Grouping Cryptid
Sub grouping Bear dog
Country Canada

The waheela is a wolf-like cryptid reported from Nahanni Valley in the Northwest Territories of Canada. It has also been reported in areas of Michigan and Alaska.[1][2] Cryptozoologist Ivan Sanderson thought that the waheela might represent a relict population of amphicyonids, prehistoric bear-dogs (but which he incorrectly referred to as dire wolves, which were true members of the dog genus Canis, but not what the waheela is said to be).[3]

The waheela is similar to the shunka warakin, but inhabits a far more northern habitat. It is also similar to Amarok, a giant wolf from Inuit mythology. It is reported to travel in groups of two or three, and not in large packs as modern wolves do.

In the Incryptid novels by Seanan McGuire, the character Istas is a waheela therianthrope (a magical shapeshifter) that is a friend and ally of Verity Price, the novels' chief protagonist.[4]

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