Wowser (TV series)

Not to be confused with Towser.

Screenshot from Wowser
(Don-Don Domeru/Domel to Ron)
Genre Comedy
Anime television series
Directed by Keiichiro Mochizuki
Written by Kaoru Toshima
Studio Telescreen Japan Inc.
Saban Entertainment
Network TV Tokyo
English network

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Original run 5 April 1988 27 March 1989
Episodes 52

Wowser (どんどんドメルとロン Don-Don Domeru/Domel to Ron) is an anime based on the Belgian cartoon comic strip Cubitus. It consisted of 52 two-part episodes the running time of 20 minutes in total, and it originally aired from 5 April 1988 to 27 March 1989.


Wowser is a big white dog who lives with his owner, the Professor. In each episode, Wowser's appetite and the Professor's inventions, along with the interference of their wacky neighbors, results in chaos.


Foreign versions

The English version was created by Saban Entertainment. Retitled Wowser, it aired in 1990 on The Family Channel. The dub changed the names of the characters and replaced the original music.

In the UK it aired on ITV and later on Channel 4 in the early and mid 1990s and 2 videos of the series were released in 2 volumes.

In the U.S. in 1990 and 1991, the videos of the Wowser series were released in 4 volumes, and also in mini features of the running time of 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

The series were also dubbed to Arabic in Jordan, and released throughout many parts of the Arab world. This version named Ka'abool (Arabic: كعبول).


Japanese version

Opening song

"Fly away - Yume no Hikouki" sung by Mitsuko Horie

Ending song

"GO! GO! My Friend" sung by Mitsuko Horie

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