Nickelodeon (CIS)

Nickelodeon CIS
Nickelodeon СНГ
Launched November 15, 1998
Owned by Viacom International
Country Russia
Language Russian, English
Broadcast area Russia
Commonwealth of Independent States
Sister channel(s) Nick Jr.
Website Official site

Nickelodeon (Russia and CIS) is a children's channel broadcasting in Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries and all of the other Post-Soviet countries that was launched on November 15, 1998. The channel is broadcast in Russian and English. Both soundtracks are available.

The High-Definition simulcast started broadcasting on October 4, 2011, becoming the first kids channel throughout the CIS countries to broadcast in HD.






Nickelodeon (CIS) is an encrypted channel broadcasting on NTV Plus, NTV Plus Ukraine, Telekarta, Viasat Ukraine and OTAU TV... in English & Russian. And the channel is also available on most cable operators in the CIS countries. In the CIS, the Russian-language version of osuschestlyat channel TV (including advertising), with the exception of "The Kids first" (the channel does not have the right to show).

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