List of All That characters

This is a listing of each cast member's most notable and/or recurring characters on the Nickelodeon sketch comedy show All That, accompanied by a brief description of each character as well as each actor's time on the show.

Regular cast

First run (seasons 1–6)

Josh Server (The only cast member who appeared in the entire 1st run) (seasons 1–6)

Kel Mitchell (seasons 1–5)

Kenan Thompson (seasons 1–5)

Amanda Bynes (seasons 3–6)

Lori Beth Denberg (seasons 1–4)

Leon Frierson (seasons 4–6)

Christy Knowings (seasons 4–6)

Alisa Reyes (seasons 1–3)

Danny Tamberelli (seasons 4–6)

Katrina Johnson (seasons 1–3)

Angelique Bates (seasons 1 & 2)

Nick Cannon (seasons 5 & 6)

Mark Saul (seasons 5 & 6)

Gabriel Iglesias (season 6)

Tricia Dickson (season 3)

Victor-Cohn Lopez (Season 4)

Zack McLemore (season 4)

Second run (seasons 7–10)

Chelsea Brummet (seasons 7–10)

Jack DeSena (seasons 7–10)

Lisa Foiles (seasons 7–10)

Kyle Sullivan (seasons 7–10)

Shane Lyons (seasons 7–9)

Giovonnie Samuels (seasons 7–9)

Bryan Hearne (seasons 7–8)

Christina Kirkman (seasons 9–10, winner of "R U All That" competition)

Jamie Lynn Spears (seasons 8–9)

Ryan Coleman (seasons 9-10, joined midseason, finalist of "R U All That")

Kianna Underwood (season 10)

Denzel Whitaker (season 10)

Lil' JJ (season 10)

Extras and guest stars

Dan Schneider (seasons 1–10)

Kevin Kopelow (seasons 1–6)

Soup (seasons 1–6)

Brian Peck (seasons 7–10)

Tim Goodwin (seasons 1–3)

Kristian Truelsen (season 2)

Jeremy Rowley (seasons 7–8)

Bonnie Helman

Britney Spears (various episodes throughout the series)

Drake Bell

Miranda Cosgrove

Stephanie Matto (a finalist of "R U All That")

Frankie Muniz

Josh Peck

Chris Farley


Prop characters

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