeon and toy company Mattel in the 1990s. Like most molding compounds, they could be kept in their container to retain plasticity, or molded and allowed to harden overnight. They featured a wide variety of compounds with different attributes.

Fisher-Price (1986–1991)

Green Slime

Nickelodeon's first compound, whose idea was first taken from the classic Nickelodeon show You Can't Do That on Television. Nickelodeon Slime was first manufactured in the 1980s. Nickelodeon slime was sold again in Fall 2008 but was released by Jakks Pacific. It was released again in March 2012 along with Gak and Floam. It can be found at Toys "R" Us.

Green Slime Shampoo

Green Slime Shampoo was the first soap-related compound based on You Can't Do That on Television. Its premise was to "get slimed in your own shower". It had green shampoo that got you clean instead of getting slimed (hence its slogan: "Gets you clean, but won't turn you green!"). This was also featured as a prize on a few episodes of Double Dare.

Green Slime Liquid Soap

Green Slime Liquid Soap was another soap-related compound based on You Can't Do That on Television, but it was less popular than its predecessor, Green Slime Shampoo. It was introduced as an introductory free-pack if the predecessor was bought from the TV offer.

Mattel (1992–1999)


Nickelodeon/Mattel's most popular compound; the idea was taken from the Nickelodeon show Double Dare and Wham-O's Super Stuff from the mid-1960s. The original edition was manufactured in 1992, and then re-issued in 1994 for the Nickelodeon Deluxe Gift Set which included one canister of Nickelodeon Gak and two canisters of Nickelodeon Floam. It was marketed on the fact that, unlike most of the compounds, it made a "fart" noise when squeezed into its clear, star-shaped container. Gak, Gak-In-The-Dark, Gak Vac, Smell My Gak, and the Gak Copier are now being resold today with modern-day Nickelodeon branding.

The name "gak" had previously been used by Marc Summers and the Double Dare crew to refer to slime used on the show. The name had originated as a street term for heroin. This was a source of amusement behind the scenes of Double Dare when Nickelodeon used the term for the toy Gak, unaware of its origin in drug culture.[1]

Nickelodeon/Mattel's second kind of Gak that glowed in the dark after exposure to light. This variety was manufactured in 1994, advertised in 1996 alongside the Make-Your-Own Gak Lab. A modern version with colors varying from White, Blue, Orange, and Green is being resold by NSI International today.
Solar Gak
Nickelodeon/Mattel's third kind of Gak that changed color when exposed to sunlight, colors varied from Blue to Light Blue, Green to Light Green and Purple to Lighter Purple. This variety was manufactured in 1995. It will be resold sometime today with colors varying from Pink to Purple and Light Blue to Blue.
Smell My Gak
Nickelodeon/Mattel's fourth version of Gak that was scented. It was manufactured in 1996. The scents including Pickles, Flowers, Vanilla ice cream, Buttered Popcorn, Sunscreen, Hot Dog, Pepperoni Pizza, and Baby Powder. The cover of the toy featured child actor Sean Martinez. It is now being resold today with scents including Green Apple, Vanilla, Flowers, Bacon, Garbage, and Stinky Shoe.

Gak Activity Sets

Gak Pak
Three different color Gaks in one big container.
Gak Vac
A toy vacuum that sucks Gak up and spits it out. It also includes 4 monsters that you can Gak with the vacuum. The toy is currently being resold with a new design by NSI International
Magnetic Gak
Magnetic Gak was a dark black colored Gak that was filled with some sort of magnetic particles or fine iron filings. The activity set also included a "magic wand" with a magnet on the end that could be used to entice the Gak to creep or move on its own.
Gak Inflator
A toy machine where you clamp Gak underneath an O-Ring and pump it until a bubble is made and popped. Many users have reported that it dries out the Gak too quickly. There are no signs of this activity set being re-made and re-released by NSI International as of now.
Gak Copier
A playset where you draw something on the foldable tablet, place some Gak on the other side and close the tablet, and the drawing is transferred onto the Gak. A modern day version is being resold by NSI International today
This was a container for Gak that looked like a weird creature head whose eyes, nose and mouth would pop out when the Gak was squeezed in through the bottom of the head container. A newer version was made by NSI International in 2012, under the name "Gak Splat!"
Gak Color Mixer
The Gak Color Mixer is a new Gak accessory released in 2012 by NSI International. It includes one Mixer and 6 colors of Gak (Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Silver, and White) that you can mix, creating your own Gak Color.
Gak Splat!
Gak Splat! is the modern-edition of Gakoids from 1996. The name "Gak Splat" was originally used for squishable rubber-ish balls under the Nick-Tivities banner from the early 2000s. Now, it is in the form of a creature whose eyes, ears, or mouth would pop out with Gak when squished. The creatures vary from "Bugged Out Bill", "One Eyed Ed", and "Sewer Sam"
Gak Super-Stretch
Gak Super-Stretch is a 2013 Gak product by NSI International. It is basically the two 2012 Gak Series' re-branded with the new formula and packaging. The line uses a formula that is identical in many ways to the '90s Gak. This line was possibly created due to customer complaints about their Gak not being squishy and stretchy like the television commercials show; and instead being crumbly, sticky, slimy, and not stretchy.
Mood Gak
Mood Gak is a 2013 Gak product by NSI International, it is similar to 1995's Solar Gak. This version of Gak changes color to the touch, and returns to its normal color in sunlight. The Gak is packaged in a dome-shaped container and so far comes in two colors; Purple to Pink, and Turquoise to Green. This was first advertised in the new 2013 Gak Commercial, which also advertised Gak Super Stretch, Gak In The Dark, and Smell My Gak.
Gak Twisted
Gak Twisted is a new 2013 Gak product by NSI International. It is two Super Stretch Gak colors mixed together in a hurricane-shaped container. Colors vary from You Blue It!/Rebel Red, Yakkity Yellow/Goo Green, You Blue It!/Goo Green, Rebel Red/Yakkity Yellow, Tickled Pink/Stunning Silver, and Tickled Pink/Outrageous Orange. This Gak, along with Smell My Gak and Gak-In-The-Dark (branded 2013) now use the Super-Stretch formula.
Galactic Gak
Galactic Gak is a 2014 Gak Product by NSI International. Mainly it is 3 different Glittery Gak colors in space-like containers. The colors vary from Metallic Blue in a satellite container, Metallic Red in an Atom container, and Gold in a Shooting Star container.


In 1994, Nickelodeon and Mattel first manufactured Floam, originally called "bubble-gak", a compound composed of "microbeads" in a foam-like substance. It came in different colors. RoseArt sold Floam for a very brief time in 2002. It was sold once again from 2005–2007 but without Nickelodeon branding. As of 2012, Floam is now sold again with Nickelodeon branding, as well as Gak and Slime.

Floam Sports and Floam In Flight
Floam Shape Shop

The Floam Shape Shop was a contraption that Floam was inserted in and then pushed out in various shapes. It included different molds and front rings to put the Floam in and out of. This was first sold in 1995.

Floam Factory

The Floam Factory is a playset that you can make Floam shapes and patterns to make Floam creations. It includes one bed to lay the Floam on, various pockets to insert Floam in to make shapes. and 4 rollers and a hand roller to roll patterns in. Four other Floam colors are included.

Floam Kit
Glo Floam
Glo Floam is a variation of Floam made by NSI International in 2012. It varies from Colors such as Green, Blue, Orange, and Pink. It is a Toys R Us exclusive.
Floam Dome

The Floam Dome comes with 4 different Floam colors like Red, Black, Orange, Green, Purple, Blue, Yellow and Light Purple. It also comes with 4 cookie cutters to use to make different designs with the Floam. This is being sold as of 2012 by NSI International.

Zog Logs

Zog Logs were mini multi-colored logs made out of some material so it can be cut, bent, shaped, and attached to other structures to make various forms and shapes. This was first released in 1995.


Smud was a Nickelodeon/Mattel compound that was much like Play-Doh, but was slicker, firmer, and more clay-like than Gak. It came in colors varying from Blue, Green, Pink, and Purple. It was marketed under the idea that unlike the previous compounds, it would not dry out if left out of its container. Each pack of Smud came with its own mold, in the commercial, called a "Geronimold".


Sqand, or "Magic sand," begins as ordinary sand, but is dyed and coated in a hydrophobic substance. This allows each particle to stay dry in water, so that underwater the sand appears not to have the same properties that any other sand has while wet: its cohesive force was greater than its adhesive force to water, so it preferred to stick together in surrealistically tall forms, rather than spread out as expected. When taken out of water Squand immediately returned to normal looking, dry sand. Mattel sold it off quickly. Originally marketed in 1991, it was later sold off, being re-branded without Nickelodeon trademarks today; first by RoseArt in 1995, and again being renamed "Aqua Sand", mainly directed at girls.


Zzand is a modeling compound very similar to Play-Doh, however, its defining feature is the sand distributed throughout it (Hence the slogan: "Looks like Sand, Molds like Dough!") It is notorious for being extremely messy, and the default color is green.

Jakks Pacific/Flying Colors (1999–2004)


A Nickelodeon/Flying Colors/Jakks Pacific compound similar to Gak but almost transparent. It was made to promote Double Dare 2000. Besides the regular Goooze, there were other variations of it such as Glow-In-The-Dark Goooze, Scented Goooze, and Glitter Goooze. In later years, Goooze was sold as "Goooze Toons" which had a Nicktoons character (such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Cosmo and Wanda) with Goooze included to put in the character and watch it ooze out when opened. This, along with Gak Splat Balls (Below) were the most popular compounds that Jakks Pacific and Flying Colors made.

In 2014, this compound was revived by Spin Master without any Nickelodeon branding under the "Goozerk" name as part of its "Wacky-tivities" brand line.

Gak Splat Balls

A Nickelodeon/Flying Colors compound that is not like Gak in its properties, but shares a similar name. It resembles a cross between Gak and Goooze and unlike other compounds, it was not moldable, having a ball shape. Often it was packaged with a mitt of the same substance for playing catch. This can be found sometimes on eBay. This, along with Goooze, were one of the most popular toys that Jakks Pacific/Flying Colors made.

Also the first compound to be released under the "Nick-tivities" banner. All compounds following were released under the same banner.


A Nickelodeon/Flying colors compound that is Nickelodeon's alternative to "Silly String". It came in different colors, and different varieties such as Smatter Blaster, Spit Smatter, and Fatter Smatter; which if you got a lot in your hand, it would grow. However, it was voluntarily recalled in 2003 due to incidents where the aerosol cans forcefully broke apart, resulting in a laceration injury to a consumer and several incidents involving property damage.

In 2014, Spin Master revived this product without Nickelodeon branding as "Spatter" under their "Wacky-tivities" banner.


A modeling compound that was like Play-Doh but had a more Marshmallow-like feel. It was sold in sets with Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. characters like SpongeBob and Blue's Clues. The squeezable pouch that Skweeez was packaged in had a zipper on the top so that it could be used again.

Splish Splat!

A Nickelodeon and Flying Colors/Jakks Pacific compound that was released in 2004. Splish Splat was also highly similar to Nickelodeon Gak,which was released in the years prior. Splish Splat! was also a tie in to the Nickelodeon game show airing at the time, Nickelodeon Splat!, where it was used on the contestants during the show's activities.


A Nickelodeon modeling compound that was like a cross between Floam, a previous Nickelodeon compound, and Play-Doh. Originally released in 2001, but Flying Colors stopped selling the product a year later for unknown reasons.

NSI International (2012–present)

Nickelodeon Classics


Gak was Nickelodeon's most popular compound from 1992. It is being sold in Star-Shaped "splat" containers, and comes in various colors. Series 2 includes a Metallic wave with 3 glittery colors. Other Gak sets and new playsets are currently being released such as the previous Gak Vac, Gak Copier, Smell My Gak, and Gak-In-The-Dark. And the new Gak Color Mixer, Super-Stretch Gak and Gak Splats.


Floam was Nickelodeon's second most popular compound. It also has another series of colors available, and each Floam Dome comes with a small crescent-shaped mold with a shape in the middle of it (Such as Bubbles, Arrow, Star, Skull) As of August 2012, NSI International made Glo-Floam (glowing Floam) in Pink, Orange, Green, and Blue. Along with play sets like the "Floam Factory", "Floam In Flight" and "Floam-a-Saurus"


Nickelodeon's first compound taken from You Can't Do That On Television in 1983. The new container has a tilted base and jar, when the container is put down, it looks like it's tilting into the "slime". However, the formula remains the same when Jakks Pacific sold the product only 4 years ago. It can be found exclusively at Toys"R"Us.

Other toys

Mattel/Long Hall Technologies (1992–1999)

Color Writer

Released in 1992, the Color Writer was something that looked like an Etch-a-sketch, but it drew in color. The Super Color Writer was released a year later.

Flash Screen

The Flash Screen was meant to be played in a dark room and included a white glow in the dark poster with a two in one "Zapper" which featured a camera flash top with flashlight bottom. The user would turn on the camera flash and leave a shadow silhouette of themselves on the white poster emitting a green glow. The user can then take the flashlight pen and draw on their silhouette. The toy was eventually canceled due to claims of health hazards with children experiencing seizures due to staring at the flashbulb too much.

TimeBlaster Alarm Clock

An alarm clock/radio featuring a light function. The light is a green zig-zag shaped tube running across the top of the clock. The alarm function can be set to radio or one of the pre-set alarm noises. The noises always begin with a rocket blast-off noise as someone says "3...2...1... ." The alarms available are a bugle call, a cuckoo clock sound, a spring bounce sound, the Nickelodeon Theme (Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, N-Nick, Nick, Nick, Nickelodeon!), or the radio. A second version of the clock featured 8 noises, adding on a marching band sound, train whistle, "Wake Up!" repeated, and a Rooster Call. The clock display is green. It features one circular speaker on the left side of the clock. The radio antenna included is simply a flexible rubber-covered wire. Long Hall Technologies created other Nickelodeon electronics until 1999.

Nickelodeon PhotoBlaster

Main article: Photoblaster

Nickelodeon-themed electronics

There were also other electronics with Nickelodeon themes, including the Talkblaster (phone), Blastbox (boom box with cassette player), CD Blast Box (boom box with a CD player), Blast Pads (headphones), 2 Blast Packs (portable cassette or AM/FM radio), a keyboard and a Gakulator (calculator).

Video Games

From 1996 until 2000, Mattel Media made various video games based on Nickelodeon properties.


ToonTwister 3D

A game where you can create your own Nicktoons episodes based on SpongeBob SquarePants, Rugrats, The Fairly OddParents, and Jimmy Neutron. Plankton appears often to give you instructions on how to make your episodes (his help can be turned off). You can choose scenes, characters, and props. To make a character talk, you can choose from the list or record your own thing for a character to say if you have a microphone. You also have the ability to type credits and e-mail your episodes to your friends.


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