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Spider-Man Classics is term used by collectors most commonly to refer to several lines produced by Toy Biz focusing on Spider-Man and his allies and enemies. The lines have over 17 series, with dozens of Spider-Man incarnations and many of his famous enemies. The toyline lasted 5 years starting from 2000 to 2005. A year later, ToyBiz released a new series titled "The Amazing Spider-Man". That same year, by changing the license from Marvel at the hands of Hasbro, they released Spider-Man Origins. In 2008, Hasbro released a reboot of Spider-Man Classics simply called "Spider-Man".


The Spider-Man Classics line was released in 2001, and was the first 6" scale line of its kind to be produced by ToyBiz with highly detailed and articulated figures. Toybiz's ambitions for the line were intended to aim figures towards adult collectors as well as kids. The line consisted of two series plus several exclusives and had clamshell packaging inclusive of a comic book copy or poster significant to the figure. The line then changed no longer using the purple 'Spider-Man Classics' logo and appealed more towards kids with similarly scaled and articulated figures for the adult collector but usually including a gimmick of some sort with smaller packaging less the comic book. ToyBiz then continued the concept of clamshell packaging with inclusive comic book for their Marvel Legends line in 2002.

Previous to the 6" line released in 2001 with clamshell packaging, Toybiz had used the 'Spider-Man Classics' logo for 5" scale figures with less articulation for a series of 2 packs as well as a series titled 'Spider-Man Classics Water Wars'.

Spider-Man Classics

One (2000)

Two (2001)

KB Toys Exclusives

With the series' success, it was spun-off into a series called Marvel Legends. At that point, the toyline ended and was replaced by a new one simply called Spider-Man on the packaging but "Spider-Man Classic" (notice the singular form) on ToyBiz's website. The new line has blister card packaging, and no comics are included.

All series maintain much articulation and terrific sculpting. In general, most of the series contained many versions of Spider-Man, in costumes that weren't worn in the comicbook lines. However, many of the Spider-Man figures contain many points of articulation, including: lateral slides and pull outs, torso hinges (or in the case of Snap-Shot and Black Costume Spider-Man, ball joint and hinges), and individualized fingers.

Spider-Man Classic

One (2002)

Two (2003)

Three (2003)

Four (2003)


Six (2003)

Seven (2003)

Eight (2004)

Nine (2004)

Ten (2004)

Eleven (2004)

Twelve (2004)

Thirteen (2005)

Fourteen (2005)

Fifteen (2005)

Beginning with Series 16, the logo design on the packaging was changed to "Amazing Spider-Man," but Toy Biz kept the series numbering and "Spider-Man Classic" identification on their website.

Sixteen (2006)

Seventeen (2006)

Eighteen (2006)

Nineteen (2006)

Battle Packs

Villain Series

Rereleased Villains from the Spider-Man line. Only villains are in this series.

One (2005)

Marvel Legends

Urban Legends Box-Set

Face-Off Two Packs:

San Diego Comic-Con exclusives:

Spider-Man vs. Sinister 6 Box-Set

Spider-Man's Fearsome Foes Box-Set

The three box-sets both came with appropriate accessories for the characters, as well as a poster book and circular display stands. The single figures came with an appropriate stand, as well as a comic book and (in the case of Spider-Man and Green Goblin), a piece of their series' Build-A-Figure. The Face-Off two pack came with a comic book, display stand, and background diorama. The Stan Lee/Spider-Man figure came with a Stan Lee head, Peter Parker head, and Spider-Man head, as well as interchangeable hands and feet and Civilian Clothing to transform the figure from Spider-Man to either Peter Parker or Stan Lee.

Spider-Man Origins (By Hasbro)

Heroes Series

Villains Series

Spider-Man (By Hasbro)

One (2009)

Two (2009)

Three (2009)

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