The Cherufe is a large anthropophagous mythical creature found in the Mapuche mythology of the indigenous people of south-central Chile.


The Cherufe is an evil humanoid creature made of rock and magma. It is said that Cherufe inhabit the magma pools found deep within Chilean volcanoes and are the source of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Cherufe are also said to be the source of magicians ardent stones (meteorites and volcanic stones) that cause damage in volcanic regions.

The only way to abate the Cherufe's appetite for destruction was to satiate the beast's taste for human flesh by throwing a sacrificial victim into the bowels of its volcanic home. Much like the European dragon, the Cherufe's preferred delicacy came in the form of virginal maidens.

The mythological origins of this beast may have originated to explain anomalies of geological events such as volcanic eruptions.

In cryptozoology

In cryptozoology, the Cherufe is described as a large reptilian humanoid creature or dragon.

Cryptozoological investigators also consider the possibility that the legends of the Cherufe may be based, albeit loosely, on sightings of an actual biological entity, which would have to be capable not only of surviving, but flourishing, in the incredible heat of molten rock. This might be similar to animals who thrive in the tremendous heat found in the mineral-rich exhaust of hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor, among the being giant tube worms, clams, limpets and shrimp.

However, in the "original" Mapuche legend, the Cherufe is not a dragon, reptile humanoid or similar creature, and this description is based on a later interpretation of the myth.

It would appear that the Cherufe was originally intended to be analogous to a giant snake that lives under the sea floor to generate seaquakes and tsunamis. The Peruvian equivalent to the Cherufe would be another giant snake which creates earthquakes and is called by the name Pachamama (Earth mother), also represented as a separate cryptid that Karl Shuker equates to the Minhocao (giant earthworm). Instead, all of these giant serpents appear to have been mythical explanations for natural phenomena and religious concepts.

The Cherufe was shown multiple times in an episode of The Secret Saturdays. It is portrayed as a large reptilian humanoid with hard skin resembling molten rock.


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