Inakappe Taishō

Inakappe Taishō

Cover art from the DVD release of the series
Genre Comedy, sports (judo)
Written by Noboru Kawasaki
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Shogakukan no Gakushū Zasshi
Original run 1968???
Anime television series
Directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa
Music by Masahiko Nakamura
Studio Tatsunoko Pro
Network Fuji TV
Spacetoon Plus (Indonesia) (2013-2015)
NHK World (Japan) (2010)
Cartoon Network (South of Korea) (2006-2012)
Original run 4 October 1970 24 September 1972
Episodes 104 (2 segments/episode)[1]

Inakappe Taishō (いなかっぺ大将, lit. "The Funny Judo Champion") is manga series by Noboru Kawasaki and serialized by Shogakukan in Shogakukan no Gakushū Zasshi. The manga series won the 14th Shogakukan Manga Award. An anime adaptation was created by Tatsunoko Production.[2]


A lively boy named Daizaemon in traditional Japanese clothing comes with various kinds of animals to the capital of Tokyo. He has a funny habit of dancing whenever he hears music. He visits a friend of his late father's to learn judo and makes friends with the young daughter of the judo master Kikuko and the cat Nyanko-sensei. For a little girl, Kikuko has wonderful judo tricks inherited from her father while Nyanko-sensei is able to perform a difficult trick of triple turn in the air. Both of them are worthy instructors for Daizaemon. Although he shows clownish behavior once in a while, he is always popular among people around and grows stout and shrewd to be a future champion.

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