Alex Man

Alex Man Chi-leung
Chinese name 萬梓良 (traditional)
Chinese name 万梓良 (simplified)
Pinyin Wàn Zìliáng (Mandarin)
Jyutping Maan6 Zi2-loeng4 (Cantonese)
Born (1957-07-25) 25 July 1957
Hong Kong
Years active 1977 - present
Spouse(s) Tien Niu (1992-1996)
Kwok Ming Lai (2002-)
Ancestry Bao'an, Shenzhen, Guangdong
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Man.

Alex Man Chi-leung (萬梓良) is a Golden Horse Award-winning Hong Kong actor. Born in Hong Kong to Hakka parents, Alex Man became a television actor for ATV in the 1970s. He joined TVB in the 1980s where he starred in several popular television dramas. Man sang the Hakka song, "客家山歌最出名", during a Hong Kong TVB television show specially made for him.



Year Title Role Notes
1979 The Secret (瘋劫) Yuen Si-cho
1981 The Daring Age (I.Q. 爆棚) Teacher Chow
1981 Avengers from Hell (鬼域) Sunny
1982 My Beloved (花煞)
1982 Buddha's Palm (如來神掌) Gu Han-hun
1983 Bastard Swordsman (天蠶變) Dugu Wudi
1983 Hong Kong, Hong Kong (男與女) Kong Yuen-sang
1984 Prince Charming (青蛙王子) Joseph
1984 New Tales of the Flying Fox (新飛狐外傳) Miao Renfeng
1984 Return of the Bastard Swordsman (布衣神相) Dugu Wudi
1984 Maybe It's Love (窺情) Wan Jilang
1984 The Little Cute Fellow (男女方程式)
1984 Lust from Love of a Chinese Courtesan (愛奴新傳) Lin Yun
1984 The Hidden Power of the Dragon Sabre (魔殿屠龍) Song Qingshu
1984 An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty (唐朝豪放女) Tsui Pok-hau
1984 The Daring Kung-Fu Refugee (傻探出更)
1984 Hong Kong 1941 (等待黎明) Wong Hak-keung
1984 Misfire (走火炮)
1985 Journey of the Doom (水兒武士) Shan
1985 Lucky Diamond (祝您好運) George
1985 Let's Have a Baby (替槍老豆) Peter Mui Te-sang
1986 Brotherhood (兄弟) Ah Keung
1986 The Story of Dr. Sun Yat Sen (國父孫中山與開國英雄)
1987 Long Arm of the Law II (省港旗兵續集兵分兩路) Biggy
1987 Rich and Famous (江湖情) Tang Kar-yung
1987 Killer's Nocturne (不夜天) Yin Li-shan
1987 Tragic Hero (英雄好漢) Tang Kar-yung
1987 The Big Brother (1哥) Stephen See
1988 Law or Justice? (法中情) Fang Wei
1988 Edge of Darkness (陷阱邊沿)
1988 Flirting Scholar (挑情)
1988 Mr. Possessed (撞邪先生) Shen Zhihang
1988 Ruthless Family (法律無情)
1988 As Tears Go By (旺角卡門) Tony
1988 He Who Chases After the Wind (捕風漢子)
1988 Rouge (胭脂扣) Yuan Ting
1988 One Way Ticket to Bangkok (勇闖毒龍潭)
1988 Set Me Free! (我要逃亡)
1988 Gangland Odyssey (大頭仔) Ng Chun-sing WonGolden Horse Award for Best Actor
1989 China White (轟天龍虎會) Bobby's father
1989 Devil Hunters (獵魔群英)
1989 Missing Man (都市獵人) Yip Sai-cheung
1989 Framed (沉底鱷)
1989 Fight to Survive (我在江湖)
1989 Crocodile Hunter (專釣大鱷) Chuen Mak-yuen
1989 Running Mate (追女重案組)
1989 Armageddon (城市判官)
1989 The Last Duel (再起風雲)
1990 Fatal Recall (大哥大續集) Liu Wuxiong
1990 Young Soldier (少爺當大兵)
1990 Best Friend of the Cops (豬標一族) Jen Chin-hsing
1990 The Figures from Earth (出土奇兵) General Thunderbolt
1990 Day of Thunder (金牌雙龍)
1990 Big Brother (鐵漢柔情) Lee Way
1990 Fire Phoenix (橫衝直撞火鳳凰)
1990 King of Gambler (賭王) Paul
1990 Gangland Odyssey (義膽雄心) Fan Chi-hung
1990 Return to Action (喋血風雲) Man Yung-keung
1990 Hong Kong Gigolo (香港舞男)
1990 Fatal Passion (致命的誘惑)
1990 The Sniping (奇兵)
1990 The Dragon Fighter (地頭龍)
1991 The Killer From China (禁海蒼狼) Ann Sam
1991 Yellow Rain (美國博仔)
1991 The Godfather's Daughter Mafia Blues (烈火情仇) Master Lee Wah-yu
1991 Heroic Brothers (虎豹小子)
1991 Bloody Hero (喋血奇兵)
1991 All of the Gamblers (賭尊) Ching's assistant
1991 Phantom War (英倫越戰)
1991 The Queen of Gamble (表姐,妳玩野!) Lik
1992 Bloody Revenge (風塵十三姨) Superintendent
1992 Casino Tycoon (賭城大亨) Kwok Ying-nam
1992 Casino Tycoon II (賭城大亨II之至尊無敵) Kwok Ying-nam
1992 The Mighty Gambler (勝者為王)
1992 Super Lady Cop (超級女警) Chiu Shiu
1993 The Trail (大路)
1993 He-Born to Kill (十大槍擊要犯之殺生狀元)
1994 The Case of the Spirit of Banana (香蕉精奇案) Detective Ma
1995 Tough Beauty and the Sloppy Slop (怒海威龍) Officer Wan
1997 Young and Dangerous 4 (97古惑仔戰無不勝) Cheung Tin-yeung
1998 Young and Dangerous 5 (98古惑仔之龍爭虎鬥) Cheung Tin-yeung
1999 The Conmen in Vegas (賭俠大戰拉斯維加斯) Peter Chu
2000 Born to Be King (勝者為王) Cheung Tin-yeung
2001 Fidelity (兄弟)
2010 The Jade and the Pearl (翡翠明珠) King of the West
2010 Bruce Lee, My Brother (李小龍) Ng Cho-fan
2012 The Bounty (懸紅) Innkeeper Sun Nominated—Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actor
2013 Young and Dangerous: Reloaded (古惑仔:江湖新秩序) Cheung Tin-yeung


Year Title Role Notes
1979 It Takes a Thief (俠盜風流) Nam-kung Yat
1980 Dynasty (大內群英) Yongzheng Emperor
1980 Dynasty II (大內群英續集) Yongzheng Emperor
1980 Tai Chi Master (太極張三豐) Zhang Sanfeng
1983 The Return of the Condor Heroes (神鵰俠侶) Luk Lap-ting
1985 The Yang's Saga (楊家將) Han Xiang
1985 The Legend of the General Who Never Was (薛仁貴征東) Xue Rengui
1986 The Return of Luk Siu-fung (陸小鳳之鳳舞九天) Luk Siu-fung
1986 The Feud of Two Brothers (流氓大亨)
1987 Genghis Khan (成吉思汗) Genghis Khan
1987 The Seasons (季節)
1987 The Price of Growing Up (生命之旅)
1988 And Yet We Live (當代男兒)
1989 The Justice of Life (他來自江湖)
1991 Big Family (大家族)
1992 The Key Man (巨人)
1992 The Thief of Time (群星會) Cameo
Television film
1993 The Edge of Righteousness
1995 Down Memory Lane (萬里長情)
1995 The Golden Pillow (金枕頭)
1996 Brave New World (新阿郎)
1996 Riding the Storm
2004 Magic Chef (伙頭智多星) Supreme Taster Law Hon Special guest appearance
2011 Invincible Knights Errant (七俠五義人間道) Bao Zheng

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