Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

Cover of the first tankobon volume of the second manga adaptation, showing Yuya Sakaki and Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon.
(Yūgiō Āku Faibu)
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Anime television series
Directed by Katsumi Ono
Written by Tsutomu Kamishiro
Music by Kōtarō Nakagawa
Studio Gallop
Licensed by

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Network TXN (TV Tokyo)
English network

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Original run April 6, 2014 – present
Episodes 133
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: Saikyō Duelist Yuya
Written by Akihiro Tomonaga
Published by Shueisha
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Saikyō Jump
Original run April 3, 2015 – present
Volumes 1
Written by Shin Yoshida
Illustrated by Naohito Miyoshi
Published by Shueisha
English publisher Viz Media
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine V-Jump
English magazine

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Original run August 21, 2015 – present
Volumes 1

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V (遊☆戯☆王ARC-V(アーク・ファイブ) Yūgiō Āku Faibu, "Arc Five") is a Japanese anime series animated by Gallop. It is the fourth main spin-off anime series in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. The series began airing in Japan on TV Tokyo from April 6, 2014.[3][4] The series is licensed outside Japan by Konami's 4K Media Inc. and launched internationally in 2015.[5] A manga adaptation by Naohito Miyoshi began serialization in Shueisha's V-Jump magazine in August 2015.


The story takes place in the near future, in a new setting called Paradise City, where Leo Corporation creates new advances in Solid Vision that gives life to Duel Monsters and physical mass to monsters, environments, and allow players to interact directly with them. It also gives birth to challenging Action Duels. Action Duels allow duelists to traverse environments to locate Action Cards to help them in a pinch. The story follows Yuya Sakaki who is a second year middle school student at Paradise City's You Show Duel School. Yuya’s father, Yusho Sakaki, disappeared three years ago when he was scheduled for a Duel against the Action Duel Champion. Yusho was deemed as a coward who ran away. To clear his father's name, Yuya faces off against the current Action Duel champion and awakens a new power from his pendant known as Pendulum Summoning. This earns Yuya attention from the president of Leo Corporation, Declan Akaba. Yuya strives to master the art of Pendulum Summoning to become a great Dueltainer like his father.

Yuya met two Duelists who greatly resembles him named Yuto, who uses Xyz Summoning, and Yugo, who uses Synchro Summoning. Yuto reveals that the world is split into four dimensions: Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and lastly Standard, which is the center of the four dimensions where Yuya lives in. Yuya and his friends become involved in the interdimensional conflict after Duelists from Duel Academy of the Fusion Dimension invade the Arc League Championship. Duel Academy Duelists turn several Duelists into cards under orders from Leo Akaba who is Declan's father whose ambition is to unite the four dimensions. Declan forms the Lancers, which is a group of elite Duelists capable of fighting Duel Academy with Duelists selected based on the result of the championship to stop Leo. The Lancers consists of: Gong Strong, Yuya's childhood friend; Sylvio Sawatari, a Duelist from LID; Shay Obsidian, Yuto's friend and one of few survivors from Xyz Dimension; Celina, a former Duel Academy Duelist with great resemblance to Yuya's childhood friend Zuzu Boyle; Dennis Macfield, an LID transfer student from Broadway who is actually a double agent for Duel Academy; Moon Shadow, a ninja hired by Declan; and Riley Akaba, Declan's adopted younger brother.

Following Zuzu's disappearance during the championship, Yuya and the other Lancers go to New Domino City of the Synchro Dimension to gain allies before Duel Academy invades it. To prove their worth as Duelists to the people of New Domino, the High Council of New Domino City sign them into the Friendship Cup, where Duelists compete in Turbo Duels for the right to challenge the Master of Faster, Jack Atlas. Meanwhile, the chief of Sector Security, Jean-Michel Roget, turns out to be a former Duel Academy agent who intends to turn New Domino into his own personal kingdom. The tournament is interrupted by Duel Academy's arrival. Despite the efforts of the Lancers, Celina got captured by Duel Academy while Zuzu was captured by Roget. At the same time, the Commons begin to rebel against the Topsiders and New Domino City descends into chaos. To stop the rebellion, Yuya duels Jack in the final match and successfully persuades the citizens of New Domino City to cease their hostilities. Afterwards, the High Council of New Domino end the social class system. In a last ditch effort, Roget plans to destroy the Synchro Dimension by using his interdimensional transport device, but it malfunctions and instead creates a wormhole that sucks him in. Another wormhole appears due to the malfunction and sucks Zuzu, Yuya, Gong, Shay, and Sylvio in it.

Yuya, Gong, Shay, and Sylvio are then sent to the ruined Heartland City in the Xyz Dimension. During their accidental arrival, Yuya, Gong, and Sylvio allied themselves with Shay's Resistance comrades while also facing against the Commander-in-Chief of Duel Academy, Aster Phoenix, and his squad that was stationed in Heartland. While fighting against the Obelisk Force sent to dispose of them, Shay was heavily wounded, rendering him temporarily unable to join the battle. To stop the conflict in the Xyz Dimension for good, Yuya Duels Aster with his Dueltaining and helps him see the error of his way, convincing him to betray Duel Academy, which then followed by the entire squad of Duel Academy in Heartland. Aster reveals there's a way to return all people who were carded back to normal, but those who were carded were sent to Duel Academy in the Fusion Dimension, prompting Yuya, Gong, Sylvio, and Shay's Resistance comrade Kite Tenjo to go to Duel Academy.

Meanwhile, in the Fusion Dimension, Zuzu, who got sent there, was saved by former Duel Academy Duelist, Alexis Rhodes, and reunites with Yuya's father, Yusho, who has been helping and teaching former Duel Academy students who disagrees with Duel Academy's way. Just as they decided to attack Duel Academy directly, Dennis ambushes their hideout, causing them to split up to escape. Yuya and the others reunited with Zuzu and Celina, but Celina, who turns out to have been brainwashed lures them into a trap and successfully takes Zuzu to Duel Academy. Yuya and the others are saved by the arrival of the remaining Lancers and infiltrates Duel Academy. At the same time, Yugo and Kite who arrived at Duel Academy with Yusho and Alexis, later followed by Aster and Shay tries to save Rin and Lulu Obsidian respectively, only to find them have also been brainwashed. As the Lancers got separated and fell one by one, Yusho, Declan, and Riley meets Leo. Leo explains that there used to be a single world where all summoning methods existed until it was nearly destroyed by a Duelist named Zarc. His daughter, Ray, sacrificed herself to defeat Zarc at the cost of splitting the original dimension into four dimensions. Following their clash, Zarc and Ray's souls are also split into four pieces and reborn in each of the four dimensions. Yuya, Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri are the reincarnation of Zarc's souls. While Zuzu, Celina, Rin and Lulu are the reincarnation of Ray's soul. Leo's goal is to revive Ray by fusing the four girls and recreate the original dimension as the fifth dimension: ARC-V.


Standard Dimension

The Standard Dimension is the dimension where Paradise City is located. It is the main setting of the first season. This dimension is the center of the four dimensions, where unlike the other three dimensions, Standard contains all three summoning methods of Fusion, Xyz, and Synchro, as well as the recent Pendulum. This dimension is known for its unique Action Dueling which uses real mass that allows Duelists to interact with their monsters and the artificially created environment thanks to the creation of the ARC System (Augmented Reality Combat System), an evolved form of the original Solid Vision System which only had intangible holograms.

Fusion Dimension

The Fusion Dimension is a dimension where its residents all use Fusion Summoning. It is one of the main settings of the third season. This dimension has an elite duel school called Duel Academy, which trains students into Duel Soldiers to invade other dimensions. Leo Akaba is the leader of Duel Academy. Duel Academy gathers many strong Duelists from all over the dimension to achieve Leo Akaba's goal to unite all four dimensions into one supreme world. Duel Academy is based on Yu-Gi-Oh! GX's Duel Academy. The Duelists of Duel Academy wear uniforms with similar colors as Yu-Gi-Oh! GX's Duel Academy's student uniforms. Students of Duel Academy are taken from children who have reached their preadolescence age. Once they are admitted, they are not allowed to leave until the Arc Area Project is completed. Those who escaped from Duel Academy are branded as traitors and will be carded as punishment. Alexis Rhodes and Aster Phoenix (two of the main characters from GX) make their re-appearances in this dimension.

Xyz Dimension

The Xyz Dimension is a dimension where its residents all use Xyz Summoning. It is one of the main settings of the third season and is also known as Heartland City. This dimension is invaded by Duel Academy of the Fusion Dimension and is on the verge of complete destruction from the attacks. In response to the invasion, the remaining survivors form a Resistance group to fend off Duel Academy's assaults with the ruined Heartland City becoming their base. Before the invasion, there were two branches of the Heartland Duel School called Spade Branch and Clover Branch, both of which became the main forces for the Resistance group, before the Spade Branch was wiped out in a later assault. This dimension is based on the previous series' setting, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal's Heartland. Kite Tenjo, one of the main characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, makes a reappearance as a different world counterpart from the Zexal series.

Synchro Dimension

The Synchro Dimension is a dimension where its residents all use Synchro Summoning. It is the main setting of the second season. The setting takes place in a place called "New Domino City", where free competition society consists of two classes. The elite class of 1%, the Topsiders, are the upper class society living in wealth, while the poorer Commons, are the lower class 99% of society living in poverty under the Topsiders' area. Discrimination against Commons is high and they are treated as the tools for allowing the Topsiders to live richly. In rebellion against their limited freedom, the Commons started to duel while riding Duel Runners, motorcycles combined with Duel Disks. These duels later became known as Turbo Duels. New Domino City is ruled by the High Council who uphold the law and Sector Security who act as police for the Topsiders. To maintain the peace of the city, the High Council hold the yearly Friendship Cup, where Duelists from both the Topsiders and Commons can fairly Duel each other on Duel Runners. However, those who lose are sent to an underground garbage refinery with little to no chance of returning to the surface. This dimension is based on New Domino City from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's timeline, with some of the characters from the series reappearing as different dimension counterparts, primarily previous main characters Jack Atlas and Crow Hogan.

Original Dimension

The Original Dimension, also known as the United World, is a Dimension before it was split into Four Dimensions. A colorful and futuristic city, it has hovering vehicles and virtual birds, sharing many general similarities to the Synchro, Fusion, Xyz, and Standard Dimension's architectural structures. It is also the original birth place of the ARC System technology. At some point, much of it was destroyed by Zarc in his fused Dragon form. At a later point Ray opposed Zarc causing the Dimension to split into four.



Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V was first announced in December 2013 in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.[6] The anime series began airing on TV Tokyo from April 6, 2014, which replaced Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal in its initial time slot. 4K Media Inc. acquired the series outside of Japan and planned to release the series internationally in 2015.[7][8] The 4K version had its debut on March 12, 2015 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as part of the Yep! anime/cartoon block on ProSieben Maxx.[9][10] In North America, the English Dub began airing on Canada's Teletoon on July 24, 2015,[11] and on Nicktoons in the United States on February 21, 2016.[12][13]


A manga one-shot illustrated by Naohito Miyoshi was published in the July 2014 issue of Shueisha's V Jump magazine released on May 21, 2014.[14] An English version was released on May 26, 2014 on Weekly Shonen Jump. A full adaptation by Miyoshi began serialization in V Jump on August 21, 2015.[15] It was published in English by Viz Media in its digital Shonen Jump on August 24, 2015.[16] A spin-off manga by Akihiro Tomonaga titled Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: Saikyō Duelist Yuya!! (ゆう☆戯ぎ☆王おう ARC-V 最強デュエリスト遊矢!!, lit. "Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: Yuya the Greatest Duelist!!) began serialization in Saikyō Jump on April 3, 2015.


There are currently three official soundtracks released by Marvelous Entertainment.

Opening Themes
Ending Themes
English Opening Theme

Trading Card Game

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V adds new game play elements to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game following its introduction in April 2014. It introduces Pendulum Monsters to the game. The Pendulum Monster cards use 'Scales'. When these cards are used in newly added 'Pendulum Zones', the 'Scales' allow players to simultaneously summon multiple monsters at once.

Video Game

A video game based on the series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Tag Force Special was released in Japan on January 22, 2015. It was released for the PSP and PS Vita.


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