Narodniy Artist

Народный Артист
Created by Rossiya 1
Starring Irina Kordyukova
Adil Liyan
Nagima Eskalieva
Country of origin Russia
No. of seasons 1, 2, 3
Original network Rossiya 1
Original release 2003 - 2006
Finalists (With dates of elimination)
Season 1 (2003)
Russia Aleksey Goman Winner
Russia Aleksandr Panayotov December 13
Uzbekistan Aleksey Chumakov December 6
Russia Mariya Zaytseva November 29
Russia Oksana Kazakova November 22
Russia Anna Alina November 15
Russia Natalya Pavolotskaya November 7
Moldova Irina Toporez November 1
Russia Yuliya Valeeva October 25
Irina Chernishova October 18
Season 2 (2004)
Belarus Ruslan Alehno Winner
Ukraine Paulina Dmitrenko December 19
Russia Yuriy Ignatov December 11
Ukraine Yuliya Vdovenko December 4
Ukraine Evgeniy Anishko November 20
Belarus Vera Karetnikova November 13
Russia Dilyara Vagapova November 6
Ukraine Vladislav Shlikov October 30
Belarus Tatyana Kazyuchits October 23
Belarus Darya Urizchenko October 16
Season 3 (2006)
Mongolia Amarkhuu Borkhuu Winner
Russia Marina Devyatova June 3
Russia Angelina Sergeeva May 27
Russia Pavla Kuchenko May 20
Russia Pavel Mochalov May 13
Russia Mariya Makovskaya May 6
Russia Evgeniya Ryabetsya April 29
Kazakhstan Ilya Zhilino April 22
Russia Valeriya Paskar April 15
Russia Ilya Mezentsev April 8

Narodniy Artist (Народный Артист, "People's Artist") is a television show based on the popular British show Pop Idol. The show is a contest to determine the best young singer in Russia. The show is produced by RTR in association with FBI Music & FremantleMedia. Season 1 & 2 was hosted by Fekla Tolstaya & Ivan Urgant.

Narodniy Artist remains today the only Idol show to feature miming in their "best of" show (Финальный Концерт final'niy kontsert) where none of the contestants sang live.

Season one

Aleksey Goman won season one, with Aleksandr Panayotov coming in second.

Season two

Kiev, Ukraine and Minsk, Belarus were included in the auditions this season which resulted in almost all finalists from that season coming from one of the two countries and no auditions outside of Russia being held in the next season.

Season three

This season had auditions in:

The 125 best candidates (35 males and 90 females) advanced to Moscow in the theatre round where they were reduced to 10 finalists to perform live on television. Season three was hosted by Olga Shelest & Oskar Kuchera. On June 3, 2006, Amarkhuu Borkhuu won with 61.7% of the vote over Marina Devyatova.

The jury this season was:

Semi Final qualifyings

Season 1 Top 30
Format: 3 out of 10 making the final each week

Date First Second Third
September 20 Yuliya Valeeva Mariya Zaytseva Irina Chernishova
September 27 Aleksey Goman Aleksey Chumakov Oksana Kazakova
October 4 Anna Alina Aleksandr Panayotov Natalya Pavolotskaya
October 11


Irina Toporez
(Judges choice)

Season 2 Top 30
Format: 3 out of 10 making the final each week

Date First Second Third
September 18 Vladislav Shlikov Dilyara Vagapova Tatyana Kazyuchits
September 25 Evgeniy Anishko Ruslan Alehno Vera Karetnikova
October 2 Yuriy Ignatov Paulina Dmitrenko Darya Urizchenko
October 9


Yuliya Vdovenko
(Judges Choice)

Bottom three statistics

Season 1

Date Theme Bottom Three
October 18 Old Songs Irina Chernishova Natalya Pavolotskaya Oksana Kazakova
October 25 Rhythm & Melody Yuliya Valeeva Oksana Kazakova (2) Mariya Zaytseva
November 1 David Tukhmanov Irina Toporez Natalya Pavolotskaya (2) Oksana Kazakova (3)
November 7 Film Songs Natalya Pavolotskaya (3) Aleksandr Panayotov Anna Alina
November 15 Igor Nikolaev Anna Alina (2) Aleksey Chumakov Mariya Zaytseva (2)
Date Theme Bottom Two
November 22 Contestants Choice Oksana Kazakova (4) Aleksey Chumakov (2)
November 29 Igor Krutoy Mariya Zaytseva (3) Aleksey Chumakov (3)
December 6 Alla Pugacheva /
Filipp Kirkorov
Aleksey Chumakov (4)
December 13 Grand Finale Aleksandr Panayotov (2) Aleksey Goman

Season 2

Date Bottom Three
October 16 Darya Urizchenko Paulina Dmitrenko Tatyana Kazyuchits
October 23 Tatyana Kazyuchits (2) Vera Karetnikova Vladislav Shlikov
October 30 Vladislav Shlikov (2) Vera Karetnikova (2) Evgeniy Anishko
November 6 Dilyara Vagapova Yuliya Vdovenko Vera Karetnikova (3)
November 13 Vera Karetnikova (4) Ruslan Alehno Yuriy Ignatov
Date Bottom Two
November 20 Evgeniy Anishko (2) Yuliya Vdoenko (2)
December 4 Yuliya Vdoenko (3) Yuriy Ignatov (2)
December 11 Yuriy Ignatov (3)
December 19 Paulina Dmitrenko (2) Ruslan Alehno

Season 3

Date Bottom Three
April 8 Ilya Mezentsev
April 15 Valeriya Paskar Ilya Zhilino Angelina Sergeeva
April 22 Ilya Zhilino (2) Evgeniya Ryabetsya Marina Devyatova
April 29 Evgeniya Ryabetsya (2) Mariya Makovskaya Pavla Kuchenko
May 6 Mariya Makovskaya (2)
May 13 Pavel Mochalov Angelina Sergeeva (2) Pavla Kuchenko (2)
May 20 Pavla Kuchenko (3)
May 27 Angelina Sergeeva (3)
June 3 Marina Devyatova (2) Amarkhuu Borkhuu
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