Cover of the first DVD volume
アニメ 親子劇場
(Anime Oyako Gekijō)
Genre Christianity
Anime television series
Directed by Masakazu Higuchi
Written by Akiyoshi Sakai
Studio Tatsunoko Productions, Production LOOSE
Network TV Tokyo (Japan)
CBN (United States)
Original run October 1, 1981 March 29, 1982
Episodes 26
Anime television series
Superbook II
Directed by Masakazu Higuchi
Written by Akiyoshi Sakai
Studio Tatsunoko Productions
Network TV Tokyo (Japan)
CBN (United States)
Original run April 4, 1983 September 26, 1983
Episodes 26
Superbook III
Genre Christianity
Directed by Tom Bancroft, Rob Corley, Bryant Paul Richardson
Country of origin (United States)
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
Original network CBN (United States)

Superbook, also known as Animated Parent and Child Theatre (アニメ 親子劇場 Anime Oyako Gekijō),[1] is an anime television series initially produced by Tatsunoko Productions in Japan in conjunction with the Christian Broadcasting Network in the United States and more recently solely produced by CBN for global distribution and broadcast.[2][3]

The series chronicled the events of the Bible's Old and New Testaments in its 52 eisode run. The first 26 episodes aired from October 1, 1981 to March 29, 1982. The series returned as Superbook II (パソコントラベル探偵団 Pasokon Toraberu Tanteidan, lit. Personal Computer Travel Detective Team) with 26 episodes to air from April 4, 1983 to September 26, 1983. Between both series in the first run was the companion series The Flying House. The Christian Broadcasting Network is producing a new Superbook series and has released 3 seasons.[4] CBN is distributing the first season for free on their Superbook Kid's Website.[5]


The first series (Anime Oyako Gekijo) began at the home of a young boy named Christopher Peeper (Sho Azuka in Japanese) who discovers the Bible "Superbook" (Time/Space Travel Book) that speaks and sends him, his friend Joy (Azusa Yamato), and his clockwork toy robot Gizmo (Zenmaijikake) back in time to the early events of the Old Testament. Gizmo can walk and talk, but only for the duration of the adventure (and he still needs to be wound up regularly).

In the first episode, Chris and Joy were cleaning the attic for Chris's father (a somewhat eccentric college professor) when they noticed an old book glowing. The children tried to open the book, but were unable to open it, no matter how hard they pulled. The book promptly opened on its own, shining a blinding light around Chris's bedroom, and started to speak before whisking the children and Gizmo back in time to the Garden of Eden to experience the story of Adam and Eve.

In Superbook II (Pasokon Travel Tanteidan), which took place two years after the first series, the book fell onto a computer keyboard, giving anybody the ability to see into the past from Christopher's home via the monitor. Ruffles, Chris' dog, managed to get lost in time, prompting Gizmo and Chris' brother (rewritten as his cousin in the English dub) Uriah (or "Uri" for short; Yuu in the original Japanese) to search for her. Chris and Joy kept watch and control of the computer from the present. The older children also had a hard time trying to keep what happened a secret from Chris's parents. Gizmo appeared as a functioning robot in the present day rather than as a toy in the second series, but still needed to be wound up on a regular basis. Gizmo also had a built in computer keyboard and a monitor in his chest in order for Gizmo and Uri to stay in contact with Chris and Joy in the present day as well as transporting to other places in time or returning to the present.

The first series of Superbook featured stories chiefly from the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament), although a few episodes dealt with the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and the final episode was about the conversion of Paul of Tarsus. The episodes in the first series are chiefly one-shot stories, with no overarching "plot" aside from Chris and Joy learning life lessons from their travels in the Superbook. However, some condensation or editing of stories was necessary in order to fit them into half-hour episodes and make them suitable for young viewers. Also, some additional edits were necessary for the English versions to make the episodes conform to American broadcast standards.

The episodes in Season Two focused solely on Old Testament stories. Season Two covered some stories featured in Season One (for example, the stories of Abraham, Joseph and King David) in more detail, while also covering some stories not included in the first series (i.e. the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah). In Season Two, the overarching plot concern was Uri and Gizmo's quest to find the missing Ruffles. Likewise, The Flying House, which originally aired in Japan between the two Superbook series, was a more in-depth look at the life of Jesus and other events from the Christian Scriptures (New Testament). Additionally, unlike season 1 (and by extension the aforementioned Flying House series), interaction between the modern day characters and the Biblical characters in season 2 is minimal; each episode is mostly a straightforward adaptation of the Biblical stories shown, occurring while Uri and Gizmo are searching for Ruffles.

Main characters

The main cast of the original series includes:

New series

Original Series

Series 1 (1981)

NOTE: The official English dub episode title is listed first, followed by a translation of the Japanese title, Japanese titles in Romaji, and, if necessary, a note about the characters and/or events portrayed in the episode.[1][7]

No. Title
1 "How It All Began" / The story of Adam and Eve
"Adamu to eba monogatari"  
This is the first episode of Superbook. Chris and Joy discover a book that takes them back in time particularly during Biblical times. This is the story about Creation and how Adam and Eve were sent out from the Garden of Eden by God after Eve ate the forbidden fruit after being tempted by the Serpent (aka Satan the Devil) and convinced Adam to do the same. 
2 "My Brother's Keeper" / The story of Cain and Abel
"Kain to aberu monogatari"  
It tells the story of how Cain murdered his brother Abel after God found more favor in the latter's offering. 
3 "The Flood" / The story of Noah's ark
"Noa no hakobune monogatari"  
It tells the story of Noah building the ark; the flood that killed everyone (due to increased wickedness) except Noah's family and the animals in the ark; and God's promise of not destroying the world with a flood once again (via the rainbow). 
4 "The Test" / The story of Abraham, the great father
"Idai na chichi no monogatari"  
It tells the story of how God made Abraham the father of all nations and that his descendants (the nation of Israel) would one day take possession of the land of Canaan and bring blessing to all nations on earth; the promise of God of giving him a son; and how he passes the test of faith given to him by God. 
5 "Here Comes the Bride" / The story of the foreign bride
"Takoku no hanayome monogatari"  
It tells the story of how Abraham's servant found Rebekah in the town of Haran to become Isaac's wife. 
6 "Double Trouble" / The story of the twin brothers
"Futago no kyodai monogatari"  
It tells the story of how Jacob deceived his father Isaac to be able to steal his twin brother Esau's rightful blessings with the help of his mother, Rebekah. 
7 "A Dream Come True" / The story of the magical stick
"Maho no tsue monogatari"  
It tells the story of how Joseph, the vizier of Egypt, was reunited with his brothers (who had sold him into slavery) and his father, Jacob. 
8 "The Miracle Rod" / The story of the Plagues on Egypt
"Ejiputo monogatari"  
It tells the story of Moses, the Ten Plagues, and the exodus of the Israelites out of slavery from Egypt. 
9 "Those Amazing Trumpets" / The story of the wondrous bugle
"Fushigi na rappa monogatari"  
It tells the story of Joshua the new leader of the Israelites and the fall of Jericho and the conquest of Canaan. 
10 "Pitchers of Fire" / The story of the 300 pots
"Sanbyakko no tsubo monogatari"  
It tells the story of Gideon and how he led his people to victory using pots as weapons of war with the help of God. 
11 "Muscleman" / The story of Herculean strength
"Kairiki monogatari"  
It tells the story of Samson's birth, the story of his betrayal by Delilah and how he regains his strength to fulfil one last mission by God. 
12 "The First Christmas" / The story of the stable
"Uma goya monogatari"  
The life of Jesus. 
13 "Miracles of Love" / The story of the miracles of Jesus
"Iesu no kiseki monogatari"  
It narrates numerous events in Jesus’ life such as: The birth of Jesus in the stable in Bethlehem, the finding of the lost 12-year-old Jesus at the temple in Jerusalem; The baptism of Jesus by John The Baptist; the temptation of Jesus by Satan; the wedding at Cana; The healing of the paralytic in the bed; the healing of the blind men; the healing of the lepers, the healing of the paralytic at Bethesda; the Sermon on the Mount; the multiplication of the loaves; and Jesus walks on the water and helps Peter to do the same; the healing of the blind man (via mud and water); raising Lazarus from the dead; the triumphant entry into Jerusalem by Jesus on a donkey; the expulsion of the money changers in the temple; the Last Supper; the betrayal at Gethsemane by Judas Iscariot; the trial before Caiaphas the high priest and the other religious leaders; the trial before Pilate the Roman governor; the trial before Herod Antipas; the final trial before Pilate; the crucifixion; the resurrection; and the ascension . 

Series 2 (1982)

No. Title
1 "The Best News Yet" / The story of the empty tomb
"Karappo no haka monogatari"  
The death and resurrection of Jesus. 
2 "Mother's Day" / The story of the faithful child
"Oyakoko monogatari"  
It tells the story of how Ruth became the wife of Boaz; and her mother Naomi. 
3 "The Patience of Job" / The story of the devil's temptation
"Akuma no yuwaku monogatari"  
It tells the story of how Satan challenges Job about his character, integrity and faith in God. 
4 "Big Fish and Little Fish" / The story of the man swallowed by a whale
"Kujira ni nomareta otoko no monogatari"  
It tells the story of how Jonah was swallowed by a whale after trying to avoid God's order of preaching repentance to the people of Nineveh. 
5 "The First King" / The story of the donkey king
"Roba kokuo monogatari"  
It tells the story of the prophet Samuel and his anointing of Israel's first king, Saul. 
6 "The Giant Killer" / The story of David
"Dabide monogatari"  
It tells the story of David. It includes the killing of Goliath; his anointment as the next King of Israel by Samuel; his friendship with Jonathan; and how he eludes King Saul's attempts on his life. 
7 "Superbrain" / The story of King Solomon
"Soromon monogatari"  
It tells the story of how Solomon is anointed as the next King of Israel; how God granted him great wisdom; the building of the temple where the Ark of the Covenant was placed; and the meeting between him and the Queen of Sheba. 
8 "A True Prophet" / The story of the prophet Elijah
"Yogensha eriya monogatari"  
It tells the story of how Elijah was challenged to prove God's existence over the existence of Baal by setting fire to stone. 
9 "Flaming Chariots" / The story of the flaming chariots
"Hi no sensha monogatari"  
It tells the story of how Elisha helped cure General Naaman of Syria and how he helped the Israelites win the war against the Syrians. 
10 "The Lion's Den" / The story of the lion's den
"Raion no ana monogatari"  
It tells the story of how Daniel escapes death after being placed in the lion's den by King Darius. 
11 "Nehemiah and the Walls of Jerusalem" / The story of the shining castle walls
"Kagayaku joheki monogatari"  
It tells the story of how Nehemiah led the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem and the purification of the Israelite people. 
12 "The Beauty Queen" / The story of the beautiful princess
"Utsukushii ohi no monogatari"  
It tells the story of Queen Esther and how she stood up for her people as well as her adopted father (cousin) Mordecai. 
13 "The Mighty Convert" / The story until the ends of the earth
"Sekai no hate made monogatari"  
It tells the story of the conversion of Saul into becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ and his rise as the Apostle Paul. 

Series 3 (1983)

No. Title Japanese Air Date
1 "Where, Oh Where..." / Birth of the Personal Computer Detective Team
"Tanjou! Pasokon tanteidan" (誕生パソコン探偵団) 
The series premiere wherein Ruffles gets sucked into the newly "computerized" Superbook. Uri and Gizmo start their search by going back into Ancient times. God tells Abram, who was later renamed as Abraham, that he is going to become the "father of many nations, but his numerous descendants would become a great, special, and powerful nation that would take possession of Canaan and would bless all the nations of the world ." Abraham also rescues Lot and the southern kings from their captors, the northern kings. Abraham is praised by Melchizedek the king of Salem, but does not take anything from Bera, the king of Sodom. 
2 "Hot Dog" / The Great Fire! Sodom and Gomorrah, the Evil Cities
"Daienjou! Aku no machi Sodomu" (大炎上!悪の町ソドム) 
The Lord tells Abraham that He is going to destroy the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. However, the Lord promises to spare Abraham's nephew Lot, who is still living in the wicked city of Sodom. During the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot and his daughters escape from Sodom. Lot's wife dies by being turned into a pillar of salt after looking back while Sodom is being destroyed. 
3 "The Test Of Faith And Obedience" / The Dagger of Sorrow
"Kanashimi no tanken" (悲しみの短剣) 
Three travelers (two of them angels while another God Himself) visit Abraham and Sarah that tell them that they are going to have a son and they are going to name him Isaac. Some time later, God tells Abraham to offer Isaac as an offering to God on the mountain of Moriah. But upon seeing his faith, God stops him and gives him a ram to do otherwise. God then tells Abraham that his descendants will become too numerous to count, they will be set apart to God, they will become a great and powerful nation, they will be enslaved and oppressed in a foreign land but freed by God, they will take possession of Canaan and the cities of their enemies, the Savior of the world will come from them, and all the nations of the world will be blessed by them. 
4 "Love at First Sight" / The Bride at the Well
"Idobata no hanayome" (井戸ばたの花嫁) 
Abraham tells his servant to find a wife for Isaac in Haran. At that place, the servant finds Rebekah. Later, Isaac and Rebekah fall in love upon seeing each other and get married. 
5 "Father's Pet" / The Shaved Wheat that Bowed
"Ojigi wo suru mugi taba" (おじぎをする麦束) 
The story of Jacob and his twelve sons particularly Joseph, who happens to be his father's favorite. Also, it narrates how Joseph was sold by his brothers as a slave in Egypt. 
6 "All About Dreams" / Pharaoh's strange dream
"Ousama no fushigi na yume" (王様の不思議な夢) 
The story of the rise of Joseph as he becomes vizier of Egypt from being a slave. Also, it narrates how Joseph was put into prison and how he interpreted dreams for his fellow prisoners and the Pharaoh. 
7 "The Hostage" / The Wisest Man in Egypt
"Ejiputo ichiban no chiesha" (エジプト一番の知恵者) 
The interpretation of Joseph's dream comes true as Egypt experiences seven years of prosperity and seven years of famine. Joseph, the current vizier of Egypt, meets his brothers when they ask Egypt for food and he asks them to bring Benjamin with them next time. 
8 "The Family Reunion" / Reunion! The Twelve Brothers' Tears
"Saikai! Namida no 12-nin kyoudai" (再会!涙の十二人兄弟) 
Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers. Also, he gets reunited with his father, Jacob. But everything happened after Joseph made a plan to test his brothers by placing a silver cup in Benjamin's sack and accusing him of theft. It ends with Jacob and his family settling in the land of Goshen in Egypt, Jacob's death, and the brothers' oath to bring Joseph's bones to buried when they leave Egypt and go to the land of Canaan. 
9 "A Gift From Heaven" / The Baby Abandoned in the River
"Gawa ni suterareta akachan" (川に捨てられた赤ちゃん) 
A new Pharaoh comes to power and out of fear enslaves the Israelites. When the slavery only increases the Israelite population, the cruel Pharaoh gives a terrible order to his men that all Israelite babies are to be drowned in the Nile River. The Pharaoh's daughter finds a Israelite baby placed in a basket and names him Moses. Miriam offers her services to become the nurse of the baby. Moses grows up as a part of the royal family but later escapes from Egypt into the land of the Midianites after murdering an Egyptian, who happens to have beaten an Israelite slave. Moses settles in Midian as a shepherd and marries a woman named Zipporah (the daughter of Jethro the Midianite) and has two sons named Gershom and Elizar. Years pass while Moses is in Midian and the old Pharaoh dies and his son succeeds him, while only making the Israelites work even harder. 
10 "The Burning Bush" / Mysterious Voice in the Flames
"Honoo no naka no fushigi na koe" (川に捨てられた赤ちゃん) 
God talks to Moses in the burning bush in the land of Midianites and gives him instructions to return to Egypt and talk to the new Pharaoh to free the Israelites. He takes Aaron with him. The new Pharaoh becomes stubborn as he refuses to follow Moses. Also, Moses clashes with the Pharaoh's magicians. Then, plagues starts to happen to Egypt as the river turns into blood, frogs come up on the land, gnats infest everything, flies are everywhere, the cattle die, boils come on the Egyptians' skin, hailstones (mixed with fire) come hurling down, locusts eat the crops, and darkness covers all Egypt. But in each of these, Israel is not affected by the Nine Plagues. 
11 "No More Plagues" / Disaster Strikes Ten Times
"Osoikuru juu no sainan" (襲いくる十の災害) 
The Pharaoh remains stubborn despite the Nine Plagues and Moses' pleadings to free the Israelites. Finally, the Pharaoh agrees to let the Israelites go after many first born sons were killed (including his) by the Angel of Death, the Tenth and Final Plague. Again, Israel is safe from the Angel of Death because they obeyed God's instructions through Moses. The episode also includes the parting of the Red Sea when the Pharaoh and his chariots chased the Israelites after changing his mind. 
12 "So You Want To Go Back To Egypt!" / Long Journey in the Wilderness
"Arano no dai hourou" (荒野の大放浪) 
The story of journey of the Israelites towards the Promised Land that includes the following: the grumbling of the Israelites after experiencing hunger; the provision of manna by God to the Israelites; the second grumbling of the Israelites experiencing thirst; the water out of the rock; the victorious battle of the Israelites against the Amalekites; the golden calf; and the Ten Commandments given by God to Moses and the Israelites. 
13 "Moeru hibi to seidou no hebi" / The New Leader and the Walled City  
Moses appoints Joshua as the new leader of the Israelites as they continue their journey towards the Promised Land. It also includes the Battle of Jericho, the enormous walled city that Joshua eventually defeats and conquers. In the end, the Israelites finally reach the land of milk and honey and kill all the people living in the Promised Land – the Canaanites, Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Jebusites, Hivitites, Girgushites, and other heathen "ites" who do evil in the land of milk and honey. 

Series 4 (1984)

No. Title Air date
1 "Worth Fighting For" / A Young People's Trials
"Tamesareta wakamono-tachi" (試された若者たち) 
Israel falls into idolatry and the Israelites worship other gods instead of the true God, thus The Lord God allows the Canaanites (one of the Israelites’ ancient and many enemies) to conquer Israel and enslave its people. Othniel, the first of many Judges, was sent by God to deliver them from Chushan-Rishathaim, the king of the Canaanites and the ruler of Mesopotamia. It narrates how he led them to a successful battle by calling out to God and how he was rewarded with the hand of Achsah, the daughter of Caleb, for his victory. 
2 "The Good Left Arm" / The Left-handed Sword of Justice
"Hidarikiki no seigi no ken" (左ききの正義の剣) 
After the Israelites once again fall into idolatry, they are conquered by King Eglon of the Moabites (another of the Israelites’ many enemies). Ehud, a judge sent by God, leads the Israelites and delivers them from the Moabites. He also kills King Eglon (who was a very fat man) with a double-edged sword by concealing it on his right thigh being left handed. 
3 "Stick In The Mud" / A Great Defeat! 900 Units of Iron Tanks
"Dai bakuha! 900 dai no tetsu sensha" (大撃破!900台の鉄戦車) 
Deborah, a prophetess and a female judge, is sent by God to deliver Israel from the Canaanites. She summoned Barak to become the commander of her army and led the Israelites to overcome the armies from Canaan led by King Jabin and Sisera, their military commander. 
4 "That's A Promise" / A Hero's Tears
"Eiyuu no namida" (英雄の涙) 
Jephthah, a judge sent by God, was tasked with leading the Israelites and delivering them from the Ammonites. Before the battle, he made a vow to God about sacrificing the first thing to meet him should he return in triumph. It turned out to be his daughter and his only child. Later, he fights and defeats the jealous Ephraimites. 
5 "Just Rewards" / The Boy Who Spoke with God
"Shin to hanashita shounen" (神と話した少年) 
This tells the story of how Samuel became a judge and prophet of God. Hannah prayed to God and asked for a child. She gave birth to a son and called him Samuel. She offered him to be of service to God and he undergoes training under Eli, who is a judge in Israel. One important part in this story is when God speaks to Samuel and tells him of the judgment about to come on Eli's house because of his two corrupt sons. It also tells the story of how the Israelites were able to recapture the Ark of the Covenant from the Philistines. 
6 "A Wonderful Gift" / The First King
"Hajimete no ousama" (はじめての王様) 
Samuel warns the Israelites about their practice of idolatry and tells them to turn to God to help them in their battle against the Philistines (the Israelites’ most bitter and hated enemies). After their obedience to Samuel, the Israelites defeated the Philistines. Also, he selects Saul and anoints him to become the first King of Israel after the people asked Samuel for a king. Then, King Saul leads the Israelites after their war against the Philistines begins once again. 
7 "The Mighty Little Shepherd" / David the Shepherd Boy
"Hitsuki kai no shounen Dabide" (羊飼いの少年ダビデ) 
Samuel selects another king of Israel with God's guidance after he becomes displeased with King Saul. He particularly selects Jesse's youngest son, David, who works as a shepherd. Also, King Saul calls for David to play the harp for him and became friends with the king's children, Jonathan and Michal. 
8 "The Bigger They Come" / Confrontation with Goliath the Giant
"Kyojin Goriyate to no taiketsu" (巨人ゴリヤテとの対決) 
The Israelites and the Philistines go into war which particularly features the battle between David and Goliath, the giant from Gath who is the champion of the Philistines. David kills Goliath and gains popularity among the Israelites. 
9 "Faithful and True" / The Prince and the Fugitive
"Ouji no otazunemono" (王子とおたずね者) 
King Saul becomes jealous of David's greater popularity among the Israelites. Then David leads the Israelites to another big victory against the Philistines and acquires Michal's hand in marriage as a reward. King Saul tries to kill David but his best friend, Jonathan, helps him escape from the palace. 
10 "David the King" / The Birth of King David
"Dabide ou tanjou" (ダビデ王誕生) 
King Saul continues to harbour feelings of envy towards David so he and his soldiers continue to pursue him. But in the end, the king and his son, Jonathan, are killed in their battle against the Philistines. After their death, David becomes the king of Israel and rules them for thirty-three years. While ruling, King David captures the city of Jerusalem, once held by the Jebusites. King David, however, commits the sin of adultery with Bathsheba and the sin of pride with the census. But God is merciful and makes a promise to David that one from his line will reign as king forever and his kingdom will have no end. 
11 "In All His Glory" / The Great Successor, King Solomon
"Daiou no koukeisha Soromon" (大王の後継者ソロモン) 
The story of King Solomon and his great wisdom. It also narrates how he makes judgement about two women arguing and claiming to be the mother of a baby; and when the Queen of Sheba visits him. 
12 "The Wicked Queen" / The Queen's Conspiracy
"Joou no inbou" (女王の陰謀) 
Athaliah (the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel, the sister of Ahaziah and Joram, her brothers, the sons of Ahab and Jezebel) was Queen of Judah and she was known for her wickedness. Queen Athlaiah practiced idolatry, she had her husband King Jehoram of Judah lead the nation of Judah to evil and cruelty, and ordered the death of the entire extended family of her son King Ahaziah of Judah to put a stop on the worship of God. However, one grandson named Joash was rescued and raised in secret by the priest Jehoiada. After six years, Jehoiada led a revolt to overthrow Queen Athaliah and the seven-year-old Joash became the new King of Judah. 
13 "A Matter Of Time" / The Great Overnight Victory
"Ichiya no dai shouri" (一夜の大勝利) 
The story of King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah. It narrates how the Israelites were able to free themselves from the Assyrians and the miraculous recovery of King Hezekiah from his illness and Hezekiah's rash display of the wealth in Jerusalem to the Babylonian ambassadors. The prophet Isaiah tells Hezekiah because he has done this, the Babylonians will one day conquer Jerusalem and take everyone and everything away. Also, it is the final episode as Uri and Gizmo find Ruffles. 

American TV Series

Series 1 (2009)

No. Title
1"In The Beginning"
The new trio – Chris, Joy, and Gizmo – find themselves at the Creation of the Earth and witness the glory of Heaven, the fall of Lucifer, Adam and Eve, and even the fall of man. Superbook then brings them back home before Satan, the Devil, starts making Earth his kingdom and they apologize for sneak peeking at their father's, a brilliant scientist's, work. (Superbook takes the Chris, Joy, and Gizmo to these biblical places to teach them wise lessons that they will use in life.)
2"The Test"
Chris, Joy, and Gizmo are transported to the time of Abraham and witness the birth of Isaac, Abraham's faith in God tested, Isaac's marriage with Rebekah, Isaac's trouble with the Philistines (the archenemies of the Israelites), and how Isaac has two sons called Jacob and Esau. Superbook then brings the kids home and they learn to keep their faith strong no matter what happens.
3"Jacob and Esau"
Chris, Joy, and Gizmo are transported to the time of Isaac in his old age and they witness Jacob trick Esau out of his birthright, an elderly Isaac blessing Jacob instead of Esau, Jacob fleeing from Esau, Jacob taking a wife, and Jacob reuniting with his brother Esau. Superbook then teleports the kids back home where they learn to forgive others and to never deceive someone.
4"Let My People Go!"
Chris, Joy and Gizmo are teleported back in time to the period the Israelites where enslaved at the Egyptians' hands, the birth of Moses, Moses becoming a prince of Egypt, Moses fleeing to the desert and to the land of the Midianites (more bitter enemies of the Israelites), Moses receiving a message from God, Moses returns to Egypt and unleashes the Ten Plagues, the Israelites leaving Egypt, and the parting of the Red Sea. Superbook takes them back home and they learn to follow the Lord completely.
5"The Ten Commandments"
Joy, Chris, and Gizmo are taken back in time to the exodus of the Israelites and they witness the Israelites crossing the Red Sea, the Israelites begin to grumble, the manna and water from the rock, the Israelites are attacked by the Amalekites, the Israelites’ many journeys, the golden calf, and even the Lord God's laws. Superbook brings them home and they learn to honor God by keeping his laws.
6"A Giant Adventure"
Gizmo, Joy, and Chris are transported to the time of Saul and witness Samuel's prophecy, David killing Goliath, and eventually David becoming the king of Israel. Superbook teleports the kids back home where Chris has the courage to play guitar in front of a large crowd just as David had the courage to face a large enemy.
When Chris finds it difficult to stand up for a boy harassed by a school bully, he, Joy, and Gizmo are transported to the time of Daniel who was under the reign of King Darius. They witness three shrewd advisers planning to get rid of Daniel, King Darius agreeing to their plan, Daniel being thrown into the lion's den, and ultimately Daniel being spared from his fate. Chris then learns that it is important to stand up for the right even at the risk of your life and confronts the school bully to stop picking on the school boy.
8"The First Christmas"
At Christmas Eve, when Chris thinks that the holiday of Christmas time is just about getting presents, he, Joy, and Gizmo are taken to the birth of Jesus by His parents, Mary and Joseph, and witness the shepherds arriving at the manger, three wise men from the East coming to greet the new King with gifts, jealous King Herod ordering the death of children under two years old, and Jesus's real position as the Lamb of God. Chris then learns that Christmas isn’t about getting. Instead, it is about giving and whate God gave to the world: His only Son.
9"The Miracles of Jesus"

When Chris starts to believe that a magician called Miraculo the "Miracle Maker" actually has real powers given by God, he, Joy, and Gizmo are teleported to the time where baby Jesus has grown up and is performing miracles so that the world will know he is the Savior and the Messiah. The kids witness Jesus healing a paralyzed man, Jesus teaching parables to other people, Jesus calming the storm, and Jesus casting demons out of a possessed man. Chris then understands that true miracles only come from the Lord.

Satan the Devil appears in every scene and watching Jesus. He declares that he and Jesus are far from through and that their battle has only begun.
10"The Last Supper"

When Chris starts hanging out with his cool friends and ignoring the less cool Joy, he and Joy and Gizmo are taken to the time when Jesus was about to be put to death on the cross. They witness the last supper between Jesus and his disciples, Judas's betrayal of Jesus for thirty pieces of silver, Peter denying Jesus, and after conquering death Jesus appearing to Peter and rebuilding His faith as the Rock of his Church of followers. Chris returns home and then learns that Joy is just as awesome as his cool friends.

Satan the Devil is shown possessing Judas and watching as Judas betrays Jesus to the Pharisees and Sadducees who hate the Lord very much.
11"He Is Risen!"

When Chris begins arguing with his mom Phoebe over visiting his relatives, he, Joy, Gizmo, and, surprisingly, Phoebe are taken to the time Jesus is killed and resurrected. They witness Jesus praying at the garden of Gethsemane, Judas betraying Jesus, Peter trying to defend Jesus, Jesus taken before the High Priest Caiaphas, Jesus taken to Pilate, Jesus taken to King Herod Antipas, Jesus being put to death on a tree, and Jesus rising from the dead. They stay just in time to see that Jesus has conquered the grave and appeared to Mary Magdalene and His disciples. Later, Chris returns home and apologizes to his mother and their relationship is restored while his mom has no memory of the travel in time.

Satan the Devil is seen watching Judas betray Jesus in the garden and is seen gloating over Jesus' death not knowing his reign over Earth had ended.
12"The Road to Damascus"
When a bad teen comes into Chris' life and Chris doesn't believe that there is hope for such a punk such as the kid, he, Joy, and Gizmo travel back to the time where the disciples of Jesus are being persecuted by sinister Saul of Tarsus. They witness Saul hunting down all Christians, Saul going to Damascus, Jesus appearing to Saul in a blinding light, Ananias restoring Saul's sight, Saul changing his name to Paul, Saul's new life, Saul's journeys and near death experiences. Chris then learns that if a evil man like Saul can be changed that a rebellious teen can surely be changed and so Chris befriends the young kid.
13"Revelation!: The Final Battle!"
When Chris accidentally burns down his family's house and thinks that there is no forgiveness for something that big, Superbook takes he and his friends to the time of Revelation, but to test the faith of Chris, Joy and Gizmo, Superbook takes Chris to the field of Armageddon where Satan the Devil is rallying his Demonic minions for the final battle and Superbook takes Joy and Gizmo to the island of Patmos where John, an old disciple of Jesus Christ, is learning about the future. Meanwhile, Satan the Evil One finds Chris and takes on the form of Lucifer, a fallen angel evicted from God's presence. Satan (as Lucifer) tries to deceive Chris by telling him that the world is corrupt and God is to blame while in the meantime Chris forms suspicions in his mind about his new friend. Meanwhile, Joy and Gizmo talk to John about the future and John tells them Jesus is showing him these secrets to confirm his faith even while John is still on the island. John has seen many things: the four deadly horsemen, the rise of the Antichrist and the False Prophet, and the time when everything will be made new. Soon, John tells the kids about the Holy Spirit and explains that Jesus gave it to His disciples and to them and they must use it by keeping their faith in Jesus Christ to the bitter end. Then they are taken to Armageddon. Meanwhile, Satan (still disguised as Lucifer) tries to convince Chris that God and all parents are the problem of the world and then Lucifer (Satan) offers him a "solution": to eat the fruit off of a tree from the ground – really the tree of evil that would darken Chris’ heart. Just as Chris is about to take the poisonous fruit, he sees through the deception and knows that the "angel" before him is the Devil the Enemy. Because of extreme anger, Satan's cover is blown and he reveals his true form. Then, Joy and Gizmo arrive and Satan causes massive ugly trees to appear out of the ground to separate Chris from his friends. Immediately, Satan transforms into a gigantic snake and attacks Chris, Joy and Gizmo. When the trio tries to escape, Satan's Demonic army appears and surrounds them. The monstrous Satan gloats that he has won. Suddenly, Jesus and His Angel army appears and beats Satan's army while Jesus finally defeats Satan. Chris then learns that everything can be made new.

Series 2 (2010)

No. Title
Joy witnesses Sharon Myers stealing a bike and reports it to the principal. To Joy’s surprise, Principal Travis offers Sharon mercy instead of demanding justice. As Joy questions why Sharon shouldn’t be punished, Superbook transports her, Chris, and Gizmo to meet up with a prophet named Jonah. Jonah is running away from God because he doesn't think the people of Nineveh deserve God's mercy. Through Jonah's experiences, Joy realizes that mercy is a great gift to give as well as to receive.[8][9]
2"Joseph and Pharaoh's Dream"
Chris has a very precise plan for how he is going to get what he wants; and he can't handle it when things don't go according to his own plan. Superbook transports him back to ancient Egypt. As he watches Joseph rise from prisoner to governor of Egypt and gain a long lost bond with his brothers, Chris learns to forego his own plans and trust a little more in God's plans instead.[10][11]
3"The Fiery Furnace"
Chris wrestles with making a moral decision between right and wrong, a decision Joy warns could get him in big trouble. Superbook takes him and his friends back to Babylon during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar to meet Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, 3 men who chose to obey God and trust Him for their protection no matter the cost.[12][13]
4"Rahab and the Walls of Jericho"
At school, Joy is not getting along with Becky (a new student). Suddenly, Superbook sends Joy, Chris, and Gizmo to a time where Israelite spies team up with Rahab. Joy learns that those who seem like enemies can get along and find common ground.[14]
5"Esther - For Such a Time as This"
At school, Joy has to choose between standing up for Bonnie (a girl in a wheelchair) or going with the crowd. Suddenly, Superbook sends Joy, Chris, and Gizmo to a time when Queen Esther chooses to stand up for the Israelite people. This encourages Joy when she faces Janice and the Girls' Leadership Club.[15]
6"John the Baptist"
When Chris is faced with a challenge between choosing to act truthfully or to take the easy and more "fun" pathway, Superbook whisks the kids back to meet John The Baptizer. During an exciting journey that takes the kids from witnessing John preach and baptize on the Jordan River, all the way through to his incarceration and ultimate death at the hands of Herodias and King Herod, Chris comes to understand what it means to live truthfully and point others toward in the direction of being more like Jesus. When Chris returns home, he applies what he's learned. Although it doesn't change the boy he is trying to help, Chris himself is that much stronger, for the effort he's putting in and for the experience of meeting John the Baptizer firsthand.[16]
7"Paul and the Shipwreck"
At a disaster relief effort, Joy has to choose between finishing her mission or giving up. Suddenly, Superbook sends Joy, Chris, and Gizmo to a time when Paul chooses to focus on his mission, no matter the circumstances. This encourages Joy when she returns to face her relief project.[17]
During the worst week of his life, Chris loses his grandpa. He feels as if he cannot go on. He wants to give up on doing what is right. Suddenly, Superbook sends Chris, Joy, and Gizmo to a time when Job is tested by God.[18]
9"Noah and the Ark"
When Gizmo catches Chris and Joy skipping school to hang out with a bad role model (Pearce, the leader of an extreme skateboarding team), Superbook sends them back to a time when the world was fraught with evil. So evil, in fact, that God vows to destroy the world, saving only Noah "The only righteous man on earth", his family and a menagerie of animal species. As they witness the Flood, and Noah's unwavering faith in God, our heroes see how their bad behavior paralleled the world's descent into sin. Heartened by Noah's example and God's covenant with Mankind to never again destroy the world with a flood, they return to the present and reject Pearce's dangerous influence.[19]
When Joy is called to leadership in a difficult situation, she has to chose between taking the challenge or running scared. Superbook sends Joy, Chris, and Gizmo to a time when Gideon overcomes a difficult battle with the Midianites. This adventure encourages Joy to walk with God and conquer the task at hand.[20]
11"Peter's Denial"
Chris is desperate to play with some of the cooler kids in school in an afternoon pick-up basketball game. Just as he demonstrates his Quantum Corkscrew jump shot, Joy runs in to excitedly announce that she's been elected Chess Club President. Realizing how "uncool" that sounds to the guys he's trying to impress, Chris pretends he doesn't know her. Gizmo promptly arrives with Chris' sneakers, but there will be no game for him today. Instead, Superbook sends the trio back in time to meet the disciple Peter, who ends up denying Jesus three times. Later, after seeing the risen Jesus forgive Peter on the shores of Galilee, Chris realizes that like Peter, he was acting out of fear when he refused to acknowledge Joy's friendship. Once the kids return to the present, Chris takes a pass on the pick-up game and heads off with his true friends to celebrate Joy's accomplishment.[21]
12"The Prodigal Son"
Justin (a friend of Chris) gets in trouble with his father. He hides. Chris begins to wonder if what Justin did can be forgiven. Superbook sends Joy, Chris, and Gizmo to a time when Jesus tells stories. One story shows us that no matter what we do, God will always accept us back into His family with open arms when we say we are sorry.[22]
13"The Tower of Babel and The Day of Pentecost"
Chris and Joy struggle to communicate with a new student in their school who just moved from India. Suddenly Superbook takes Chris, Joy and Gizmo back in time when God created multiple languages.[23]

Series 3 (2011)

No. Title
Chris' mom forgets that he has a trip planned to the lake and volunteers him to help his Great Aunt Isabel do yard work for the weekend. Superbook takes Chris, Joy, and Gizmo to meet someone who gave up everything to show kindness to her family. They meet Ruth, a young woman from Moab whose husband died, leaving her alone with her mother-in-law, Naomi. Then a kindhearted relative steps in to change their lives forever.[24]
2"Elijah and the Prophets of Baal"
Chris is hooked on becoming the most powerful “god” in the his online 3D game, “Battleverse of the Gods!" Suddenly, Superbook sends them to a time when Elijah battles the prophets of Baal. He shows the believers of Baal that there is only one true God.[25]
3"The Birth of John the Baptist"
Phoebe, (Chris' mom), is babysitting two-year-old Charlie for her friend, Mrs. Peterson. Joy has a hard time with the tyke, and she doesn't want to help take care of him – “No way. Not now. Not ever!” Superbook appears and takes Chris, Joy, Gizmo, AND Charlie to witness the birth of John the Baptist.[26]
4"Isaac and Rebekah"
Chris neglects to listen to his father and follow the directions. Suddenly, Superbook takes them to spend time with Eliezer and learn the value of following instructions.[27]
5"Naaman and the Servant Girl"
Joy is upset because she’s in charge of a big service project. She has done all the leadership work but finds no one is doing her bidding with the follow-up details. Superbook whisks the kids off to meet Naaman’s servant girl and follow Naaman’s story through to his amazing cure of leprosy.[28]
6"Samuel and the Call of God"
Chris believes he is too young to be called by God to help Jason (the boy from "The Road to Damascus"). Suddenly, Superbook takes them back to a time when the young Samuel is called by God.[29]
7"David and Saul"
Chris vows to take revenge on some teens, but Superbook whisks the trio off to meet David, who has become a great warrior and foe to an angry and jealous King Saul. Chris watches as David shows mercy to Saul. After seeing David’s act of mercy, Chris decides against vengeance, and leaves judgement to God.[30]
When Chris is asked to tutor two poor students who are also class clowns, he doubts he’s the guy for the job. Superbook then whisks Chris, Joy and Gizmo away to ancient Jerusalem. They meet Nehemiah, who is mocked and threatened as he rebuilds the walls of Jerusalem. Chris learns to do the job God gives you.[31]
9"Elisha and The Syrians"
Joy is embarrassed by video of her eating that was posted online by a girl named Barbara. Joy plans to get even by posting an embarrassing video of Barb taking a tumble during cheer leading practice. Before she can upload the video, Superbook takes the kids back in time to witness miracles performed by the prophet Elisha as he narrowly escapes harm from Syrian soldiers sent to capture him.[32]
10"King Solomon"
Chris faces a challenge he never imagined when his father leaves him in charge of an important project. When he is unsure of what to do, Superbook takes the kids back to ancient Jerusalem where they meet King Solomon. There, Solomon encourages Chris to share his burdens with the Lord and to pray for wisdom.[33]
11"The Good Samaritan"
While a “starving” Joy is looking forward to pizza, Chris is concerned about a girl and her brother who have nothing to eat. Superbook whisks the kids to time when Jesus told the parable of the Good Samaritan.[34]

Other titles

VHS/DVD releases

Superbook Series I and Series II were released on various VHS volumes by Tyndale Entertainment. The entire series was available over 26 VHS Volumes. Superbook was released for the first time on DVD late 2005 to early 2006. The three DVD volumes features 4 episodes each from Series I.

Episode 6 of the new 3D animated Superbook series was the first to be released on DVD in 2009.[35] Episode 1 of the new Superbook series was released in November 2010 on DVD.[36]. New Superbook episodes are released as part of CBN's Superbook DVD Club.[37]

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