An artist's rendition of the Emela-ntouka
Grouping Local legend
Sub grouping Modern dinosaur
Country Central Africa

The emela-ntouka is an legendary creature from the Likouala region of Central Africa. Its name means "killer of the elephants" in the Lingala language.[1]:83 It may also be called aseka-moke, ngamba-namae or mokele-mbembe.[2]:235


The Emela-ntouka would be the size of an African forest elephant. It would have a brown-grey color and it supposedly has a single horn and a long tail.[3] Also it would show similarities with a rhinoceros. For his heavy body the Emela-ntouka possibly needs strong muscular legs. The Emela-ntouka possibly is a semiaquatic animal. It would feed on the "Malombo" plant.

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