PriPara (Prism Paradise)
Genre Dance, Music, Comedy
Developer syn Sophia
Publisher Takara Tomy
Genre Dancing
Platform Arcade
Released July 10, 2014
Written by Hitsuji Tsujinaga
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Ciao
Original run July 2014 – present
Anime television series
Directed by Makoto Moriwaki
Written by Michihiro Tsuchiya
Music by Tsuneyoshi Saito
Studio Tatsunoko Production, DongWoo A&E
Network TXN (TV Tokyo), BS Japan, AT-X
Original run July 5, 2014 – present
Episodes 124
Anime film
PriPara the Movie: Everyone, Assemble! Prism ☆ Tours
Directed by Masakazu Hishida
Studio Tatsunoko Production
Released March 7, 2015
Runtime 90 minutes
Anime film
Fly Out, PriPara: Aim for it with Everyone! Idol☆Grand Prix
Directed by Nobutaka Yoda
Written by Hitomi Mieno
Studio Tatsunoko Production
Released October 24, 2015
Anime film
PriPara the Movie: Everyone Shine! Kirarin Star Live
Studio Tatsunoko Production
Released March 4, 2017
Anime film

PriPara (プリパラ Puripara) short for Prism Paradise, is a Japanese arcade game by Takara Tomy. It is the successor to the Pretty Rhythm series of arcade games. An anime television series adaptation by Tatsunoko Production and DongWoo A&E began airing from July 5, 2014 and is currently in its third season.[1]


Season One

When the right time comes, every girl will find that a mysterious PriTicket has been delivered to them, granting them entrance to the world of PriPara, where up and coming idols perform and partake in auditions. Unfortunately, in Paprika Private Academy, PriPara activity is prohibited for elementary schoolers so as to not take time away from their studies. But an unexpected chance comes to fifth grader Laala when she finds a lost PriTicket bag belonging to an idol named "Mirei", leading her to the PriPara world where she makes her idol debut with Mirei.

In PriPara, Laala forms a unit called "SoLaMi Smile" with Mirei Minami, a pop idol and Paprika Academy's Head Disciplinary, Sophie Hojo, a major class idol who is born with a weak body and relies on pickled plums for energy, and is managed by Kuma. SoLaMi Smile faces rivalry with "Dressing Pafé" which consists of Shion Todo, a world-renowned "Go" player, Dorothy and Leona West, a Canadian-Japanese pair of fraternal twins, and is managed by Usagi. To gain the legendary Paradise Coord, both teams merge to become "SoLaMi Dressing".

Laala also encounter Falulu Bokerdole, a vocal doll who was born from a PriTicket made with the desire of many girls around the world who want to go to PriPara. SoLaMi Dressing competed against Falulu for the Paradise Coord. After SoLaMi Dressing won, Laala exchanged TomoTickets with Falulu, but it resulted in Falulu falling into a coma. After performing a concert in their Paradise Coords, SoLaMi Dressing revives Falulu, who has gained a more human attitude losing her robot-like voice and can trade TomoTickets. After her revival, Falulu leaves Parajuku to go to PriPari in France. At the end of the first season, SoLaMi Dressing returns to PriPara learning that their groups have disbanded.

Season Two

In season 2 in the PriPara amusement park, a new zone called Dream Theater has opened and a new event called the PriPara Dream Parade is held. All of the idols compete in each of the four seasonal Dream Idol Grand Prix in dream teams, a team of five idols. Each dream team competes to receive a Dream Parade Coord, which is said to shine brighter than the Paradise Coord.

While reforming SoLaMi Smile and Dressing Pafé, the six idols encounter two girls named Mikan Shiratama and Aroma Kurosu who form an Angel-Devil act called "Aromageddon". The duet interferes with the two groups in order to form a dream team with them, but they slowly become friends with them.

Another girl named Fuwari Midorikaze is sent to Parajuku from The Palps in EuroPara to join PriPara by the mysterious Hibiki Shikyoin. While making friends at Parajuki, Fuwari forms a dream team with Laala and Dressing Pafe named "Dressing Flower" and win the Summer Dream Idol Grand Prix, but their Summer Dream Idol Coords are later taken away by the Masked Genius.

Another idol named Ajimi Kiki from EuroPara debuts in PriPara, but she later is revealed to be Paprika Academy's art teacher despite her young appearance. She was friends with Sophie's older sister when they were studying at PriPari, and both of them form a dream team with PriPara Police, a group consisting of Laala, Dorothy, and Mikan that raised while the Masked Genius still on the loose. This dream team wins the Autumn Dream Idol Grand Prix, but their Autumn Dream Idol Coords are taken by the Masked Genius, causing an idol unit PriPara Police to be formed, with Laala, Mikan and Dorothy in it.

The Masked Genius is later revealed to be Hibiki Shikyoin, who later performs a concert and establishes a rivalry with Meganii Akai as well as reveal her identity as a female. After Hibiki and her dream team consisting of a returning Falulu, Sion, Sophy, and Mikan win the Winter Prix, Meganii is forced to give Hibiki her glasses, giving Hibiki power over PriPara and ceases it to become CelePara. She enforces a law that requires only idols who obtain "Golden Airy" can perform. This provokes the rest of the girls to form an underground PriPara in an old theater. While that happens and the idols are trying to achieve Golden Airy, the mini-vocal doll Gaaruru emerges to become an idol. Gaaruru eventually joins Aromageddon, which is renamed Gaamageddon.

During the Spring Dream Idol Grand Prix, a dream team consisting of Laala, Dorothy, Mirei, Mikan, and Aroma called "FriendAll" wins and restores PriPara. During this process, a tension between Ajimi and Hibiki and Hibiki's intention of becoming a vocal doll is revealed. After the restoration of PriPara and the Dream Parade, Hibiki, Fuwari, and Falulu return to PriPari.

Season Three

In season 3 the Divine Idol Grand Prix is held to find the next Divine Idol. Every idol is received a jewel which upgrades their microphones. In addition, every idol hopes to compete in the Divine Idol Challenge so they can obtain a Super Cyalume Coord from their brand. Idols with a Super Cyalume Coord can compete in the Divine Idol Grand Prix to obtain a part of the Divine Idol Coord.

During the unveiling of the Divine Idol Grand Prix, Meganii realizes that the divine idol known as Jewlie is missing. After giving a tour to debut idol Chiri Tsukikawa, Laala encounter a baby named Jewlulu who declares her as her mother. Laala secretly raises Jewlulu with her sister Non. Meanwhile, a new unit called "Triangle" managed by Usacha, Usagi's little sister, emerges consisting of Junon, Pinon, and Kanon who all obtain a high idol ranking in their separate debuts and causes tension between Laala and her friends. While SoLaMi Smile performs at a concert, Jewlie appears to give the Divine Idol Challenge and her Super Cyalume Coord. Laala later reveals Jewlulu to her friends, and Meganii then tells her that that is Jewlie in baby-form. The idols are tasked to raise Jewlulu in order to obtain their Super Cyalume Coords.

At the end of the first Divine Idol Grand Prix where SoLaMi Smile and Dressing Pafe obtain a part of the Divine Idol Coord, Triangle is forced to reveal their secret after a malfunction with the Pinon and Junon holograms. Kanon is forced to reveal her identity as Non, and Laala is happy to know that she can go to PriPara with her little sister, yet Non is annoyed because she is trying to beat her sister. Non obtains a new form when she enters PriPara which she says is more her style.

During the second Divine Idol Grand Prix, Gaaruru fakes going into a coma TomoTickets with Aroma and Mikan to become an official unit, making Unicorn angry. Gaarmageddon wins the event and obtains the second piece of the Divine Idol Coord. Afterwards, Fuwari, Falulu, and Hibiki return to PriPara to compete in the next Prix as a unit called "TriColore". Fuwari and Falulu obtain their Super Cyalume Coords in their own concerts with Hibiki, but Hibiki becomes annoyed with Jewlulu after bonding attempts and concerts. Hibiki eventually manages to bond with Jewlulu and is finally able to form "TriColore" with Fuwari and Falulu before winning the third Divine Idol Grand Prix.

During a mission to save the PriPara of Sapannah, a girl named Pepper Taiyou appears, who subsequently comes to Parajuku. Chiri Tsukikawa is also revealed to have become a celebrity idol. Usacha believes that these two idols will help her and Non form a unit equal to Triangle in skill and surpass Laala and the others. Jewlie also makes her idol debut and her sister Janice appears.


Idol Teams


Laala Manaka (真中 らぁら Manaka Rāra)
Voiced by: Himika Akaneya
A bright and cheerful fifth-grade elementary student of Paprika Private Academy with an exceptionally loud voice, which she apparently inherited from her mother. She sings very softly in compensation for her loudness. Her catchphrase is "Kashikoma-!" (かしこまっ!, a shortened version of "kashikomari") which roughly translates to "Roger!" or "Capisce!". During her first performance in PriPara, Kuma comments that Laala has the "legendary Prism Voice". Her theme color is pink and her preferred brand is Twinkle Ribbon, a Lovely type brand. Normally, outside of PriPara, Laala is shown to have shorter hair styled into two buns. However, after undergoing her PriPara change, her hair becomes longer and is instead styled in pigtails. She also becomes taller after her change, as opposed to her "normal" self - which retains the appearance of a 12-year-old. She greatly looks up to Sophy, aspiring to reach the same idol rank as her and determined to catch up to her someday. Laala is shown also to be somewhat "dim-witted", in episode 4 of season 2, forgetting to put the present in the present box, taking the term "looking down on us" to mean taller people looking at shorter people, etc. Her first name is based from the sixth note of the Solfège scale 'La', and her last name means middle, standing for the center of a compass rather than having a direction like the other idols.
Mirei Minami (南 みれぃ Minami Mirei)
Voiced by: Yū Serizawa
A bubbly novice idol who makes friends with Laala after she enter PriPara world. Her catchphrase is "Pop, Step, Get You!" (ポップ・ステップ・ゲッチュー! Poppu Suteppu Getchū!) and tends to end her sentences with "~pri!".
Although she seems energetic and spirited, this is only her idol character. Her true identity is the serious Head Disciplinarian in Paprika Private Academy, who is two years above Laala and constantly issues penalty tickets to her whenever she breaks school rules. Mirei's theme color is blue and herpreferred brand is Candy Alamode, a Pop type brand. As the Head Disciplinarian she holds herself in a composed, serious manner - which she describes as a "complete 180" from her original self. Normally, she has plain brown hair tied up into a ponytail. However, after her PriPara change, she gains bright blonde hair that appears shorter and more curled. Her eye color also changes from brown to blue after undergoing the change, and she no longer wears glasses. She and Sion seem to be equally matched and light rivals. Her first name is based from the third note of the Solfège scale 'Mi' and her last name stands for the south compass direction.
Sophie Hōjō[2] (北条 そふぃ Hōjō Sofi)
Voiced by: Miyu Kubota
A Major Class idol in the PriPara world and is a student from Paprika Private Academy with three years older than Laala. She was born with a weak body, so she is normally aloof and not accustomed to doing anything by herself. In order to perform well and maintain a cool and ladylike appearance in front of her fans, she energizes herself using the sourness of pickled plums, which she affectionately calls "Red Flash", though eating something sweet will quickly revert her to her "Fancy Mode". After meeting Laala, who eventually discovers her true identity, she starts to become more determined to succeed on her own strength and joins Laala's team. She now permanently wanders PriPara in a new Fancy Mode, which looks like her Cool Mode but with an ahoge on top of her head, after hearing Laala's reassurance that her fans will still love her in Fancy Mode. Her theme color is reddish violet and her preferred brand is Holic Trick, a Cool type brand. Her first name is based from the fifth note of the Solfège scale 'So' and her last name means northern line, which stands for the north compass direction.

Dressing Pafé

Sion Tōdō (東堂 シオン Tōdō Sion)
Voiced by: Saki Yamakita
Sion is a student at Laala's school, in the same year with Mirei but a different class. Calm, yet fiery, Sion is a world-renowned champion at Go, but has retired from playing due to nobody being able to beat her in the field. Sion decides to conquer the idol world instead and managed by Usagi, and makes it her mission to beat SoLaMi♡SMILE (Laala, Mirei, and Sophy). She often solves her problems by imagining them as a Go board, and holds a grudge against Mirei for giving her a disciplinary ticket when she was playing Go in the school hallway. Usagi teams Sion up with Dorothy and Reona to make up Dressing Pafé. Her theme color is violet and her preferred brand is Baby Monster, a Cool type brand based on punk fashion. Her first name is based from the seventh note of the Solfège scale 'Ti' (pronounced 'shi' in Japanese) and her last name means eastern shrine, which stands for the east compass direction.
Dorothy and Leona West (ドロシーとレオナ・ウェスト Doroshī to Reona Uesuto)
Voiced by: Azuki Shibuya (Dorothy) and Yuki Wakai (Reona)
Dorothy is an idol whom Kuma recruits to be Laala & Mirei's third partner for the Sparkling Grand Prix (キラキラグランプリ Kirakira Guran Puri) in place of Sophy. Dorothy is half-Canadian on her father's side, and often mixes English and Japanese when she talks. In Episode 12, it is revealed that she has a twin, Leona, who she had planned on performing with them for the Sparkling Grand Prix. When Mirei says that the Sparkling Grand Prix is only for trio teams, Dorothy claims that she and Leona are a two-in-one deal, and are subsequently fired by Mirei and Kuma after Dorothy suggests they drop Laala out of the team in order to make room. In episode 18, to approach Sion, they transfer to Paprika Private Academy and study in the same year, while Leona enters the same class with Mirei but Dorothy in another class. In the same time, Reona also reveals his real male gender due to his uniform.
Dorothy has a very vibrant and tomboyish personality, as evidenced by her use of the pronoun "boku" (), which is often used by males. In contrast, Leona is feminine, shy, doesn't talk much, and is very reliant on his sister, but is gradually starting to become more independent. Dorothy's catchphrase is "Tension max!", while Leona's catchphrase is "(Tension) relax!". Their theme colors are blue(Dorothy) and red(Leona) and they both share the same preferred brand, Fortune Party, a Pop type brand. Their names are based from the first and second notes of the Solfège scale, 'Do' and 'Re', respectively and their last name also stands for the west compass direction.

Aromageddon / Gaarmageddon

Aroma Kurosu (黒須 あろま Kurosu Aroma)
Voiced by: Yui Makino
Debuts in Season 2. Aroma is a troubling girl and a flair for dramatics. She has a demonic character both in and out of PriPara, which she developed in preschool as a way to overcome her shyness. Her birthday is on June 6th which is also the reason she chose her devil character because of the number 666, as she says she was born on the sixth hour of the sixth day of the sixth month. She is also best friends with Mikan and the two form an angel devil double act, where Aroma will constantly taunt their fans by attempting to place curses on them, and Mikan will counter them with blessings. She also speaks in verse which the other characters have trouble following so Mikan usually ends up explaining what she's saying. Aroma initially acts hostile towards others in an attempt to get her own way but starts to act more friendly after the other idols throw her a surprise birthday party. She is not athletic, saying that devils are not used to running. Her theme color is indigo and her preferred brand is LOVE DEVI, formerly Holic Trick Classic (a spin-off of Sophy's Holic Trick). Her name contains the kanji for the color black, in contrast to Mikan whose name contains the kanji for the color white. Her name also stands for the sense of smell.
Mikan Shiratama (白玉 みかん Shiratama Mikan)
Voiced by: Yui Watanabe
Debuts in Season 2. Mikan is an sweet, angelic idol who loves to eat, particularly pork buns and sweets. She is best friends with Aroma and the two form a double act where Mikan will give blessings to their fans as Aroma taunts them with curses. Mikan is very athletic but can suffer from fatigue easily meaning she is constantly eating. This can be a problem, most notably when she is trying to make a cake for Aroma's birthday and ends up eating the ingredients before it's finished. She cares deeply for Aroma and is heartbroken when Aroma disbands Aromageddon after thinking Mikan betrayed her. This causes Mikan to work really hard to give Aroma the best surprise birthday ever. She refers to herself in the third person, and often ends her sentences with "-nano" or "-gel". Her theme color is pastel blue and her preferred brand is Silky Heart, a Lovely type brand. Her name contains the kanji for the color white, in contrast to Aroma whose name contains the kanji for the color black. Her name also stands for the sense of sight.
Gaaruru (ガァルル Gaaruru)
Voiced by: Asami Sanada
Gaaruru is a vocal doll and mini-Falulu that represents the negative feelings of girls who believe they can't become idols. Gaaruru can be considered a little terror when she first debuts. She's mischievous and a troublemaker and causes many problems for those around her. She's very disobedient and is unwilling to listen, as shown with her growling towards and biting those around her when they try to talk to her. Gaaruru also appears to not be fond of others and would always be by herself according to Falulu. She also doesn't appear to like idols, as well as dancing and singing. Later, after eating one of Sophy's pickled plums, it's revealed that Gaaruru had swallowed a "Spiny Bug" which turned out to be the source of her bad behavior. She then becomes a lot nicer and felt bad for the way she acted towards everyone and later stated that she was jealous because she couldn't sing and dance, not that she hated it; however after the concert she decided she wanted to become a "Kaijū (怪獣 lit. monster) idol". She leaves Pripara with Falulu, but returns in episode 80 having grown up and makes her idol début. However in episode 88 she eats another spiny bug and reverts to her infant form, but becomes an adult again during performances. Her name means to growl.
In episode 82 she joins Aroma and Mikan in organizing a valentine party in ChikaPara, becoming an unofficial member of Aromageddon, now known as "Gaarmageddon", but Gaaruru does not perform with Aroma and Mikan when they go on stage. The team is officially formed in episode 105 and Gaaruru, Mikan and Aroma all now perform on stage with a new song.


Falulu (ファルル Faruru)
Voiced by: Chinatsu Akasaki
Falulu is a mysterious girl who makes cameo appearances in Episode 1 and Episode 13. She makes her actual anime debut in Episode 17, but does not appear again until Episode 21. She finally makes her idol debut in episode 26. Occasionally, she will go and watch Laala perform. Falulu is very clueless (much like Sophy's Fancy Mode) and seems to know very few words; so she tends to repeat the words and actions of others, most notably Laala. Her voice also sounds slightly robotic. She tends to call certain things (like the Prism Voice and Laala) sparkling. Her mascot Unicorn often guides her but she shows some increasing intelligence as the series progresses, as well as developing a strong friendship with Laala. So far, Falulu appears to be the only idol to know of the Prism Voice and is in possession of one herself. In Episode 27, Unicorn tells the other girls that Falulu is a Vocal Doll. When Mirei asks Kuma what this is in Episode 28, he says it is a being born in the PriPara world who possesses all the qualities of a Divine Idol. Although Kuma brushes this off as just an urban legend, Unicorn later confirms she found Falulu's PriTicket in the PriPara library and scanned it, causing Falulu to be born. It was also revealed in Episode 36 that her PriTicket came into existence from the wishes of many girls wanting to become idols. She was the owner of the Paradise Coord, the best coord in all of PriPara, but was unable to bring out its shine, despite being an accomplished idol. In Episode 35, she loses to SoLaMi♡Dressing and loses the coord, before falling into a deep sleep from trading her Friends Ticket (which essentially acted as her lifeline) with Laala. In Episode 37, she is awakened through the efforts of SoLaMi♡Dressing and the entirety of PriPara, assuming a new form (losing her robot-like voice and now being capable of trading Friends Tickets, implying that she's human now). In episode 38 she leaves PriPara with Unicorn, now a Pegasus, but promising Laala they will meet again. In season 2, episode 53 she appears via video link to Laala's surprise debut anniversary celebration, revealing she has been in Paris, France since leaving Japan, but is due to return to Pripara soon. She returns to PriPara in episode 58 with a number of Mini Falulu's who, like she was previously, are Vocal Dolls born from the dreams of aspiring idols. She once again returns to Paris and PriParis in Episode 59. She returns again to PriPara in Episode 70 to participate in the Winter Dream Idol Granprix and Dream Parade, and reaches Top Class in the same episode. Her preferred brand is Marionette Mu, a Lovely brand that produces princess-like clothing. Her name is based from the fourth note of the Solfège scale 'Fa'. She goes to Pripari with Hibiki and Fuwari at the end of season 2 but returns in season 3 to participate in the Divine Idol Grand Prix.
Fuwari Midorikaze (緑風 ふわり Midorikaze Fuwari)
Voiced by: Azusa Satou
Debuts in season 2. Fuwari is a PriPara princess candidate who has come to Paprika Private Academy from EuroPara by invitation from Hibiki. Like what her name states, Fuwari is gentle and kind. She has a great singing voice and as she sings, many animals will approach her. She is a Natural idol and her preferred brand CoCo Flower. In Episode 50, she wasn't able to début as an idol due to her having no matching brand. However, after Cosmo makes her a brand of a new type, she was able to début in Episode 52. She decides in episode 55 that she will stop her training to become a princess candidate after playing with Laala and Dressing Pafé in the school playground. She also appears to have feelings for Hibiki but when Hibiki reveals she is female, Fuwari becomes confused and returns to the Palps. Eventually Fuwari comes to understand her feelings and returns to Parajuku to become friends with Hibiki. Hibiki initially rebuffs her offer but later comes to accept Fuwari as her friend. Her name contains the kanji for the color green. Her name also stands for the sense of touch. She goes to Pripari with Hibiki and Falulu at the end of season 2 but returns in season 3 to participate in the Divine Idol Grand Prix.
Hibiki Shikyoin (紫京院 ひびき Shikyoin Hibiki)
Voiced by: Mitsuki Saiga
Debuts in season 2. Hibiki is a first year in high school and the grandchild of one of Paprika Private Academy's chairman investors. It is revealed in Episode 73 that Hibiki is a girl. Headmistress Gloria makes her acting principal of the high school and changes the school statute to reflect this. She is the reason Fuwari has come to Japan to participate in the Dream Theatre, after Hibiki heard her singing in the Palps. Initially she is seen as a caring figure, always appearing to help Fuwari out and encourage her to do well in becoming a princess. However when Fuwari decides not to become a princess, she becomes more hostile, revealing she was only acting in her own interests. She plans to form the perfect Dream Team to win the Dream Theatre in order to reform PriPara as a place where only the best idols can go, rather than a place of fun and friendship. To do this, she steals the Summer and Autumn Dream Parade Coords from Dressing Flower and Cosmic Omurice da Vinci under a disguise she calls Kaitou Genius. She reveals herself to be Kaitou Genius in Episode 73 and returns the DreTickets to their teams in the same episode. She initially has desires on Fuwari and Falulu, but after Fuwari declines her offer to become a princess, she changes her targets to Sophy and Sion. To do this, she gives Sophy a Celebrity Red Flash to boost her Cool Mode and pretends to be the 'wizard' of PriPara to lure Falulu into becoming part of Hibiki's Dream Team, causing Falulu to give her the nickname Maho-chan. She is a Celeb idol, the first one in the series' history, and her preferred brand is Brilliant Prince. In episode 77 she gains control of Pripara and reforms it into Celepara, after winning a bet against Meganii over the outcome of the Winter Idol Grand Prix. In episode 83 it is revealed that when she was a child, she was abandoned by her friends after her parents were lost at sea. However when her parents are found her friends try to reconcile with her but she refuses, revealing why she despises friendship. Ajimi also tried to befriend her but drove her crazy with her erratic personality, which may be the cause for her dislike of people using sentence enders, such as Mirei saying 'Pri'. Ajimi also refers to her by the nickname Kurukuru-chan. Hibiki also reveals she wants to win the Dream Theatre in order to have her wish of becoming a vocal doll granted. Laala and the others manage to stop Hibiki from reaching her goal and allow her to experience true friendship. Her name contains the kanji for purple. Her name also stands for the sense of hearing. She goes to Pripari with Falulu and Fuwari at the end of season 2 but returns in season 3 to participate in the Divine Idol Grand Prix.


Non Manaka (真中 のん Manaka Non)
Voiced by: Minami Tanaka
Non began as a supporting character in season 1. She is Laala's sister who is two years younger. She manages to guess about her big sister secretly attending PriPara and helps her to keep it secret. She is more level-headed than Laala but looks up to her big sister. She is a big fan of Falulu and hopes to be able to attend PriPara herself one day. Her name means "No" in French and music or sound in Japanese. In season 3, she finally receives her PriTicket and attends PriPara under the secret identity of Kanon. With help from Jewlie, she's also able to choose her other two idol identities, Pinon and Junon. She also shows considerable talent as an idol, jumping straight from the bottom rank of the student class to the top of debut class in her debut as Junon, and then to the top of major class in Triangle's debut. Unfortunately, her secret is blown in episode 101 when she loses the first round of the Divine Idol Grand Prix to SoLaMi Smile and Dressing Pafe. Despite this, both teams agree she is a worthy opponent and Non still promises to beat them. She also changes her Pripara appearance from that of Kanon to something more resembling herself. Like Laala, she also appears older when inside Pripara. After the downfall of Triangle, she begins to look for idols to form a proper team with.
Chili Tsukikawa (月川 ちり Tsukikawa Chiri)
Voiced by: Nichika Omori
Briefly debuted in the beginning of season 3 when she just received her Priticket and had an entry tour with Laala. She comes from a famous ikebana family and goes to a different school in neighbor town, and is one year younger than Laala. Originally, she wanted to be a lovely type idol just like Laala. However when she reappears in episode 113 it is revealed she has become a celebrity type idol after her mic was upgraded with a celebrity Jewel. As her celebrity personality, she acts more mature but slightly arrogant in Pripara. This change makes her want to stop coming to Pripara as she explains to Laala and her friends. Her surname means moon, the opposite to Pepper's, while her first name means river.
Pepper Taiyo (太陽 ペッパー Taiyō Peppā)
Voiced by: Nanami Yamashita
A mysterious wild Sapannah girl. She is hyper, tomboyish, and childish, and likes running around and jumping through the trees. She seems to be constantly hungry, as when she is seen hunting the various mascots and animals in PriPara. She was raised by lions, and consequently, she percieves the various characters as various different animals, which seems to affect how seriously she takes them. Laala and Non she sees as rabbits, Dorothy is a chihuahua, Sion is an eagle, Mirei is a house cat, Reona is a male lion, Chili is a peacock, and Gloria is a lioness. As Gloria and Reona are the only ones she sees as lions, they also seem to be the only ones that she shows some form of respect to, she also sees Gloria as a surrogate mother and Gloria has taken charge of looking after her. She made brief appearances in episode 108, 109 and 115 but makes her official anime debut in episode 116 when she comes to Parajuku Pripara. She is a natural type idol and her preferred brand is Sunny Zoo. Her surname means sun, the opposite to Chili's, while her first name is the english name for a spicy condiment.


A virtual team completely designed and portrayed by Non herself during the first phase of the Divine Idol Grand Prix. Each memebr of the team consists of Non as her perfect example of each type of idol, Lovely, Pop and Cool. As Non is only able to portray one idol at a time, she records herself as the other two idols, then with Usacha's help, projects a holographic representation of those idols to appear onstage along her.
Kanon (かのん Kanon)
Debuted in season 3 episode 5. She is Non's Lovely and default identity (until episode 101) and wears Rosette Jewel coords with flower ecorations. She is sweet and cute, showing a humble and shy nature - even after flooring the competition with her performance skills. She is a fan of both SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafé. The lavender streak in her hair represents the number 1. Her nickname is "The Super Cute Flower Girl".
Pinon (ぴのん Pinon)
Debuted in season 3 episode 4. She is Non's Pop identity and wears Rosette Jewel brand coords with star decorations. She is very lively and energetic, and ends her sentences with ~pippi. Dorothy notes that she is like a combination of her, Mirei, and Ajimi. The lavender streak in her hair represents the number 2. Her nickname is "The Princess of Stars".
Junon (じゅのん Junon)
Debuted in season 3 episode 3. She is Non's Cool identity and wears Rosette Jewel brand coords with butterfly decorations. She displays a stoic and cool attitude. She is highly serious and boasts a considerable level of high intelligence. She is competitive towards those she deems a threat, but despite appearing distant, she was able to capture attention with ease from others. The lavender streak in her hair represents the number 3. Her nickname is "The Superior Cool Butterfly".

Other Idols

Cosmo Hōjō (北条 コスモ Kosumo Hōjō)
Voiced by: Nozomi Yamamoto
Sophy's elder sister. Due to the fact that her parents are traveling overseas, she's Sophy's current custodian. She's a popular fashion designer and is in charge of most of the PriPara world's idol clothes and brands. She has encouraged Sophy to be an idol since her childhood. Her catch word is "Cosmic!!". She and Ajimi are also old friends and both attended a design course in Paris, where Cosmo trained to become the designer she is today. Despite not being a recurring idol in the show, she is playable in the arcade game and her preferred brand Prism Stone. She is also an original character inherited from previous Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live series' 3DS title "Kira Kira My☆Design".
Ajimi Kiki (黄木 あじみ Kiki Ajimi)
Voiced by: Reina Ueda
Debuts in season 2. Ajimi is the new art teacher to Paprika Private Academy. Possibly stemming from the stereotype that all artists are eccentric, she herself can be considered such as well. Highly energetic to the point of almost being erratic, she appears to go at about 150 mph non stop and comes off as immature. She is often seen painting graffiti all over Pripara and Paprika Private Academy. Because of her love of art, if she gets inspired she'll drop everything and revel in her discovery. Despite her energy and seeming lack of maturity, Ajimi is a friendly person. She is also Cosmo's old friend from when the two attended a design course in Paris when they were younger. Ajimi leaves Pripara to travel home in order to finds someone she used to know. In episode 82, Ajimi finds out that the person she is looking for is actually Hibki. Ajimi returns to Parajuku and tells the other idols that she knew Hibiki as a child, and tried to befriend Hibiki after she was abandoned by her friends. But Hibiki, driven crazy by Ajimi's behavior, ran away from her. She is a big fan of Reonardo da Vinci and often ends her sentence with "~da vinci!!". She is a Pop idol and her preferred brand is Candy à La Mode More, a spin-off of Mirei's Candy à La Mode. Her name contains the kanji for the color yellow. Her name also stands for the sense of taste.
Meganee Akai (赤井めが姉ぇ Akai Meganee)
Voiced by: Kanae Itō
Meganee Akai is a recurring character throughout the Pretty Rhythm series. She is one of the supporting characters in PriPara and a staff member at Prism Stone. There are more than one of her active in PriPara suggesting she is not human but is part of the Pripara system. She also appears to have control over some parts of the system's operation such as the weather. She also does not appear to age as she is shown with the same physical appearance in Gloria's childhood flashbacks as she does in the present. She is a cheery, kind, and friendly person, and is always helpful and supportive. Her name is a combination of 'Akai' meaning the color Red and 'Megane' meaning glasses in Japanese, so her name literally means 'Red Glasses' like the ones she wears. Meganee is a pun combining Megane and Nee, meaning older sister or female older than the speaker. Despite having a similar name and appearance, there is no indication that she and Meganii Akai are related. In episode 79 she makes her idol debut with Virtual Idol but does not gain a brand type despite using a cyalume charm.
Jewlie (ジュリィ Jurī)
Voiced by: Reina Ueda
Jewlie is a Goddess who Meganii reveals is to be the special guest at the Parajuku Pripara Divine Idol Grand Prix. She was supposed to arrive during the Grand Prix announcement in episode 91 but failed to arrive on time. Her where abouts is unknown but Meganee is looking all over Pripara for her. She finally appears in episode 93 when Laala enters the Divine Challenge Live after her performance with SoLaMi Smile. Like in the arcade game, she gives Laala the Cyalume Baton, which she combines with her mic so she may perform the challenge live. She then awards Laala a Super Cyalume Coord. Her name is a pun on the word jewellery and the female name Julie. Meganii and Unicorn are currently researching as to why Jewlie appeared as a infant, believing something may have happened to her during the previous Divine Idol Grand Prix. She has her idol debut in episode 117.
Jewlulu (ジュルル Jururu)
Debuted in season 3. A mysterious baby which Laala finds in Pripara, she believes Laala to be her mother so Laala decides to take care of her. She is very mischievous, appearing and disappearing in Laala's company, coausing all of Laala's friends to think she is seeing things. She likes to play and is upset easily but loves to hear music. She resides inside a special compact when she is resting which Laala carries around with her. Laala is able to bring her outside of Pripara and takes her home where Laala's sister Non helps to look after her, but Non tells Laala to keep her a secret in case it affects negatively on Laala's idol status. In episode 94 Meganii reveals that Jewlulu is Jewlie in her infant form, afterwhich each of the idols has a turn in looking after her. Jewlulu also appears to be a similar being to the vocal dolls as she shares some physical appearance to Falulu, however unlike a vocal doll she is able to leave Pripara with the help of the Divine Compact. Jewlulu awards idols a Super Cyalume Coord depending on how well the idol looks after her, as well as how good their performance is.

Mascot Managers

Kuma (クマ)
Voiced by: Chihiro Suzuki
Mirei and Laala's mascot manager. He's often worried about Laala and Mirei when it comes to schedule, and appears to have a quick temper. He says "~kuma" at the end of every sentence, and harbors a strong hatred for Usagi. In episode 15, his real name is revealed as Klaus Henrik Poncetta Von Vogel Strobel Cash De La Manecca III. In episode 1, he discovers that Laala possesses the Prism Voice, and realizes her potential as an idol.
Usagi (ウサギ)
Voiced by: Takuma Terashima
Sophy's former mascot manager and Kuma's arch-rival. He's a flamboyant mascot who constantly mocks Kuma. He's also very selfish and uncaring, he cares only for his reputation. He is dropped by Sophy when she joins SoLaMi♡SMILE. He later hires Dressing Pafé, he became very boastful of them since they made an amazing debut. He says "~usa" at the end of sentence. In episode 15, his real name is revealed as Will Michael Georges Sandrelli Mezza Bonjour Francois Girgil Je T'aime IV'.
Unicorn (ユニコン)
Voiced by: Ikue Ōtani
Falulu's mascot manager. She also acts as Falulu's guide, telling her what to do and where to go. She is also quite strict and rude, and will not allow Falulu to mix with what she deems rubbish lower rank idols, referring to Laala. Unicorn reveals she is on a special mission to bring out the Paradise Coord's shine, by finding an idol worthy of the divine rank. She finds a PriTicket whilst researching in the PriPara library which, when scanned, causes Falulu to be born. Unicorn believes that Falulu has what it takes to bring out the Paradise Coord shine but requires as many fans as possible. She also believe friendship is pointless and refuses to allow Falulu to exchange Friend Tickets or hang around with other idols. This is explained in episode 35, when Falulu snaps her PriTicket to swap with Laala, it causes a system malfunction in which Falulu falls into a deep sleep. Unicorn attempts to stop her, showing she does care for Falulu. In episode 38, she prepares to leave Pripara after completing her mission, but when Falulu endangers herself to stop her from leaving, Unicorn transforms into a pegasus to save her and the two fly away together. In episode 26, her real name is revealed as Julius Mpampis Adamantios Nicholakopouloulou Anaxagolas Odysseus Procopius Tondol -Zlatkova Nikodemos Metrophanes Caesar Yorgos Sebastianos Paraskevas Zenon Parthenova Krysanthe Akhnasia Euterpe Harmonia Demetrian, the second longest mascot and character name in the series after Ham's.
Neko (ネコ)
Voiced by: Hiromi Konno
Debuted in season 2 as Mikan and Aroma's manager. She runs her own mascot bar, where she lures Kuma and Usagi in, tricking and lying about curses to Aroma's advantage. She also tries to seduce both Kuma and Usagi in order to make them jealous of each other causing them to forget their duties as managers. However as the series progresses Neko becomes more friendly and is shown to act in the best interests of Aroma and Mikan, such as reminding Mikan about Aroma's birthday and helping her make a surprise birthday cake.
Toriko (トリコ)
Voiced by: Rikako Aikawa
Debuted season 2 as Fuwari's manager. She is given the title "The Bird of Misfortune" because many unfortunate things happen within her presence. She often acts and says things that are pessimistic, always seeing the negative side of things. Initially she is afraid of everything and everyone, and even rebuffs Fuwari's offer to become her manager. But after attempting to resue Fuwari from a river, which results in Toriko ending up in the river and being rescued by Fuwari, Toriko decides to become Fuwari's manager. After Fuwari returns to the Palps, Toriko becomes very depressed again but is overjoyed when Fuwari returns. In episode 108 she's revealed as a manager for the new unit, Tricolore (Fuwari, Falulu and Hibiki).
Usacha (ウサチャ)
Voiced by: Sumire Morohoshi
Debuted in season 2 as a student and manager-in-training at the Mascot Academy and the younger sister of Usagi. Usacha takes the appearance of a small, pink baby bunny with little ears, yellow wings, and large, sparkly eyes. She has a little heart-shaped bow-like accessory, and two bows on the back of her ears. Like her brother, she has the argyle patterns on her ears and bow, but instead of the lines crossing through diamonds, they cross through hearts. She is noted for being very cute and according to Dorothy, she looks nothing like Usagi. She only appeared in one episode of season 2 but returns in season 3 as the manager of Triangle.
Ham (ハム)
Voiced by: Makoto Furukawa (Anime), Hirofumi Nojima (PriPara Minna no Akogare Let's Go PriPari)
Ham is a hamster mascot, he is Ajimi's manager and her partner at the PriPara police department. He appears in the first opening of season 2 along with Toriko but is not introduced until episode 64 and is the only non speaking mascot. He is always seen running on his hamster wheel which he also uses as a means of transport around PriPara, and is always eating sunflower seeds. Although he does not speak Ajimi appears to understand him and his behaviour changes during certain situations, such as in episode 67 when he begins running faster on his wheel when he sees Hibiki's butterfly spy camera which Ajimi picks up on and proceeds to catch it. Usagi and Kuma also identify him as a very prominent manager in PriPara, referring to him as sensei (teacher). His full name is Hannibal Caesar Elizabeth Archimedes Newton Duke the Togo Boss Yujiro Master of the Mascot at the New Century We are the World We are the Sunflower Friedrich H.A.M. Taro the Great Golden Selime, which is the longest mascot and character name in the series, followed by Unicorn's.

Recurring characters

Meganii Akai (赤井めが兄ぇ Akai Meganii)
Voiced by: Junichi Suwabe
Meganii Akai is a popular PriPara songwriter and has written songs for Dressing Pafé and SoLaMi♡SMILE. He is a very kind, calm individual much like Meganee. He has a gentleman-like personality, but enjoys to keep his many idols on their toes with new ideas and competitions, which attracts many idols' attention. Like Meganee, he does not appear human as he has the ability to project images from his eyes. His name, like Meganee's, is a combination of 'Akai'(red) and 'Megane' (glasses) in Japanese, literally meaning 'Red Glasses', which like Meganee he also wears. Meganii is a pun combining Megane and Nii, meaning older brother or male older than the speaker, opposite to Meganee. He is also one of few males associated with Pripara. Despite having a similar name and appearance, there is no indication that he and Meganee are related. In episode 77 he is forced to hand over control of Pripara to Hibiki after she wins the Winter Idol Grand Prix. He initially becomes depressed and hangs out at Neko's bar but Laala and friends get him to cheer up. He opens the underground stage, a low tech performance stage that is not influenced by the main system, and allows Laala and her friends to perform there as they cannot use the main stage because of Hibiki's rule change. In episode 86 he regains control of the system after Laala wins the Spring Idol Grand Prix. At the end of season 2 it is reavealed that there are multiple Meganiis, each one being incharge of his own Pripara amusement park around the world.
Risa Manaka (真中りさ Manaka Risa)
Voiced by: Rei Sakuma, Madoka Yonezawa (Himeka)
Risa is Laala and Non's mother. She runs the Papa Pasta restaurant with her husband. In episode 24 it is revealed she attended Pripara when she was Laala's age and became friends with Gloria Ookanda under the name Himeka. Afterwards she is often seen attending Pripara with Gloria to perform and watch her daughters' performances.
Gloria Ookanda (大神田グロリア Ookanda Guroria)
Voiced by: Urara Takano, Minami Tsuda (Sugar)
Gloria is a supporting character in PriPara. She is the Headmistress of Paprika Private Academy Elementary School and later the Middle school. For the first half of season one, she has a deep seated hatred of PriPara and refuses to allow the elementary schoolers to attend. She forcefully confiscated their PriTickets using a handheld vacuum, nicknamed Rina. When she proceeds to confiscate the middle schoolers tickets, it leads Laala and her friends to discover the reason for her hatred of PriPara. It is revealed she was once an idol named Sugar who was betrayed by her friend Himeka when she never showed up to meet outside of Pripara, as they promised. Since then Gloria has had a hatred of PriPara and friendship. Laala however manages to convince her of the error in her judgement, leading her to reunite with Himeka, who turns out to be Laala's mother, Risa. After this, Gloria lifts her ban on Pripara and returns everyone's tickets. She is also seen attending PriPara herself to watch Laala perform and even performs herself with Himeka. She is a lot more friendlier towards everyone than she used to be, but still manages to act strict when the situation demands it, such as when she trains SoLaMi♡SMILE at the PriPara Gym or instructing Fuwari in her princess lessons.
Nao Ehime (愛媛 なお Ehime Nao)
Voiced by: Yoshino Nanjou
Nao is Laala's best friend. At the start of the series she reveals to Laala she received her Priticket before it is taken away by Gloria. She becomes a fan of Laala without realising who she is until episode 8 when Laala confides in her. Nao is initially upset that Laala went to Pripara without her but overcomes her jealousy to support her friend. She gains her Priticket back in episode 25 when Gloria has a change of heart and begins attending Pripara with Laala.
Sadako (定子)
Voiced by: Aina Kusuda
Sadoka is a female middle school student at Paprika Private Academy, and is the leader of the Royal Guard, who support and protect Sophy Hojo.
Chanko (ちゃん子)
Voiced by: Chinatsu Akasaki
Chanko is a female middle school student at Paprika Private Academy and is a member of the Royal Guard. She has the appearance of a sumo wrestler and often uses sumo actions and quotes in her personality. She is also often seen posing in swimwear in cut away scenes as a running gag throughout the series. She gets her idol debut in episode 107. She also shares the same voice actress as Falulu.
Haruki Amamiya (雨宮 春希 Amamiya Haruki)
Voiced by: Yuta Kasuya
Amamiya is a male middle school student at Paprika Private Academy. He has a huge crush on Mirei but has yet to reveal his true feelings despite trying very hard to tell her. He is very supportive of Mirei and often tries to impress her.
Nene Tokuda (徳田 ねね Tokuda Nene)
Voiced by: Yoshino Nanjo
Nene is a female middle school student at Paprika Private Academy debuting in episode 16. She enjoys journalism and is initially asked by Gloria to find out if Laala attends Pripara secretly. At first she is shown to hate Pripara as she is jealous of idols, but thanks to Laala she has a change of heart and becomes an idol herself. She is also often seen sneaking around looking for exciting news stories.
Nina Sakaue (坂上にいな Sakaue Nina) / Eiko (栄子)
Voiced by: Sarah Emi Bridcutt
Eiko is a supporting character in PriPara. She can sometimes be seen in the crowd during Laala & Mirei's performances. Her preferred brand is technically unknown, but her candy hair barrette, pop-style clothing and perky attitude hints that her brand may be Candy à La Mode. Eiko is a kind, emotional girl who can become easily attached towards others and befriend them; even going as far as to pledge herself to be Laala's number one fan just shortly after her debut. She can be easily discouraged though. She plays tennis.
Love Tochiotome (栃乙女 愛 Tochiotome Rabu)
Voiced by: Yukiko Morishita
Love is a supporting character in PriPara. She is a tennis player from Pararis Girls school and was first introduced in the anime in Episode 4, but had her major debut in Episode 10. Her main brand is Holic Trick and her normal coord in PriPara is the Lunatic Moon Coord. Her PriPara name is Cool Lovely. She is very shy around others, and gets easily flustered. When she becomes too flustered, she says "Love-15!" or "Love-30!" (basically Love-Number) and breaks out into tennis swings to calm down. She is also excitable, as shown when she made her PriPara debut.
Nanami Shiroi (白井 ななみ Shiroi Nanami)
Voiced by: Yoshino Nanjou
Nanami is an idol in the PriPara world. She is the leader of the idol group Pink Actress with her team mates Momo and Sakura. Her catchphrase is "Kyupikon".
Iroha Kagawa (香川 いろは Kagawa Iroha)
Voiced by: Rumi Okubo
Iroha is an idol who debuts in Episode 28. She is Sion Todo's longtime Go rival. When she was younger, she was beat in a Go game by Sion, and she still holds her grudge. In her civilian form, Iroha is shown to be a snob, prideful and somewhat spoiled, very much like that of a stereotypical rich girl. In her idol form however, her personality changed drastically, becoming much more soft-spoken, refined, and ladylike.
Ran (蘭たん Rantan)
Voiced by: Yuka Inokuchi
Ran is a girl Laala met in Episode 17 and again in episode 68 during Halloween in Pripara. She has a talent for special effects make-up. Ran is a girl who tries to be scary, but often fails due to her cute appearance. She is somewhat mischievous yet is a very nice girl and very energetic. Ran loves horror and scary things and because of that she wants to make that her profession and become a special effects artist in Hollywood (which she refers to as "Horriwood"). However, because she couldn't scare anyone, Ran had lost confidence in herself, but with Laala's help she got it back. She has a tendency to say "-meow", and "see, see" (ほらほら hora hora) which can be considered a play on "horror, horror". She is commonly referred to as "Ran-tan" which is a play on the word "Lantern". She is abit clumsy and is often seen diappearing from view because she trips and falls down behind objects. This has caused Laala and her friends to think she's a ghost and run from her.
Rei Andō (安藤 玲 Andō Rei)
Voiced by: Takuma Terashima
Ando is Hibiki's butler who tends to Hibiki's need. Dispite appearing to carry out Hibiki's orders without question, he cares deeply for his mistress and will defy her if need be, such as when he informs Laala and her friends of Hibiki's plan to become a vocal doll. Hibiki dismisses him after this betrayal but reinstates him after being resued by Laala and her Dream Team. He is able to come to Pripara disguised as a goat and has an unusual friendship with the local goat population. He also appears to function as a manager figure similar to Kuma and Usagi.
Janice (ジャニス Janisu)
Voiced by: Aki Toyosaki
Janice is a Goddess and the sister of Jewlie. She appears in episode 117 after Jewlie makes her first appearance in front of Laala. In episode 118, it reveals that she has been against her sister's will to become an idol in order to protect the Pripara system from loss of control. She was halfy forced to come to the Pripara world along with her sister and ends up becoming a baby as well. She had been hiding in Chiri's compact and was heard giving Chiri orders to attend Pripara in some previous episodes, even though Chiri was afraid of her celeb alter ego and refused to go.
Saints (セインツ Seintsu)
Saints are a legendary idol trio. Three years before the events of the series, they disbanded after their final concert. The three members of Saints were actually Aira Harune, Mia Ageha and Naru Ayase - the protagonists from each of the Pretty Rhythm series. They only appear as silhouetted figures in the anime, where they only appear in flashback footage of their final concert. They actually appear in the first movie when Laala and friends go to the Prism World, where they teach Laala and her friends all about the world of Prism Shows. Before the beginning of the series however, they appeared with Laala in the Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection.



The PriPara arcade is a rhythm game developed by Syn Sophia. In the game, you are able to create your own character and level her up by performing concerts. It costs 100¥ for PriPara TV mode (regular) or 200 ¥ for Dream Theater. Each mode has different (sometimes exclusive) coords, gameplay, and songs. Each live generally consists of 3 Rhythm sections, Making Drama (not in Dream Theater, instead replaced by Making Theater), and Cyalume Change (replaced in Dream Theater by Cyalume Airy). But before your concert, you go through Coord Change, where you dress your character up with clothes collected from PriTickets (and formerly, Prism Stones from the Pretty Rhythm arcade game .) After your concert, you either receive a one coord piece selected from two (PriPara TV) or one entire coord (Dream Theater.) Your ticket dispensed from the machine acts as gameplay and as your coord piece, with the top half detachable as a "Friend Ticket" which you trade with friends.


An anime television series adaptation by Tatsunoko and DongWoo A&E began airing on TV Tokyo and other TXN stations from July 5, 2014. In the spring of 2015, the series can also be seen on three JAITS stations in Nara (TVN), Shiga (BBC) and Wakayama (WTV). Starting from the second arc of the first season, the series also began airing on FNN affiliate Sendai Television. From July 5, 2015, exactly one year after its first episode, PriPara began airing on ANN affiliate SATV.

An animated theatrical film PriPara the Movie: Everyone, Assemble! Prism ☆ Tours was released in March 2015.[3] A second anime theatrical film Fly Out, PriPara: Aim for it with Everyone! Idol☆Grand Prix was released on October 24, 2015.[4] A third film, PriPara: Everyone's Yearning Let's Go☆PriPari, was released on March 12, 2016.[5]


The following is a list of insert songs used in the anime, they are used in a mixture of group and solo performances.

Opening Title songs which are also used as insert songs include:

"Make it!" by i☆Ris, there is also a version including vocals by Chinatsu Akasaki used in episode 37. This is also the signature song for the Saints.
"Miracle☆Paradise" (ミラクル☆パラダイス) by i☆Ris
"Realize!" by i☆Ris. This is SoLaMi Dressing's signature song.
"Dream Parade" (ドリームパレード) by i☆Ris, this is the headline song for the Dream Theater.
"Bright Fantasy" by i☆Ris
"Goin'on" by i☆Ris
"Ready Smile!!" by i☆Ris, this is the song used for a Divine Challenge Live. From Episode 103 onwards, it's SoLaMi♡SMILE's song.
"Brand New Dreamer" by Laala Manaka (Himika Akenaya) and Non Manaka/Triangle (Minami Tanaka). There are four versions of this song, three are of Laala dueting with each individual member of Triangle, and the fourth is of all four of them together. This is also used as an ending song in episode 122.

Songs used in group performances include:

"Marble Make up a-ha-ha!" (ま〜ぶるMake up a-ha-ha! Māburu Make up a-ha-ha!) by Laala Manaka (Himika Akenaya) and Mirei Minami (Yū Serizawa). Laala also has a duet of this song with her sister Non (Minami Tanaka) in episode 122.
"Pretty Prism Paradise!!!" by SoLaMi♡SMILE [Laala Manaka (Himika Akenaya), Mirei Minami (Yū Serizawa), and Sophy Hōjō (Miyu Kubota)]
"Happy pa Lucky" (HAPPYぱLUCKY) by SoLaMi♡SMILE [Laala Manaka (Himika Akenaya), Mirei Minami (Yū Serizawa), and Sophy Hōjō (Miyu Kubota)]
"No D&D code" by Dressing Pafé [Sion Tōdō (Saki Yamakita), Dorothy West (Azuki Shibuya), and Reona West (Yuki Wakai)]
"CHANGE! MY WORLD" by Dressing Pafé [Sion Tōdō (Saki Yamakita), Dorothy West (Azuki Shibuya), and Reona West (Yuki Wakai)]
"Love friend style" by SoLaMi♡Dressing [Laala Manaka (Himika Akenaya), Mirei Minami (Yū Serizawa), Sophy Hōjō (Miyu Kubota), Sion Tōdō (Saki Yamakita), Dorothy West (Azuki Shibuya), and Reona West (Yuki Wakai)], Laala also has a solo version of this song used in episode 36
"PaPiPuPe☆POLICE!" (ぱぴぷぺ☆POLICE!) by Laala Manaka (Himika Akenaya), Dorothy West (Azuki Shibuya), and Mikan Shiratama (Yui Watanabe)]
"Devi&An☆Reversible Ring" (でび&えん☆Reversible Ring) by Aromageddon [Aroma Kurosu (Yui Makino) and Mikan Shiratama (Yui Watanabe)], this is Aromageddon's signature song.
"Twin Mirror♥Compact" (ツインミラー♥コンパクト) by Dorothy West (Azuki Shibuya) and Reona West (Yuki Wakai)], this is the West twin's signature song.
"Triangle Star" by SoLaMi♡SMILE [Laala Manaka (Himika Akenaya), Mirei Minami (Yū Serizawa), and Sophy Hōjō (Miyu Kubota)]. This song is a reworded version of Perfect with Pri.
"All Idol Song Precious♪" (オールアイドル組曲 プリシャス♪ Ōru Aidoru Kumikyoku Purishasu♪)} by SoLaMi♡SMILE [Laala Manaka (Himika Akenaya), Mirei Minami (Yū Serizawa), Sophy Hōjō (Miyu Kubota)],Dressing Pafé [Sion Tōdō (Saki Yamakita), Dorothy West (Azuki Shibuya), Reona West (Yuki Wakai)], Falulu (Chinatsu Akasaki), Gaarumageddon [Aroma Kurosu (Yui Makino), Mikan Shiratama (Yui Watanabe), Gaaruru (Asami Sanada)], Ajimi Kiki (Reina Ueda) and Fuwari Midorikaze (Azusa Satou), this song was used in the second movie PriPara Minna no Akogare Let's Go PriPari to save PriParis.
"Run♪for Jumping!" by Dressing Pafé [Sion Tōdō (Saki Yamakita), Dorothy West (Azuki Shibuya), and Reona West (Yuki Wakai)]
"Amazing・Castle" by Gaarmageddon [Aroma Kurosu (Yui Makino), Mikan Shiratama (Yui Watanabe) and Gaaruru (Asami Sanada)]
"Mon chouchoue" by TriColore [Hibiki Shikyōin (Mitsuki Saiga), Fuwari Midorikaze (Azusa Satou) and Falulu (Chinatsu Akasaki)]
"Sugarless×Friend" (シュガーレス×フレンド) By NonSugar [Non Manaka (Minami Tanaka), Chiri Tsukikawa (Nichika Omori) and Pepper Taiyo (Nanami Yamashita)]

Song used in solo performances, usually as an idol's signature song, include:

"Pe~rfect with Pri" (プリでパーフェクト Puritto Pa~fekuto) by Mirei Minami (Yū Seriziwa)
"Solar flare sherbet" (太陽のflare sherbet Taiyō no flare sherbet) by Sophy Hōjō (Miyu Kubota)
"Absolute Life of a final show Girl" (絶対生命 final show女 Zettai Seimei fainaru shōjo) by Sion Tōdō (Saki Yamakita)
"0-week-old" (0-week-old) by Falulu (Chinatsu Akasaki), there is also an arranged version of the song used during season 2, and a version by Gaaruru (Asami Sanada). Hibiki also sings a duet of this song with Falulu in episode 111.
"Your 100% Life" (君100%人生 Kimi Hyaku-Pā Jinsei) by Cosmo Hōjō (Nozomi Yamamoto)
"Come and Join This Song ~Layhee" (コノウタトマレイヒ Kono Uta Tomare-ihi) by Fuwari Midorikaze (Azusa Satou). Hibiki also sings a duet of this song with Fuwari in episode 89. Ajimi also duets with Fuwari in the second movie PriPara Minna no Akogare Let's Go PriPari.
"Panic Labyrinth" (パニックラビリンス Panikku Rabirinsu) by Ajimi Kiki (Reina Ueda)
"Pure・Amore・Love" (純・アモーレ・愛 Jun・Amore・Ai) by Hibiki Shikyōin (Mitsuki Saiga). This song also appeared as an ending in episode 73.
"Virtual Idol♥" (ヴァーチャデリアイドル♥ Bachaderi Aidoru♥) by Meganee Akai (Itō Kanae)
"Charismart GIRL☆Yeah!" (かりすま〜とGIRL☆Yeah! Karisumāto Gāru Iē!) by Non Manaka (Minami Tanaka). "かりすま~と" is a unique portmanteau word which consists of "カリスマ (karisuma charisma)" and "スマート (sumāto smart)". There are four separate versions of the song, one for each of Non's identities, Kanon, Junon and Pinon, and a group version performed by all three members of Triangle.
"Just My Chance Call" by Chanko (Chinatsu Akasaki)
"Girl's Fantasy" by Jewlie (Reina Ueda)

Songs used in Dream Theater performances include:

"Lucky! Surprise☆Birthday" by Solamageddon Mi [Aroma Kurosu (Yui Makino), Mikan Shiratama (Yui Watanabe), Laala Manaka (Himika Akenaya), Mirei Minami (Yū Serizawa), and Sophy Hōjō (Miyu Kubota)]
"Bold Summer Adventure" (トンでもSUMMER ADVENTURE Tondemo Summer Adventure) by Dressing Flower [Fuwari Midorikaze (Azusa Satou), Laala Manaka (Himika Akenaya), Sion Tōdō (Saki Yamakita), Dorothy West (Azuki Shibuya), and Reona West (Yuki Wakai)]
"Omuomurice" (オムオムライス) by Cosmic Omurice da Vinci [Ajimi Kiki (Reina Ueda), Cosmo Hōjō (Nozomi Yamamoto), Laala Manaka (Himika Akenaya), Dorothy West (Azuki Shibuya), and Mikan Shiratama (Yui Watanabe)]
"What A WonderPri World!!" (ホワット・ア・ワンダプリ・ワールド!!) by the CelePara Opera Company [Hibiki Shikyōin (Mitsuki Saiga), Falulu (Chinatsu Akasaki), Sophy Hōjō (Miyu Kubota), Mikan Shiratama (Yui Wantanabe), and Sion Tōdō (Saki Yamakita)]
"Around・the・PriPara Land!" (アラウンド・ザ・プリパランド! Araundo・za・PuriParando!) by the CelePara Opera Company [Hibiki Shikyōin (Mitsuki Saiga), Falulu (Chinatsu Akasaki), Sophy Hōjō (Miyu Kubota), Reona West (Yuki Wakai), Sion Tōdō (Saki Yamakita)], and Friendall [Laala Manaka (Himika Akenaya), Dorothy West (Azuki Shibuya), Mikan Shiratama (Yui Wantanabe), Mirei Minami (Yū Seriziwa) and Aroma Kurosu (Yui Makino)]

Ending songs:

"Jumpin' Dancin'" () by Prizmmy☆. This song was the series' first ED, used in episodes 1 - 13.
"Shining Sparkling Runway☆" (キラキランウェイ☆ Kira Kiran Wei☆) by Prism☆Box. The series' secong ED, used in episodes 14 - 26.
"I Just Wanna Be With You ~Between Virtual and Reality~" (I Just Wanna Be With You ~仮想と真実の狭間で~ I Just Wanna Be With You ~Kasou to Shinjitsu no Hazama de~) by Prizmmy☆. The series's third ED, used in eps 27 - 39.
"Idol Strength♥Lesson Go!" (アイドルキンリョク♥Lesson GO! Aidoru Kiryoku♥Lesson GO!) by Laala Manaka (Himika Akenaya) and Prism Idol Trainees. The series' fourth ED, used in episoded 40 - 51.
"Heart-Clenching Love Song (胸キュンLove Song Mune Kyun Love Song) by SUPER☆GiRLS. The series's fifth ED, used in eps 52 - 64.
"Rainbow ・ Melody♪" (レインボウ・メロディー♪ Reinbō・Merodī♪) by i☆Ris, Yui Makino, Yui Watanabe, Azusa Satou, Reina Ueda, Mitsuki Saiga. The series' sixth ED, used in eps 65 - 77.
"ThankYou♥Birthday" by Laala (Himika Akenaya). It was a special ending in episode 71, to celebrate Laala's birthday.
"LOVE TROOPER" by Prizmmy☆. The series' seventh ED, used in eps 78 - 89.
"PriPara ☆ Dancing!!!" (プリパラ☆ダンシング!!! PuriPara ☆ Danshingu!!!) by Laala (Himika Akenaya) and Gaaruru (Asami Sanada). The seires' eighth ED, used in episoded 90 - 115.
"Growin' Jewel!" by i☆Ris. The series' ninth ED, firstly used in episode 116.


Title Air Date
"PriPara the Movie: Everyone, Assemble! Prism ☆ Tours"
"Gekijō-ban PriPara Mi~nna Atsumare! Prism ☆ Tours" (劇場版プリパラ み~んなあつまれ!プリズム☆ツアーズ) 
March 7, 2015

Aira, Mia, Naru, and Laala introduce themselves as if it were an episode of Pretty Rhythm All-Star Selection. Laala thanks them for their help and offers to teach them about the world of PriPara. Everyone agrees, until Mia points out that this isn’t All-Star Selection: this is the PriPara movie. The PriPara characters then announce that the movie is beginning. Meganee and Meganii address an audience of various minor Pretty Rhythm characters and tells them that while recording devices are not allowed, cheering for idols and using glow sticks is permitted. Meganee and Meganii introduce performances of Marble Make Up A-Ha-Ha!, Solar Flare Sherbert, Pretty Prism Paradise, and No D&D Code. Laala, Mirei, Sophy, Sion, Dorothy, and Reona then appear on the train and Meganee proposes a contest between SoLaMi Smile and Dressing Pafe. They perform Happy Pa Lucky and Change My World. As the results of the contest are being tabulated, the screen glitches out and Falulu appears, performing 0-week old. After her performance, her pedestal rises into the stars, causing an error in the Prism Tour system. Falulu encounters Rinne from Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live and as they touch, a bright light engulfs the screen and the Prism Tour’s destination abruptly changes from PriPara Town to Mascot Hell. As the Prism Tour train hurtles into Mascot Hell, Cosmo Hojou calls out to them and performs Your 100% Life. The PriPara characters exit the train and ask Cosmo where they are. Cosmo says she doesn’t know and asks who they are, confusing the group. Cosmo offers the group Prism Stones which the group uses to enter the Prism Show world, where they meet Aira, Mia, and Naru, who introduce themselves as Prism Stars and offers to teach the group about Prism Shows. The group are given a choice of four doors to go through.

At this point, the movie diverges into one of 4 routes depending on what the audience chooses. Each route recaps different aspects of the previous Pretty Rhythm series, mainly reintroducing the different characters and their performances. However Laala and friends only get a chance to enter one door at a time meaning the film must be watched four times to view each door choice.

The PriPara characters come back out of the door they entered, but the Prism Show World starts to collapse. As everyone starts falling into the abyss Rinne appears, telling them to perform using the Prism Stones they received earlier to restore the Prism World’s sparkle. They perform Realize while incorporating Prism Jumps, Prism Acts, and Prism Lives. Aira, Mia, and Naru thank the group for their help and perform Make It. Prism World is restored and the PriPara characters are able to leave. After the tour is over, the group runs into Cosmo, who is confused when they ask if she was on the tour with them. Cosmo explains that she went on the tour a long time ago when she was deciding whether or not to become a designer. The tour helped inspire her to create the cyalume coords that are used in PriPara. Laala decides that the group should go on the tour again, only to realize that Kuma and Usagi are nowhere to be found. The group slowly realizes that they’re still in Mascot Hell, and the movie ends with Kuma and Usagi in hell begging for help where they meet Penguin Sensei. After the credits, Aroma and Mikan appear, promising the audience that they will meet again in PriPara Town. 
"Fly Out, PriPara: Aim for it with Everyone! Idol☆Grand Prix"
"Tobidasu PriPara Mi~nna de Mezase! Aidoru☆Guran Puri" (とびだすプリパラ み~んなでめざせ!アイドル☆グランプリ) 
October 24, 2015
A 3D film based on the anime. 
"PriPara: Everyone's Yearning Let's Go☆PriPari"
"PriPara Minna no Akogare Let's Go PriPari" (プリパラ みんなの憧れレッツ・ゴー☆ PriPari) 
March 12, 2016
The story begins when the protagonist Laala Manaka receives a distress call from Falulu in PriPari in France, the sacred place for the PriPara idols. She says that the place has started losing its Sparkle power, and if it does the world of PriPara will disappear. Laala and freinds then embark on an adventure to save Falulu and Pripara so they can keep being idols. 


A manga adaptation by Hitsuji Tsujinaga began serialization in Shogakukan's shōjo manga magazine Ciao from July 2014.[6]


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