All That: The Album

All That: The Album
Soundtrack album by Various Artists
Released November 26, 1996[1]
Recorded 1994-1996
Genre Hip hop, R&B
Length 41:00
Label Loud, RCA, Nick
Producer Tracy Sullivan
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All That: The Album is the soundtrack of musical performances and sketch clips from the hit Nickelodeon television series All That.

Track listing

1. 5 Minutes (All That Dialogue) 0:14
2. TLC - All That Theme Song 1:04
3. Good Burger/Good Weenie (All That Dialogue) 0:26
4. Immature featuring Smooth and Kel Mitchell as Ed from Good Burger - Watch Me Do My Thing 3:50
5. Superdude (All That Dialogue) 0:24
6. Brandy - Baby 5:12
7. Ed & Coolio (All That Dialogue) 0:32
8. Coolio - Fantastic Voyage 4:01
9. Vital Information I (All That Dialogue) 0:09
10. Mokenstef - He's Mine 4:13
11. Miss Fingerly V. Bacteria (All That Dialogue) 0:18
12. Soul For Real - Candy Rain 4:28
13. Coach Kreeton (All That Dialogue) 0:08
14. Aaliyah - Age Ain't Nothing but a Number 4:11
15. Loud Librarian (All That Dialogue) 0:33
16. Naughty By Nature - Clap Yo' Hands 3:58
17. Earboy & Pizza Face (All That Dialogue) 0:32
18. Faith Evans - You Used to Love Me 4:28
19. Vital Information II (All That Dialogue) 0:06
20. Immature - We Got It 2:51
21. TLC - All That - Outro Theme Song 1:13


The album was created and recorded in 1994-1996. The songs were from musical guest in Seasons 1 (1994-1995) through Season 2 (1995-1996). The dialogues were directly from All That sketches like Good Burger, Vital Information, and Superdude. This CD wasn't released till a week after the premiere of Season 3, so Amanda Bynes isn't in the CD, nor is Angelique Bates, due to her small amount of characters in the show, but she was heard briefly in the "Miss Fingerly v. Bacteria" dialogue.

After the release of iCarly CD, it contained dialogues like The Album, but they were recorded to recap certain episodes from the first season. The Drake & Josh soundtrack and Zoey 101: Music Mix did not contain any dialogues from their releases.


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