Gregg Berger

Not to be confused with Greg Berg.
Gregg Berger

Berger at the 2012 Comic-Con International
Born Greggory Berger
(1950-12-10) December 10, 1950
St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
Other names Greg Berger
Occupation Voice actor
Years active 1978–present
Agent Cunningham, Escott, Slevin, Doherty
Spouse(s) Dora Berger (?–present)
Children 2

Greggory "Gregg" Berger (born December 10, 1950) is an American voice actor, who is known for his iconic role as Odie from the Garfield franchise. His other roles include Jecht from the Final Fantasy franchise, Grimlock from The Transformers, Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter from Spider-Man, Cornfed Pig from Duckman, Agent Kay from Men in Black: The Series, The Gromble from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Captain Blue from Viewtiful Joe, Eeyore from Kingdom Hearts II, Hunter the Cheetah from Spyro The Dragon, and The Thing from Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

Notable roles



Video games


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Preceded by
Voice of Grimlock
Succeeded by
David Kaye
Preceded by
Voice of Jetfire
Succeeded by
Scott McNeil
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