Greg Miller (animator)

Greg Miller is an American animator, cartoonist and storyboard artist. He worked on the production of Shrek the Third and Monsters vs. Aliens as the additional storyboard artist. He is currently a storyboard artist, writer, animator, and character designer on Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, Gravity Falls, and Uncle Grandpa. His art style is based on the animation style of Schoolhouse Rock!, which was used in his own television series, Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?, aired on Cartoon Network from 2002 to 2003 and his short film, The Wizzard of Krudd, a canceled Nickelodeon short featuring the voice of Devon Workheiser as the protagonist.



Year Title Notes
2000 The Tangerine Bear character clean-up
2007 Shrek the Third additional story artist
2007 The Wizzard of Krudd creator, writer, art director, voice director, co-executive producer, director
2009 Monsters vs. Aliens additional story artist
2010 Shrek Forever After additional story artist


Project Show run Channel Credited role # of episodes
Schoolhouse Rock! 1973–2009 American Broadcasting Company Animator
Snorks 1984-1989 NBC
Writer, Director, Storyboard artist, Character Designer, Animator
Dexter's Laboratory 1996–2003 Cartoon Network Writer, Storyboard artist
Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? 2002–2003 Cartoon Network Creator, Developer, Writer, Director, Storyboard artist, Character Designer, Animator, Composer, Executive Producer 13 episodes
My Life as a Teenage Robot 2003–2009 Nickelodeon Writer, Storyboard artist, Director, Sheet Timer
SpongeBob SquarePants 2007 Nickelodeon Writer, Storyboard director 1 episode, "Blackened Sponge"
The Problem Solverz 2011–2013 Cartoon Network Supervising director 26 episodes
Secret Mountain Fort Awesome 2011–2012 Cartoon Network Writer, Storyboard artist 5 episodes
The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show 2015 Netflix Director


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