All That (season 10)

All That (season 10)
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 14
Original network Nickelodeon, TEENick (block)
Original release April 30 – October 22, 2005

Season 10

The tenth season of All That aired from early 2005 until late 2005. This is the 4th and final season of the relaunch era. The season aired 15 episodes, beginning with a special to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Approximately 6.2 million total viewers watched the special on both its April 23 and April 24 airings, making it the top cable or broadcast program for the 2-11, 6-11, and 9-14 age demographics.

Intro to the Show

The intro was similar to Seasons 4 and 5. It featured the cast on a red carpet, they come out of a limo and greet their fans.

Cast Changes

The show saw many changes before the start of the season. Shane Lyons and Giovonnie Samuels were both dropped from the show to make room for new cast members. Jamie Lynn Spears got her own show on Nickelodeon and left the show. Producers hired Kianna Underwood and Denzel Whitaker to replace them.

Lil' JJ

After a five-year absence the art of the featured player was brought back to the show. Lil' JJ was brought on as the feature player. Like the last season producers brought back Vital Information which had been absent since the 6th season. Producers got Lil' JJ to anchor the sketch. However, he would only appear in the sketch and not take part in any other part of the show.

Season finale

Season 10 ended on October 22, 2005 with the show reaching a total of 178 episodes. Since then, Nickelodeon has removed All That from its television line with reruns appearing on TeenNick and ending 22 Episodes before the 200th episode. However, All That still had a strong following and was still one of the most popular shows on the network. Nickelodeon planned to re-relaunch the show, this time, reprising the roles of every sketch from the past seasons. Over a decade later there have been no further discussions.


bold denotes Vital Information anchor only

Check season 10 in full series episode list for correct air dates.

10th anniversary

All That
Genre Comedy, Sketch, Reunion
Starring (List of All That cast members)
Original language(s) English
Location(s) Hollywood, California
Camera setup multi camera set-up
Running time 60 minutes (including commercials)
Original network Nickelodeon
Original release April 23 – April 25, 2005
Preceded by All That (Season nine)

The Nickelodeon's All That 10th Anniversary Reunion Special was a television special aired by Nickelodeon to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the sketch comedy series All That. The special was broadcast on April 23 and April 24, 2005 and featured the cast members of All That from both eras, and featuring the "auditions" of two new cast members, and new castmember Lil' JJ's first Vital Information, although some cast members didn't attend. The special was also watched by 6.2 million viewers.

The Reunion Special was a one-hour event, including commercials. The special had many guest stars and crossover sketches with characters from Seasons 1-6 to Seasons 7-9. Characters from the original era include Principle Pimpell, Coach Kreeton, Detective Dan, Fat Cop, and Good Burger. From the relaunch include Sugar and Coffee, Randy Quench, and Trash 'n Fashion. Bow Wow sings the All That theme song featuring Lisa Foiles, Chelsea Brummet, and Kianna Underwood, which becomes the final segment during the Reunion. Thus, the cast members declare the special over after concluding with the Seasons 7-10 sign-off: "That's.... Allllll That!!".

During the special All That week to the Reunion (April 18–22, 2005), Nickelodeon created a special All That week by airing episodes from the first 9 seasons, leading up to the "reunion special" hosted by Frankie Muniz on April 23. Ashanti and Bow Wow were the musical guests.

The last segment of the special paid tribute to the ending soundclip of the original seasons. As the room for the anniversary party was empty, Kenan and Kel stood sleeping in the costumes of their roles as Mavis and Clavis. Kenan woke up and says "Hey, Clavis!, wake up, the show's over," and Kel responds with his signature, "Oh yeah, kick it". They then turn and slowly walk away as the screen fades to black in a dramatic yet subtle ending to the 10 year tribute.

Chronologically, the Anniversary and Season 10 of All That were filmed in Fall 2004, then Nickelodeon came to air them the following year. After the Anniversary ended, Season 10 began airing a week later, on April 30, 2005.

The list below shows the entire list of cast members. Cast members marked with an Green tick attended the event. Cast members marked with an Red X did not attend the event. Cast members in bold font had a speaking role in the event.

Cast member list

Season 10

Season # Series # Title U.S. viewers
Original air date Code
1–2165–166"Nickelodeon's All That 10th Year Anniversary Reunion Special"6.2[1]April 23, 2005 (2005-04-23)Special

Stage Room/Backstage – The current cast introduces host Frankie Muniz, but he is held up by Thelma Stump (Jamie Lynn Spears). After he gets her some bacon, he comes and hosts.

  • Good Burger: Ed (Kel Mitchell), is celebrating Good Burger's 10th anniversary by wreaking havoc on Lester Oaks, Construction Worker (Kenan Thompson), Bernie and Bernice Kibbitz (Josh Server and Christina Kirkman), Venice Hyatt (Lisa Foiles), who is a parody of Paris Hilton, and other Good Burger workers and customers. When fireworks are delivered to the restaurant, Ed places them on the grill, which causes them to set off and cause chaos in Good Burger.
  • Mavis & Clavis: They want a date with Chelsea and start fighting over her. While they're busy fighting, Chelsea leaves, and an old woman takes her place. When Mavis and Clavis realize the old woman's presence, they run away, frightened.
  • Frankie, Kenan, and Kel reminisce on their years on All That and show a montage of clips of their hilarious sketches.
  • Green Room: Past and present cast members, and other Nickelodeon stars from Zoey 101 and Drake & Josh enjoy the 10th anniversary party until Carlee (Jamie Lynn Spears) and Marlee (Lisa Foiles) comment badly on almost everyone's clothes except Drake Bell.
  • Bloopers from Pierre Escargot, Amanda's first sketch, Tilt-a-Hurl w/ Aaron Carter, Brittney, Sugar & Coffee, Bridgett's Slumber Party, Sunshine Sally, and 2-Gether-4-Ever.
  • Josh introduces musical guest: Jack and Christina hang out with Josh as Jack is about to introduce musical guest. Jack offers Josh to introduce but he turns it down. But, Josh pushes Jack off, and tells everyone to give a round-o-sound for Ashanti!
  • Musical guest: Ashanti ("Only U"). After Ashanti's done, she wishes All That a happy 10th anniversary.
  • Happy 10th Anniversary: Television personalities and music artists such as Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Jesse McCartney, Simple Plan, and Raven-Symoné wish All That a happy 10th anniversary.
  • Frankie interviews Josh and Danny on their auditions to get on All That.
  • New Cast Auditions: Auditions are being held backstage. Kianna Underwood knocks Kyle out and becomes a new cast member.
  • Coach Kreeton (Kel Mitchell) and Abigail Rhodes (Chelsea Brummet) are dating and plans to propose to her one night. However, just before he can propose, Principal Pimpell (Kenan Thompson) comes in and wants Kreeton to return to his teaching position at Dullmont Jr. High, which he blatantly refuses to do. Kreeton then tries to explain to Principal Pimpell the situations of his proposal, but before he can finish, a burglar steals the ring. Kreeton then calls the police, and an officer immediately responds: Jack Campbell, Fat Cop (Danny Tamberelli). At this point, Kreeton sends Abigail away to get some coffee and sugar so that she doesn't find out about Kreeton's proposal. As usual, Campbell is only interested in searching the house's refrigerator, and when he doesn't find the ring there, he darts upstairs to check the refrigerator there. When Kreeton shouts that "What we need is a detective!", Detective Dan comes flying through the window (Josh Server). Like normal, Dan immediately concludes that the victim, in this case Coach Kreeton, is the perpetrator of the crime, and promptly electrocutes him with a Taser, though Kreeton is once again quickly back on his feet. Abagail now returns with the items he asked for earlier: "Sugar & Coffee"'s Buzz (Kyle Sullivan) and Kaffy (Lisa Foiles). Summoning arms from above the stage, the two douse Kreeton with coffee and sugar. When Kreeton complains that his tongue is on fire, Randy Quench (Jack DeSena) chops through the wall, and proceeds to chase everyone out of the house by blasting them with water.
  • More cast auditions: This time Denzel Whitaker knocks Kyle out and becomes the 2nd new cast member of All That's 10th season.
  • Nick Cannon comes to the All That stage live via satellite and wishes All That a Happy 10th Anniversary. He also talks to Kenan and the season 10 cast, giving Kianna and Denzel advice on being a cast member of All That. The cast had a hard time connecting to Nick and the microphone breaks. Repairman (Kel Mitchell) then drops from the ceiling to "fix" the microphone, but in typical Repairman manner, uses it to knock out Kyle. Lisa then calls security. Repairman then ends up destroying the plasma TV, and the security guards come and drag Repairman away.
  • Clips from the new season of All That (Season 10).
  • Kyle, Josh, and Danny introduce a live semi-educational moment. Everyday French with Pierre Escargot (Kenan Thompson).
  • All That Classic Clip: Ask Ashley (Amanda Bynes) The girl who doesn't know how to turn her peanut butter and jelly sandwich over.
  • Best All That Scene Ever: The Unreal World! Gabe (Kyle Sullivan) refuses to share his hot tub with anybody. But Pharrah (Giovonnie Samuels) summons Zoey (Jamie Lynn Spears) out from underwater in the hot tub. She loses her foot. Frankie (Shane Lyons) has to pee. So he decides to do it in the hot tub. Gabe finally realizes that he should share his hot tub and jumps out of it at the last second.
  • All That returns Vital Information back to the show.
  • 'Vital Information For Your Everyday Life with Lil' JJ. After that, he wishes All That a Happy 10th Anniversary and will see everybody on All That.
  • Jack, Ryan, Christina, and Kyle give the audience a round-o-sound for Bow Wow.
  • Musical Guest: Bow Wow ("All That Theme" Song") featuring Chelsea, Lisa, and Kianna)
  • Final Remarks: Everybody wishes All That a Happy 10th Anniversary altogether from the bottom of their hearts and for watching All That for the past 10 years. Every cast member of All That from the past and present come onto the stage surrounding Bow Wow.
  • After the Closing Credits: After the special is over, Mavis (Kenan Thompson) and Clavis (Kel Mitchell) stand sleeping on the stage. Mavis wakes up and, in an homage to the ending sound clip from seasons 1-5, Mavis says "Hey Clavis! Wake up, the show is over," and Clavis responds with "Oh yeah, kick it!" They both leave, ending the special.
3167"Mario"N/AApril 30, 2005 (2005-04-30)1002

  • Green Room - Action Figures: Kyle brings in a big box filled with All That action figures that say quotes the cast members have never said. It is eventually revealed to the audience, but not to the cast members, that the action figures are the work of the "Know Your Stars" announcer.
  • Zortogs
  • Vital Information
  • Randy Quench Volunteer Fireman: Barbeque
  • A Poem By Claudia
  • Know Your Stars: Denzel Whitaker
  • Vital Information introduces musical guest: Mario
  • Kianna Underwood & Denzel Whitaker's first episode as cast members.
4168"Fantasia"N/AMay 7, 2005 (2005-05-07)1003

  • Green Room - Jack's Stunt Double: Jack has hired a stunt double, but he goes off duty when confronted by a big biker. Jack must try to fight the biker... Either that or Kyle's mother will take care of it.
  • L.A.M.O.S.
  • Vital Information w/ Lil' JJ
  • Jim Tasty
  • Know Your Stars: Kianna Underwood
  • Fantasia ("Truth Is")
5169"Jesse McCartney"N/AMay 14, 2005 (2005-05-14)1004

  • Green Room - Dance-Off: In order to see who wins grape soda, Denzel and Kianna have a dance-off and Ryan and Kianna later dance at a speeding pace and they explode. Denzel then gets the soda.
  • The Filthy Chef
  • Vital Information
  • Arts & Crafts with Percy and Poncy: A birdhouse
  • Ask Meemaw
  • Know Your Stars: Chelsea Brummet
  • Musical Guest: Jesse McCartney
6170"JoJo"N/AMay 28, 2005 (2005-05-28)1010

  • Green Room: Denzel's Blood Test
  • Sugar & Coffee in the Chemistry Class
  • A Poem by Claudia
  • Arts and Crafts with Percy and Poncy: Knitting
  • Vital Information
  • Kareena Jones
  • Know Your Stars: Christina Kirkman
  • 2Gether 4Ever introduces musical guest: JoJo
7171"Tyler Hilton"N/AJune 4, 2005 (2005-06-04)1005

  • Green Room - Defective Lisa Clone: Denzel makes a clone for Lisa but, according to my opinion, it's a black guy.
  • Zortogs
  • Vital Information
  • Escaped criminal Roxy McDougal in Ms. Bubell's class
  • Know Your Stars: Kyle Sullivan
  • The Rougenecks introduce musical guest: Tyler Hilton
8172"Drake Bell"N/AJune 11, 2005 (2005-06-11)1011

  • Green Room - Kyle's new elderly girlfriend: It seems that Kyle's new girlfriend, Maude, is old, so Jack talks to him and it was only so HE can have her.
  • 2Gether 4Ever
  • Vital Information
  • Kareena Jones Public Service Announcement: Stay in School
  • Jeff Bester: Safety Tester
  • Know Your Stars: Ryan Coleman
  • Kareena Jones introduces musical guest: Drake Bell ("Circles")
9173"Bow Wow"N/AUnaired (Aired in Australia) (Unaired (Aired in Australia))1001

  • Green Room - Truth or Bear?
  • The L.A.M.O.S.: Fashion Show
  • Vital Information
  • A Poem by Claudia
  • Ask MeeMaw
  • Know Your Stars: Kianna Underwood
  • Musical Guest: Bow Wow
10174"Morgan Smith"N/AOctober 1, 2005 (2005-10-01)1006

  • Green Room: All That Yard Sale
  • The Filthy Chef: Fried Chicken w/ Macaroni and Cheese
  • Kareena Jones Public Service Announcement: Recycle
  • Vital Information
  • 2Gether 4Ever featuring Chelsea and Kyle
  • Know Your Stars: Ryan Coleman featuring Kyle Sullivan
  • Zortogs introduce musical guest: Morgan Smith
11175"Brooke Valentine"N/AOctober 8, 2005 (2005-10-08)1007

  • Green Room - Christina loses her arms
  • A Poem by Claudia
  • Vital Information
  • Kareena Jones
  • Know Your Stars
  • Musical Guest: Brooke Valentine
12176"American Hi-Fi"N/AOctober 15, 2005 (2005-10-15)1008

  • Green Room: Kyle & The Chicken
  • The Filthy Chef: Clam Chowder
  • A Poem by Claudia
  • Vital Information
  • Ask MeeMaw
  • Jeff Bester: Safety Tester
  • Know Your Stars: Lisa Foiles
  • Percy and Poncy introduce musical guest: American Hi-Fi
13177"Brie Larson"N/AUnaired (Aired in Australia) (Unaired (Aired in Australia))1012

  • Green Room - The cast is beaten by bullies
  • Vital Information w/ Lil' JJ
  • Know Your Stars
  • Musical Guest: Brie Larson
14178"Lalaine"N/AOctober 22, 2005 (2005-10-22)1009

  • Green Room - All That President Election: Kyle wants the rest of the cast to vote for him, while they want to vote for Chelsea's cat. In the end: clowns appear and beat up Kyle because the show was canceled due to All That huge popularity.
  • Randy Quench - Awards Ceremony with host Rex Firestone (Ryan)
  • Vital Information w/ Lil' JJ
  • Trapped in an Elevator - Abby Rhodes, Percy Flavin, Claudia, and Claude Grimes are trapped inside an elevator.
  • Know Your Stars: Christina Kirkman
  • Christina is supposed to introduce the musical guest but after Denzel gives her a sandwich with too much pepper, he introduces Lalaine.
  • Musical Guest: Lalaine ("I'm Not Your Girl")

(Final episode of the show's second run) (Also final episode to feature Chelsea Brummet, Jack De Sena, Lisa Foiles, Ryan Coleman, Christina Kirkman, Kyle Sullivan, Kianna Underwood, and Denzel Whitaker.)


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