List of Grim & Evil episodes

The following is a list of episodes from the American animated television series, Grim & Evil. The Billy & Mandy segments from Grim & Evil were later featured in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy in 2003, during its first season, along with Billy & Mandy's original season one post-Grim & Evil episodes, while the Evil Con Carne segments were featured in Evil Con Carne in 2003, during its first season, along with Evil Con Carne's original season one post-Grim & Evil episodes.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 6 August 24, 2001 October 19, 2001
2 7 July 19, 2002 October 18, 2002


Season 1 (2001)

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Storyboarded by Original air date
1a1a"Meet the Reaper"Maxwell AtomsMaxwell AtomsTBAAugust 24, 2001 (2001-08-24)
Billy's pet hamster, Mr. Snuggles, celebrates his 10th birthday, so the Grim Reaper comes for him. However, Mandy, Billy's friend, is reluctant in allowing it, so she proposes a deal to the Grim Reaper: if he beats the kids in a game, he can take the hamster, but if he loses, he will spare the hamster's life and become their "best friend forever". The Grim Reaper transports the kids to limbo, where he challenges them to a game of limbo. Despite his best effort, Grim ends up losing because he is attacked by Mr. Snuggles at Mandy's own command.
Note: Based on the theatrical pilot film, Billy & Mandy, this is the only episode not produced by Cartoon Network Studios, having been produced in 1999 by Warner Bros. Animation's subsidiary Hanna-Barbera.
1b1b"Evil Con Carne"Maxwell AtomsMaxwell AtomsTBAAugust 24, 2001 (2001-08-24)
Hector Con Carne orders his staff mad scientist, Major Doctor Ghastly, to build him a new body after Boskov the Bear messes up Con Carne's latest plan for world domination by heading for food instead of battle.
1c1c"Skeletons in the Water Closet"Dave BrainGreg MillerGreg MillerAugust 24, 2001 (2001-08-24)
Billy's mother, Gladys, first notices Grim in Billy's bed, then in the shower and subsequently starts to get panic surges thinking that Billy is in danger. Meanwhile, Harold, Billy's dad, just thinks that Gladys is imagining things. In the end, Gladys ends up going living with Billy's aunt, Sis to try and calm herself down.
2a2a"Opposite Day"Dave BrainMaxwell AtomsMike SternAugust 31, 2001 (2001-08-31)
Billy and Mandy tell Grim it is "Opposite Day" and that, when they say something, they really mean the opposite. Due to his difficulty understanding the concept of Opposite Day, Grim has to do Mandy's chores. Finally, Grim thinks he understands when Billy and Mandy say they "want" pie, meaning they "do not want" pie. However, Mandy then says that when she said it was Opposite Day, it really was not.
Note: This is the first appearance of Mandy's house and Mandy's pet dog, Saliva.
2b2b"Emotional Skarr"Brian HoganMaxwell AtomsBob Camp and Joe OrrantiaAugust 31, 2001 (2001-08-31)
Major Doctor Ghastly makes her latest world-domination device, but General Skarr, Con Carne's Chief of Staff, uses the giant robot dog (modeled after Con Carne's tiny little chihuahua, Enrique Jr.) to attempt to kill Boskov and Con Carne instead of trying to take over the world with it.
2c2c"Look Alive!"Brian HoganMaxwell AtomsPaul McEvoyAugust 31, 2001 (2001-08-31)
Grim is bored of being left alone while Billy and Mandy are not with him. Grim decides to fulfill his dream by working as a swimsuit model, but, as he is a corpse, he is not hired. Subsequently, Billy and Mandy give him a makeover to look more human. In the end, Grim gets the job in a TV ad, but he is only in the commercial for a few seconds and is portrayed as an ugly person.
3a3a"Mortal Dilemma"Brian HoganAmy RogersMichael DiederichSeptember 7, 2001 (2001-09-07)
Grim misses his life as the reaper of souls and, due to his bet, he cannot return to the Underworld, much to the hilarity of his Underworld co-workers. Having a sudden epiphany, Grim decides to be good and help people rather than try to take their souls. However, Grim's attempts at being good are faced with resistance from people, who are scared off by his appearance.
3b3b"Evil Goes Wild"Dave BrainGord ZajacGreg MillerSeptember 7, 2001 (2001-09-07)
Boskov is captured by park rangers and put in the zoo, where (true to form) Con Carne mobilizes the other captive bears to take over the world.
3c3c"Get Out of My Head!"Dave BrainMaxwell AtomsMaxwell AtomsSeptember 7, 2001 (2001-09-07)
After watching a movie, Grim teaches Billy to possess people by jumping into their heads. Billy possesses Mandy and makes her do assorted things like flirting with Irwin, kissing Mandy's mother, going into both men's and women's restrooms and eating earthworms. In the end, Billy leaves Mandy's head, but later that night, Mandy possesses Billy's cat, Milkshakes, to maul him as a form of revenge.
Note: This is the first appearance of Mandy's parents, Claire and Phillip, as well as Irwin and Milkshakes, Billy's pet cat.
4a4a"The Smell of Vengeance: Part 1"Dave BrainMaxwell AtomsGreg MillerOctober 5, 2001 (2001-10-05)
Major Doctor Ghastly's latest version of a world-domination device is The Almighty Stink Ray, with which Con Carne threatens to stink up the entire world unless he is given a huge ransom and small piece of land in Montana. Cod Commando, the only soldier without a nose, is sent to destroy the Almighty Stink Ray.
4b4b"Fiend Is Like Friend Without the 'R'"Brian HoganCraig LewisPaul McEvoyOctober 5, 2001 (2001-10-05)
Billy wanders into a junkyard, where a massive hole in the earth opens up and pulls him down in. Later, Mandy and Grim get pulled in as well. They land at the center of the Earth, which is home of Nergal, a devilish creature. The lonely Nergal, who has been watching Billy and Mandy for some time, wants Grim to hand over the kids to him so they can be his friends forever. Grim happily leaves the kids behind as he returns to the surface; however, he later goes back for them because he can't handle the guilt of abandoning his friends. In the end, Grim is defeated by Nergal's electrified tentacles, but Mandy defeats Nergal merely by kicking him in the shin.
Note: This is the first appearance of Nergal.
4c4c"The Smell of Vengeance: Part 2"Brian HoganMaxwell AtomsMaxwell AtomsOctober 5, 2001 (2001-10-05)
5a5a"Devolver: Part 1"Brian HoganMaxwell AtomsMike SternOctober 12, 2001 (2001-10-12)
General Skarr accidentally walks through Major Doctor Ghastly's devolving ray and begins to revert to his primitive forms, including a giant ape and starts to terrorize the Con Carne base.
5b5b"Recipe for Disaster"Dave BrainMaxwell AtomsMike DiederichOctober 12, 2001 (2001-10-12)
Billy, Mandy, Grim and Pud'n are part of the "Person Scouts" (a Boy Scouts-esque organization) and need to sell cookies in order to win a badge. However, as Billy eats all of the cookies, Grim proposes to bake their own cookies using his aunt Kali's secret recipe. The cookies are a success and the troupe wins the contest. In the end, at the Person Scouts awards ceremony, aunt Kali reveals that the secret recipe contains insects, but everyone continues eating the cookies anyway.
Note: This is the first appearance of Pud'n and Aunt Kali.
5c5c"Devolver: Part 2"Brian HoganMaxwell AtomsBob CampOctober 12, 2001 (2001-10-12)
6a6a"Tiptoe Through the Tulips: Part 1"Brian HoganVincent DavisBob CampOctober 19, 2001 (2001-10-19)
Boskov goes into hibernation on the very day Con Carne has set for the invasion of the world. Con Carne gets away from the hibernating Boskov by breaking the container that houses him on the bear's head, then finds himself stuck in a pickle jar for the next six months, waiting for Boskov to come out of his winter sleep.
6b6b"A Dumb Wish"Brian HoganPaul McEvoyPaul McEvoyOctober 19, 2001 (2001-10-19)
While Spring cleaning in the middle of November, Billy takes an old, cursed lamp from Grim's trunk. When he gives it a rub, he releases the curse Grim had warned them about: his own mother. Having three wishes to make, Billy wastes his wish by wishing to know what to wish for. Mandy wishes Billy and Grim would "shut up", which causes both of them to zip their lips, so Grim never gets to make his wish. Then, Mandy decides to make the last wish to whoever makes her the happiest. In the end, Mandy wishes everyone in the world would go away, causing them, except Mandy, to disappear, which she is glad about.
6c6c"Tiptoe Through the Tulips: Part 2"Dave BrainVincent DavisBob CampOctober 19, 2001 (2001-10-19)

Season 2 (2002)

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Storyboarded by Original air date
7a1a"Grim vs. Mom"Brian HoganGord ZajacAlex AlmaguerJuly 19, 2002 (2002-07-19)
After having a nervous breakdown and leaving the house in the first episode, Billy's mother, Gladys, returns. She meets Grim again and, this time, she plans to destroy him once and for all. When Grim goes to the kitchen for a glass of water, Gladys attacks him and shatters his skeleton. In the end, Grim assures the kids that Gladys has won the battle but not the war.
7b1b"Bring Me the Face of Hector Con Carne"Dave BrainGord ZajacMatt SullivanJuly 19, 2002 (2002-07-19)
Dr. Ghastly discovers that Hector's face may still be intact and sends out a search party to get it. This episode also reveals how Dr. Ghastly and Hector met, as well as how Hector was defeated by Cod Commando in the first place.
7c1c"Tastes Like Chicken"Brian Hogan and John McIntyreGord ZajacMike DiederichJuly 19, 2002 (2002-07-19)
With Irwin not answering the phone, Billy's parents missing and Mandy saying she wants "Billy for dinner", Billy and Grim assume Mandy is a cannibal who ate Billy's parents and friends. Looking for proof, Billy and Grim find tiki figures and arrangements for a celebration in Mandy's backyard. Ultimately, it is revealed that they are just celebrating Billy's birthday. Still, Mandy burps out Irwin's glasses, revealing that Mandy ate Irwin as Billy screams in terror.
8a2a"Grim or Gregory?"Brian HoganGord ZajacShellie KvilvangJuly 26, 2002 (2002-07-26)
It's Halloween, Billy, Mandy and Grim go trick-or-treating. Grim mistakes a woman for Atrocia, the host of the all-night Halloween marathon on TV and goes to talk to her. Upon looking at her face, Grim realizes his mistake; however, the woman mistakes Grim for her son, Gregory, and takes him home Gregory is now Grim, and does not have a stomach. At the same time, Billy mistakes Gregory for Grim and he and Mandy take him with them. In the end, Billy and Mandy take Gregory back to his mother and Grim goes back with them.
8b2b"Search & Estroy"Dave BrainGord ZajacAlex AlmaguerJuly 26, 2002 (2002-07-26)
Skarr is evesdropping on Hector and Dr. Ghastly about their new secret weapon—a disenigration gun. Too their dismay Estroy comes up with a better version of the gun. He also surprises them by inviting them to dinner. Hector accepts as a way to steal some of his ideas. Hector and Ghastly arrive at Estroy's neighboring island while Skarr slips around the back. Of course he falls while scaling the wall and lands in a pond of electric eels. At dinner, Estroy tries to recruit Dr. Ghastly. In the meantime, Skarr has gotten into the building and he reaches the secret plans. Estroy reveals that his intentions were to make Dr. Ghastly his new assistant. She's reluctant to the idea and they leave in a huff. Back at home, Skarr reveals the plans to them and they immediately begin construction.
8c2c"Something Stupid This Way Comes"John McIntyre and Robert AlvarezCraig LewisMaxwell AtomsJuly 26, 2002 (2002-07-26)
Nergal, the fiend from the center of the Earth, returns to the surface, emerging a carnival with him, trying once more to make friends. In the following, Billy tries to help Nergal make friends by being considerate, but Nergal fails to apply correctly his advice. When Nergal is told that Grim was forced to be Billy and Mandy's friend-slave, Nergal then decides to force the world to be his friends by turning them into dark beings similar to him. In the end, Nergal turns Billy, Mandy, Grim and even the viewer (thus breaking the fourth wall) into one before the episode ends.
9a3a"A Grim Surprise"John McIntyre and Robert AlvarezRob DeSalesJohn McIntyreAugust 2, 2002 (2002-08-02)
Billy tells Grim to help him throw a surprise birthday party for Mandy. Then, a reluctant Grim helps Billy prepare a cake while keeping it a secret from Mandy. In the end, a somewhat surprised Mandy reveals that her birthday isn't here for the next five months, something that Billy already knew about.
9b3b"Everyone Loves Uncle Bob"John McIntyre and Brian HoganGord ZajacTrevor WallAugust 2, 2002 (2002-08-02)
Con Carne takes over a Mister Rogers-type children's show in an attempt to rule the world by first winning over the children.
9c3c"Beasts & Barbarians"Dave BrainGord ZajacMichael DiederichAugust 2, 2002 (2002-08-02)
Billy and Irwin have been playing their favorite video game, Beasts and Barbarians, for three days non-stop. In an attempt to stop their video game addiction, Grim transports them all to a real-life version of the game. Seeing as Billy and Irwin are still doing good in their quest, Grim increases the difficulty by manipulating the traps himself. In the end, Billy, Mandy, and Grim return home escaping from a giant cyclops, while Irwin remains trapped.
10a4a"Hoss Delgado: Spectral Exterminator"Brian HoganGord ZajacBrian KindreganAugust 9, 2002 (2002-08-09)
Billy, Mandy, and Grim go to the museum on a school trip. There, they meet Hoss Delgado, self-appointed hunter of the paranormal, who upon spotting Grim, tries to eliminate him. Subsequently, Grim and Delgado engage in a fight. Finally, Delgado quits hunting Grim when he realizes Billy and Mandy control him. In the end, Delgado continues his own adventures and is seen fighting a werewolf.
Note: This is the first appearance of Hoss Delgado.
10b4b"Evil on Trial"John McIntyre and Robert AlvarezGord ZajacMucci FassettAugust 9, 2002 (2002-08-09)
General Skarr turns Con Carne in to the FBI when he finds out that Con Carne is "the World's 23rd Most Wanted" criminal with a large cash bounty on his head. When it turns out no lawyer on earth will defend Con Carne, he finds himself in court defended by Major Doctor Ghastly – and prosecuted by the Cod Commando.
10c4c"To Eris Human"Dave BrainGord ZajacChris SavinoAugust 9, 2002 (2002-08-09)
While going to the shopping mall with Billy and Mandy, Grim spots the beautiful Eris, the goddess of discord and chaos, and tries to ask her out. However, Eris is not interested in the skinless Grim, but in the muscular Adonis. Then, Eris invites Mandy to join her in creating chaos using the Apple of Discord. Although initially they get along, Eris pulls a prank on Mandy, who subsequently tries to get revenge. In the end, Mandy fools Eris into thinking that Adonis is in the movie theater and Eris accidentally kisses Grim.
Note: This is the first appearance of Eris.
11a5a"Billy's Growth Spurt"Brian HoganGord ZajacMichael DiederichOctober 4, 2002 (2002-10-04)
Billy eats too much junk food that makes him feel sick. Grim prepares him a remedy using his granny's recipe, but this medicine makes a parasite to start growing in Billy's back, which Billy names Yap-yap. In the following, Billy and Yap-yap continue eating junk food, so Mandy suggest to use the antidote to the original remedy. Eventually, Yap-yap, now looking like a smaller version of Billy, detaches himself from Billy (which would have technically cured Billy without the need of him drinking the anitdote), and tries to escape from the antidote. In the end, Yap-yap drinks the antidote and is destroyed.
11b5b"The Time Hole Incident"Dave BrainGord ZajacNora JohnsonOctober 4, 2002 (2002-10-04)
Major Doctor Ghastly invents the Temporal Confabulationater Izationizer Unit – a time machine that works so well that Ghastly, Hector and Skarr end up meeting their future selves and Destructicus Con Carne, son of Ghastly and Hector, as both an infant and an adult.
11c5c"Billy & the Bully"John McIntyre and Robert AlvarezGord ZajacBrett VaronOctober 4, 2002 (2002-10-04)
Billy is constantly provoked by a bully named Sperg and runs over to Grim for help.
Note: This is the first appearance of Sperg.
12a6a"Big Trouble in Billy's Basement"Robert Alvarez and John McIntyreGord ZajacChris McCullochOctober 11, 2002 (2002-10-11)
After taking the Underworld's "Bad Book" from Grim, Billy becomes possessed by an evil presence. Then, Billy steals Grim's scythe, and uses it to open a portal to summon Yog-Sothoth. In consequence, Mandy calls for Hoss Delgado to battle Billy. It is revealed that the portal can only be sealed by throwing the book into it. As Billy eats the book, Mandy throws Billy himself into the portal, restoring everything to normal. Instants later, a portal opens up and Billy comes out and says they didn't want him there.
12b6b"Christmas Con Carne"John McIntyre and Robert AlvarezGord ZajacTBAOctober 11, 2002 (2002-10-11)
Rupert the Green-Nosed Reindeer saves Christmas when Hector Con Carne tries to ruin it.
12c6c"Tickle Me Mandy"Brian HoganGord ZajacMucci FassettOctober 11, 2002 (2002-10-11)
Mandy and her parents leave the city for a day, which makes Billy feel lonely. Then, Grim uses his supernatural powers to create a fake Mandy with pieces of dolls and toys for Billy to play with. However, the "new" Mandy is too aggressive with Billy, and he starts fearing her. The next day, the real Mandy returns home, and promptly destroys the new Mandy while in the see-saw.
13a7a"Little Rock of Horrors"Robert AlvarezGord ZajacMaxwell AtomsOctober 18, 2002 (2002-10-18)
In this musical episode, which pays homage to Little Shop of Horrors, Billy befriends a singing brain-eating meteor (voiced by Voltaire) that falls from the sky after when everyone doesn't want to play with him because they are busy. With Billy's help, the creature grows bigger and eventually eats the brains of all people in Endsville (turning them into zombies with glowing green eyes). The last brain he eats is Mandy's, which results in the creature transforming into a pink, brain-eating Mandy meteor.
Note: The song featured is "BRAINS!", composed by goth artist Voltaire specifically for this episode.
13b7b"The Pie Who Loved Me"John McIntyreGord ZajacAlex AlmaguerOctober 18, 2002 (2002-10-18)
This is a mini musical. At first, Hector is singing about some of the things he adores. This leads into why he should take over the world (classical). This goes into Dr. Ghastly singing about her scientific work, leading into her baking pies for science (rock opera). The pies are sent to all the people who are singing about the temptation of pies in the sky. Skarr breaks in with a solo about hitting people with pies. Even Boskov gets a solo (rock opera). Meanwhile, the organization that's here to stop Evil is out of commission from too much pie; as are all the citizens. This leads back into Hector rejoicing in song about his success with the pie scheme until Cod Commando infiltrates the "pie in the sky" with a patriotic tune. In the end, no one could fight any one any more because they have had "too much pie".
13c7c"Dream a Little Dream"Dave BrainGord ZajacMichael DiederichOctober 18, 2002 (2002-10-18)
Billy, Mandy and Grim eat moldy pizza leftovers and after falling asleep, they have nightmares. Billy dreams of cute bunnies which turn into horrific and deadly monsters; Grim dreams of an endless number of bossy Mandys; Mandy dreams of being pulled into a volcano and then commanding demons at the rhythm of music, in a scene that reminisces the Night on Bald Mountain segment of Fantasia. In the end, Mandy reveals that her dream was actually very pleasant and she eats the last slice of the rotten pizza.

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