List of All That sketches

This is a list of sketches on the Nickelodeon variety show All That.

Notable sketches from Seasons 1–6

Good Burger

A sketch took place at a fast food restaurant called Good Burger featuring a clueless cashier, Ed. (played by Kel Mitchell in Seasons 1–5 and Ryan Coleman in Seasons 9–10). The skits later became the premise for the Good Burger starring Kel Mitchell, reprising his role as Ed, and Kenan Thompson as a new character named Dexter. Dan Schneider played Ed's frequently irritated boss Mr. Bailey during the first five seasons and in the film.


Season Episode Musical Guest Source
1 Episode 2 Da Brat
1 Episode 4 Immature
1 Episode 8 Coolio
1 Episode 14 A Few Good Men
2 Episode 1 Naughty by Nature
2 Episode 5 Jon B.
2 Episode 9 Subway
2 Episode 13 Sinbad with Coolio
2 Episode 14 Mark Curry and Deborah Cox
2 Episode 19 Shai
2 Episode 20 IV Example
3 Episode 1 Tia and Tamera Mowry with LL Cool J
3 Episode 3 Oliver Muirhead with Immature feat Smooth and Kel Mitchell
3 Episode 5 Tyra Banks and Blackstreet
3 Episode 8 702
3 Episode 12 Sherman Hemsley with Nas
3 Episode 16 Dr. Joyce Brothers and Sherman Hemsley/Heavy D.
3 Episode 18 Aaliyah
3 Episode 21 Erykah Badu
4 Episode 4 Tricia Dickson and Alisa Reyes with Wyclef Jean
4 Episode 8 Spice Girls
4 Episode 12 Missy Elliott
4 Episode 13 Boyz II Men
5 Episode 8 All That Live 100th Episode
5 Episode 19 The M.A.F.T. feat Kel Mitchell
10 Episode 1 All That 10th Anniversary Reunion Special

Dullmont Junior High School

|A recurring location that served as the setting for many sketches based on life as a middle school student. At the school, strange things would happen, mainly due to the insane staff which consists of:

Have a Nice Day with Leroy & Fuzz

A parody of Sesame Street that features Leon Frierson as Leroy, a boy who hosts a children's TV show with the help of Fuzz (performed by Kevin Carlson), an annoying blue puppet similar to a Muppet. The sketch has Leroy discussing a topic that irritates him and most other children, such as homework, bedtime, brushing teeth, sharing, or taking a bath. Fuzz then chimes in by describing the positive aspects of each topic, frequently singing annoying songs or discussing the games he likes to play. Leroy has no patience for this, and insults and assaults Fuzz in various ways, such as hitting him with heavy objects. At the end of each sketch, Leroy devises a way to have Fuzz painfully removed from the screen, including placing him in a shipping crate marked "CUBA," launching him into space, or flushing him down a toilet; he would then tell the children to "Have a Nice Day." In a sketch about babysitting, Leroy was surprisingly positive about the prospect of being tended to by the attractive teenage girl his parents had hired to watch him.


Season Episode Musical Guest Source
4 Episode 3 Tommy Davidson and Robyn
4 Episode 4 Tricia Dickson and Alisa Reyes and Wyclef Jean
4 Episode 10 Backstreet Boys
4 Episode 18 K-Ci & JoJo
4 Episode 19 Kobe Bryant and Ice Cube
5 Episode 6 Faith Evans
5 Episode 10 98 Degrees
5 Episode 12 Outkast
5 Episode 14 5 Young Men
5 Episode 19 The M.A.F.T feat. Kel Mitchell
6 Episode 4 The Cast of Snow Day/Hoku

The Spice Boys

A parody of Spice Girls that consisted of five different kinds of boys with an unnamed female manager (played by Christy Knowings). They attempt to sing at end of a Spice Boy segment. There have been segments of the Spice Boys signing autographs, a QA, recording a song, and signing autographs in their hotel room. The Boys are:


Season Episode Musical Guest Notes
5 Episode 4 Shaquille O'Neal
5 Episode 5 Monica
5 Episode 12 Outkast
5 Episode 17 3rd Storee
6 Episode 6 M2M
6 Episode 8 Sammie
6 Episode 13 IMx

Starring Danny Tamberelli, Nick Cannon, Josh Server (Seasons 5-6), Kenan Thompson (Season 5)

Walter the Earboy

A parody of sitcoms featuring Walter the Earboy (Josh Server); his name is derived from the fact that each of his ears is almost as large as his entire head (as the theme song puts it, "His ears are REALLY BIG!"). Earboy and his friends Pizza Face (Kel Mitchell), who has a literal slice of pizza on his head, Tinsel Teeth (Alisa Reyes) whose mouth is full of Christmas decorations, and Four Eyes (Angelique Bates) who has four eyeballs in two sockets, are the outcasts of Dullmont Jr. High, and frequently devise ways to become popular or likable. To this end, Earboy frequently seeks the aid of H. Ross Perot (Katrina Johnson), who is depicted as a bizarre elderly man who does insane things such as keeping a homeless man for a pet or shooting arrows at chicken legs hanging on his wall; whenever anyone questions Perot's motivations, he replies "'Cause I got FOUR BILLION DOLLARS!" Despite his oddities, Perot does occasionally give Earboy good advice, and the teenage freak often comes out ahead.


Season Episode Musical Guest Notes
1 Episode 1 Phil Moore / TLC
1 Episode 2 Da Brat
1 Episode 6 Brandy
1 Episode 12 Zhané
2 Episode 6 The Twinz
2 Episode 12 Diana King
3 Episode 11 112
3 Episode 13 John Leguizamo / Mona Lisa

Starring Josh Server as Walter the Earboy, Kel Mitchell as Pizza Face, Katrina Johnson as Ross Perot, Alisa Reyes as Tinsel Teeth, Angelique Bates as Four Eyes

The Island Girls

The Island Girls starred Lori Beth Denberg and Alisa Reyes as Fran and Kiki, two girls who were stranded on a deserted island after Kiki's boat collided with Fran's boat as seen in the theme song that is a spoof of Gilligan's Island. Fran desperately wanted to escape the island and often devised ways to reach civilization. Unfortunately, the happy-go-lucky (and stupid) Kiki would constantly end up ruining Fran's ideas. Occasionally, visitors would come to the island such as a group of pirates (played by Angelique Bates and Josh Server) looking for buried treasure, natives from a neighboring island (played by Kel Mitchell and Josh Server) looking for human sacrifices to give to their sacred hamster, three-armed aliens (played by Kenan Thompson and Josh Server) who are visiting Earth, and Kiki's sister Didi (played by Katrina Johnson) who has the same personality as her sister. Fran would always hope to escape with them only to see them driven away by Kiki's silly actions. The sketch always ended with Kiki singing her "Forever and Ever" song and Fran knocking herself unconscious so that she wouldn't have to hear Kiki sing. Alisa Reyes mentioned at the 2011 Comikazee Panel that this was her favorite sketch.

Episodes featuring the Island Girls

Starring Lori Beth Denberg as Fran
Alisa Reyes as Kiki

Baggin' Saggin' Barry

This sketch starred Kenan Thompson as Baggin' Saggin' Barry, a boy with extremely large pants. Barry's friends were often stuck in unfortunate situations. Thankfully, he would always have everything that the group needed in his enormous pants, including food, drinks, entertainment, and even transportation (one sketch featured him pulling a full-sized airplane out of his pants). In one notable episode in Season 2, Barry met Baggin' Saggin' Mary (Alisa Reyes), and the two engaged in a battle of who had more stuff in their pants. He lost the battle but he got some advice from Clavis to believe what's in his pants and he eventually beats Mary (by pulling Abraham Lincoln out of his pants) and they get married and have children. This sketch inspired the title of a later Kenan & Kel episode "Baggin' Saggin' Kel".

Episodes featuring Baggin' Saggin' Barry

Starring Kenan Thompson as Baggin' Saggin' Barry

Vital Information

Vital Information was a sketch in which Lori Beth Denberg (later Danny Tamberelli and Lil' JJ during the relaunch, respectively) delivered one liners, usually three in a row. Some of these Vitals included:

Starring Lori Beth Denberg (Seasons 1–4), Danny Tamberelli (Seasons 5-6), Lil' JJ (Season 10)

The Adventures of Superdude

A parody of the comic book character, Superman. The sketch revolved around a teenage superhero (played by Kenan Thompson) whose alter ego was named Mark Cant (a possible reference to Clark Kent). His girlfriend was Penny Lane (a possible reference to Lois Lane), both characters also appearing in Dullmont Junior High School, and his main nemesis was Milk Man (a possible reference to Lex Luthor). Superdude's one weakness was being lactose intolerant (he could not be touched by dairy products), therefore all of his villains were dairy-themed: Milk Man, Butter Boy, Cow Boy, and Yogurl (the majority of these villains are played by Kel Mitchell). A few notable characters appeared in Superdude sketches:

Episodes featuring Superdude

Starring Kenan Thompson as Superdude

Ask Ashley

Ask Ashley[1] was a sketch starring Amanda Bynes as a little girl named Ashley, who offered advice from her bedroom on a TV series. She was sweet and friendly until she read letters sent in by clueless viewers. After reading a letter, Ashley would go on a violent tirade against the letter's author (although in one scene did act normal, but that was after she read a letter from a boy who asked why he was being ignored, which Ashley does after she picks up another letter). Her characteristic phrase, "Thaaaaat's me!" during the sketch became one of the sketch's trademarks. (In later sketches, children in the audience could be heard saying it with her.) The first letter that Ashley ever read was written by somebody who had no idea how to turn their peanut butter and jam sandwich over (her mother put the jelly on the wrong side) and Ashley yelled "TURN THE STINKING SANDWICH OVER!!!!" In one memorable sketch, Dr. Joyce Brothers made an appearance to talk to Ashley about her tirades and even read one of the letters, and like Ashley (who was her biggest fan) also launched into a tirade when it came to the letter about a kid who wasn't using the lights when the kid was stumbling in the dark. Another sketch had Danny Tamberelli playing a boy named Robert Freeman who arrived in Ashley's room and read her a letter on how he can get his letter to Ashley to which Ashley told him to use the mail and then orders him to get out of her room. The final letter read by Ashley (in the original series finale) was asking her why she is so mean to everyone who sends letters. In an episode of The Amanda Show, Amanda opens a letter on stage. She reads the greeting, "Dear Amanda," and the crowd responded "Thaaaaaat's me!" Amanda responded by saying "No, different show, different show". There is another episode where Stuart takes over Ashley, but is caught by Kevin and a few cops. He fires everyone except the female producer who showed more sympathy to him. In the 10th anniversary, when Nick Cannon was introduced on Via Satellite, he said "that's me, wait, that's not my sketch."

Episodes featuring Ask Ashley

Starring Amanda Bynes as Ashley and Dan Schneider as Announcer


Ishboo was a foreign exchange student whose customs were rather unusual to Americans. It was proper in Ishboo's foreign land (which was never named) to shout "Walla Walla Woo!" and hide behind furniture in a panic after somebody sneezed. It was proper to bark like a dog while proposing a toast. It was customary to give your psychiatrist a live lobster on your first visit. When Ishboo's American friends gave him a birthday cake, he ran for a fire extinguisher in a panic and immediately doused the candles, asking, "How dare you set fire to my birthday cake?" It is suspected that Ishboo may have been a fake, as he is quite adept at getting out of troublesome situations-even those he "did not understand" seconds before. To escape from predicaments, he would hypnotize people by using his "swinging jewel". Comedian Sinbad guest starred as Ishboo's father Sinboo.

Episodes featuring Ishboo

Starring Kenan Thompson as Ishboo

USS Spaceship

A parody of Star Trek. It featured Captain Tantrum (played by Amanda Bynes), commander of the U.S.S. Spaceship. She was only a child and often whined and screamed to get her way. Her crew included:

They traveled around space and often encountered villains such as these:

Captain Tantrum would often scream and cry when she encountered the villains. In one memorable sketch, the crew defeated the greedy Piganoids by sending over a missile and then energizing it sending bacon flying everywhere. After the alien villain was defeated, Captain Tantrum would tell her crew to set course to wherever she wants to go.

Starring Amanda Bynes as Captain Tantrum, Kel Mitchell as Singo, Josh Server as First Mate, Kenan Thompson as Officer Ulcer, Alisa Reyes as Susumi, and Christy Knowings as Lt. Fondue.

Loud Librarian

A sketch starring Lori Beth Denberg as Mrs. Hushbaum, a librarian. Ironically, who was very loud in her library. She commonly honked her air horn and blew her whistle while students are studying. She always engaged in noisy activities such as these:

Ironically, when someone else in the library made the tiniest sound, including asking her to stop what she was doing, she would scream things like, "QUIET! THIS IS A LIBRARY! CAN'T YOU READ?! PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO STUDY! HOW CAN YOU BE SO RUDE?! HUSH! IF YOU CAN'T BE SILENT, THEN I WILL BE VIOLENT!" A trademark of the sketch was her air horn, and the signs she had placed around the library that read, "Quiet", "No Talking", "Stifle", "Hush", "Silence", and "Shhh".

Starring Lori Beth Denberg as Ms. Hushbum; this was also Lori Beth's favorite sketch.

Other sketches

SketchAppearances from Season(s)Information & PlotStarring
Billy Fuco Seasons 4–6 A boy who would always shout and loved saying his name. He appeared in random sketches. In a "What Do You Do?" sketch, it is revealed that he likes to shout at garbage. Leon Frierson as Billy Fuco
Repairman Seasons 2–5 Whenever a device, item, or piece of equipment broke in a household, workplace, or public area, Repairman (played by Kel Mitchell) appeared (usually by falling from the sky and crashing into something on the way like a ceiling, roof, or wall), claiming he could fix it. However, he usually ends up further damaging the article he intended to repair, finding other things in the vicinity to “repair," and ultimately angering the owners (except Bacteria who, although initially angry, joined him in "repairing" things after their concert audience loved it). In the beginning of the sketch when asked to identify himself he exclaimed with a self-made echo, “I’M REPAIR MAN-MAN-MAN-MAN-MAN-MAN!!” He would finish off his introduction with a rather sinister and insane laugh. Once he called in a "second opinion" and introduced a one-time sidekick named REPAIR BOY-BOY-BOY-BOY-BOY-BOY-BOY (played by Leon Frierson) who also fell out of the sky. Kel Mitchell as Repairman
Cooking with Randy and Mandy Seasons 1–4 A sketch starring Kenan Thompson and Angelique Bates. Every now and then, When Cooking With Randy and Mandy started, the two greeted each other with "Hi, Randy," and "Hi, Mandy." The two played a duo named Randy and Mandy, who had their own cooking show on the fictional channel 106B. Every recipe concocted by the duo always contained massive amounts of chocolate (for example: spaghetti smothered in chocolate syrup). The only reason they had chocolate for every recipe is only because they are obsessed with chocolate. In one sketch, Randy gets in a hot tub that, instead of water, contains liquid chocolate. When Angelique Bates left the show, the sketch was renamed Cooking With Randy, with the explanation being that Mandy had been sent to a chocolate rehabilitation center after trying to drink an entire chocolate fountain during Randy and Mandy's chocolate-based weekend. A different chef would appear each time with their own preferred ingredient such as a chef (played by Chris Farley) who preferred ketchup and Randy would have to demonstrate chocolate's superiority. There were also some episodes like one involving Randy's grandfather (played by Tommy Davidson) who wants him to change his diet and another one which featured an appearance by Jack Campbell: Fat Cop. Kenan Thompson as Randy
Angelique Bates as Mandy (Seasons 1–2)
Whateverrr! Seasons 4–6 A sketch starring Amanda Bynes and Christy Knowings as Gina and Jessica. They played a pair of loud, ditzy teenage valley girls who hosted their own television show. The duo commonly talked about very materialistic things such as broken fingernails, giving females makeovers, holding the first Mr. Whateverrr pageant, and their recurring obsession with Leonardo DiCaprio. This sketch, like "Cooking With Randy And Mandy", aired on channel 106B. In addition, they had a set change and theme sketches, sometimes with famous people like NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. One of the sketches was on the 100th episode when Gina threw a surprise birthday party for Jessica which she bring out a birthday cake with the Backstreet Boys on it. Gina gave Jessica a present Robert Ri'chard (the star of Cousin Skeeter) after he was dragged off the streets from Gina and then wrap him up as a present who then escape after Jessica thanking Gina. However, Repairman appeared overhearing Jessica (who had just broke her fingernails) and started to wreck the whole "Whateverrrr" set which ended with him breaking the camera. The setting has a girly room and has posters of rock and pop bands like Fuel and Matchbox 20. Amanda Bynes as Gina
Christy Knowings as Jessica
Everyday French with Pierre Escargot Seasons 1–5 Featured Kenan Thompson, sitting in a bathtub filled with suds, wearing a rain coat and matching hat and swimfins on his feet. In the sketch, Kenan Thompson as Pierre Escargot would take a break from whatever he is doing (like playing an accordion or pretending to drive a car), say silly phrases in badly-pronounced French, and then translate them in English. The sketch was commonly used to introduce the show's musical guest. Some examples:
  • Hey, stop licking my kangaroo!
  • Kiss me under the bologna tree.
  • May I take a nap in your nose?
  • Like yogurt, I have fruit on my bottom.
  • I have not showered in 36 days.
  • Why is your butt talking?
  • Your grandfather looks pretty in that wedding dress.
  • It's not my fault your sheep can't follow instructions.
  • Congraulations on your smelly sombrero.
  • Don't put bacon fat on my toilet seat.
  • Can I borrow your brother's pretty brassiere?
  • Keep your hands off my chicken nuggets!
  • Another one, comedic, was: "MMMMMMMM, ce' toi le' di messey de' HOT DOG AND HAMBURGER AND PIZZA AND STUFF"!!!, which (supposedly) means: "MMMM! this men's room smells wonderful!"
  • One line was an incredibly long mock-french sentence, humorously translated as "How are you?"
  • Thompson referenced himself when he translated a line as "The actor who plays Superdude is very handsome."

This was used in the 10th anniversary and was Kenan's favorite sketch.

Kenan Thompson as Pierre Escargot
Life with Peter and Flem Seasons 2–4 In the tradition of an over-the-top Goofus & Gallant or Bud and Dud, was a sketch that featured Peter (Kel Mitchell) and Flem (Josh Server), doing the same thing but with different methods. Peter would use the right way while Flem would use his "own" stupid method.

For example:

  • "After watching a fine programming, Peter turns off the T.V. with the remote control... Flem uses a brick."
  • "Peter excuses himself when he wants to use the restroom... Flem is using the restroom right now."
  • "Peter always brushes his teeth before going to bed... Flem brushes his hobo."
  • "Everyday after school, Peter walks his dog Fido... Flem walks his grandmother."
  • "In the winter time, Peter keeps warm by wearing his heavy jacket... Flem pours hot gravy on his lap."
  • "Before going on a date, Peter sprays himself with sweet smelling cologne... Flem spreads peanut butter in his armpit."
  • "Peter has been a good boy all year so Santa gives him lots of nice presents... Flem has to convince Santa to give him lots of nice presents."
  • "When introducing the musical guest, Peter applauds... Flem says 'Lets give a Flemacious round of sound for our musical guest (insert musical guest's name)"
  • "Peter kills flies by using a yellow fly swatter... Flem kills flies with his little brother's guitar."
  • "Peter eats cereal the proper way. He counts each bite 24 times... Flem eats like a nasty goat."
  • "Peter shows us the good way to eat a sandwich... Flem shows the bad way to eat a sandwich."
  • "When Peter gets a wound, he puts on a clean bandage... Flem uses his wounds as chip dip."
  • "On the way home from school, Peter found a shiny new penny... Flem found a hobo."
  • "Peter exercises every day, he runs over five miles... Flem runs from the police."
  • "Peter saves his money in a piggy bank... Flem buys bras.
  • "Peter teaches his dog neat tricks like "sit" and "roll over"... Flem teases chickens.
Kel Mitchell as Peter
Josh Server as Flem
Dan Schneider as Narrator
Lemonade Scammer Seasons 1–3 A sketch featuring an adorable little girl (played by Katrina Johnson) who just wanted to make some money selling her homemade lemonade. Unfortunately for people passing by, the little girl was extremely "persuasive", utilizing methods such as giving away peanuts soaked in pepper juice and then charging ridiculously hefty prices for her drinks, or making people pay extra for a cup, ice, or sugar. If a customer refused to pay or buy lemonade, the girl would cry and make up something that her mom would do as a punishment. A later sketch had her meeting another girl (played by Amanda Bynes) who did a similar trick to people and ends up working with the Lemonade Scammer. Katrina mentioned at the 2011 Comikazee Panel that this was her favorite sketch. Katrina Johnson as the Lemonade Scammer
Jack Campbell: Fat Cop Season 4 A parody of crime drama shows featuring Danny Tamberelli as Jack Campbell, an obese police officer. After a dramatic crime was revealed (one episode featured stolen electronics), Campbell would appear at the door. A Law & Order-type credit sequence would play, featuring Campbell eating a mountain of spaghetti. He would then ask questions about victims' meals throughout the day, and "search" through fridges for clues while stuffing his face. Usually the clients would stomp away after a while, leaving him to enjoy eating everything. This was used in the 10th anniversary, where Principal Pimpell observed, "That officer certainly is obese." Jack Campbell once guest starred in a "Cooking with Randy" sketch. Danny Tamberelli as Jack Campbell: Fat Cop
Detective Dan Seasons 2–6 This sketch is a parody of Dick Tracy that features a hopelessly incompetent private investigator (played by Josh Server) speaking in a style similar to Columbo. After a crime was committed, Dan would appear with two police officers and make a horrible mess of things. In one episode, a wealthy woman's jewelry was stolen. When the butler walked by Dan covered in pearls and other gems, he let him go by while investigating a statue. His famous line was "I'm Detective Dan" in a thick, cliché private eye voice. He would sometimes add on to the line depending on the situation, such as when he walked in wearing a trenchcoat and boxers, and said, "I'm Detective Dan, and I'm not wearing any pants." He had one daughter (Amanda Bynes) who was clearly more intelligent than him when it came to his house being robbed. After Detective Dan leaves, someone would quote "What a moron." This was used in the 10th anniversary and was Josh's favorite sketch. Josh Server as Detective Dan
Cheeseburger Doyle Season 6 Featured a talking cheeseburger puppet named Cheeseburger Doyle (voiced by Danny Tamberelli) who ran a detective agency in the style of Dick Tracy. Hapless victims often appealed to him to solve some mystery, and Doyle would infiltrate the scene of the crime in a disguise (usually a false mustache). Astoundingly, everyone was always tricked by the disguise, and Doyle would catch the culprit red-handed, spraying mustard or other condiments on him or her. The victim would be nearby to thank Doyle-and then attempt to eat him. Also, it would show a guy named Bill (Leon Frierson) he would always say "Ay, it's a talking cheeseburger," in a manly voice and then jump out a window laughing. Danny Tamberelli as the voice of Cheeseburger Doyle
The Inconvenience Store Season 5 Featured two "hoodrats" named Laneesha (Kenan Thompson) and Latanya (Nick Cannon) who work in a convenience store called Quick & Fast. They were loud and had a tendency to be rude to customers, and even verbally berated someone who tried to rob the store (Danny Tamberelli). Latanya's nemesis was Latasha (Christy Knowings). At the end of the sketches, Latanya would say "It's time to get our freak on!" and dance to Miami bass music. Latanya was later added as a major character and Nick's (fictional) cousin in The Nick Cannon Show, again played by Nick Cannon. Kenan Thompson as Laneesha
Nick Cannon as Latanya
Dudco Enterprises Season 6 After Kenan Thompson left All That, Nick Cannon's Latanya character got a new job as a receptionist at Dudco Enterprises. Most of her time was spent talking on the phone, much to the chagrin of her boss Miss Williams (Christy Knowings). Similar to the Inconvenience Store, Latanya would dance to Miami bass music. After All That went on hiatus, the Latanya character would go on to The Nick Cannon Show. Nick Cannon as Latanya
Christy Knowings as Miss Williams
Stuart Seasons 5–6 A sketch featuring Stuart (played by Mark Saul), a deranged individual who took on minimum wage jobs (one episode even had him taking over Ask Ashley) and believed (incorrectly) that he was the best person ever to do that job. Stuart's antics ranged from incompetent (such as a postman destroying a fragile parcel), to bizarre (such as a yearbook photographer using an iguana instead of a camera), to surreal (such as suddenly believing he is the customer, and asking the real customer for assistance). When his customers complained, his answers were nonsensical, and he frequently made animal noises, ate inedible things, spoke to inanimate objects and broke into dance. Eventually, it would emerge that Stuart had tied up and replaced the real person of that job. They appear out of nowhere with an officer saying "That's him! He tied me up and took my uniform!" He ends with a monologue that would go along the lines of "Fine, I'm not the real ____. I'm just a guy, named Stuart. But you know, if I was the real ____, I'd be the greatest ____ in ALL THE LAND! And everyone would come up to me and say, 'Oh, Stuart. You're the best ____ EVERRRR! You all sicken me! Now I'm just gonna climb on my ____ and go", before making his escape on an imaginary animal. Mark Saul as Stuart
Complaint Department Seasons 2–4 Complaint Department was set in a complaint department of a store, with people (portrayed by random cast members) waiting on line to complain about a purchased item to the clueless clerk, played by Lori Beth Denberg. The clerk would examine the item, and would either not find anything wrong with it, attempt to (badly) fix it herself, or give insane suggestions on how to fix it, until the consumer would leave, irritated. A common line from the clerk would be "...Is that your complaint?", which would further annoy the consumer. However, there was one special instance when Ed from "Good Burger" found her insane suggestions to make sense, and would fall in love with the clerk, the feeling being mutual. Lori Beth Denberg as the Clueless Complaint Department Clerk
Jimmy Bond: Agent 1/7 Seasons 1, 4–6 A parody of James Bond. Josh Server played Jimmy Bond, a teenage secret agent who often had to save the world from dangerous villains. "W" (Kel Mitchell) often created gadgets designed to help Jimmy, but they always failed miserably. In later sketches "W" was replaced by "Z" (Nick Cannon). Whenever Jimmy goes to confront the villain, W or Z would say "I love it when he saves the world". Jimmy's actual talent as a spy was questionable, but most of the villains were too strange or stupid to actually complete any evil plans.

The villains that Jimmy Bond fights included these:

  • Coldfinger (Kenan Thompson): A parody of Goldfinger. Coldfinger was the first villain that Jimmy Bond has encountered. He had a frozen finger from a milkshake machine incident. Coldfinger also owns a pet penguin named Betsy. Coldfinger is the only Jimmy Bond villain to have made more than one appearance. He is very obsessed with pointing out how cold his finger is which annoyed Jimmy very much. Coldfinger once collaborated with Hot Toe in a plot to blow up the world. (Seasons 1 & 4)
  • Hot Toe (Christy Knowings): A vixen with a big toe full of volcanic magma. Attempted to blow up the world by touching her "hot toe" to Coldfinger's "cold finger" which only succeeded in turning Jimmy into a pig. (Season 4)
  • Dr. Maybe (Mark Saul): A parody of Dr. No. Had trouble deciding on whether to do certain things or not. (Season 5)
  • Mr. Nice-Guy (Gabriel Iglesias): A villain who used the power of politeness, good manners, and generally acting nice to conquer the world. (Season 6)
  • Mr. Big (Leon Frierson): A parody of the villain of the same name who wanted to eat the world. (Season 6)
  • Sally (Amanda Bynes): Mr. Big's assistant who feeds Mr. Big anything from the world. (Season 6)
Josh Server as Jimmy Bond
Seymour Reacts to Stuff Season 5 A sketch that featured Kenan Thompson as Seymour. The sketch took place in a park. The sketch had something cute (which was never seen) that became more humorous as usual. Seymour never said anything. Kenan Thompson as Seymour
Kevin Kopelow as Narrator
Happy Homestuff With Gloria Bankhead Season 6 A parody of Martha Stewart featuring Christy Knowings as Gloria Bankhead and Mark Saul as her mute assistant Andre. She makes household items out of trash and Andre constantly bothers her. In one sketch Bill Clinton (portrayed by Gabriel Iglesias) appeared as a guest. Christy Knowings as Gloria Bankhead
Mark Saul as Andre
Cheese Police Season 1–2, 4 The Cheese Police were a pair of police officers who accuse people of using cheese illegally (somewhat similar to drug abuse). They mainly featured Kel Mitchell as Officer Colby. Officer Colby once appeared in a Dullmont Junior High School sketch to tell Miss Fingerly's students the horrors of using cheese illegally. Kel Mitchell as Officer Colby
Don't Do This @ Home/School Season 5 A sketch showing a kid (Leon Frierson) doing things that should never be done at home or school. For Example:
  • "When at school, be polite and raise your hand. When the teacher calls on you, Don't say "Hey teacher, I dare you to give me an F, you smelly doofus."
Leon Frierson as a Kid
Josh Server as Narrator
Dr. Debbie Season 6 A sketch where Amanda Bynes was a doctor who was also a cheerleader. One time, she helped Bernie Kibbitz (played by Josh Server). Amanda Bynes as Dr. Debbie
Boring Man Season 6 A sketch where the superhero Boring Man (played by Danny Tamberelli) told boring stories to his enemies and putting them to sleep and his side-kick Pillow-Boy (played by Leon Frierson) gave them pillows to lay on. His nemesis is Hypno-Pants (played by Mark Saul), who hypnotizes his victims using a hypno-disk on his butt. Danny Tamberelli as Boring Man
Leon Frierson as Pillow-Boy
Baby Chat Season 6 A sketch where two babies named Lulu (Christy Knowings) and Chester (Gabriel Iglesias) explored a certain topic. Christy knew the topic but when she passed it to Gabriel, he just acted like a baby. Christy Knowings as Lulu
Gabriel Iglesias as Chester
Okrah Seasons 2–5 A sketch that featured Kel Mitchell as Okrah (a parody of Oprah Winfrey) whose catchphrase is "I feel the hurt." Okrah's show would often detail different topics such as these:
  • Kids with bad habits such as throwing things or screaming in people's faces.
  • Kids with their talents such as a girl who can drink an entire gallon of tomato juice, a girl who can do bird calls, Earboy as "Mr. X" (until Ross Perot gave him away), and a boy who does an impersonation of different characters including Sinbad.
  • An episode talking about self-defenses.
  • An episode talking about superheroes which even included Okrah helping Superdude fight Milk Man.
  • An episode detailing about secret crushes which had Miss Fingerly and Tandy Spork fighting over Lester Oaks, Construction Worker.
Kel Mitchell as Okrah
Lester Oaks, Construction Worker Seasons 1–5 A construction worker (played by Kenan Thompson) who would appear in random sketches. He always said "construction worker" after his name. He would often use the word "construction" as a verb (e.g. "I have some important things to construction"), he also constantly added the letter "Y" at the end of some of his words (e.g. lunchy, milky), and other nonsense words. In one sketch taking place at Dullmont Junior High School, Lester is shown to have a son named Lester Oaks, Construction Worker Jr. (played by Leon Frierson). Kenan Thompson as Lester Oaks
Bernie Kibbitz Seasons 3–6 An old man who would appear in random sketches, notably Good Burger. Whenever Ed annoyed him with his antics, Bernie would say You make Bernie Kibbitz so angry! In one Good Burger sketch, Ed made him so angry that he exploded. During the 10th Anniversary in a huge Good Burger sketch, it was revealed he has a great-granddaughter named Bernice (played by Christina Kirkman of the "Relaunch" cast). Josh Server as Bernie Kitbitz
Connie Muldoon Seasons 1–4 Connie Muldoon is the matriarch of the Muldoon family and was a recurring customer at Good Burger. Connie Muldoon even comments that the Muldoons don't believe in specific stuff (like the Solar System when she was on "What Do You Do?" and commented about Lump Maroon saying "Jupiter" a lot). One Good Burger sketch revealed that Connie has a daughter named Peggy (played by Amanda Bynes). Lori Beth Denberg as Connie Muldoon
Jiffy Springs Season 6 A parody of Britney Spears. Amanda Bynes as Jiffy Springs
Channel 6 ½ News Seasons 5–6 A news sketch featuring a rather obnoxious anchorwoman named Brenda Stone (Christy Knowings) and a weatherman named Ray Borealis (Josh Server), who was often put into dangerous places to report the weather like:

There were some News Flashes that Brenda Stone reports of detailing some mundane happenings.

Christy Knowings as Brenda Stone
Josh Server as Ray Borealis
Channel 6 ½ Sports Season 5 Featured two sports commentators Jack Tackahashi (Kenan Thompson) and Mack Tackahashi (Josh Server). Neither are related to each other. The pair would usually have events at Dullmont Jr. High School (i.e., A girl (Amanda Bynes) trying to sit next to the popular kids during lunch, a boy (Leon Frierson) trying to finish a test given out by Miss Klump, and a guy (Nick Cannon) trying to ask a girl (Christy Knowings) to dance with him at the prom). A reporter named Bo Stallion (Danny Tamberelli) and a coach (Mark Saul) also appeared in the sketches. When the event is over, Jack and Mack would tell the viewers to tune into the next event. Kenan Thompson as Jack Tackahshi
Josh Server as Mack Tackahashi
Danny Tamberelli as Bo Stallion
Mark Saul as Coach
Francis the Caveman Seasons 5–6 Francis (played by Danny Tamberelli) is a caveman talk show host who also appeared in random sketches. A dating show sketch mentioned that he was thawed from a block of ice. A sketch of "Whateverrr!" detailing the Mr. Whateverrr! pageant had Gina and Jessica mentioning that Francis' pelt was made out of the furs of a woolly mammoth and a saber-toothed tiger. He was accompanied by Studs Wilkinson (Josh Server) on his talk show. Danny Tamberelli as Francis
Antoine Seasons 3–5 An awkward, illeist hippie in an afro who would appear in random sketches. His catchphrase is, "What it is." Kenan Thompson as Antoine
Benji Martin Season 6 Benji Martin is supposedly Ricky Martin's younger brother who would be booked for events that Ricky Martin could not attend himself. Gabriel Iglesias as Benji Martin
The Maroons Seasons 3–5 A completely idiotic family who doesn't cook properly, wear their clothes inside out, never cleans their house, has breakfast at night, falls down the stairs, and many other stupid things. The family consists of:
  • Mr. Grover Maroon (played by Tim Goodwin): The father who wears a bra on his shirt. (Season 3)
  • Mrs. Fern Maroon (played by Lori Beth Denberg): The mother who shouts through cupboards and refrigerators whenever someone rings the doorbell. (Season 3)
  • Emily Maroon (played by Josh Server): The son who laughs a lot and never wears pants. (Season 3)
  • Chuck Maroon (played by Alisa Reyes): The only daughter who plays with her fingers a lot. (Season 3)
  • Lump Maroon (played by Kel Mitchell): The other son who only yells "JUPITER"! He also appears in other random sketches. For example, Lump is a student at Dullmont and attends a class of dimwits and wears normal clothes instead of inside-out clothes at school. Lump once appeared on a gameshow and answered every question with "JUPITER!", but he drew a blank for the one question where that was the correct answer. After "The Maroons" sketch was dropped, Lump made appearances in other sketches where one of the sketches involve him being a cousin of a southern trailer family. (Seasons 3-5)
Lori Beth Denberg
Josh Server
Alisa Reyes
Kel Mitchell
Tim Goodwin
Mavis and Clavis Seasons 1–5 Two elderly hecklers of the show (played by Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell). (Seasons 1-5) They were most likely a parody of Statler and Waldorf from The Muppet Show. They also reappeared during the 100th Episode Live! and the 10th Anniversary. In one episode, it was revealed that Clavis is the cousin of Coach Kreeton. Kenan Thompson as Mavis
Kel Mitchell as Clavis
You Can't Win Seasons 3, 5 A parody of game shows, featuring host Jerry Fytootal (surname later changed to Futile), played by Josh Server. Three contestants, played by other cast members, would appear on the show. As the title suggested, it was quite literally impossible for the contestants to win. The first round featured quiz questions that either had no answer or were incomplete (a classic example: "How many shoes?"). In addition, certain events could trigger a massive loss of points, such as speaking when not supposed to, or saying a certain word (On one occasion, a contestant actually answered the question correctly; Jerry then claimed that he did not hear the contestant). After the quiz round, contestants would be asked to perform random and completely difficult tasks, such as transforming a sheep into a dolphin or putting their entire foot in their entire mouth in ten seconds, or speaking to a dog in another language. This was a notable occasion in which contestant Antoine(played by Kenan Thompson) refused to participate in the final challenge by pouring the bowl of pudding on Jerry's head and left. On one notable occasion, female bodybuilder Helga Schlumpkenfist (played by Danny Tamberelli) actually completed her task: eating 400 meatballs within 10 seconds. However, she accidentally ate three extra meatballs and once again lost. Angered by this, she brutally mauled Jerry, and then declared herself the winner. Josh Server as Jerry Fytootal/Futile
Everything for Free Store Season 6 A sketch that took place in a store where everything is free, which is a rip-off. However, an item must be brought to the register to be purchased which contradicts the "free items" theme of the store. An example of this is Danny finding a watch and after hearing that it's free, walks towards the exit and is accused of shoplifting. Also, items are not returnable. N/A
Bradley the Big Ol' Baby Season 3 A grown man (played by Kenan Thompson) who acted like a baby. Kenan Thompson as Bradley
What Do You Do? Season 4 A parody of the hit Nickelodeon game show Figure It Out. The host was Winter Wonders (Christy Knowings) who was a parody of Summer Sanders. Like "Figure It Out", this show also featured panelists having to guess what peoples' hobbies were. Only the panelists were characters from this show with one episode having Kevin Kopelow with the teacher characters. The second round would have something happening to the panelists if they guess wrong. Christy Knowings as Winter Wonders
Action League Now! Seasons 1, 10 A group of superhero action figures fighting evil in a stop-motion animation. The cartoon also appeared on KaBlam! and later led to this sketch's own show, Action League Now! N/A
I Luv Lucy Season 4 A parody of the show I Love Lucy that featured Amanda Bynes as Lucille Ball's character Lucy Ricardo, Victor Cohn-Lopez as Desi Arnaz's character Ricky Ricardo, Lori Beth Denberg as Vivian Vance's character Ethel Mertz, and Kenan Thompson as William Frawley's character Fred Mertz. One sketch showed Repairman trying to "fix" their color TV. Amanda Bynes as Lucy Ricardo
Victor Cohn-Lopez as Ricky Ricardo
Lori Beth Denberg as Ethel Mertz
Keenan Thompson as Fred Mertz
Helga Schlumpkinfist Seasons 5–6 Helga Schlumpkinfist is a German female bodybuilder played by Danny Tamberelli. She has anger issues and yells at people, often crushing them and hurting them with her bare hands. She does however have a habit of eating fast (as shown in "You Can't Win"). Danny Tamberelli as Helga
An Important Message From Someone Season 6 A random cast member talks about a message that really isn't that important. Various Cast Members
Say Hey to Dr. K Seasons 1–2 A sketch featuring Kel Mitchell as a radio talk show host who helps families with problems with their children, gives them stupid advice, and then rings a large gong when the problem is solved. When he answers a call, he frequently says "Say hey to diggy-diggy-Dr. K!" Kel Mitchell as Dr. K
Dusty Pants Season 3–4 A sketch about a dusty pants-wearing cowboy named Dusty Pants (played by Josh Server). His first appearance had him enrolled in Miss Fingerly's class while his other appearances had him in a wild wild west town. He would often end up in a fight with an outlaw cowboy named Nasty Nancy (played by Kenan Thompson) who's tagline has him quoting "you'd be nasty too if your name was Nancy." Before Dusty Pants and Nasty Nancy could go into their fight, there would be something that would prevent their duel from happening like Dusty Pants' Indian sidekick Chief Jerky telling Dusty Pants that his horse had to be rushed to the veterinarian hospital to an outlaw duo called the Slappy Brothers (played by Kel Mitchell and Leon Frierson) causing trouble enough for Dusty Pants and Nasty Nancy to team up to defeat them. Josh Server as Dusty Pants
Kenan Thompson as Nasty Nancy
Bacteria Seasons 2–4 A band of musicians that look and perform songs that are titled for 'bacteria' themed substances. The band consists of Maggot (played by Josh Server) on lead guitar, Rash (played by Alisa Reyes) on guitar, and Spew (played by Kenan Thompson) on drums. In one sketch taking place at Dullmont Junior High School, Maggot mentioned that Bacteria got its name when Spew hadn't bathed in 3 1/2 years where the rest of the info was cut off by Miss Fingerly before Maggot can go into further details on why the band is called Bacteria. In Season 4, Maggot and Spew held an audition for a replacement member after Rash quit the band and they ended up with Bwah (played by Danny Tamberelli). Josh Server as Maggot
Kenan Thompson as Spew
Alisa Reyes as Rash (Seasons 1–2)
Danny Tamberelli as Bwah (Season 4)
Turbulent Airlines Season 6 An airline company that has dumb and zany employees working on the plane. It also has a captain named Captain McLurcus (Gabriel Iglesias). Gabriel Iglesias as Captain McLurcus
Mark Sault as Jingo
various cast members as different characters
C.J. and the Cloudy Knights Season 4 This is a parody of 1970s disco bands, presumably K.C. and the Sunshine Band, as most of the cast members portraying the characters wear afros and have 1970s clothings. Antoine is shown to be a member of this group. Leon Frierson as C.J
Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Danny Tamberelli, and Josh Server as the Cloudy Knights
Christy Knowings as Yoko
Squash-Hicks Season 3–4 A sketch that was always interrupted because the stage crew can never find the Squash Boy costume (which was to be either worn by Kenan Thompson or Kel Mitchell) so the cast members just did other activities including:
  • Trying to hit a giant bell over the audience.
  • One time Mavis and Clavis interrupted the sketch and entertained the audience by performing the song "Shout!".
  • Audience fishing
  • An acting coach interrupted the sketch in order to improve Josh and Amanda's acting.
Josh Server, Amanda Bynes, Kevin Kopelow, Kel Mitchell, Kenan Thompson, various
Megan Marples Seasons 4–5 A geeky girl with hidden talents with one of them being genius-level intellect as seen on Channel 6 ½ Sports. She appears in random sketches. Amanda Bynes as Megan Marples
Dr. Bynes Seasons 3–4 A terrible dentist who often tries give patients checkups with his hands usually dirty from doing something personal like changing his car's oil. Josh Server as Dr. Bynes
Christy Knowings as Dr. Bynes' nurse (Season 4)
Wizard of Cos Season 2 A parody of The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy (played by Katrina Johnson) must take a shower but instead winds up in the Land of Cos during a storm where a window closed on her head. A good witch named Lisa (played by Lori Beth Denberg) tells her she can seek help from the Great Cos in order to access a shower. She meets various characters like Mr. McToad (played by Josh Server), an ugly toad-faced man who is tired of scaring people with his face and Pasta Man (played by Kel Mitchell), a Pastafarian man made completely of noodles who hopes to get some sauce. She eventually meets the Wizard of Cos, also known as Bill Cosby (played by Kenan Thompson). Bill Cosby gives Pasta Man some Jello to mix with some gravy in order to make a sauce. Then Bill gives Mr. McToad a paper bag over his head which didn't make Mr. McToad happy but everyone else happy. When it came to Dorothy's wise, Lisa appeared and told Dorothy that she must slap her face three times and quote "There's no place like my shower" as Bill keeps asking Lisa on how she got into his kitchen. Katrina Johnson as Dorothy
Alisa Reyes as Auntie Boo
Dan Schneider as Uncle Izzy
Lori Beth Denberg as Lisa
Josh Server as Mr. McToad
Kel Mitchell as Pasta Man
Kenan Thompson as Bill Cosby
Angelique Bates as Bill Cosby's servant

Notable sketches from Seasons 7–10

SketchAppearances from Season(s)Information & PlotStarring
Know Your Stars Seasons 7–10 A sketch that gave facts and info about a cast member or special guest. The sketch involved a random voice that made a mockery of individual cast members or guest stars with embarrassing, wacky, funny, but untrue facts. An example of this is: "Britney Spears, hasn't brushed her teeth in 6 months." Almost all of them complain about this, with the exception of Kyle Rostensen (Drake Bell's character from the The Amanda Show) when he agrees with everything the voice says and Pickle Boy who just tilts his head. This short sketch would appear during every episode. Brian Peck provided the voiceovers of the sketch. On Seasons 7 and 8 the announcer usually said only 3 facts: the first one would be an honest mistake, the second would annoy them, and the third one would really upset them. On Seasons 9 and 10 he was more annoying and bullying with the cast member/special guests for example trying to hit Christina Kirkman with a rock twice and hypnotizing Kyle Sullivan. Various Cast Members (1 episode each)
Bridget's Slumber Party Seasons 7–9 A sketch that featured three girls who were constantly having a slumber party-Bridget (Chelsea), a boy-crazed teen, Gail (Giovonnie), a sunny, happy individual, and Claudia (Lisa), a frightening goth. Strange things would often happen during the slumber party, usually due to Claudia's magic. Claudia would suggest doing a disgusting thing and Bridget would say "do <disgusting thing> later!". Sometimes Bridget's little brother Elliot (Kyle) would interrupt the party, and the older girls would torture him, specifically Claudia. One example consisted of her whispering something into Elliot's ear, causing him to run away screaming and horrified by what she said. Whenever someone left the sketch, they would usually go out the window; this was mocked in one sketch featuring a pizza man. Chelsea Brummet as Bridget
Giovonnie Samuels as Gail
Lisa Foiles as Claudia
A Poem by Claudia Season 10 After Giovonnie's departure, comes the spin-off of Bridget's Slumber Party, the character of Claudia (Foiles) was retained in a small sketch, during which Claudia would read a poem to children, alternating cute and horrifying lines until delivering the final line in a demonic voice. This would scare all the children home, all except Claudia. Lisa Foiles as Claudia
Rowdy Fans Seasons 8–9 Featured two rowdy fans (Shane and Jack) who were loud and bothersome. The pair often intruded in places that rowdy fans were unnecessary, such as on a date or in an operating room. They would yell, cheer, scream, make signs, and do the "butt-quake", annoying everyone they came in contact with. Shane Lyons
Jack DeSena
Harry Bladder Seasons 7–8 A spoof of Harry Potter. In it, Harry Bladder (Kyle), ReRon (Bryan), and Herhiney (Lisa) would attend magic class, usually potions with Professor Chafe, whose legs were badly chafed, causing him to be unnecessarily mean. The students often encountered the mischief-making Sacco (Shane). Many sketches including brewing potions that did silly things, like enlarge students' behinds, give males large breasts, or change people into bras. In one episode, Kenan Thompson appeared as Headmaster Pimpell (based on his old character that is a spoof off Albus Dumbledore) where his grotesque pimple turned out to be the head of Lord Moldyshorts (David St. James). Kyle Sullivan as Harry Bladder
Crazy Cab Driver Seasons 7–8 Starred Bryan Hearne as Zigfried, an incompetent taxi cab driver who would pick up various people. He would often sing "OL-LAY", annoy the passengers while driving, and call angry drivers "KUMQUAT!". One memorable sketch would be when the passengers were Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara reprising their roles as the Spy Kids. The passengers would never get to their destination and would fall out of the cab at the end of the sketch. Bryan Hearne as Zigfried
Thelma Stump: Oldest Bodyguard in the Business Seasons 8–9 Featured Jamie Lynn's infamous character, Thelma Stump. Despite claiming to be a bodyguard, she was actually a security guard for the backstage of All That. She was extremely old, and loved to sit in her rocking chair and knit while singing "Ain't No Sunshine". She was large and lumpy, and also had an immense love of bacon ("Bacon goooood"). The sketches often featured a person, such as the musical guest or guest star, trying to pass Thelma. She would demand that the individual show her the backstage pass, which he or she rarely ever had. She would take their bacon where applicable, then usually beat them up until the person ran away. In one episode, Thelma Stump harasses a likeness of U.S president George W. Bush. In another, she meets Jamie Lynn's actual sister Britney Spears. Jamie Lynn Spears as Thelma Stump
The Tilt-A-Hurl Seasons 7, 9 Featured Ernie (Kyle), an intern at an amusement park. His job was to run a roller coaster called "The Tilt-A-Hurl", which was famous for making people vomit profusely. Anyone who rode the Tilt-A-Hurl had usually eaten some huge amount of food just before riding, such as a troop of Girl Scouts who had eaten s'mores or the hot-dog eating champion of the world. Before the people would throw up, Ernie or another character featured in the skit would say "Here comes the loopity loop!", and the throwing up would begin. Ernie constantly tried to move out of the way of the inevitable vomit, but always failed. Kyle Sullivan as Ernie
Sugar and Coffee Seasons 7–10 Featured Buzz (Kyle) and Kaffy (Lisa), who were hosts of a morning show called "Sugar and Coffee". As the title suggests, the pair was extremely hyperactive, as they constantly ate pure sugar and drank massive amounts of coffee. They would force their guests to do the same thing from giant orbs of sugar and coffee attached to the ceiling, which usually led to overactivity in the worst way. In the final series, they left their usual talk show set, and interrupted proceedings in such places as a school or hospital. Their catchphrase was "lower those orbs!" This was the first full-length sketch to feature the new cast, and was the most frequently used through their four seasons. This was used in the 10th anniversary. Kyle Sullivan as Buzz
Lisa Foiles as Kaffy
ChitChat Seasons 7–9 A sketch that featured Stacey Chit (Giovonnie), host of her own late-night show "where the chat hits the fan!" Stacey always booked exciting guests, including pro skater Tony Hawk. Unfortunately, the guest would never do anything exciting, and often told long, boring stories (in the case of Tony Hawk, he wanted to discuss the joy of knitting). During those boring stories, Stacey would do something distracting to the guest, interrupting his/her story. When Stacey got tired of the guest, she would say "Uh-oh! Boring!" and press a button on her desk. The guest's chair would then eject them, sending him or her flying out the window. In one memorable sketch, after Stacey launched someone, she went to sit down...unintentionally falling on the floor when trying to sit on her chair and causing everyone on set to laugh uncontrollably, including Giovonnie herself. Giovonnie Samuels as Stacey Chit
The Unreal World Seasons 8–9 A parody of MTV's The Real World that featured monsters such as:

This sketch was voted as the greatest in All That history on the 10th Anniversary Reunion Special.

Various Cast Members
Randy Quench, Volunteer Fireman Seasons 8–10 Randy Quench (Jack) was a deranged volunteer fireman (purported to frequently forget his medication) who interrupts various scenarios to extinguish relatively benign fires. Normally, he comes into action when any one of the characters in the sketch say the word "fire" in any kind of way (i.e. "throwing some burgers on the ol' fire," said by Kyle Sullivan). Therefore, he would wreak havoc around the place putting out anything related to fire including candles, barbecues, sparklers, or even a movie screen showing a burning building. He eventually uses a large hose to douse the entire cast and extras, often gives Chelsea's character mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and has the catch-cry "Here comes me" as he swings into action. This was used in the 10th anniversary. Jack DeSena as Randy Quench
American Idiot Season 9 A parody of American Idol, featuring Kyle as Brian Peefest, Giovonnie as Mandy Snackson, Chelsea as Polly Baboon, and Jack as Slimon Bowel. Remaining cast-members would perform acts of idiocy on stage, and the judges would respond in the same manner as their real-life counterparts. Kyle Sullivan as Bryan Peefest
Giovonnie Samuels as Mandy Snackson
Chelsea Brummet as Polly Baboon
Jack DeSena as Slimon Bowel
Sneaky Camera with Vance LaFoon Season 9 A one-time only sketch that featured Kyle Sullivan as Vance LaFoon, "master of practical jokes." In the sketch, Vance planned to hide inside a garbage can in order to surprise people by jumping out at them, à la Candid Camera. Unfortunately, when Vance climbed inside the garbage can, a large car ran over it, causing him to collapse. Kyle Sullivan as Vance LaFoon
Comin' at Ya Season 7 A sketch in which a rotating pair of cast members would shoot a combination of 3 substances at the camera. Every cast member of Season 7 except Chelsea Brummet
Connect the Zits Season 7–8 A sketch that featured Giovonnie Samuels|Giovonnie, who would play "connect the zits" on an older man's back. Giovonnie Samuels as herself
Rate the Pain Seasons 7–8 A sketch that featured a random cast member and an older man who would have some horrible pain inflicted on himself. Some sketches included him watching an old lady undress, dropping a crab down his pants, and even having a piano falling on him from the ceiling. Every painful occurrence caused him to scream horribly, until he would deliver the pain's rating on a one to ten scale in a deadpan voice. The most frequent score was six. The only event that ever scored a perfect ten was the old lady in a bikini. Various Cast Members
Story Time With The Osbournes Season 8–9 A sketch where Ozzy Osbourne (played by Jack DeSena) would read a story to his family. Ozzy would always start out with "Once upon a time..." but somehow Sharon (Chelsea), Jack (Kyle), and Kelly (Lisa) would start a loud argument in reference to the story, therefore muting Ozzy's storytelling. At the end of the sketch, Ozzy would interrupt the argument and continue with "...And they all lived happily ever after; The End". Jack DeSena as Ozzy Osbourne
Advice from the Old Lady in Shane's Mouth Seasons 8–9 Featured series creator Dan Schneider as an elderly woman who lived in Shane's mouth who would give any random advice to the audience, normally ending with "DON'T LIVE IN A MOUTH!" Shane Lyons as Himself
Dan Schneider as Old Lady in Shane's Mouth.
Bucket Man Season 8 A sketch that starred Shane as Bucket Man, a superhero. A bucket of radioactive waste had been dumped onto his head, granting him amazing superpowers where he uses them to fight crime. however, he is unable to see with the bucket obstructing his vision and tries to save the day but stumbles blindly causing mayhem and destruction and letting the criminals escape. Shane Lyons as Bucket Man
Trashin' Fashion Seasons 8–9 Starred Lisa Foiles and Jamie Lynn Spears as Carlee and Marlee, two girls with a "passion for trashin' fashion!" The two would report live from various high school related events, such as a dance or a party. Carlee and Marlee would walk around the room and mock everyone's clothing choices but their own. Kyle would sometimes appear as the special "Nerd Correspondent." One notable sketch featured Carlee and Marlee making fun of police officers in too-small uniforms! This was used at the party in the green room at the 10th anniversary. Jamie Lynn Spears as Carlee
Lisa Foiles as Marlee
Vocabulary with Lisa and Her Little Friend Oswald Seasons 7–9 Featured Lisa and a puppet named Oswald, controlled by Dan Schneider. Lisa would announce a vocabulary word, and Oswald would use it in any sentence which comes across as insulting to Lisa; for example, when the word was "income", the sentence was, "I was having a good time, then income your ugly face!" Lisa Foiles as herself
Wake-Up Scene Seasons 7–9 In this short skit, a random cast member wakes up in his or her bedroom, turns off the alarm clock and opening the blinds, only to find some strange and unusual random object such as a rabbit, or a man scrubbing his foot with an egg, or in some versions, the special/musical guest facing them. they'd always scream and run away and the special/musical guest was always telling them to stop screaming and to come back, or the random object would continue doing what it was doing. Various Cast Members
The Rougenecks Season 9 Featured a hillbilly family who is supposed to talk about a certain topic (which no one understands) so the husband (Jack) suggests they ask Meemaw, but the daughter (Jamie-Lynn) and wife (Lisa) always tells him that she's dead, but he doesn't believe them (or at least is in denial about it) and does something that would make himself think she is still alive, often causing an argument between the husband and wife. At the end of the skit, they fiddle dance.
  • The Rougenecks (Season 10).
  • Clem Rougeneck (Jack DeSena) - The uneducated head of the Rougeneck clan, and unaware that his mother is dead.
  • Lucille Rougeneck (Lisa Foiles) - The arrogant co-head of the Rougeneck clan.
  • Buford Rougeneck (Shane Lyons) - The unintelligent son of the Rougeneck family, also Percy's cooking show co-host.
  • Betty Jo Rougeneck (Jamie Lynn Spears) - The middle child of the Rougeneck clan.
  • Cindy Lou Rougeneck (Christina Kirkman) - The baby of the Rougeneck family who talks. She likes baby back ribs.
  • Rougeneck introducer (Kyle Sullivan) - The well-to-do boy in classy surroundings who introduces each Rougeneck skit*
  • Meemaw Rougeneck (Unknown) - The deceased mother of Papa Rougeneck, whose body still lives with the family.
Various Cast Members
Ask Meemaw Season 10 After Lyons and Spears left the show, the skit was spun off into Ask Meemaw, where the husband, still not believing that Meemaw is dead, uses Meemaw as a host of a phone-in show. (Jack DeSena) as Clem Rougeneck
(Lisa Foiles) as Lucille Rougeneck
(Christina Kirkman) as Cindy Lou Rougeneck
The LAMOS Season 10 A team of superheroes that didn't do anything right. They included:
  • Dr. Laser (Kyle Sullivan) - A doctor who can fire lasers out of his fingers, but for pointing purposes only.
  • Mega Butt (Chelsea Brummet) - A girl who can inflate her butt to make it get bigger and hit people with it.
  • The Barber (Denzel Whitaker) - A barber who can create any hairstyle.
  • The Sprinkler (Ryan Coleman) - Half-man, half-sprinkler.
  • Old Man - A man who's really old.
  • The Toddler - A two-year-old baby who toddles.
Various Cast Members
Zortogs Season 10 An alien family that owns a restaurant on Earth. They usually served meat, but the meat is not made out of regular meat; it is instead made out of humans. As a running gag, the Earth consumers would assume that anything that goes on in the restaurant is part of an "alien theme". The family is made up of Papa Zortog (Jack DeSena), Jessiquat Zortog (Chelsea Brummet), and their son and daughter Zsa Zsa and Gwok Zortog (Christina Kirkman and Denzel Whitaker respectively). Jack DeSena as Papa Zortog
Chelsea Brummet as Jessiquat Zortog
Christina Kirkman as Zsa Zsa Zortog
Denzel Whitaker as Gwok Zortog
2 Gether 4 Ever Seasons 9–10 A sketch about a boy and a girl that like each other, and give tips on how to be "the perfect couple". Heather Darling (Lisa Foiles) is the head cheerleader and Brad Dashman (Jack DeSena) is a jock and her boyfriend. Heather and Brad would often make weird kissing noises in between the discussion. At the end of the sketch, they would argue. Heather would then yell "INCOMING", and beat up Brad. Shane Lyons occasionally appeared as Cupid. In Season 10, when Shane departed, the role was taken over by Denzel Whitaker (this replacement was mentioned by Denzel as Cupid when he told off Brad and Heather: "I've been stuck, listening to your stupid arguments and your weird kissing noises! I don't like it, and I didn't like it two years ago when I was a tall, white guy!"). In another episode, Cupid treated Brad and Heather like jerks and morons, and Brad and Heather yelled "INCOMING", and beat up Cupid. Jack DeSena as Brad Dashman
Lisa Foiles as Heather Darling
Shane Lyons as Cupid (Season 9)
Denzel Whitaker as Cupid (Season 10)
Sunshine Sally Season 9 A sketch where a doll named Sunshine Sally (Christina Kirkman) would try to scare kids away for their parents. Also in the end of the skit, she would tell the parents "So go get the tacos!". Christina Kirkman as Sunshine Sally
Percy Flavin Seasons 7–10 Percy Flavin (Jack DeSena) was a nerd who constantly blabbers about something important. He hosted a cooking show with Buford Rougeneck. In later seasons, he hosted an arts and crafts show with his sister Poncy (Christina Kirkman) as they sky dived, which would end with them crashing though a building before finishing the project. Jack DeSena as a Nerd
T.R. Yell Seasons 7–9 A spoof on MTV's TRL with Jack DeSena as Carson Daly, who was always annoyed by the obnoxious, screaming fans behind him, and always yelled at them to be quiet, often never succeeding. The sketch mainly revolved around young pop star sensation, "Lil' Fetus" (played by Bryan Hearne), who is so young that he hasn't even been born yet, and was only visible with the use of a sonograph. The sketch featured Lil' Fetus's pregnant mother, who was also his manager. (Seasons 7-8) Later, after Brian's departure, Lil' Fetus was replaced by Christina Kirkman as younger pop sensation "Lil' Embryo". Jack DeSena as Carson Daly
Jeff Bester: Safety Tester Season 10 Starred Denzel as a TV host, who would have guests demonstrate whether a product is "safe" or "unsafe". Jeff Bester would always deem the harmless product "unsafe" by using the product inappropriately and therefore, injuring the guest. One moment included filling a backpack with snakes and putting it over a man's (Kyle Sullivan) head. Jeff Bester would then say, "Jeff Bester deems this/that (item) UNSAFE!", punch a table, and scream like a buzzer. Denzel Whitaker as Jeff Bester
Kareena Jones Season 10 Kareena Jones (Kianna Underwood) is a negligent bus driver who calls the kids "babies/baby" while she drove the bus recklessly. In another episode, she picked up Percy Flavin (Jack DeSena), Poncy Flavin (Christina Kirkman), and Abbey Rhodes (Chelsea Brummet) while driving the bus. Kareena Jones would often forget to watch the road, mengle with the kids, and at one time let her friend, Mr. Artichoke Head (a doll with an artichoke for a head) drive the bus. Kareena Jones also appeared in some public service announcements, talking about her life, and frequently squirting invading security guards with pepper cheese. Kianna Underwood as Kareena Jones
Driving Test Season 9 A sketch in which a different cast member would take his driving test, but the driving instructor Mrs. Fishtail (Giovonnie Samuels) would often make it harder for the student to avoid driving recklessly. Giovonnie Samuels as Mrs. Fistail
Jim Tasty Season 10 A sketch that starred Ryan Coleman as a boy who everyone thought smelled delicious to a point where they would try to eat him. Ryan Coleman as Jim Tasty
Toy ER Season 7 A sketch where doctors operate on people's toys. Various Cast Members
Max and Mr. Flopples Season 8 A children's show spoof, featuring Max (Kyle Sullivan) the friendly host and his unenthusiastic rabbit friend Mr. Flopples (Bryan). Kyle Sullivan as Max
Bryan as Mr. Flopples
Pickle Boy Seasons 7–8 A silent man who carried around a large plate of pickles and always nodded his head. N/A

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