FurReal Friends

FurReal Friends is a toy brand division of Hasbro created in 2002 of robotic pets. The robotic toys range from guinea pigs to dinosaurs. They come in many sizes some are able to be held in a child's hand and others are able to be ridden by a child. The prices range from $6 to $300. All of the toys move in some way. The FurReal Friends slogan was "They love you for real, FurReal Friends." As of 2013, it is "My best friends are FurReal Friends."


FurReal is noted for its animatronic replications of creatures and domestic animals as an alternative to live pets, or emulating the behaviors of pets commonly desired by children including horses, cats, and dogs. Certain robotics may be designed to represent creatures unfit for domestication. Bouncy, a robotic puppy, can jump and turn in a circle when a child waves their hand across her head. With Zambi, a robotic elephant manufactured and intended for charitable sales, a portion of its proceeds benefit charities.

Another notable toy manufactured by FurReal was the Butterscotch Pony, a large, animatronic, whinnying pony, among the toy line's products designed for children to sit on. The pony was designed with an assortment of sound effects mimicking those of live horses and opened a gateway to the production of a second animatronic pony named S'mores of slightly higher quality with more sound effects.

Squawkers Macaw was produced: an interactive, vocal animatronic macaw capable of saying phrases.

FurReal Friends has manufactured models of varying functions and quality. The animatronics may come in different species or sizes. Models of newborn animals are frequently manufactured by the company.


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