Tse Kwan-ho

This is a Chinese name; the family name is Tse.

Tse Kwan-ho (Chinese: 謝君豪, born March 23, 1963, also known as Tze Kwan Ho, Xie Jun-Hao, Gardener Tse) is a Hong Kong actor. Originally a nurse he rose to prominence in the stage play "The Mad Phoenix" (Chinese: 南海十三郎), this was later remade into a feature film of the same name, and for which Tse would win the 1997 Golden Horse Best Actor award. Following "The Mad Phoenix" Tse would go on to become a full-time actor and has since appeared in stage, television, film and radio serial productions.

Early life

Tse Kwan-ho was born in Hong Kong on March 23, 1963.


Tse graduated from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 1989, he joined the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre and was with them for the next eight years. In 1997 he joined Raymond To and Clifton To's Springtime Stage Productions Limited and appeared in "Pygmalion" and "Magic is the Moonlight". He is a prolific film, television and stage actor.[1]




Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1989The Bachelor's Swan Song再見王老五
1994I Have a Date with Spring我和春天有個約會Danny
1995The Chinese Feast金玉滿堂
The Umbrella Story人間有情
1997Final Justice最後判決
The Mad Phoenix南海十三郎Kong Yue-kau
1998Nude Fear追兇20年Wong Wing-nin
The Lord of Hangzhou杭州王爺Mei Chi
1999Ordinary Heroes千言萬語Yau Ming-foon
2000There Is Love in Life生有可戀
2001The Tree孩子·树Xie Wenguang
2002Possessed奪魄勾魂Henry Yeung
Memento35米厘兇心人Dr. Tse
2003Bless the Child某年某月某日Sean
2004The Miracle Box天作之盒Albert Lau
2005Mob Sister阿嫂
2006The Tokyo Trial東京審判Yuichi Kitano
2007A Night Surprise一夜驚情Chan Muk-kin
A Promise笛声何处Au-yeung San-dek
2008A Decade of Love十分鍾情husbandSegment 1: "Old Peak Road" (舊山頂道)
Dawn Operation黎明行動He Fei
2009Chinese Food蟹蟹侬Mr. Wu
2010Just Another Pandora's Box越光寶盒Agent Smith
Wind Blast西风烈
201172 Heroes英雄喋血Pan Dawei
The Land with No Boundary无界之地
The Purple House紫宅Shen Yang
2012Young Blood青春搏击
Sky Love恋爱三万英尺Xie Hao
2013Lift to Hell电梯惊魂Ouyang Ke
The Stolen Years被偷走的那五年Philip Zhang
Princess Show公主的诱惑Brother Hao
2014Wonder Mama媽咪俠Kok Ka-ming
2015Full Strike全力扣殺Ng Kau-chun
Midnight Garage三更車庫Mr. Bai
Tomb Mystery墓穴迷城Gu Dexuan
TBAThe Crabby Encounter of Love爱的蟹逅

TV Dramas

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2000My Date with a Vampire II我和殭屍有個約會IILarry
So, the King of Beggars武狀元蘇燦So Chan
Anywhere but Here妳想的愛Ka Chung-wai
2001True Love嫁錯媽Kwok Man-chung
Everyone Come Look都來看Xu Wenchang
2002Book and Sword, Gratitude and Revenge書劍恩仇錄Yu Yutong
2003Heroes of the Sui and Tang Dynasties隋唐英雄傳Emperor Yang of Sui
Thunder Cops暴風刑警Fok Tin-leung
The Second Spring第二春Du Lei
2004Dream of Colours下一站彩虹Nick Yau
Bloody Lotus鐵血蓮花Lin Weiliang
Devil's Blues叛逆战队Yejun
2005Chinese Paladin仙劍奇俠傳Mo Yixi
The Little Fairy天外飛仙Lao Xinrong
2006To Live to Love长恨歌Cheng Shidi
2007King Qian in Wuyue吳越錢王Emperor Taizong of Song
The Song of Youth青春之歌Yu Yongze
City of Heroes記憶之城Zhu Jinmo
The Best Time最好的時光Lu Xiaomao
2008The Shadow Fox狐步諜影Tan Na
Gunfire at the Secret Bureau保密局的槍聲Zhang Zhongnian
Mandarin Duck River鸳鸯河Wei Jianqing
2009The Eve of the Nation's Founding開國前夜Jiang Shifei
2010Fourteenth Floor十四楼Xie Jue
The Doctors医者仁心Zhong Lixing
The Legend of Yang Guifei楊貴妃傳奇Yang Xuangui
The Men of Justice法網群英Henry Chung Kin-hang
2011Qingmang青盲Chen Wenhai
The Soul of the National Protection Army護國軍魂傳奇Yuan Keding
Women Soldiers of the New Fourth Army新四軍女兵Pan Wenhu
The Fragrant Grass Beauty香草美人Linghu Tao
2012The Legend of the Twin Brothers風雲傳奇
  • Pu Feng
  • Pu Yun
The Sinister Love of Mother and Son血雨母子情
Baby's War宝贝战争Zhao Hui
Schemes of a Mother娘心計
  • Tie Jun
  • He Wenda
2013Mao Zedong毛泽东Sun Yat-sen
2014ICAC Investigators 2014廉政行動2014Chapman Cheuk
2015Cruel Romance錦繡緣華麗冒險Xiang Hanchuan
Cold Winter寒冬Yu Dejiang
The Cage of Love抓住彩虹的男人Wu Hongda
City of Desperate Love華胥引之絕愛之城
2016Face and Mind整容季Mr. M
TBAStay With Me放弃我,抓紧我
Charlie Soong: The Father宋耀如·父親Charlie Soong
The Female Housekeeper女管家

Awards and nominations

Year # Award Category Work Result
1997 34th Golden Horse Awards Best Actor The Mad Phoenix Won
1998 17th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor Nominated
2000 19th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actor Ordinary Heroes Nominated
1993 2nd Hong Kong Drama Awards Best Actor (Comedy/Farce) The Marriage of Figaro Nominated
1994 3rd Best Actor (Tragedy/Drama) The Mad Phoenix Nominated
1995 4th Best Supporting Actor (Tragedy/Drama) The Seven Sages Nominated
1996 5th Best Actor (Comedy/Farce) Red Room, White Room, Black Room Nominated
2003 12th Best Actor (Tragedy/Drama) Secret of Resurrection Nominated
2011 2nd One Drama Awards Best Actor The Liaisons Nominated


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