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Nickelodeon Rewind is a spin-off brand of Nickelodeon consisting of DVDs, digital downloads, television blocks, T-shirts, and other merchandise having to do with programs formerly aired on the channel. Beginning in June 2010, Nickelodeon Rewind is being featured as a part of Comcast On Demand programming, with a lineup that features Nicktoons that aired in the 1990s. Select episodes of The Angry Beavers, Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, and Doug, were available until December 31, 2010.


Nickelodeon Rewind was originally a collection of DVDs and merchandise that featured "classic" Nickelodeon television shows such as Clarissa Explains It All, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, and You Can't Do That on Television. After being launched in 2005, Nick Rewind entered the realm of television airings with the "Nick Rewind" programming block featured on Nickelodeon during the Summer of 2006. Nick Rewind was essentially put on hold, with the exception of some Amazon DVD releases, until June 2010 when a Nickelodeon Rewind feature appeared on Comcast through OnDemand, featuring episodes of The Angry Beavers, Hey Arnold!, Doug, The Ren and Stimpy Show, and Rugrats. In the UK, Nicktoons TV was, as of July 2011, airing The Amanda Show as part of the Nicktoons Rewind feature. In 2011, Nickelodeon Rewind went mainstream with the release of DVDs through Shout! Factory and the The '90s Are All That block of TeenNick.


Nickelodeon Rewind began as a collection of DVDs of older Nickelodeon television shows. The first two DVDs in this collection were released on May 17, 2005: Clarissa Explains It All[1] and The Adventures of Pete and Pete.[2] These DVDs sold so well that Nickelodeon then released Season 2 of Pete and Pete in November 2005.[3] The third season of Pete and Pete, as well as Volume One of "You Can't Do That on Television", were set for release in the spring of 2006, but after several postponements, the releases never occurred and are still seen as being "on hiatus."[4] Many suspect this to be due to Nickelodeon's parent company, Viacom, splitting with CBS, causing the resignation of Nickelodeon's president, Herb Scannell. Other reports have suggested that the clearances for You Can't Do That on Television were too complicated for a DVD release, since it not only involves the numerous cast members who appeared on the show, but also involves the show's owner, CJOH-TV in Ottawa, Ontario and, in turn, that station's current owner, the CTV Network division of CTVglobemedia.[5]

In 2008, Nickelodeon struck a deal with to sell exclusive DVD sets which included various shows under the Nickelodeon name, including Doug, Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life, and Hey Arnold!. These DVDs were widely criticized for being nothing more than DVD-R's that were burned to order, leading to a prohibitive cost, pricing many out of purchasing them. However, the prices for many of these DVDs were eventually reduced in 2014.

In 2011, Nickelodeon reached a deal with Shout! Factory to release classic Nickelodeon shows on DVD, including Nickelodeon sitcoms and animated cartoons. These shows have included Hey Dude, Rocko's Modern Life, The Angry Beavers, CatDog, Hey Arnold!, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, The Wild Thornberrys and Danny Phantom as of now.


Nickelodeon Rewind is also a brand of merchandise and clothing relating to older Nickelodeon shows, and was sold exclusively at Hot Topic stores. This collection included items from such shows as Salute Your Shorts, Double Dare, Hey Dude, Rocko's Modern Life, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Clarissa Explains It All, and You Can't Do That on Television. They're still being sold as of 2010. Through Zazzle, Nickelodeon launched a webstore in 2011 that sells classic Nickelodeon merchandise, accessible through the Nickelodeon website.

2006 television block

Nickelodeon Rewind was an hour long block on Nickelodeon that aired from 1:00 - 2:00 pm EDT every Sunday in the summer of 2006. It featured such shows as The Wild Thornberrys, The Angry Beavers, Rocko's Modern Life, Rocket Power, and The Ren & Stimpy Show. It also featured old Nickelodeon bumpers and station ads. Nickelodeon let viewers vote on their website for the shows they most wanted to see each Sunday.[6] Some of these shows were also available on their online video service, TurboNick.

Proposed channel

There were rumors that allegedly stated that Nick GAS would be replaced with a television channel called Nickelodeon Rewind around 2008. However, the channel was replaced with The N when it shut down on December 31, 2007. There has not been any news about it ever since and was possibly scrapped due to budget issues. Several years later, in September 2015, Nickelodeon teased a new block called The Splat, which will exclusively play 1990s and early 2000s Nickelodeon shows. Because details were vague, it was widely speculated that The Splat would be a separate network, replacing either TeenNick or Nicktoons. These rumors were squelched just days later, when a Nickelodeon representative confirmed that it would be a block.

On demand

Nick Rewind started airing on demand in 2010 on Comcast. It was later added to Verizon Fios, DirecTV and Cablevision. Shows include CatDog, Doug, The Angry Beavers, Hey Arnold!, and Rugrats.

The Splat

Main article: The Splat

In March 2011, Keith Dawkins, Senior VP and General Manager for Nicktoons and TeenNick, announced that TeenNick would air a television block called "The '90s Are All That" that began airing on July 25, 2011. Nickelodeon made this surprising move in response to overwhelming demand from fans who want to re-live their favorite childhood shows. ‘90’s Nick programming has 9 million fans on Facebook alone. The block airs weeknights from 10 P.M to 6 A.M. Shows airing on the block (as of now) are CatDog, Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, and Rocket Power.[7]

Digital download services

The "Nickelodeon Rewind" logo is on iTunes since September 28, 2009. Nickelodeon Rewind became available on iTunes in July 2007. Nickelodeon Rewind Volume One is now available. Volume 2 was released in May 2008. More recently, several shows have been released under a "Nickelodeon Rewind" section on the Xbox 360's and PlayStation 3's respective video services, as well as the Microsoft Zune.


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