Bôken Korobokkuru

Bôken Korobokkuru
Anime television series
Produced by 池頭 俊孝 (Yomiuri TV)
Yonehiko Watanabe
Music by Bob Sakuma
Studio Eiken & Topcraft
Network Yomiuri TV
Original run October 6, 1973 March 30, 1974
Episodes 26

Bôken Korobokkuru (冒険コロボックル, also known as Adventures Of Korobokkle, Korobockle Adventures and The Mountain Gnomes) is a kodomo anime series.

It was an adaption of the children’s book Stories of Korobokkle by Satoru Sato, which was itself based on some northern Japan's folktales from Ainu people. It consisted of 26 episodes and was originally broadcast on Yomiuri TV.[1][2]

According to Jonathan Clements and Helen McCarthy's The Anime Encyclopedia, it was "a foreshadowing of later Studio Ghibli efforts like Pompoko and My Neighbor Totoro."[1]



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