The Final Option (1994 film)

The Final Option

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Traditional 飛虎雄心
Simplified 飞虎雄心
Mandarin Fēi Hǔ Xióng Xīn
Cantonese Fei1 Fu2 Hung4 Sam1
Directed by Gordon Chan
Produced by Kim Yip
Written by Gordon Chan
Starring Michael Wong
Peter Yung
Carmen Lee
Vindy Chan
Power Chan
Music by Richard Yuen
Cinematography Horace Wong
Edited by Chan Kei-hop
Golden Harvest
Harvest Crown
People's Production
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Release dates
17 March 1994 (1994-03-17)
Running time
103 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$11,232,091

The Final Option is a 1994 Hong Kong action film written and directed by Gordon Chan and starring Michael Wong, Peter Yung, Carmen Lee, Vindy Chan and Power Chan.


Because the risk of police work is getting higher, uniformed patrol officer Ho Chi-wai (Peter Yung) recives pressure from his family, which leads him to doubt his own profession and his attitude also becomes negative. One time during an armed robbery case in a jewelry store, witnesses his colleague, Butt (Ken Lok), being killed by the robbers, which changes his views about the meaning of life and being a police officer. Chi-wai is shoulder the responsibility to protect civilians and joins the Special Duties Unit (SDU). During training, due to a series of difficult physical and mental challenges, many trainees decided to quit. Chi-wai, however, completes his training with his spirit of perseverance. With the influence of his instructor, Stone (Michael Wong, Chi-wai builds self-confidence. However, Chi-wai gradually discovers problems that the SDU has to face, including ones from family, friends, superior officers, criminals and even public pressure. Because Chi-wai's profession makes his girlfriend, May (Carmen Lee), to lack a sense of security, they become estranged until a counterinsurgency operation, when May finally understands Chi-wai, while he also understands the meaning of being an SDU officer.


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