Chang Feng

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Chang Feng
Chinese name (traditional)
Chinese name (simplified)
Pinyin Cháng Fēng (Mandarin)
Ethnicity Han Chinese & Manchu
Origin Taiwan
Born (1923-04-06) April 6, 1923
Harbin, China
Spouse(s) Chang Yao (張瑤) (m. 1956)
Children 2
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Chang.

Chang Feng (born 6 April 1923) is a Chinese actor based in Taiwan.



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1951Wake Up from Nightmare惡夢初醒Chiang Feng
1959Real Tresasures鐵甲雄風
1965Hsi Shih: Beauty of Beauties西施Kucheng
1966Fire Bulls還我河山
Downhill They Ride山賊
Poison Rose毒玫瑰
1967Men of the Skies壯志凌雲
Spring Comes Late春遲
1968Interrupted Melody巫山點點愁
Spring Morning Flying Cloud春曉雲開
1969The Investiture of the Gods封神榜
Three Lucky Men福祿壽
The Beautiful Swordswoman艷俠
Sworn Chivalries名門金劍俠士情
Sworn Chivalries武士盟
Escorts Over Tiger Hills虎山行
Sword of Endurance紅衣俠女Xu Guangyuan
1970A Sword for a Killer大遊俠
The Begging Swordsman神笛丐俠
What Now My Love太太懷孕了
Unforgotten Ones一封情報百萬兵
The Husband and the Pussycat貓與丈夫
1976The Super Rider閃電騎士 大戰地獄軍團
Heroine Kan Lien Chu甘聯珠
A Happy Affair大喜事
The Five of Super Rider閃電五騎士
The Magic Ring神環
197718 Swirling Riders旋風十八騎
The Shaolin Kids少林小子
Confused Love變色的太陽
The Shaolin Brothers少林兄弟
1978The Swift Shaolin Boxer獨霸天下
1979The Silent Lake寧靜海
Kung Fu on Sale功夫大拍賣
1980Undated Wedding佳期鬧翻天
Love in a Big Land大地親情
1981If I Were for Real假如我是真的Zhou Minghua's father
The King and the Eunuch皇帝與太監
The Coldest Winter in Peking皇天后土Wang Peizhu
The Guy with the Secret Kung Fu洪文定與胡亞彪
1982Four Encoutners酒色財氣
Return of the Electric Love大遠景
Nightmarish Highway九彎十八轉
Escape to Freedom黑獄大逃亡
1984The Warmth of an Old House頤園飄香
Shanghai 13上海灘十三太保
2000Born to Be King勝者為王

TV Dramas

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1985Ode to Gallantry俠客行Bai Zizai
1986Imperial Concubine Yang楊貴妃Li Linfu
1988Moment in Peking京華煙雲Mr. Tseng
Eight Thousand Li of Cloud and Moon八千里路雲和月Li Gang
1992The Legend of Liu Bowen劉伯溫傳奇Magistrate Yin
No Regrets This Life今生無悔
1993Justice Pao包青天Shi Qiao
1994The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber倚天屠龍記Zhang Sanfeng
The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants七俠五義Ji Gao
1995The Daughter-in-Law that Shook the World驚世媳婦Chiu Chen-fa
1996Guan Gong關公Sima Hui
1998Women at Thirty女人三十
2013Golden Dad金牌老爸
2014Teacher Gangstar神仙·老師·狗

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