Richard Freeman (cryptozoologist)

Richard Freeman

Richard Freeman, photographed in October 2000
Born 1970 (age 4546)
Nuneaton, England
Occupation Author
Organization Centre for Fortean Zoology

Richard Freeman (born 1970) is a cryptozoologist, author, zoological journalist, and WebTV Presenter. He is also the zoological director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ),[1] and co-edits both the journal, Animals & Men and several editions of the annual CFZ Yearbook. Freeman has written, co-written, or edited a number of books, and has contributed widely to both Fortean and zoological magazines, as well as other newspapers and periodicals, including Fortean Times and Paranormal Magazine.

He has also lectured across the UK at events such as the Fortean Times Unconvention, the Weird Weekend, Microcon[2] and at museums and universities such as the Natural History Museum, the Grant Museum of Zoology, Queen Mary, University of London and the Last Tuesday Society.

When interviewed by author Nick Redfern in 2005,[3] Richard claimed an early obsession with the classic science fiction series Doctor Who (with Jon Pertwee) had sparked an interest in all things weird. After school, he became a zoo keeper at Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire and became head keeper of reptiles, working with more than 400 exotic species from ants to elephants (but with a special interest in crocodilians). After leaving the zoo, he worked in an exotic pet shop, a reptile rescue centre, and as a gravedigger.

Whilst on holiday he learned of the CFZ and bought a copy of the Centre's journal, Animals & Men, which left him impressed enough to subscribe and begin contributing. He eventually became the CFZ's Yorkshire representative, then moved to Devon to become a full-time member of the Centre. He is now the zoological director[4] and co-editor of Animals & Men.

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Penn & Teller: Bullshit! - Season 4 Episode 1: Cryptozoology[5]


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