Paul Fonoroff

Paul Fonoroff
Chinese name 方保羅 (traditional)
Chinese name 方保羅 (simplified)
Born 1954
Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Paul Fonoroff (born 1954 in Cleveland, Ohio) is one of Hong Kong's best known film critics and film historians.[1]

Fonoroff studied Chinese language at Brown University and earned his masters in fine arts at the University of Southern California.[2] He also earned a PhD at Beijing University in Chinese cinema.[3]

Fonoroff has lived in Hong Kong since 1983. He has written for the South China Morning Post since 1988 and is well respected in the Hong Kong cinema community.[3]

He has published two books, Paul Fonoroff At The Hong Kong Movies, a collection of reviews, and Silver Light, a picture book of Fonoroff's extensive collection of Hong Kong movie memorabilia.[2] At the Movies was criticized for being out of date by reviewers.[1]

Fonoroff hosts movie-related television shows in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English, and has made numerous cameo appearances in Hong Kong films.



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