Carman Lee

Carman Lee
Chinese name 李若彤 (traditional)
Chinese name 李若彤 (simplified)
Pinyin Lǐ Ruòtóng (Mandarin)
Jyutping Lei5 Jeuk6 Tung4 (Cantonese)
Origin Hong Kong
Born 16 August(She regards the year of birth as a privacy)
Hong Kong
Occupation Actress
"Carmen Lee" redirects here. For the American actress, see Carmen Llywelyn.
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Lee.

Carman Lee Yeuk-tung (Chinese: 李若彤; born 16 August,she regards the year of birth as a privacy)[1][2] is a Hong Kong actress who has appeared in films such as The Wicked City (1992), Loving You (1995), The Odd One Lives (1997), and the North American Knock Off (1998) with Jean-Claude Van Damme. She is best known for her role as Xiaolongnü in the 1995 TV series adaptation of Louis Cha's Wuxia novel The Return of the Condor Heroes.She still single till today and never been married yet.

Early life

Lee came from a big family of ten children, with her being the seventh child. To help her parents feed the family when she was a child, she and her siblings used to make and sell handicrafts. Out of her parents' 10 children, Lee was known to be the only one to possess a different look since her childhood with a Eurasian-like face, creating rumors that she wasn't her parents' biological daughter. The rumors were untrue but it did give Lee a low self-esteem about her origins then and even made her suicidal on that matter once.

Lee once worked as an air-stewardess before entering the entertainment industry.


Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1994 ICAC Investigators 1994 廉政行動1994 Mabel Guest star
1995 The Condor Heroes 95 神鵰俠侶 Siu-lung-noi
1997 Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 天龍八部 Wong Yu-yin / Wong Yu-yin's mother
2000 Home 緣來一家人
Qiren Qi An 奇人奇案
2001 Legendary Fighter: Yang's Heroine 楊門女將—女兒當自強 She's daughter
Qiuxiang 秋香
2003 Guitu Ru Hong 歸途如虹
2004 Wu Dang 武當
Da Song Jing Shi Chuanqi 大宋驚世傳奇
2014 Never Dance Alone 女人俱樂部 Mo Siu-sze
Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1990 Killer's Romance 浪漫殺手自由人 Amy
1992 The Wicked City 妖獸都市 Orchid
1994 The Final Option 飛虎雄心 May Lee
Burning Paradise 火燒紅蓮寺 Dau Dau
Awakening 鬼迷心竅 Fei Fei
Victory 青春火花 Fai
1995 The Little Drunken Masters 小醉拳
Loving You 無味神探 Carman
1996 Somebody Up There Likes Me 浪漫風暴 Gloria Chan
Forbidden City Cop 大內密探零零發 Gum Tso / Kam Cho
Lover's Tears 情人的眼淚 Heung Cheng
War of the Under World 洪興仔之江湖大風暴 Tong
1997 Lifeline 十萬火急 Dr Annie Chan
Final Justice 最後判決 Barrister Koo May
Too Many Ways to Be No. 1 一個字頭的誕生
The Odd One Dies 兩個只能活一個 Mo's hired killer
Legend of the Wolf 戰狼傳說 Yee
Option Zero G4特工 Kelly
1998 Knock Off KO 雷霆一擊 Detective Ling Ho
2005 China Flower 青花 Ching Fa
2015 12 Golden Ducks 12金鴨 Rocky's Gym Pupil


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