List of Spyro characters

This is a list of characters from the Spyro the Dragon video game series. Spyro is a series of platform video games and action video games published by Activision. The series has been rebooted several times with the original series being published from 1998 to 2005, the Legend series published between 2006 and 2008, and the Skylanders series published from 2012 to 2015.

Despite featuring Spyro the Dragon and Cynder as playable characters and using Spyro's name in the subtitle of the original game to generate marketing interest, the Skylanders franchise is otherwise completely unrelated and the characters from that franchise are covered in their own section.

Main characters

Spyro the Dragon

Spyro the Dragon (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui in 1998, Tom Kenny in 1999-2002, Jess Harnell in 2004-2005, Elijah Wood in 2006-2008, Josh Keaton in 2011-present) is an eager purple dragon and the main protagonist of the series.


Sparx (voiced by André Sogliuzzo in 1998-2004, David Spade in 2006, Billy West in 2007, Wayne Brady in 2008) is a yellow dragonfly and Spyro's constant companion. He helps protect Spyro from damage, helps collect gems, and gives out helpful information throughout the game. Sparx was also a playable character in Year of the Dragon, Season of Ice, and A Hero's Tail, with his levels featuring gameplay similar to Gauntlet and rail shooter games. In the Legend of Spyro games, Sparx no longer protects Spyro from damage and instead serves as his traveling companion. In the Skylanders series, Sparx is a living magic item who aids the Skylanders by firing fireballs at enemies for a short while.

Original series

Supporting characters

Name First Appearance Voiced by
Dragons Spyro the Dragon Carlos Alazraqui
Tom Kenny
Jamie Alcroft
Clancy Brown
Michael Gough
The dragons in the first game consist of five divisions: The Artisans, The Peace Keepers, The Magic Crafters, The Beast Makers and The Dream Weavers.
Balloonists Spyro the Dragon N/A
The Balloonists are people who help Spyro get around to the different homeworlds by giving him a ride in their hot air balloons. They are: Marco, Gosnold, Tuco, Cray, Amos and Hak.
Hunter the Cheetah Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! Gregg Berger (1999–2002)
Jess Harnell (2004)
A cheetah who trains (and sometimes challenges) Spyro with various tasks. While he's a loyal friend and marginally knowledgeable with basic tasks, he seems to have trouble grasping the severity of Spyro's mission and can be relatively naive and gullible, leading him to being captured or tricked easily. Hunter developed a crush on Bianca in Year of the Dragon, and in the same game, had 4 playable minigames of his own, one in each the speedway level, He was a fully playable character in two levels of A Hero's Tail.[1] Like his name implies, he is a very skilled bow and arrow hunter, and is strong and agile. He often prides himself in him applying his species' speed to everything he does, and expresses minor jealousy or pride when Spyro beats him at something, respectfully.
Moneybags Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! Milton James (1999)
Neil Ross (2000–2002)
Jess Harnell (2004)
A bear who is obsessed with money. He often impedes Spyro's progress, but opens up new passages, releases unlockable characters, or grants new abilities for Spyro for "a few gems." In A Hero's Tail and Shadow Legacy, he has a different characterization, serving as a shopkeeper from which the player could purchase various items.[1] In "Shadow Legacy," Moneybags is shown to have a wife and four sons who live with him in the Bear Forest. In "Attack of the Rhynocs," Moneybags has a nephew named Minibags.
Elora the Faun Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! Melissa Disney (1999)
Carolyn Lawrence (2000)
A young faun who helps Spyro throughout Avalar. She is often found in the home worlds giving Spyro hints and tips and sometimes directs Spyro to the nearest portal where a talisman has not yet been acquired. Spyro and Elora have romantic feelings for each other, although they missing their chance to kiss at the end of the second game.
The Professor Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! Tom Kenny (1999–2000)
Michael Gough (2004)
An anthropomorphic mole. He brought Ripto and Spyro to Avalar and he assists Spyro by creating various devices and gadgets. It appears that he entered the forgotten worlds after he tried to use his portal to get to the dragon realms, but the coordinates were out of date, sending him to the "forgotten worlds" instead, and hence, leaving him to remain in Midnight Mountains and creating the laboratory. The Professor is the mentor of playable character Agent 9 and leads the player through the level 'Agent 9's Lab'.
Zoe Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! Mary Linda Phillips (1999)
Carolyn Lawrence (2000-2002)
Tara Strong (2004)
An Autumn Fairy. She offers advice to Spyro and serves as a checkpoint throughout each of the Realms that he visits. She was captured by Ripto, but was saved by Spyro before she could be fed to Gulp. In "Year of the Dragon," Zoe tells the Dragon Elders that the dragon eggs were stolen by the Sorceress. In "A Hero's Tail," Zoe tells Spyro that her zaps would "lose a million brain cells." In "Shadow Legacy," Zoe and the other fairy were affected by the Shadow Realm.

In addition, Zoe has gained a degree of notoriety from her appearance in unlicensed copies of Spyro: Year of the Dragon. At a certain point in the game, they will issue a speech to Spyro, which masks the deliberate corruption of the game's coding, causing destabilisation of the game's engine and other bizarre effects.

Handel and Greta Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!
Spyro: Year of the Dragon
Melissa Disney
Humans who are first encountered in "Scorch" where they have been sent on a 'super secwet spy mission'. By progressing through the level Spyro is able to help Greta take back the palace and collect flags for Handel. Though an obvious 'faux' version of the fairytale Hansel and Gretel, the characters show that they can look after themselves due to a power they seem to possess once they link arms. In "Spyro: Year Of The Dragon", they are on a mission to steal the Sorceress' "wocket plans".
Bianca Spyro: Year of the Dragon Pamela Hayden
A young anthropomorphic rabbit. She is an apprentice to the Sorceress, shown wearing a maroon hooded cloak and stealing Dragon eggs for conservative purposes. After discovering what the Sorceress was planning to do with all the dragon hatchlings, she defected to Spyro's cause, while developing a crush on Hunter. Bianca appeared in later games to assist Spyro.
Sgt. James Byrd Spyro: Year of the Dragon Tom Kenny (2000)
Jess Harnell (2004)
An anthropomorphic penguin. Sgt. Byrd is a militant soldier penguin armed with various weapons such as a rocket launcher, and able to fly (attributed to being raised by hummingbirds).[2]
Agent 9 Spyro: Year of the Dragon Richard Tatum
A space monkey who was trapped by the Sorceress. He has a laser and can eliminate Rhynocs with ease.
Sheila Spyro: Year of the Dragon Edita Brychta
A kangaroo trapped by the Sorceress. She can double jump, kick her opponents, and stomp them easily. Sheila also speaks with an Australian accent.
Bentley Spyro: Year of the Dragon Neil Ross (in Spyro: Year of the Dragon)
Fred Tatasciore (in Spyro: A Hero's Tail)
A horned yeti trapped by the Sorceress. He holds an icy club which he uses to hit his opponents and crush them with, he also uses it to clear ways and solve puzzles. Bentley is also the older brother of Bartholomew.
Blink Spyro: A Hero's Tail Tara Strong
A mole that was rescued by Spyro. He is the nephew of The Professor and an expert climber and burrower, using an arm-mounted laser and explosive charges.[1]
Ember Spyro: A Hero's Tail Tara Strong
A pink dragon who has a tremendous crush on Spyro. She gives advice to Spyro to see an Elder to learn how to smash a Dark Gem. She later dumps Spyro for Bandit the armadillo in Spyro: Shadow Legacy.
Flame Spyro: A Hero's Tail Tara Strong
A red dragon who looks very much alike with Spyro (save for having smaller horns, a larger crest, and a long rounded muzzle).
The Dragon Elders Spyro: A Hero's Tail
Spyro: Shadow Legacy
Jess Harnell
A group consisting of the oldest and wisest of the dragon families. The Dragon Elders are:
  • Tomas - A blue dragon who appears to be the Chief Elder of the group.
  • Astor - A green dragon.
  • Cho-Lei - A female dragon.
  • Magnus - A red dragon.
  • Titan - A yellow dragon.
Bandit Spyro: Shadow Legacy N/A
An armadillo. He wears cowboy attire and speaks in a western accent. Spyro saved Bandit and his fellow Armadillos from the effects of the Shadow Realm. Spyro helps Bandit give the dragons a peace offering since the armadillos are new to the Dragon Realms. Ember is dating Bandit.


Name First Appearance Voiced by
Gnasty Gnorc Spyro the Dragon Michael Gough (1998, 2004)
Drew Markham (shared, 2004)
A creature called a Gnorc (a gnome/orc hybrid). He imprisoned all dragons (except for Spyro) in crystal, stole the dragons' treasure and used magic to turn them into monsters. Spyro fought against his fellow Gnorcs, eventually reaching Gnasty Gnorc's homeworld called the Gnorc Gnexus where he confronted and defeated him.
Ripto Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! Gregg Berger
A diminutive but powerful Rhynocorus Riptosaurus sorcerer with a purple cape and a single horn on his forehead. Upon being accidentally transported to the realm of Avalar, he announces that he will be taking it over due to the fact that no dragons were native to the area. After an initial confrontation with Spyro and Avalar's residents, he fled to various locations within Avalar. Spyro pursued and confronted Ripto's two minions Crush and Gulp and eventually confronted Ripto himself, winning the battle using the assistance of "Power orbs" created by The Professor. Ripto became a recurring villain in the Spyro series. Ripto's name is based on the Japanese katakana spelling of Spyro (スパイロ).[3]
Crush Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! Gregg Berger
A Riptoc/Lizard-Caveman who is one of Ripto's two monster henchmen and is the boss in the homeworld Summer Forest. He dislikes gems due to their shiny quality but enjoys destroying them with his club; therefore is most displeased once Spyro runs around collecting them He is usually seen with his trusty club and following his master around.
Gulp Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! Gregg Berger
A Riptoc who is known for his ability to devour anything in his way. He is often seen carrying his master on his back. He is the more intelligent one of Ripto's two monster henchmen in the game and is a boss in the homeworld Autumn Plains. In his second appearance however, he seems somewhat dimmer.
The Sorceress Spyro: Year of the Dragon Flo DiRe
She is an evil anthropomorphic Dinopotamus (a dinosaur/hippopotamus hybrid) who sent her apprentice Bianca to the Dragon Realms to steal dragon eggs. It is discovered during the gameplay that the Sorceress banished the dragons from the realm a thousand years ago. When the Sorceress reveals that she was willing to kill newborn baby dragons in order to collect their wings for use in a spell to assure her continued immortality, Bianca betrayed the Sorceress and helped Spyro to confront her former master. Spyro can only confront the Sorceress after he has collected a specific amount of the dragon eggs. He then defeats her with the enlisted help of 'Agent 9'. Once the Sorceress was defeated once in Midnight Mountain, she is seen surviving the initial battle and can later be confronted a second time in the Bonus Realm. This time, she is killed upon hitting the pink acid surrounding the area.
Grendor Spyro: Season of Ice N/A
He was originally a Rhynoc working for the Sorceress in "Year of the Dragon". He froze fairies in ice and sent his Rhynoc minions to capture the frozen fairies in order to reverse a spell that caused him to have two heads which gave him a massive headache. The spell on Grendor is reversed by Zoe.
Red Spyro: A Hero's Tail Jess Harnell
He is a large red dragon, who used magical Dark Gems to corrupt the Dragon Worlds. He was a Dragon Elder, but became power-crazed and was banished by the Dragon Elders for attempting to overthrow their leader. In his shameful exile, he set up home in an active volcano, where he discovered huge deposits of corrupting Dark Gems, which could drain the life force of healthy plants and animals, and make the world a very evil place, in which Red decided would be the perfect place for him to rule unquestioned. With his newfound power, he allied with Gnasty Gnorc and Ineptune, and then attempted to take over the world again, this time using Gnasty's army of Gnorcs.
The Sorcerer Spyro: Shadow Legacy N/A
He is a dragonoid wizard wearing a hooded black cloak who sought to control the "Shadow Realm" and trap residents of the Dragon Realms and other locations within to drain their magical energies. The Sorcerer appeared several times throughout the game as a silent observer of Spyro's feats, teleporting away upon being approached, and revealed his true identity only at the end when Spyro confronted and battled him. The Sorcerer offered Spyro to join him, though Spyro refuses, and the Sorcerer retreats into his castle to engage Spyro in battle. At the start of the battle, the Sorcerer transformed into an enormous dragon but was ultimately defeated despite his claims of superiority. The Sorcerer escaped and was said to be building up power for his next attack.


Name First Appearance Voiced by
Toasty Spyro the Dragon N/A
The evil lord of the shepherds and the boss of the Artisan Homeworld in the first game. Although his appearance appears to be a giant scythe-wielding pumpkin-headed scarecrow, he is actually a gray sheep on stilts. After defeating Toasty's Sleeping Dogs, Spyro proceeds to attack Toasty and defeat him.
Dr. Shemp Spyro the Dragon N/A
A large armored shaman and the boss of the Peace Keepers Homeworld. Spyro burns Dr. Shemp's rear end with his fire-breath attack to eventually defeat him.
Blowhard Spyro the Dragon N/A
An advanced Tornado Wizard and the boss of the Magic Crafters Homeworld. He was created by Gnasty Gnorc to defeat Spyro. Blowhard and his fellow Green Wizards were responsible for the strange weather that's been occurring in the Magic Crafters Homeworld. Blowhard is eventually defeated by Spyro.
Metalhead Spyro the Dragon N/A
A giant robot and the boss of the Beast Makers Homeworld. He was created by Gnasty Gnorc. Spyro had to destroy all the power poles that gave Metalhead his power before he can defeat him.
Jacques Spyro the Dragon N/A
A jester and the boss of the nightmare section of the Dream Weavers Homeworld. He was created by Gnasty Gnorc to use as a method to defeat Spyro. Jacques is eventually defeated by Spyro.
Colossus Yeti Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! N/A
A giant yeti who is the boss of the Colossus Homeworld where he is found in one of the temples. He was causing trouble for the monks that were living there. Before Spyro can fight Colossus Yeti, he was jumping so hard that a statue fell and crushed him.
Master Chef Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! N/A
A duck-billed Water Worker chef who is the boss of Sunny Beach. He and his Water Workers were wrangling up baby turtles to use as an ingredient for his soup. Master Chef ends up challenging Spyro where he had to prevent baby turtles from falling into the soup pot. In the game's epilogue, his soup pot was converted into a hot tub.
Bombo Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! N/A
A white turban-wearing, magic carpet-riding genie who is the boss of Autumn Plains. He is encountered in the Scorch part of Autumn Plains. Bombo can create and toss bombs at Spyro who was sent by Handel to obtain some flags from Bombo.
Ox Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! N/A
An ox is the boss of Metropolis. The Ox leads a rebellion of the farm animals against the residents of Metropolis.
Buzz Spyro: Year of the Dragon N/A
A Rhynoc who is the boss of Buzz's Dungeon. He was transformed into a rabbit by the Sorceress. Bianca later transformed Buzz into a giant toad-like creature in order to fight Spyro. By spitting fire and charging Spyro, Buzz was the easiest of the game's bosses. He was defeated by Spyro and Sheila.
Spike Spyro: Year of the Dragon N/A
Spike is a Rhynoc who is the boss of Spike's Arena. He was transformed into an unspecified beast by the Sorceress. Spike carries an electric wielding gun which he uses in his attempt to defeat Spyro. Spyro obtained help from Sgt. James Byrd to defeat Spike.
Scorch Spyro: Year of the Dragon N/A
A Rhynoc who is the boss of Scorch's Pit. He was transformed into a bat-like monster by the Sorceress who classified this form as the "monster to end all monsters." Scorch can produce eggs which hatch into a range of enemies including crabs, "possum-like" creatures with TNT, smiley-bombs and in some cases weaker versions of Buzz. He can also produce a downpour of electric balls which shower Spyro. Spyro and Bentley managed to defeat Scorch by knocking him into a lava pit.
Bluto Spyro: Year of the Dragon N/A
A Rhynoc who is the boss of Seashell Shore. Bluto challenges the seals to fight his sub against their boat....a challenge which Spyro very willingly accepts. Bluto piloted a shark-like submarine before he was defeated by Spyro.
Sleepyhead Spyro: Year of the Dragon N/A
A Rhynoc Wizard who is the boss of Spooky Swamp. Upon being awakened by Spyro, he will throw bombs at Spyro and summon Alligators to come to his aid.
Chinese Fire Dragons Spyro: Year of the Dragon N/A
Faux-Chinese Dragons who are the bosses of the Fireworks Factory. They were created by the Sorceress to kill Handel. These dragons have permanent superflame and can recover their health if left alone.
Sasquatch Six Spyro: Year of the Dragon N/A
A group of rogue Yetis. Colossus Yeti joined up with this group where they challenged Hunter the Cheetah in the Super Bonus Round. Spyro had to race them in order to progress through the Bonus World.
Ineptune Spyro: A Hero's Tail Susanne Blakeslee
A green-skinned mermaid. Red sent her to attack Spyro following Gnasty Gnorc's defeat. Spyro defeated Ineptune by ramming her belt.
Woolly Mammoth Spyro: A Hero's Tail N/A
A possible resident of the Icy Wilderness. He was hired by Red to attack Spyro following Ineptune's defeat. Although the Woolly Mammoth managed to capture Spyro, Sparx escapes and returns with Hunter the Cheetah to free Spyro.

The Legend of Spyro series


The Guardians are a group of dragons who watch over the dragon eggs and training the young dragons in the ancient ways. Most of the Guardians were killed in battle against Malefor's forces and only four remain.


Ignitus as he appears in Dawn of the Dragon.

Ignitus (voiced by Gary Oldman) is a red dragon who was the Fire Guardian, the leader of the four remaining Guardians. He serves as a father-figure to Spyro, often calm and collected but has been known to break out into fits of fury, using his fire ability to great effect.

Ignitus, along with the other remaining Guardians, were assigned to protect the eggs during the Year of the Dragon. When Gaul led an attack on the Dragon Temple, Ignitus took Spyro's egg and hid it in the nearby swamp where it would later be found by a family of dragonflies. He and the other Guardians later fought against Malefor's forces until the other Guardians were captured by Cynder in which case Ignitus escaped the battlefield and hid in the same swamp where he had hidden Spyro's egg years earlier.

Sometime later, he met the purple dragon who was now grown up and showed Spyro the Dragon Temple that was now in ruins after Gaul's attack years earlier. Ignitus assigned Spyro to free the other Guardians who had been captured by Cynder and were being used to power crystals which would free Malefor. After freeing the final Guardian, Terrador, Cynder attempted to pursue Spyro but was stopped by Ignitus who tried to fight off the black dragon. Cynder defeated Ignitus and brought him to her lair where she used him to fuel the final crystal used to free her master. Spyro arrived and rescued Ignitus but Cynder had already made off with the crystal so Ignitus sent Spyro to pursue her and stop her from freeing Malefor. After Spyro defeated Cynder, Ignitus and the other Guardians welcomed Spyro and Cynder (who was freed from Malefor's influence) back to the temple.

In the second game, Ignitus helped defend the temple a second time when it was invaded by Gaul's forces. He later sent Spyro to search for The Chronicler who had appeared in the young dragon's dreams while he stayed behind to search for Cynder who had disappeared.

Sometime later, he and the other Guardians moved into Warfang after they lost the temple to Malefor's forces. When Spyro arrived in the city three years later, Ignitus and the other Guardians helped Spyro and Cynder fight the Golem, who had arrived to destroy the city. After defeating the Golem, Malefor awakened The Destroyer and Ignitus took Spyro and Cynder to the edge of the Belt of Fire to get them through to stop Malefor. However, about halfway through, the dark power of the Belt of Fire was overwhelming Ignitus, and he sacrificed himself by using his last bit of strength to get Spyro and Cynder to the other side. After Malefor's defeat, The Chronicler summons Ignitus's spirit and chooses him to become the next Chronicler of the new age. He later starts wondering where Spyro might be.


Volteer (voiced by Corey Burton) is a yellow dragon who was the Guardian of Electricity. He is the most intellectual of the four Guardians. Quickwitted and fleet of foot, this lightning lizard says more than necessary and simply explodes onto any subject that sparks his interest. Volteer helped his fellow Guardians guard the Dragon Temple during the Year of the Dragon, and it was he who warned the other Guardians that Gaul's forces were closing in on the temple to destroy the eggs. He later fought with the other Guardians against the forces of Malefor for many years until he was captured by Cynder and taken to Dante's Freezer where he was imprisoned in the Ice King's lair. Cynder then used him to power a crystal used to free Malefor.

Sometime later, Spyro defeated the Ice King and rescued Volteer and he later trained Spyro back at the Dragon Temple on how to master his electricity breath.

After Spyro's battle with Cynder, the Dragon Temple was once again invaded by Gaul's forces and Volteer helped to fight them off. After the battle, he and Cyril, the Ice Guardian, were sent to the mainland to warn the inhabitants that the Night of Eternal Darkness was approaching.

He and the other Guardians later moved into Warfang after they lost the Dragon Temple to Malefor. Volteer helped Spyro fight off Golem when it invaded the city, and afterwards, he and the others later hid underground while Spyro went to go confront Malefor and he was last seen before the credits gazing upon the newly assembled world.


Cyril (voiced by Jeff Bennett) is a sassy blue dragon who was the Ice Guardian. He is a fabulous and predominately prideful dragon, who constantly flounces about displaying his ice skills. Cyril was responsible for guarding the Dragon Temple during the Year of the Dragon along with his fellow Guardians. He later fought with the other Guardians against Gaul's forces for many years until he was captured by Cynder and taken to Tall Plains where Cynder used him to power a crystal used to free Malefor.

Sometime later, Spyro rescued him from the Stone Sentinel. They minced back over to the temple and he trained Spyro on how to master his ice breath.

After Spyro's battle with Cynder, the Dragon Temple was once again invaded by Gaul's forces and Cyril gallantly helped to fight them off. After the battle he and Volteer were sent to the mainland to warn the inhabitants that the Night of Eternal Darkness was approaching. Cyril took great care to warn Mole-Yair and the Manwersmalls especially.

He and the other Guardians later moved into Warfang after they lost the Dragon Temple to Malefor and he helped Spyro fight of Golem when it invaded the city. He and the others later hid underground while Spyro went to go confront Malefor and he was last seen before the credits prancing around the newly assembled world.


Terrador (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) is a green dragon who was the Guardian of Earth. He is a battle-scarred warrior and the most militant of the Guardians, most dedicated and focused on the practical art of battle.

Terrador was responsible for guarding the Dragon Temple during the Year of the Dragon along with his fellow Guardians. He later fought with the other Guardians against Gaul's forces for many years until he was captured by Cynder and taken to Munitions Forge where Cynder used him to power a crystal used to free Malefor. Sometime later, Spyro rescued Terrador after beating The Conductor and his train Steam and he later trained Spyro back at the Dragon Temple on how to master his earth breath.

After Spyro's battle with Cynder, the Dragon Temple was once again invaded by Gaul's forces and Terrador helped to fight them off. After the battle he was sent by Ignitus to the Shattered Vale to learn what he could from there about the Night of Eternal Darkness.

He and the other Guardians later moved into Warfang after they lost the Dragon Temple and he helped Spyro fight of Golem when it invaded the city. He and the others later hid underground while Spyro went to go confront Malefor. He was later seen emerging along with the other Guardians and the inhabitants after Spyro and Cynder defeated Malefor and prevented the destruction of the world. It is unknown if Terrador becomes the leader of the Dragon Guardians, but he possibly does, being the wisest and most level-headed after Ignitus.

The Chronicler

The Chronicler (voiced by Martin Jarvis) was an ancient dragon thousands of years old whose job was to record the history of the dragon race and enter the names of dragons who died in a book. It's unknown if he was the first chronicler, but at the time Spyro met him, he claimed to have not seen anyone in over a thousand years.

In The Eternal Night, he summoned Spyro in his dreams and gave the young dragon the Dragon Time ability and his elemental powers back while encouraging him to seek him out. When Spyro finally arrived in The Chronicler's chamber, he told the young dragon that he must stay with him while Malefor was freed so he can ride out the storm and perhaps fight another day. Spyro refused to let Cynder be corrupted again and insisted that The Chronicler show him the way to Gaul's lair. The Chronicler finally agreed to show him, and later when Spyro and Cynder were trapped in the Well of Souls, he telepathically communicated with Spyro and told him indirectly to use his Dragon Time ability to freeze him, Sparx, and Cynder in a time crystal that would keep them safe from the collapsing mountain.

Three years later, when Spyro and Cynder were freed from the crystal, The Chronicler contacted Spyro and once again gave him his elemental powers back as well as giving Cynder hers back too. After Malefor's defeat and the forming of a new world, he summoned Ignitus, and told the Fire Guardian that with each new age beginning, a new Chronicler is to be chosen to record the many triumphs and failures of that age. When Ignitus asked what had become of Spyro, he responded by saying that the young dragon's name wasn't in the book of dead dragons, hinting that Spyro is still alive. He was then absorbed into the book, likely having passed on, and Ignitus became the new Chronicler.


Cynder (voiced by Cree Summer in 2006, Mae Whitman in 2007, Christina Ricci in 2008, Tobie LaSalandra in 2012-Present) was the only dragon egg that survived the raid on the Dragon Temple other than Spyro's. However, Gaul knew that to free Malefor, he needed a dragon born in the Year of the Dragon to open the gateway to his prison. Gaul captured Cynder's egg and she was soon corrupted by Malefor's dark magic, eventually becoming general of the dark forces. She captured all the Guardians, except Ignitus who managed to escape, and imprisoned them across the Dragon Realms, using them to power crystals required to free Malefor.

After hearing of Spyro's existence, she sent Gaul's army out to kill him but was ultimately not able to do so. After Spyro freed the final Guardian, Terrador, Cynder chased Spyro through Munitions Forge until Ignitus intervened. She defeated the Fire Guardian and took him to her lair where she used him to power the last crystal. Spyro arrived to free Ignitus but Cynder took off with the crystal to Convexity to free her master. Spyro followed her and ultimately defeated Cynder, but at the cost of Malefor's essence escaping. Cynder was released from Malefor's influence and returned to her natural size, and Spyro brought her back to the Dragon Temple to live with him and the other Guardians.

In The Eternal Night, Cynder felt guilty about what she had previously done when she was under the Dark Master's control, and she ran away from the Dragon Temple at night despite Spyro trying to convince her to stay. Sometime later, she was captured by the Skavengers and forced to fight Spyro who had also been captured to fight in their arena. However the match was interrupted when a fleet of Dreadwings sent by Gaul invaded the arena and captured Cynder. She was brought before Gaul, who told Cynder that Malefor could either take her back for being a faithful servant or be the first to perish by his hand. When Spyro arrived to rescue her, Gaul ordered Cynder to kill Spyro but she instead attacked him. Gaul easily defeated her, and when she woke up, she found that Spyro had already killed Gaul but the ceiling had collapsed leaving them trapped in Gaul's collapsing lair. Spyro used his powers to freeze them both in crystal to protect them from the collapsing lair, where they remain frozen for three years.

In Dawn of the Dragon, Cynder is a playable character. Spyro and Cynder were soon freed from their three-year slumber by a group of Grublins. Hunter soon rescued the two dragons escorted them through the Catacombs, Twilight Forest and Avalar before they finally reached Warfang where the Guardians were waiting for them. She later travelled with Spyro and Ignitus through the Belt of Fire, but Ignitus sacrificed himself to get Spyro and Cynder through the fire, and the two then confronted Malefor after they were unable to beat The Destroyer he had unleashed. After a long battle with Malefor, the ancestors sealed Malefor away and Spyro and Cynder were trapped in the core of the world that was being destroyed around them. Spyro told Cynder to leave since he had to stop the world from falling apart, but Cynder refused, telling Spyro that she loves him. After the world was rebuilt, both Spyro and Cynder ultimately made it out and were last seen flying happily over the Valley of Avalar after the credits.

In the reboot of the Spyro franchise of the Skylanders series, Cynder appears, again as a playable character in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, but as a completely different character and having a similar backstory to her Legend of Spyro counterpart. While still just an egg, Cynder was stolen by the evil henchmen of Malefor and was raised under his evil influence. She spread fear throughout the world of Skylands until she was defeated and freed by Spyro. She now desires to redeem herself by using her dark powers to fight evil, but most Skylanders try to keep a safe distance from Cynder...just in case.

Flash and Nina

Flash and Nina (voiced by Jeff Bennett and Vanessa Marshall) are dragonflies who are the biological parents of Sparx and the adopted parents of Spyro. They found Spyro's egg which hatched the same day as Sparx's egg, since then they have raised Spyro as their son. Their appearance is short in A New Beginning, they are seen once in The Eternal Night, during the cutscene with the Chronicler, during a flashback sequence including an infant Sparx, and they are neither seen nor mentioned in Dawn of the Dragon. Spyro's biological parents have yet to have been revealed.

Hunter of Avalar

Hunter of Avalar (voiced by Blair Underwood) is a cheetah like the Hunter in the original series, and appears at the end of The Eternal Night as a bowman who has been captured on the pirate's ship. He is only seen at the end when Spyro is frozen in time with Sparx and Cynder, but he had written a letter to Spyro earlier whilst on the ship, explaining that he knew about Spyro's powers and hoped they would someday meet.

In Dawn of the Dragon, Hunter finally meets Spyro after saving him and Cynder from the Golem in the Catacombs, having been sent by Ignitus to find the two dragons since their disappearance three years ago. He guided them to the Dragon City, where he took part in the battle against Malefor's army and the Golem. After the Golem's defeat, Hunter is present to hear Malefor's plan and witnesses the resurrection of the Destroyer. He and the rest of the cheetah warriors accompany the dragons through the underground passages to stop the Destroyer, and when that fails, he helps by sending his falcons to the outer regions to send the message of telling the inhabitants there to move underground where they may be safe.

Hunter is last seen emerging from the underground city after Spyro reconstructed the shattered world. He is in awe of the sights around him and along with the others, looks to the skies to watch a group of stars form a constellation of a dragon.


Kane (voiced by Phil LaMarr) is an Atlawa (a race of humanoid llamas) and a resident of Tall Plains. For most of the plight through that stage in "A New Beginning," he appears as a loner and wanted to save his people alone. After several scenarios in the stage - including being saved from falling from a waterfall - Kane then understands the value of teamwork and became grateful for Spyro's input after the defeat of the Atlawa's stone god, the Stone Sentinel.


Mole-Yair (voiced by Jeff Bennett) is the leader of the Manwersmalls (a mole-like race that takes refuge around Munitions Forge). In "A New Beginning," almost all the Manwersmalls were captured and were forced to do labor work for Cynder and her minions. He is mainly seen as a guiding figure, instructing Spyro to save them as well as his brother Exhumor in exchange for information on Terrador's location. He, like Exhumor, is distinguished with a strong French accent. This accent and some of his mannerisms lead Cyril to ask him to the opera. However, Mole-Yair declined, saying that he did not "roll that way".

Mole-Yair returns in The Eternal Night as a captive of the pirate ship. He gives Spyro a message from someone named Hunter of Avalar. He and the Manwersmalls are later freed by Spyro and Sparx, and they escaped from the burning ship.


Exhumor (voiced by Corey Burton) is Mole-Yair's brother, though in comparison he generally acts more hostile to strangers. His role in "A New Beginning" is also smaller than Mole-Yair's, though his role as a guiding figure among the release of the captured Manwersmalls is still very similar.



Concept art of Malefor.

Malefor (voiced by Mark Hamill) is a purple dragon and the main antagonist of the The Legend of Spyro series. He is also known as The Dark Master. In The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, under Malefor's orders, the dark armies raided the Dragon Temple to destroy the dragon eggs to prevent the next purple dragon Spyro from being born. However, Malefor needed a dragon born on the Year of the Dragon to open the gateway to his prison in Convexity. Under his master's orders, Gaul stole Cynder's egg to corrupt her, while Ignitus saves Spyro's egg by sending it down a nearby river. Spyro defeated Cynder and returned her to her original form, but not before she collected enough energy to free the Dark Master.

According to The Chronicler in The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night; the Dark Master was the first purple dragon ever to be born. He was a gifted dragon, quickly learning all of the breaths despite not being a dragon of those types. However, he became corrupted by his own seemingly limitless power and was exiled. The Dark Master created an army of Apes and taught them how to artificially harness the power of the Dragon's lifeforce, the gems. Later he was sealed away by the Ancestors in the Well of Souls where his fortress laid. It is said that he can corrupt the minds of even the strongest dragons, which can be seen in both Cynder and Spyro's cases.

In The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, it is revealed that The Dark Master's real name is Malefor, which also explains the true name of the Well of Souls; The Mountain of Malefor. According to the cheetahs of the Village of Avalar, Malefor was a lot like Spyro when he was young. After failing to destroy the Dragon City, Malefor unleashes The Destroyer upon the world to "cleanse" it. While Spyro and the others attempt to stop it, Ignitus mentions that Malefor draws his power from destruction, which is the difference between him and Spyro. When Spyro finally confronts Malefor, the evil dragon reveals that Spyro was the one who freed him, and it was because Cynder had tricked him into freeing him. Malefor then claims that it is the destiny of all purple dragons to "cleanse" the world by releasing The Destroyer and the Golems of the Deep. Malefor takes control of Cynder, but when Spyro doesn't fight back, Cynder is freed and Malefor attempts to kill them both. Spyro and Cynder both defeat him, but Malefor reveals that he cannot die. However, five dragon spirits appeared and sealed Malefor to the core of the world, ending his reign of terror.

In the second reboot of the Spyro series, Malefor is re-imagined as the Undead Dragon King of the Skylands Underworld in the Skylanders series. At first he was mentioned in the backstories of Cynder and Hex. Much like his Legend of Spyro counterpart, Malefor had corrupted Cynder to become his evil servant. He was later badly wounded by Hex when he attempted to capture the elven sorceress. Malefor soon made his debut in the IDW Publishing Skylanders comic story arc trilogy titled "Return of the Dragon King."[4]

Gaul as he appears in The Eternal Night.

Gaul (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) was the King of the Apes (which actually resembled mandrills) and the major antagonist and final boss of the second game. He and his Ape Army were recruited by Malefor after his exile. After Malefor was imprisoned, Gaul led his Army to the Dragon Temple destroy all but one of the eggs to prevent the birth of the purple dragon under Malefor's orders and also steal a dragon egg that Malefor needed to open the gateway that served as his prison. After the attack, Gaul used Malefor's dark magic to corrupt Cynder (the only egg not destroyed) and she grew up in his evil influence. The Ape King later led his army of apes into battle against the Guardians, and he and Cynder managed to capture or kill all of them except Ignitus, who escaped.

After he learned of Spyro's existence, and Cynder having been freed from Malefor's influence, Gaul sent his army to capture Cynder and kill Spyro. Little did he know, Cynder had fled the temple prior to the raid, and Spyro and the Guardians managed to fend them off. After learning that Spyro and Cynder had been captured by the Skavengers, Gaul sent a fleet of Dreadwings to capture Cynder and kill Spyro. His fleet managed to capture Cynder and brought her back to Gaul's lair but were unable to kill Spyro. Gaul then tried to convince Cynder to return to Malefor's side but was met with resistance. When Spyro arrived to confront Gaul in his lair to save Cynder, Gaul used his staff to drain Spyro of his elemental abilities, leaving the young dragon with a serious disadvantage. He then commanded Cynder to kill Spyro but she refused and attacked him instead. Gaul easily defeated Cynder and challenged Spyro to a fight. While Gaul was originally winning, after Spyro was exposed to a wave of energy caused by the solar eclipse of the Celestial Moons, he easily bested Gaul and killed the Ape King without mercy.


Skabb was the apparent leader of the Skavenger Pirates who flew around the Realms in their flying ships looting and capturing creatures to fight in their arena. His parrots Scratch and Sniff (voiced by Jeff Bennett and Kevin Michael Richardson), are the real captains of the Skavengers and they talk for Skabb since the only things he can say are short, incomprehensible grumbles. In the second game, he traveled with his crew to the Ancient Grove to capture a tree sentinel, called Arborick, to have him fight in their arena. However, since Spyro killed Arborick, they captured Spyro instead. He was present during the arena matches with Spyro until a fleet of Dreadwings invaded the ship to capture Spyro and his opponent Cynder by Gaul's orders, and eventually set the arena on fire. Spyro later confronted Skabb in his cabin and later outside on a floating platform as well. After his defeat, Skabb lost his balance and fell off the plank of the platform, plummeting to his death.


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