X-Men Origins: Wolverine (toyline)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a toyline manufactured by Hasbro, made of mainly of 3¾" scale action figures. Although these figures are part of the merchandise for the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and appear to be separate from the Marvel Universe line, they are compatible with the Marvel Universe figures in terms of scale and, in some cases, accuracy to the comic book versions of the characters.

Single Carded 3¾" Figures

Wave 1 - March 2009

Figures in this wave are based on their comic book counterparts.

Figure Description Accessories
Deadpool 2 swords, rifle, pistol, sai
Gambit playing cards, staff
Logan sword
Maverick rifle, pistol
Sabretooth 2 clubs, cloak
Strike Mission Wolverine pistol
Weapon X arm and leg shackles
Wolverine brown costume sword
Wolverine yellow/blue costume sword

Wave 2 - March 2009

Figures in this wave are based on their movie counterparts, though it is not labeled as such, like the comic-based waves are.

Figure Description Accessories
Deadpool Weapon XI version
Logan axe, interchangeable hands
Sabretooth chain, bladed stick
Wolverine interchangeable hands

Wave 3 - May 2009

Figures in this wave are based on their comic book counterparts.

Figure Description Accessories
Cyclops Astonishing X-Men costume eye blast
Iceman ice board
Wolverine unmasked yellow/blue costume sword

Wave 4 - September 2009

This wave will include a mixture of figures based on both the comic books and movie.

Figure Description Accessories
Colossus comic series, classic costume hammer
Wolverine wave 1 comic series Logan w/ new movie head sculpt interchangeable hands

Deluxe Figures

This line will be the same scale as the single carded figures but each figure comes with a large item such as a cannon or bike. They are based on the characters' comic counterparts.

Wave 1 - August 2009

Name Figure Description Accessories
Blob & Sabretooth Blob
throwing action
Jim Lee costume, long hair
Deadpool with Missile Cannon Deadpool missile cannon, 2 swords
Logan with Motorcycle Logan brown coat & hat motorcycle
Weapon X with Stasis Chamber Weapon X stasis chamber
Wolverine & Colossus Wolverine
John Cassaday Astonishing X-Men costume
Simone Bianchi Astonishing X-Men costume
removable mask


The lone vehicle in the line is the X-Chariot, retooled from the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra Sand Razor dune buggy.

Wave 1 - TBA

Name Figure Description Accessories
X Chariot Wolverine Astonishing X-Men costume


Toys "R" Us (Comic Series) - April 2009

Name Figures Description Accessories
Wolverine Vs. Sabretooth (Back Road Brawl) Wolverine
bone claws
Jim Lee costume with short hair

Walmart - April 2009

These exclusive figures are based on their movie counterparts.

Figure Description Accessories
Logan Premium Series removable jacket
Victor Creed Premium Series removable jacket

Miscellaneous Toys

Large Scale Figures

Name Description Other Details
Slashin' Action Wolverine white shirt electronic sounds, pop-out claw, uppercut action
Slashin' Action Wolverine yellow shirt electronic sounds, pop-out claw, uppercut action
Wolverine Astonishing X-Men costume 10" action figure

Accessories & Vehicles

Name Description Other Details
Electronic Claw brown/black glove electronic sounds, pop-out claws
Wolverine Cruiser pop-out claw

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