Idols (Dutch TV series)

Idols Netherlands
Idols Netherlands Finalists
(with dates of elimination)
Season 1 (2003)
Jamai Loman Winner
Jim Bakkum 9 March
Hind Laroussi 2 March
Dewi Pechler 23 February
David Gonçalves 16 February
Marieke Van Ginneken 9 February
Bas Nibbelke 2 February
Joël De Tombe 26 January
Yuli Minguel 19 January
Zosja El Rhazi 12 January
Season 2 (2004)
Boris Titulaer Winner
Maud Mulder 1 May
JK 24 April
Marlies Schuitenmaker 17 April
Irma Van Pamelen 10 April
Eric Bouwman 3 April
Alice Hoes 27 March
Ron Link 20 March
Robin Zijlstra 13 March
Meike Hurts 6 March
Season 3 (2006)
Raffaëla Paton Winner
Floortje Smit March 11
Ellen Eeftink March 4
Angelique Koorndijk February 25
Harm Jacobs February 18
Serge Gulikers February 11
Aäron Ayal February 4
Marescha van der Stelt January 28
Christon Kloosterboer January 21
I-Jay Cairo January 14
Charissa van Veldt January 7
Ariël Sietses December 31
Renske van der Veer December 31
Season 4 (2008)
Nikki Kerkhof Winner
Nathalie Makoma March 1
Charlene Meulenberg February 23
Nigel Brown February 16
Neil Hendriks February 9
Pauline Zurlohe February 2
Tiffany Maes January 26
Bas van Rijckevorsel January 19
Mirjam de Jager January 12
Asnat Ferdinandus January 5
Ollie Du Croix December 29
Sandy Goeree December 22
Season 5 (2016)
Nina den Hartog Winner
Kimberley Fransens June 8
Steve Langreder June 1
Tom de Visser June 1
Thijs Roseboom May 25
Jeffrey Saabeel May 25
Amber Thijssen May 18
Rowen Aida Ben Rabaa May 18

Idols is a television show on the Dutch television network RTL 4, which is part of the Idols series based on the popular British show Pop Idol. The show is a contest to determine the best young singer in the Netherlands.

The show is divided in two sections, the first being the audition round, an open audition where everyone who wants to try is allowed to sing. The first couple of shows usually show the worst and the best contenders in these auditions. Once the best are selected, the theater round starts. Here the singers who survived the auditions have to prove they really have what it takes to become an idol. In a couple of shows these performers are narrowed down to just 10 finalists, with each contestant performing live.

In the first 2 seasons there were four judges, but starting with season 3 there are just three. The judges provide critiques of each competitor's performance and determine nine of the ten people who enter the final shows. In the final shows they just comment, but don't have any power anymore. After the first part of the show viewers have around one hour to vote by telephone and text messages to vote for their favorite contestant, later in the night the results of 'Idols' starts in which the results are presented and the contestant with the least votes is sent home.

On 5 November the Dutch broadcaster RTL announced a fifth season which will be broadcast on RTL 5 in 2016.

Season 1

Auditions began in 2002 and were held Zeist, Eindhoven, Hoofddorp, Rotterdam and Assen. 7,626 people auditioned in the debut season.

94 successful auditionees progressed to the next stage at the TheaterHotel De Oranjerie in Roermond, Limburg. In a chorus line of ten, contestants re-audition with a self-chosen song. 50 contestants made the second day of the theatre round where groups based on gender were formed to sing one pre-determined song: "Isn't She Lovely?" (Stevie Wonder) and "I'm So Excited" (The Pointer Sisters), for the males and females respectively.

Semi Final Qualifyings

From this stage, all shows are broadcast live from Studio 22 in Hilversum.

Top 30
Format: 3 out of 10 making the finals each week + one Wildcard

Date First Second Third
21 December Jamai Loman Hind Laroussi Yuli Minguel
28 December Jim Bakkum Roger Peterson1 Marieke Van Ginneken
4 January Dewi Pechler Bas Nibbelke David Gonçalves
8 January
Joël De Tombe
(Judges Choice)

1 Roger Peterson withdrew with Zosja El Rhazi, who placed 4th in that group, replacing him in the top 10.

Finals Elimination Chart

Date Theme Bottom Three
12 January Number 1 hits Zosja El Rhazi David Gonçalves Joël De Tombe
19 January Soundtracks Yuli Minguel Marieke Van Ginneken Bas Nibbelke
26 January Top 40 Hits Joël De Tombe (2) David Gonçalves (2) Marieke Van Ginneken (2)
2 February Dutch Hits Bas Nibbelke (2) Jim Bakkum
9 February Swinging 80’s Marieke Van Ginneken (3) Dewi Pechler
16 February Love Songs David Gonçalves (3) Jim Bakkum (2)
23 February People's Choice Dewi Pechler (2) Jim Bakkum (3)
2 March Contestant's Choice Hind Laroussi Jim Bakkum (4)
9 March Finale Jim Bakkum (5) Jamai Loman

Season 2

Boris Titulaer won the contest, with Maud being the runner-up.

Semi Final Qualifyings

Top 27
Format: 3 (2 Viewers & 1 Judges Choice) out of 9 making the finals each week + 1 additional Wildcard

Date First Second Judges' Choice
31 January Marlies Schuitenmaker Maud Mulder Ron Link
7 February Robin Zijlstra JK Meike Hurts
14 February Boris Titulaer Irma Van Pamelen Eric Bouwman
21 February
Alice Hoes
(Viewers Choice)
Frank De Graaf
(missed out)
(missed out)

Finals Elimination Chart

Date Theme Bottom Three
6 March My Idol Meike Hurts Alice Hoes Irma Van Pamelen
13 March Motown Robin Zijlstra Irma Van Pamelen (2) Maud Mulder
20 March Top 40 Hits Ron Link Alice Hoes (2) Eric Bouwman
27 March Disco Alice Hoes (3) JK Maud Mulder (2)
3 April Dutch Hits Eric Bouwman (2) Irma Van Pamelen (3) Maud Mulder (3)
10 April Party Irma Van Pamelen (4) Maud Mulder (4)
17 April Big Band Marlies Schuitenmaker Maud Mulder (5)
24 April People's Choice JK (2) Maud Mulder (6)
1 May Finale Maud Mulder (7) Boris Titulaer

Season 3

Season 3 started on October 22, 2005 with these notable changes: the two new presenters and the jury now consists of three members instead of the previous four. Raffaëla Paton won the contest, with Floortje being runner-up.

Semi Final Qualifyings

Top 27
Format: 4 (3 Viewers & 1 Judges Choice) out of 9 making the finals each week + 1 additional Wildcard

Date First Second Third Judges' Choice
3 December Floortje Smit Charissa van Veldt I-Jay Cairo Christon Kloosterboer
10 December Aäron Ayal Angelique Koorndijk Ariël Sietses Renske van der Veer
17 December Raffaëla Paton Harm Jacobs Marescha van der Stelt Ellen Eeftink
24 December
Serge Gulikers
(Viewers Choice)

Finals Elimination Chart

Date Theme Bottom Three/Four
December 31 Birthyear Songs Renske van der Veer Ariel Sietses Charissa van Veldt
January 7 Dutch Artists Charissa van Veldt (2) Marescha van der Stelt I-Jay Cairo
January 14 Jukebox I-Jay Cairo (2) Ellen Eeftink Christon Kloosterboer
January 21 Rock Christon Kloosterboer (2) Marescha van der Stelt (2) Ellen Eeftink (2) Aäron Ayal
January 28 Hits 2000 Marescha van der Stelt (3) Aäron Ayal (2) Angelique Koorndijk Raffaëla Paton
February 4 Disco Aäron Ayal (3) Ellen Eeftink (3)
February 11 Love Songs Serge Gulikers Ellen Eeftink (4) Raffaëla Paton (2)
February 18 Dutch Songs Harm Jacobs Ellen Eeftink (5)
February 25 Big Band Angelique Koorndijk (2) Raffaëla Paton (3)
March 4 Choices Ellen Eeftink (6) Floortje Smit
March 11 Finale Floortje Smit (2) Raffaëla Paton

Season 4

Date Theme Bottom Three/Four
22 December Las Vegas Sandy Goeree Bas van Rijckevorsel
29 December 80s Ollie Du Croix Mirjam de Jager Nigel Brown
5 January Dutch Product Asnat Ferdinandus Bas van Rijckevorsel (2) Nigel Brown (2)
12 January Disco Mirjam de Jager (2) Tiffany Maes Bas van Rijckevorsel (3) Nikki Kerkhof
19 January Musical Bas van Rijckevorsel (4) Tiffany Maes (2) Neil Hendriks
26 January Brit Pop Tiffany Maes (3) Nigel Brown (3)
2 February Dutch Songs Pauline Zurlohe Charlene Meulenberg Neil Hendriks (2)
9 February Love Songs Neil Hendriks (3) Nathalie Makoma Nigel Brown (4)
16 February Big Band Nigel Brown (5) Charlene Meulenberg (2)
23 February Choices Charlene Meulenberg (3) Nathalie Makoma (2)
1 March Finale Nathalie Makoma (3) Nikki Kerkhof

Season 5

Auditions began in January 2016 and were held Novotel Schiphol Airport in Hoofddorp. The first audition show attracted a record-breaking 1.5 million viewers.[1]

93 contestants progressed to the next stage at Theater de Kom in Nieuwegein, Utrecht. In a chorus line of ten, contestants re-audition with a pre-selected song. The songs were "Stay with Me" by Sam Smith, "Chandelier" by Sia, "Stitches" by Shawn Mendes, and "Hello" by Adele. 35 contestants advanced to the second theatre round where groups of three or four had to perform a pre-determined song, either "Marvin Gaye" by Charlie Puth ft. Meghan Trainor, "Never Forget You" by MNEK & Zara Larsson or "Sexy als ik dans" by Nielson. Twenty contestants progressed to the next stage.

The next round took place on Bali. First, the contestants had to perform a duet. Half of the contestants were eliminated. The remaining ten entered an acoustic piano round in which they performed a song of their choice. Two more contestants were sent home, narrowing the number of contestants down to eight that will enter the live shows.

During each live show, two contestants were sent home until two finalists remained. These two finalists faced off in a final during which viewers at home could cast their vote.

Date Theme Bottom Three/Four
18 May This is me Amber Thijssen Rowen Aida Ben Rabaa Jeffrey Saabeel
25 May Heroes Jeffrey Saabeel Thijs Roseman Tom de Visser
1 June Semi-final Tom de Visser Steve Langreder N/A
8 June Final Kimberley Fransens Nina den Hartog N/A




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