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Type Construction set
Company Hasbro
Country United States
Availability 2011–present
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KRE-O is a line of construction toys (similar to Lego and Mega Bloks) manufactured by South Korea-based Oxford and marketed by Hasbro. Kre-O was released in stores in Fall 2011,[1][2] although Hasbro started shipping out the first Transformers sets in early June 2011.[3] The creators of the toy franchise got the name "Kre-O" from the Latin word "creo", which means "I create".[4]

Kre-O toys feature highly articulated humanoid figures called Kreons.

Kre-O blocks are compatible with Lego bricks,[1] hence also compatible with Mega Bloks and other building block brands.

Toy lines

Kre-O Transformers is the first line of the Kre-O series. They were first shown at the New York Toy Fair 2011.[5] Transformers Kre-O figures include homages to their live action film, Timelines, Transformers: Prime and Beast Hunters sub-lines.

Kre-O Battleship is the second overall line of Kre-O sets, based on the 2012 film, itself based on the original board (earlier, pen-and-pencil) game.[6]

Kre-O G.I. Joe was released as the third Kre-O line in February 2013 as a Toys "R" Us exclusive.[7] This collection is based primarily on Hasbro's G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero toy line, cartoons, and comic book series, but includes some Adventure Team Kreons as well.

Kre-O Star Trek was released as the fourth line of Kre-O sets in April 2013.[8] The initial sets and Kreons are based on the 2009 reboot and its sequel Star Trek Into Darkness. A preview trailer was posted by Hasbro, first on Facebook, then later on YouTube. The trailer re-enacts the original "teaser trailer" for the first film, showing the construction of the U.S.S. Enterprise in Kre-O form and by Kreon construction workers.[9] A press release made at the 2012 New York Toy Fair showed the completed Enterprise model (complete with flip-up "saucer" showing the ship's Bridge) and Kreons of Kirk, Spock and Sulu.[10]

Kre-O Cityville Invasion is the fifth line of Kre-O sets, based on the popular CityVille online game series. This line introduces "Sonic Motion Technology", which triggers specific movements in special Kre-O bricks.[11]

Kre-O Dungeon & Dragons is the sixth Kre-O line, released in January 2014. It is based on the popular role-playing game series of the same name.[11][12] This line of toys includes a series of miniature figurines that can be used in the Dungeons & Dragons game.[13]

Currently, the line is in a sort-of limbo in most of Hasbro's markets. The 2015 series mostly shipped only to Canada and Asian markets, with US releases relegated to closeout stores, and several items not being released at all. As of 2016, all "new" Kre-O product in the US is made up of mostly re-released and repackaged kits sold through discount chains like Dollar General. In China, however, the line is still going, but only under the Armor Hero Captor brand, a live-action tokusatsu TV series similar to the Kamen Rider series.[14]


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